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  1. Better picture, mark the problem
  2. Hi, First not sure if this is the right forum to place this, if not move it 🙂 Second no ide if titel is the right name of the part, but any how, let´s go, if you know the correct name let me know. Had my car Golf R MK7 2017 at the mechanic to do some work (motor oil, haldex oil, DP, styling parts) and he notice that this part has done it last mile, was totally worn out. Have any have the same issue?, my ride has only done 390000 km, so i hope WV will take it on good will. Does any know the name of this part, and also the part number . Br, /Patrik
  3. Went for BCS Downpipe with 200 cell cat (heat wrapped) 😀
  4. Thanks Nige, got our mail 🙂
  5. Sorry, forgot VAT on MTM donwpipe, cost are 1800 Euro or 1600 GBP
  6. Hi All, Have MTM stage 1 today, thinking of going stage 2. So looking at downpipe option. MTM downpipe are way to expensive (1490 Euro, 1350 GBP). So start looking at options. Will be connected to OEM cat-back - BCS Downpipe with 200 cell cat (heat wrapped) - Milltek, most option only with Milltek cat-back, options i found are cast downpipe 200 cell HJS sport cat (MSVAG05), or race cat (MSVAG06) - Scorpion with race cat (SVAGX005) Might be that i go past stage 2 at some time, but not now. But do not want swap downpipe later due to restrictions. So any input (bad, good) would be helpful 🙂 Thanks, /Patrik
  7. Hi,welcom..... new as well, R have fun
  8. If parts can be purchased separate then it will be nice /PaPn
  9. Thanx all, selected between black or silver, my old car was black so time for new color. Done some minor mods: BBS SR Antracit 17" winter wheels + Nokian WR A4 tyre (works fine in southern Sweden) Lower engine cover (make engine bay look more complete ) Some ODBEleven settings LED reverse lights Badgeskins sun visor + headunit buttons DTUK Pedal box BMS filter + Snowguard removal. H&R ARBs (ordered) Eibach Pro-Kit (ordered) VWR High-Flow turbo 90 intake elbow (ordered) MTM M-Cantronic box (wish list) soon to order
  10. Ok, lets try, not the best pics. From pickup at dealer. /PaPn Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  11. Thanx Might be a stupid question, but how do i add image to my post!
  12. Hi All, New to the club. I pickup up my new mk7 R Dec 2016. Specs: DSG, DCC, Sunroof, Black Prets, Keyless, Carbon Mirrors, Dynaudio etc. etc. I absolutely love the car. /PaPn
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