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  1. charged £350 for 28 days cover...

    Got a call today from flux, offered me an extra 105 quid back.better than nothing i guess
  2. charged £350 for 28 days cover...

    shes been driving for 8 years,shes from america so had to retake a uk test,she drove the golf R for a year no problems but as soon as she gets a uk License shes recognised as a brand new driver again... both insured on it for £800 last year whilst she was on a US License
  3. Wouldnt add my wife to the policy,despite when taking out the policy telling me they could (the whole reason i went with them). Paid £1200 upfront,wife passed her test and then when i rang told me they cant add her... had to cancel and gave me £850 back... Gotta wait 5 days for my money,funny that because they charge their customers interest when they cancel and are paying monthly instalments. Ah to own an insurance company,where there are no regulations 🙄
  4. When buying my Golf i test drove an R with a panoramic roof, to me its just a load of wind noise, but the salesmen seemed to love it. Am i missing out on something lol?
  5. couldnt say,but 1 minute is what i done in my fiesta st stage 2 if thats any guidance lol Cant wait to get this round brands hatch later this year.
  6. Parts for sale

    go the classified section
  7. Actual Top Speed

    Had 151 out of mine before letting off and it got there very quickly and hsd plenty left on a jb4 7.5 7 speed dsg
  8. credit is more easily available these days, alot coming from fiesta St's to the R as its the next step and one of the best in its class. unforunately i left the fiesta st because it was fast becoming the chavs go to car,alot of chavs are leaving the st and going to the R too...I agree alot of plastic tat plastered across them.
  9. when i got my 7.5 it would only rev to 2.5k on launch control,then a few days later when i did it again it revved to 3200, and now it revs to 4k with LC , maybe its actually staged and will only do certain rpms at certain miles ?
  10. I have a milltek catback non resonated and valved,my wife works at a very expensive golf course.They all think it sounds great when i roll up in it with the valves open like an asbo child but with the valves closed,you literally can barely hear it and its as quiet as stock imo mines a 7.5 dsg so 7 speed,no drone until a good 90mph which no1 needs to be doing continually anyway
  11. Insurance predicament...

    spoke to adrian flux today,quoted me £1200 for myself all mods declared, or £2500 for my wife and me all mods declared... they said they could only list her as a new uk license holder despite her driving here for a year at £800, and having a license for 8 years. But hey,goes to show,just be a foreigner and its cheaper.....
  12. Mrs not happy

    yeah just googled it, someone failed for doing 60 in a 70,when some vehicles are actually limited to 60 anyway? they always say the speed is a limit not a target,but if you dont do the posted limit you fail? If im in london and ive never been there before,i dont race around at the speed limit cause the roads are so confusing id end up hitting a cyclist,moped or any other **** that wants to whizz in and out everywhere. Road laws definitely need chaning for the modern day.
  13. Camera van. Oooops🤷‍♂️🙈

    shame the R is crap for track work without considerable brake upgrade and a new set of tyres at the end of the day though