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  1. Yeah I bet you can’t wait now. I always look forward to new car day. Hopefully the weather will be good for you on collection day. It could be the way your dealership register them as if your were registering it with a personalised plate it would need to be done on day of collection in your name. Tax would start from day of collection too. Also a showroom car could be allocated a new year registration by the time they decide to sell. Obviously different if already registered as a demonstrator but then that would show 1 previous owner if you purchased.
  2. If it is sitting in a showroom it can be unregistered for weeks or months. Declared new at first registration and a number plate assigned once they decide to sell. Pre registered to hit sales targets or used as a demo is a different matter.
  3. Once the dealership assign it to the vehicle and tax it in the owners name.
  4. If it’s spare money that is earning 0% interest in the bank then why not. I did it when I purchased my 7.5 for that very reason. What you would have paid monthly then put back into savings. If there are additional PCP financial incentives though I’d take that out initially and then settle after a couple of weeks.
  5. Definitely PS4S for the tyres. As for the spacers personally I’d remove them unless you like the look and any compromise.
  6. I’d take it to a different VW dealer as some will refuse a claim and others no quibble. Happened to me having 2 wheels replaced due to white worming. 1st dealer claimed there was a tiny stone chip the other inspected and ordered 2 new replacements.
  7. I wonder if this one had a similar speed limit warning. Ouch. Not a good start to new car ownership, or a PDI maybe!
  8. I did it in 2017 when I bought a 7.5R. I wasn’t aware of the 59 days interest penalty after the cooling off period if it was the case then. Anyhow, I think I waited for the paperwork from VW Finance, contacted them for a settlement figure and had so many days to pay. I paid around £20 interest and the balance. No brainier if you’ve got the money to pay it off.
  9. I didn’t bother. Personally I had such little use of it I didn’t think it was worth it.
  10. My understanding is that the 3rd service is a minor, brake fluid and haldex service required also though.
  11. Interesting. A big difference then. Thanks.
  12. I’m curious how much the 0-62 mph time is improved when using launch control vs mashing the throttle with DSG in S. Both feel rapid and using launch the turbo is spooled prior to start. Anyone know the draggy time difference? Thanks.
  13. Oil change minor service, haldex, and brake fluid change. MOT while you’re there too. 😊 See the thread regarding the gauze filter of the haldex pump. Most VW dealers don’t seem to clean this as part of the haldex service.
  14. Would have been interesting to have chucked the 310ps pre WLTP 7.5R into the mix also.
  15. I changed my R after just over 3 years of ownership for a FL RS3 saloon. Both great cars but definitely no regrets going for the RS3.
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