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  1. Just over 2 years old and battery failed on mine. I was able to jump start the car with no issues. Booked it in to VW for a check and battery was replaced under warranty.
  2. Battery failed, 2 year old 7.5R. Managed to jump start it and seemed ok. Booked it in for a check though and battery replaced under warranty.
  3. No issues with mine. 2 years old.
  4. Can’t see a need tbh. As said a microfibre cloth to wipe it regularly for finger prints and will look like new for years to come.
  5. Thanks all for your replies. My climate control is on daily so unless there is a performance issue I’ll skip the recommended service for now.
  6. I went for a 3 door. Prefer the looks and there are less of them on the road. 5 door obviously more practical but depends on your needs. Probably only had 3 occasions in 2 years of ownership where I had a passenger in the back. No hardship sliding the seat forward for the rare occasions needed imo.
  7. My 7.5R has just turned 2 years old and had the 2nd service. I had a service plan for the 1st and 2nd service. A couple of weeks after the service I received a mail from the dealer advising that the air con service is due as it’s 2 years old. Not sure why this wasn’t mentioned during the service. My question, is the air con service a recommendation or mandatory for possible warranty issues? Thanks for any replies.
  8. 3 or 4 red warnings for me in 2 years. Once at a roundabout when the car in front decided to stop for no reason and the other warnings have been from cars turning off left slowly. Always reacted before the brakes came on. Nice to know the feature is there though in an emergency. Not 100% reliable but what safety feature is.
  9. Interesting video on a keyless protector product.
  10. No expert but should there be a rubber stop to dampen any pedal noise when released? Just a thought 🤔
  11. Mine doesn’t make any clunking noise. Maybe worth taking it to another dealers for a 2nd opinion.
  12. My understanding is that on variable service interval it depends on the journeys and type of driving you do. Yes 18k miles is achievable if you do a lot of motorway journeys. If around town stop starting and short journeys the indicator will come on sooner.
  13. I follow what it says in the manual. Have done on all the cars and bikes I’ve owned. Never had any issues so will continue to do so. I believe it improves the chance of engine longevity.
  14. Shocking. Something we hope never happens to our car.
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