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  1. Yes, all makes sense. Was sad to see my R32 go after many years. Still miss it tbh. It doesn't help when they say 20 weeks but it rocks up in 10 - when trying to time a private sale. I also had a cold sweat when i ordered via DTD. £35K just like that! Without speaking to anyone (on a work lunch break) 🙂
  2. Exciting time watching these orders going in.... Trying to not start thinking about the 8R...sticking to the strategy of keeping the 7.5 a while! 🙂 I will fully settle the PCP in a couple of months. I hate that wait once ordered!
  3. Yes, that's the problem. You add £5k of options and then its an extra £150 a month. I've warmed to the new R though.
  4. I clicked a social media link to an R lease site - leaseloco or something. 36+3 x £365 (10k miles) c14.5k over 3 years. No options selected. I'm not looking but peaked my interest. 🙂
  5. Think the battery points are 10mm and you need a 13mm socket with extension for the battery tray. I figured if vw tried to charge me id be over a barrel and they would want £££s. £130 ish for an AGM with a 5 year warranty was an easy call. Dont forget to use ODB11 to tell the car about the new battery
  6. Swapped mine at 3.5 years. I'm sure it went downhill quickly after i fitted a dashcam. Couldn't be bothered with the dealer blx of 'its covered if its defective' and they cant test on a saturday. Ordered the S5 AGM and fitted it myself. A mate is on the original EFB (2014 model) and he's only done about 10k miles total.
  7. The 8R has grown on me in the videos. The better torque vectoring sounds a notable improvement. Like the interior. Rear ends ok. Front takes a bit of getting used but be ok i reckon. Get your orders placed !
  8. I somehow to managed to get a service book on the 7.5 which i prefer.
  9. Hi During lockdown i noticed my front VW badge (radar cover) had fallen out onto the drive. It was a small plastic clip that looked ropey. I emailed VW parts and they said £70. As it happened i dabbed a bit of glue on and its been ok. Anyway heading down the M1 early hours this morning and something appears on my windscreen....the plastic VW badge at 70 mph is sat in the corner recess of the window lol arggghh...i pulled over when i could and grabbed it. The bottom tabs have completely gone. I have 5 years warranty. Should this be covered as a defective clip? or should i pay £70? Thanks
  10. Ok, was going to upgrade the fronts with clubsport s pads and discs eventually but they aren't due. Read that a few owners had gone for brembo rears with the view the fronts do much of the work. Open to ideas. Thought these were OEM equivalent. I like the idea the hubs are painted so wont rust. https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/brembo-brake-disc-10444126A Also, do you have to start declaring uprades discs to insurance companies?
  11. Was looking at Brembo OEM rear pads (and may as well order brembo discs at c£80). Sites seem to report two part numbers for pads on ecp and cp4l etc 10144207A 10144208A Any ideas? presume 7 and 7.5 the same. Cheers
  12. Yes it tips the balance...ie ive had carwow quotes on m2 comps c48k. Yes if ur gonna do it do it properly i guess. The Rs a decent all rounder when it can be had for low £30s....low to mid 40s seems a stretch....especially in times of uncertainty. As ive got 5yr RTI GAP perhaps a tank rolling over my R at year 4.9 would do the job nicely. 🙂
  13. Coincidentally specced an R on DTD last night, straight in over 40k with any options so may as well add £2k ved. Fair enough. I've no incentive to change for now but fair enough for those ready to swap. Seats look ok in the GTI. Wheels repulsive. Watched an awesome GTI review and it had a lot of road noise for some reason.
  14. Wheel size, passengers, air con etc will all impact range i guess. Is the ambient temp and range related to how batteries perform? I'm also worried about getting knocked over by a silent hypercar crossing the road with my ageing golden retriever! Something i didn't consider was motorbikes, an enthusiasts toy!
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