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  1. Sorry didn’t see all these replies , sold the car today through tootle £19k totally hassle free , had 3 dealers willing to buy it , thanks to the guy who suggested it , probs could’ve got more but tbh tyres were not far off wear marks and I only paid £23k , 2 years ago so pretty pleased
  2. Bids are flying in , up to £18,550
  3. So I’ve decided to sell my R , I was thinking of selling it privately and I reckon it’s worth 20k , put my reg into we buy any car expecting the worst , came back with £19k 2015 , 3 door , dsg, oryx, Nav, dynaudio , car play, car net, bbs wheels , Tyres are low at 3-4mm should I try private or try we buy any old shite any advise appreciated cheers
  4. Honestly can’t rember , not sure that you need it as it’s not shown on Vw’s diagrams , although when Alex coded mine it would only code through the most system not canbus if you work it out let me know
  5. Just had mine serviced and they mentioned the Air con needs servicing , I said oh yeah , what do you do it then ?, clean all the pipes out sir was this reply , err I don’t think so pal ( I am an Ac engineer) After speaking with the Jedi technician who had sent me a really shit video in broken polish, he came back and said sorry we don’t clean the pipes out we clean the evaporator which equates to them spraying some cleaner into the vents , save youself some cash , if your ac is smelly you can buy a can of ac cleaner from Halfords , they will not be physically cleaning anything as the evaporator is buried behind the dash As for the comments about replacing the gas , never gonna happen if your ac is working , refrigerant is not a serviceable item , if your ac is working you’re ok. If it’s not you have a leak .
  6. Just had mine serviced and mentioned the stop start , they said there was nothing wrong with it , looked at me like I was talking shit, drives me mad , stops when I’m slowing down and then starts back up as soon as I release the brake , what’s the point ! the wife hates it , she’s had a few problems with it pulling out of junctions, I think it’s the worst thing on the car tbh (dsg on mine )
  7. Similar to the iPhone roads highlighted in red then , as I’m stuck in my van every day and my mrs is driving my golf it’s not a lot of use to me 😂
  8. Had a look at mine at the weekend whilst sitting in the car, can’t honestly see what the point of it is , looked on the app and it shows me where my car is 👍
  9. If I signed up to the plan service would drop to £265, plus £31 a month on the first of the month from November , next service is £140 , sooner just pay that than a monthly fee, she was trying to sell it to me offering free bulbs (unless you’ve got xenons ! , free puncture repair, free Courtesy car !! blah blah blah dsg is gonna be £185 at 40k , might not even have it then
  10. Been quoted £295 by local Vw , sound about right ? , 2nd service , spent more time trying to sell me a service plan which got my back up , what’s the difference between major and minor , I guess they just kick tyres on a minor 🤣
  11. Dynaudio kit eBay , loom Ali express check out the dynaudio thread for all the info you need
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