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  1. Yeah ive seen this before, big fan of mcm. It wasn't really that decisive but the evo pulled a gap on the golf pretty easily once it was leading up front.
  2. Yeah just looking at some dyno graphs as comparison and the R is making 260lbft at 2500rpm and the evos not making that until 3500rpm, however the evos rev to 7500rpm and have quite short gearing so easily stay in the curves.
  3. The mk7.5 did 0-60 in 4.2 on carwow tests, an evo mr360 will do it in 3.9 and thats a manual box too. I think the evos were always a good step ahead of the subarus. Yeah i have read they dont make boost until 3000+rpm but would that make any diference, if youre pushing it you'll never be under 3k anyway. Theres just no proper test done that ive found that compares these cars to the evo they replaced
  4. So, ive wanted an evo 7/8/9 before i even had a license and hopefully within the next year ill be able to finally make that purchase and have it as a weekend car as the wife uses the golf most of the week and im driving around in my van. What ive found interesting is they have obviously always been extremely capable cars despite being 15+ years old, a quick search on youtube finds them doing 7m30s nordschleife times (theyre slightly modified), they're never really used as a benchmark for today's awd hatches and i understand that on comparison of daily drivers it stands no chance against modern hatches but on a performance head to head i wonder where they really stand? Its a real shame mitsubishi couldn't continue to build on the evo 9 in the same manner but i guess its best left as a legend rather than living in the shadows like the current wrx sti. Has anyone here come from/own an evo? Whats your thoughts on pace on track/road. I imagine the evo is a real b road weapon and with tyre compound progress i bet times it set back in the day on track could be improved upon too.
  5. Ive been round brands probably 5 or 6 times but not in the golf ive owned for 4 years 😅 done trackdays in my old fiesta st, sneaked into a couple of villagers days and done the m3 and m4 master. Crazy how greasy the last corner is in february aha. Nearly killed lewis plato in the m4 on the straight kicking sideways at 100mph in the wet 😆
  6. Havnt got all the way through the thread yet, but you mention druids at brands which is my local track, drop us a pm when you get a day booked in? I may join or at the least come have a watch 🙂
  7. This is how id have my wheel done, those chunky mccoys chip carbon things with lights all over em look horrible to me 😄
  8. Hey don, Thanks for taking the time to explain it properly, so ill have to grab a vcds and find out i guess. The vans exactly the same as the crafter but idk what its built on, it uses the same screen and steering wheel as my golf so a fair bit of its familiar, except the auto box which is an 8 speed zf rather than dsg.(crafter also uses zf)
  9. Sorry this isnt for my R so hope its ok, us van owners dont have a forum and when they do nobody is clued up on stuff like this. I picked up a well specced brand new MAN TGE van a few weeks ago, i selected a comfort plus package which if picked in europe comes with adaptive cruise, but unfortunately doesnt in the uk, however i beleive i have the cameras and radar on the van for it, and even when i start the van up it brings up an adaptive cruise symbol but then disapears once it cant find it. Do you think vcds may be able to activate it, is that even a thing? Not entirely sure how vcds works. Thanks
  10. Done about 15 thousand miles on mine or 25,000km and still good.
  11. Ive revved in neutral and park and it always has a soft limiter. Im childish like that 😁
  12. whats the difference between revving in park and neutral?
  13. Given it a drive today, so it only does it in manual race mode, comfort manual and auto it doesnt do it, and is the same as you described. Ill get a dsg change booked in as its been run on jb4 and then a remap since about 5k miles so guess its probably due anyway
  14. I think im gonna have to take it out for a drive later to actually figure out what scenarios it does it in. Ill get back to it. And yeah its got a tcu tune,its driven really gently most of the time in comfort mode too so not like it gets thrashed on the daily.
  15. Permanent manual, ill be honest i only drive it on weekends for a couple of hours, i barely get seat time in it to suss things out 😪 cons of having to drive a van for business. Its on 33k and just over 3 years old so i think a dsg service is due on its next service, could need doing.
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