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  1. Thanks for confirming that. was just a bit concerned about the heat with a shorter exit pipe.
  2. Could someone confirm something to me. Could you still drive the car without the tips on the car while they are being painted .
  3. Thanks for all of your reply’s
  4. Hey all Have you guy’s all have done the Revo stage 1 are you still using a pedal box ? or did the Revo map get rid of the throttle response you get with these cars. thanks.
  5. Is anyone running the above with just stage 1? just wondering is it worth having.
  6. I have a punctured repaired 19in PS4’s going up for sale soon it’s Only done about 4K miles. pm me if you’re interested and I’ll send some pictures over to you
  7. May I ask what company did you trust in to doing the painting of panels you’ve had done.
  8. Becs can I ask since you’ve had the car how many times have you machined polished the car ? Reason I’m asking is surely there must be a risk of going through the clear coat if you keep doing this once or is twice a year.
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