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  1. Hi Silk, I'm doing RVC retrofit to my Golf MK7 R-Line. I've done everything except connect the white wire/7.5 Fuse, I can't find any information about plug a new cable in the fuse box. Can you help me? Thanks!

    1. Silk


      Sorry mate. I did this ages ago and just followed the instructions that came with the kit. I’ve replaced the Golf R twice since then so I can’t remember the exact process I followed I’m afraid. 

    2. shikaguitar93


      no problem...thank you very much 😊.

  2. Silk


    But the OP neither said that he could keep ahead of it or that it was the older model. By the way carbon build-up doesn’t remove 80ps.
  3. Silk


    Having owned a new RS5 for a year now I can confirm that it would. These things are quoted at 3.9 seconds but I’ve clocked mine at 3.6. It is much faster than my Golf R was. Bang for for buck the R is incredible but it’s nowhere near as quick as the RS5 when driven in anger.
  4. Hi Silk,


    I saw your post about retro fitting. i have a few questions myself and im interested in doing some of the things you done to my car. I new to this forum so im not sure how i would PM you or do i just ask for you advice through here? 


    I hope you dont mind helping me out too.




  5. Hey, i saw your retrofit of a rear view camera and i have a question.

    there is a black connector that connects to the camera( not the round one, its square), where do i need to connect its other end? is that the wire connected to power?

    1. Silk


      Sorry. I did this nearly a year ago. Mine came with instructions on the wiring. Can't remember the connectors. I no longer even have the car I'm afraid so can't really help. 

  6. Great car. But just felt out of place in it. Always wanted an M6 and started toying with a deal. Ended up the deal was so good I couldn’t really say no. Still up to my modding ways (even though I said I wouldn’t touch it) just finished fitting carbon splitters yesterday.
  7. Just to round this off as I’ve logged in for the first time in months and have a couple of PMs asking about stuff. I sold this car around April time and I’m very rarely on this (excellent) forum any more. Simply due to no longer having a Golf. All the best to everyone. Enjoy your cars.
  8. Ooft... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4848240/VW-Golf-ploughs-living-room-York-house.html
  9. It's unrealistic to expect to set a meeting with the dealer management team without alluding to an agenda (as fun as it would be to see their faces). Dealers get paid substantial bonuses and incentives from manufacturers that take into account a variety of metrics. One of these is complaints. They have a CRM system with the manufacturer that shows any open and unresolved complaints. Open complaints on that system can have a real impact on the bonuses paid by the manufacturer to the dealership. To be honest, in my view it's a bit of a storm in a teacup. Poor service, but this is what goes on behind closed doors and the service personnel's comments shouldn't be taken personally, but it does warrant a complaint to VW and I would clarify what work is required for that service and what has actually been done. I would definitely be playing on the fact that they revv'd the shit out of the car, were lax and insulted you as leverage to get some kind of compensation, service fee refunded and/or a great deal on a new car. The damage to VW's image and goodwill will be important to the them. Take it straight to the manufacturer and then wait for the dealer to call you back.
  10. You could always get them skimmed but personally I wouldn't bother, as said you'll go through your pads a little faster. If you're not planning any more track days then I'd run them till they're done, otherwise might be time for an upgrade.
  11. Anyone seen this? https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4132196/m11-car-fire-off-duty-cop-parademedic-sprayed-face-substance/ Didn't mention the car when I first read it but it sure looks like a Lapiz R to me.
  12. Is that a SEAT? The skin doesn't look like the VW units.
  13. On my phone and in the middle of something so forgive the short reply: Disco Pro MIB2 Engineering Menu Already Enabled Never heard of MapCare Retrofitted Unit Map version number DID change hope it helps
  14. Regardless of where people drive them those Ferraris and McLarens aren't really designed to get the best out of them on public roads.
  15. Maybe, but I can't seem to stop looking at RS6s on Autotrader.
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