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  1. You would think if they’d gone for a job in a car place they would like cars and be keen on offering the best levels of service, help, advice possible - but sadly , that appears not to be the case at many main dealers nowadays ....
  2. Cheers dj - I will make sure that is done too.
  3. I’ll give Lowndes St a call as well - Bolton is a bit of a drive, but I have friends over that way so could kill two birds with one stone. I don’t mind travelling if the job is done well.
  4. As far as I could see, the thermostat was 216, then labour and vat took it to 860 a I didn’t see a water pump listed. Thanks for the IVC contact , I will give them and Bradford a call and see what they say. cheers.
  5. I just had a quote from VW in Leeds to replace the thermostat at £860. contribution from VW would bring that down to £420. What are people paying to get this done - and any recommendations in the Leeds area to go?
  6. Thanks for that S3, I’ll look into the JB4 stuff. 👍
  7. I’ve looked into tuning and I’m told the Race Chip type option will not show the code once plugged into the VAG diagnostics system as it’s not a remap that changes the Ecu, but an add on unit. has anybody got experience of these?
  8. I think the pretoria for the R is an ET50, so I assume as long as I stick to that its purely caliper clearance I have to check?
  9. Hi, I'm new to the VW R, have always have the japanese persuasion of performance car but have an R mk7 now. Ive got 19" pretorias on it, and have been offered some 17" winter tyres, so my question is, will 17" rims clear the brakes and fit the R ? Would be good to swap them to save the pretorias for summer. Cheers...
  10. The 911 is in the same boat as the Mercs and Jags etc isn't it - rear wheel drive and wide rubber. The worst scenario! The R may have AWD but the rubber is still wide, and in snow, the ethos should be go narrower to increase the pressure on a slightly smaller area to get the grip.
  11. Fully agree with Rick - it’s all about flow rate and heat dissipation. OEM kit is generally pretty good and aftermarket stuff needs plenty of R&D to make real benefits. Like a lot of things in life - you get what you pay for...
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