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  1. No expert but should there be a rubber stop to dampen any pedal noise when released? Just a thought 🤔
  2. Mine doesn’t make any clunking noise. Maybe worth taking it to another dealers for a 2nd opinion.
  3. My understanding is that on variable service interval it depends on the journeys and type of driving you do. Yes 18k miles is achievable if you do a lot of motorway journeys. If around town stop starting and short journeys the indicator will come on sooner.
  4. I follow what it says in the manual. Have done on all the cars and bikes I’ve owned. Never had any issues so will continue to do so. I believe it improves the chance of engine longevity.
  5. Shocking. Something we hope never happens to our car.
  6. The steering wheel can be raised and adjusted, would that help?
  7. Has the auto hold been switched off?
  8. Have you checked the tyre pressure. Just a thought. Mine are set at 38. I have DCC and mostly have it in comfort setting. Even in race though it still seems acceptable.
  9. My discount with orangewheels was off the base price. I added extras after the discount was applied and part ex agreed (negotiated that up a bit). No discount was applied to the extras from what I remember but the overall deal seemed good at the time.
  10. Not sure about that. My 7.5 pre WLTP is definitely louder and more pops etc. They do get louder over time though so could be that.
  11. Always used Tesco Momentum. Almost 15k miles in and no issues. I wouldn’t put lower grade fuel in a performance car. Stick to the recommendation imo.
  12. I like the digital dash due to the amount of additional information you can have displayed. Map in between dials and then the dials made smaller is my preference.
  13. I always park as far away from the entrance as possible. Damage from inconsiderate people happens so often unfortunately. To some their vehicle is just a means from getting from A to B and as a result they have no understanding of others pride and joy.
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