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  1. Resurrecting an old thread here. I ordered some R centre caps (as per the above)....tried to fit yesterday and they were too big....think the item is 65mm and measure mine at 55/56mm.....i can see 56mm std vw caps on ebay but not the R version. Wondered if yours were 65mm or 56mm or are different wheels perhaps different ie spielbergs. Cheers
  2. I installed the race chip xlr yesterday. Very happy with it. Just using the bluetooth option....not bothering with the controller. The pickup from standstill is transformed. Even reverse is quick lol....
  3. I've now ordered the Racechip XLR box with bluetooth app. Look forward to trying it out. I'm thinking of just using the phone app only, pick a setting and forget. Prob not bother with the controller switch (assuming that's allowed)
  4. Any benefit to adding the bluetooth app option? Was pondering. Is it just pick a mode, forget and hide it away? The dead pedal feel is annoying.
  5. Congrats. Didn't know the car had arrived! Looking good. Have you got the akro exhaust? 👍 My back aches at the thought of getting the DA out....but mine is due. Good to get the flake popping again! May try the S40. Been using menzerna for a few years as part of a DA package.
  6. Cheers for the info. Not pulled the trigger yet. Its funny how i get something new in my head and decide i must have it! 🙂 Seems most are happy with their upgraded ARBs. Good luck! Be interested as to how you get on.
  7. I was looking at an upgraded rear ARB. Looking for a nice OEM+ upgrade. Hear this is meant to be a great bang for buck mod. I happened to have the whiteline added to a basket and it seems a good price. Also have drop links added. Are drop-links required? or just leave the factory ones in (on 24k miles) Appreciate there are other brand options too: H&R, Superpro, 034 etc....some thicker and more expensive. Any regrets or downsides to this ARB mod? muzza - have you fitted yet? any issues? Are the VW bolts for the ARB and drop links single use? Do these need to be ordered or can they be reused? Just watched a humble mechanic vid on youtube where there was a suggestion these are single use bolts. Would prob fit when i swap tyres - thats if wheel alignments needed? Cheers
  8. Shiny new parts arrived from CLP. 🙂 Fitted OEM rear Brembos last week.
  9. yes, i regularly browse the CLP site. Nothing meant by it.👍
  10. CSS pads be ok im sure. They are all at a similar price point tbh. Not CLP, Not awesome. Happy to bury this moan really and consider the next shiny purchase.
  11. I'm looking at CLP again now... Have you seen the presumably new ferodo ds performance pads? Presume you had the Clubsport s pads. No response from the seller in the end which is pretty much to be expected.
  12. I may bite the bullet again at some point and swallow the extra cost and re-order. No immediate rush. Im aware of the risk with drilled etc and dont track the car. Which insurer was happy with the OEM discs out of interest? I'm not driving that hard. Just have an enthusiasm for oem+ mods when the opportunity presents itself! Cheers for the review.
  13. Useful info. Thanks. I think I'd just go for the drilled for the sake of an extra 70 if I was to recomit. I do like the vw oem aspect, no rust, looks etc. I'm not convinced they are technically the best bang for buck.... Seems these discs are now 370 everywhere I presume. The company is a tuning company. Not one I'd heard of prior. Just Googled the part no and ordered.
  14. What do dealers charge for these discs? Obviously can collect to save postage.
  15. It was a spontaneous browsing purchase. Not sure I want to pay £400 with postage for these.
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