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  1. Easy job that anyone should be able to do, i did mine myself no problems.Try Abtech or DMS at Houdsdown if you want a vw specialist to do the job or you have Revo works in Millbrook or Southampton tyre and wheel specialist in Totton.
  2. Bumping this as I am thinking of going m52
  3. Another thing I noticed is that the car reved? to 7500k,surely their dyno software is reading wrong as the rev limiter cuts in at 6750?
  4. Do it ,its so fast God knows what stage 3 is like
  5. Hi guys had my car stage 1 custom tuned yesterday,the car is really quick now ,however should I be going back to them to get that dip between 2-3k sorted ? compared to other graphs I've seen my torque seems low.
  6. Thanks for the replies so far guys,I know that there are revo and apr dealers close to me,it's just that a custom map offers better value for money and having owned scoobies back in the day I was brought up on custom maps being safer than generic ones school of thought.
  7. Hi folks,I'm looking to get my car mapped to stage 1 and get a TCU tune and due to my location (southampton ) I am thinking of going to jf automotive in kent as unicorn are a bit of a trek. Any body have any experience with their maps? Cheers
  8. My local main dealers used castrol magnatec in my r, not what I would have used tbh.
  9. I replaced my bridgestones with ps4 and as others ha e said the wet grip is unbelievable in comparison.
  10. Did mine at home no problem,just jack the car up from the drivers side rear ,get it nice and high and you'll be fine.
  11. Markt

    Bird cr#p etching

    Removed easily with scholl s40 on an orange spot pad.Happy days 😁
  12. Quick update ,fitted now and I love it 👍
  13. Markt


    I'm hoping to go to waxstock later this month,anyone else going?
  14. 'RS models hold their value ,a good investment if nothing else.
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