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  1. nick1

    Bug remover.

    Hello all, When do you put bug remover on your car. Before you wash it or after you wash it?
  2. I have put AutoGhost on my car to i hope my car getting nicked. I have also changed the locks on all my house doors and put up CCTV. It not just spending money on your car. Its also spending money to try and keep it safe.
  3. Which numbers plates do you have? 4D Laser cut, Standard, Gel Resin, Aluminium pressed
  4. nick1

    Dash cam??

    Has anyone get a blackvue dr900s 2ch 4k ultra hd. How good is it?
  5. nick1

    Dash cam??

    Is there any BlackVue deals on at the mow?
  6. nick1

    Dash cam??

    I am looking for a dash cam and i was looking at a Thinkware F770. Are they any good?
  7. With black friday here soon what are you after? And what deals do you think company's will have?
  8. Yep. I have ordered same stuff. Lets see how good it is.
  9. Has anyone used this website - https://www.ezcarcare.co.uk. How good is there stuff?
  10. nick1

    Metro Vac??

    Vac 'n' Blo. I think thats the best one?
  11. nick1

    Metro Vac??

    I have been looking into getting a Metro Vac but every time i look for one they are sold out or to much money. Anyone got info where to buy with stock?? Thanks
  12. where do you get your resin? I get mine from window cleaning warehouse. I have been using unger. But is there any where else that is cheaper and is there any better resin i should be looking at. Unger is good but it dont last long about 4 wash's but i do use it all the time start to finish.
  13. What are good door locks to have? I hear that ABS High Security are very good to have.
  14. Where is the best place to buy them from?? And where you you got yours from??
  15. Well i got mine for £325 for cash. And i think that's a great price as same are doing it for £399.
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