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  1. Greens not for me, but it looks oem to me from that photo
  2. Michelin ps4s all round, good tread, i cant tell if its front or back tbh so swapping them wouldnt be much use. Its there at 67mph, if i drop to 66 it goes away, likewise at 70 and 71
  3. 7.5 pre wltp, ive had 48mpg over a 150 mile journey before which i posted on here couple years back. Easy to get good mpg from them, wasn't particularly trying that hard either.
  4. My R makes what sounds like a wheel bearing going, but only between 67 and 70mph, 71 mph and above the noise disappears, same with 66 and below? thought it might be wheel balancing maybe or something else, had wheel bearing go before and it just got louder the faster i went.
  5. How have you found the map? could you post an update?
  6. It could also be a wheel bearing if the previous owners hit a kerb and replaced the wheel for example.
  7. Theres a local garage to me whove upgraded their jet washes,i beleive it was one of the first in the Uk but might be wrong. Wheel cleaner Hot foam lance Shampoo brush (dont use) Clean water rinse Micron polish Spotless rinse I foam lance it and it generally removes everything,sometimes ill take a mitt along just incase,micron polish is decent and easily lasts a week or 2 and the spotless rinse is spotless so i assume is filtered water? Good for when you dont have time to wash your car,i use it on my lwb sprinter too,clean the whole van in about 8 mins,take me half hour to an hour at home 😄
  8. Im not angry, you just cant leave alone. I work in the daytime like most people and i dont spend all night on here posting every 15 minutes,kind of have better things to do. I was agitated at the time of my response to andy which was wrong of me,especially after hed given good advice. Youre just annoying and add barely anything to threads besides making them longer to read through with your boring dribble post count.
  9. Do you have a life? 2600 posts in 6 months..
  10. When ive already stated i wasnt using much throttle,and you respond with "he wasnt trying to put 300bhp to the road" insinuates i was going round the roundabout with my foot to the floor,which ive clearly said in posts above i wasnt. Booked into vw end of the month for its service,getting the haldex cleaned too just incase so Ill ask them then. Thanks
  11. Like i said,i wasnt really accelerating hard.. just maintaining throttle input. The rear of my car slides quite a lot and im trying to work out why,it never used to do it. Im here to ask questions and try work it out,not keep recieving assumptions from unhelpful idiots talking shit.
  12. Wasnt going fast,following a suzuki swift,not even the sport,he didnt slide..
  13. Cant be the same size and then be more tyre 😁, i know you can go thicker sidewall which is why i wondered if they were 35 40 or 45
  14. What size is the tyre, hoped theyd fill the arches a bit more
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