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  1. I've found it a bit intermittent, but my tips (hope some may work for you too) - don't connect at first near your house where you phone may be connecting to your home wi-if, because it then drops when you leave and it has to connect to 3/4G. However connecting when your phone can reach your wi-fi is a good way of setting it up - if you are sure that the phone is connecting (you get the wi-if signal at the top of the car touchscreen) then do you have a 3G - and normally required - a 4G phone signal. I find mine struggles too connect first time to 3G, but does on 4G, and will then stay connected if you move to a 3G area - each time you start, you have to turn off the hotspot on your phone, count to 5, and then turn it back on. You don't need to reconnect the WLAN / password etc, just toggle the hotspot on and off - best time to try connecting seems to be a 10 sec after you have turned the hotspot back on Some of the above may be perception vs technical reality, but I use CarNet for travel every day via an IPhone in a dodgy mobile area, and this is what seems to work!!!
  2. I was really disappointed for the first week (after Audi B&O) but now really happy. Maybe thats speaker run-in (never heard of that!) or just getting used to it, but when I stopped playing with settings and just settled in...in seemed to get better! Definitely though is susceptible to source quality, I'm using SD cards with iTunes files, and that seems to work really well. Being piped from phone less so.
  3. I have Atlantic blue, I panicked when I got the pre-delivery video shot under fluorescent workshop lights and it looked really purple. But then in the flesh and normal light I love it.
  4. Keyless, no memory seats. Did this a few times and they 2 keys definitely behave differently!
  5. Quick dumb question....on a 7.5. Using one key, pressing unlock as you approach the car puts the headlights on, with the other key...it doesn't. Using the 'doesn't' key, I've gone through the menus and 'leaving home' (which I assume is this setting) has a sensible time on it, but does anyone know if there is another setting that controls when the headlights come on? Thanks!
  6. Anyone else receive this email this morning? Got to love a message that talks about continuous improvement while telling you that they are taking key services away!!!! We would like inform you about changes to the Car-Net "Guide & Inform" services.Since 2013, we have been working on innovative solutions to continuously improve your Car-Net experience. During this time, we have expanded our offerings internationally and have extended them with numerous useful services.As part of recent product updates, we have adapted the "Guide & Inform" package. From 31/10/2017, „Guide & Inform Plus“ (part of the Discover Nav Pro system) contract extensions will no longer include the "Google Street View™" or "Google Earth™" services. For customers with an existing "Guide & Inform" contract, the "Google Street View™" service can be used until 31/12/2017. The "Google Earth™" service will be available until the end of your existing contract period. Our complete Car-Net services are available here.Best regardsYour Car-Net Team
  7. Really grateful you posted this as my wife noted yesterday that pigeons were sitting on the roof of the car, which they never did with non-sunroof car...she thinks they think it is water due to reflection. I was just worrying about the [email protected] but will now be checking seals!
  8. Dumb question....does the FL have the same bulbs? My FL cornering lights seem bright and not yellow..so just wondering whether upgrade advice applies!
  9. I've had it for 3 months , and have mixed feelings. Huge screen is lovely, and in many modes like Nav I don't miss the physical buttons at all. However the music navigation is either poorly thought through, or I haven't worked It out yet....because whilst skipping tracks etc is easy, trying to find and play a specific album off an SD card requires some pretty small virtual button pushing and is starting to annoy me! CarNet works great with my iPhone and traffic avoidance is pretty good. Street view etc is pretty cool (once you have CarNet connected it's an option under Nav) but watch your data usage....its eats through it! if definitely try not just in showroom but whilst test driving as some of the button pushing that is easy on the drive becomes much trickier on a bouncy road!
  10. Thought I would mention here that I just had a fantastic week around Kielder Forrest......roads are amazing for an R blast, and mountain bike trails in the Forrest are superb. I rented an electric MTB for the first time....was not expecting to like it but wow. Blasting up the tracks like a mini dirt bike, and them loving the descents. Not as heavy as I expected, and was able to cover way more ground. Worth a try! Kielder Bike Place were excellent.
  11. No photos sorry, as was driving mine, but last night on the London north circular I found myself with a Lapiz blue beside me, and in front what I can only describe as 'East German winter camouflage' wrap job on an R.....anyone seen that before?
  12. Depending on where you are in Norfolk, if you want someone to have a look at other options to fix, try Ash at Elite Detailing in Kings Lynn. Highly recommended,
  13. Bridgestones on mine collected this week.
  14. Couple of other things.....gesture control. I was worried about some of the reviews saying it's not great. That's sort of true...but it just doesn't matter, because the limited stuff you can use gesture control for like changing radio station are also very easily done from the steering wheel etc. It's not like you have to use it for changing the volume etc. The lack of volume rotary knob will however take some getting used to, but the touch buttons for volume are always present so should be fine once used to it.
  15. Picked my 7.5 up this morning...and loving it...but don't want to drive it much yet as it's being detailed / sealed in a few days...so have focused on playing with the tech on the driveway instead! Thought I'd share my thoughts / findings, as I really struggled to understand before buying the pros / cons of CarPlay etc for connecting phones & music, so this is hopefully useful for any similarly confused potential newbie purchasers out there. I'm fully "Apple'd" at home, and that hasn't been great before with synching into Audis etc, but the bottom line from my experience today is...everything just works great, with some pros & cons. If I have anything wrong here - please let me know! Big learn (after a panic while experimenting) is that some controls work when the Nav Pro is on but ignition off, other controls / buttons - incl those on steering wheel - require the ignition to be on before they work! Basic bluetooth phone connection - painless & simple and worked instantly. CarPlay - just plug iPhone into USB, make sure it's enabled on your phone, and you are done. Gives instant access to music, phone and maps with great interface. But the voice control thens seems to be limited to Siri, which requires a internet connection to work. The voice button on the steering wheel no longer works, so not ideal if you like to use voice control a lot and live in the country with no 3G. So will be experimenting between using CarPlay vs just bluetoothing the phone, and connecting an iPod to the USB / jukebox for music. CarNet - connected really easily for me both to home wi-fi from the driveway, and via iPhone-created hotspot. But struggling to see the point....and you need an unlimited data on your phone I suspect to avoid nasty bill. Music - I'm pretty fussy about my music. Really impressed with the Dynaudio, at least as good as B&O in my previous Audi. Bluetooth music transfer works, but definitely loses some definition as expected. iPhone CarPlay connection, or iPod via USB is great quality. Best surprise of the day though was that the jukebox will import Mp4 (e.g. apple format) files direct from a SD card. So loading up the jukebox is simply a case of (1) connect SD card to your Mac, and drag and drop your music folders onto it (2) Insert the card into the car (3) tell jukebox to import from card. Thing I'm still trying to work out is traffic. Basic navigation without using CarNet has TMS traffic as normal, but does anyone know (1) does CarNet take in other traffic and apply to SatNav routing? (2) Any views on Apple maps vs CarPlay for traffic? I've only used google maps which I have found to be very accurate for jams, but not tried apple maps.
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