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  1. Any one been successful claiming for pothole damage?

    Thats right. They are stating they are very busy and mentioned 8 weeks backlog. 4 x PS4S (burst two) + Fitting + tracking (still to book in) Spacesaver wheel and tyre (minus 160 i got back for 2 tyres from the front and back which i stated had uneven tread)
  2. Any one been successful claiming for pothole damage?

    I have 2 claims in progress for incidents going to and from an airport.....i put a claim in and they have split it into two claim numbers....awaiting a decision.....my claim it for approx £700
  3. Bargain

    I know it well! Its a pricey sleeper!
  4. Bargain

    call, and offer 31500 :-)
  5. Loving my R

    Enjoy I came from a similar 3.2 platform!
  6. Peak District vs Isle of Wight

    Im on the edge of the peak district...north notts/derby. There are speed camera signs everywhere...think bike signs etc..so dont tend to think of it as a drivers playground.....although im sure if you dip off the main routes you will be ok. It used to be a bikers hotspot and i think they were clamping down after accidents.
  7. I have 5 years also on the 7.5. Never for one moment thought the car would be built differently. Dont know why that make such a meal of retro-adding the warranty post build.

    I had a new Clio Sport 172 lose a tyre on the M1 following a puncture...car changed direction a few times and ended up in the barrier....could have had new for old but wanted a type r. They settled c13.8k in 2002. I paid £12k from motorpoint new. Dealer prices were £15.5k. I guess i made but would have lost out if from Renault new. RFL wasnt an issue back then as much i guess.
  9. Servicing: Main dealer or Indy

    I think its personal...im signed up to dealer service plans for 5 years (intital 2 years with the new car purchase). I also have 5 years warranty. I bust their chops at times and make myself known....but they generally do ok. Also, want goodwill and to be looked after. Out of warranty theres a bit less pull...I sold the R32 recently with 10 years dealer history (FVWSH). I think the owner probably appreciated the full history and transparency. Perhaps indy would be just as good! I like the idea of getting an indy to do a haldex service/clean!
  10. Number of Golf R's on the road?

    I was behind a renault gt line today whatever that is....a sheep in wolfs clothing :-) Wow S3s are popular. I presume that means accumulative total by Q3 and not just Q3.
  11. Deserves a medal not a criminal record

    Arrested or charged? Presumably arrested is a formality due to the severity of the outcome. Let the system decide if he acted appropriately under fear for his own safety. Common sense should prevail. Little sympathy for the victim.
  12. 3dr vs 5dr - Dimensions and Weight

    Interesting! Crazy to think manufacturers dont standardise on weight. The 4wd adds a fair chunk too...im guessing 100kg over the GTI. The 3 door is about 1.5% lighter and marginally quicker then :-)
  13. Potholes - 2 wheels / tyres damaged

    Ive purchased 4 new tyres to avoid uneven tread wear but binned 2 damaged tyres. Do i claim for 4 or 2. I've stated the full cost and eluded to me clawing back 150 for two part worms. Hence claming for X + space saver cost. Does this sound rational? Will review and send soon.
  14. Potholes - 2 wheels / tyres damaged

    Cheers. Yes im on sticky ground really. If id been immobilized and needed a tow then i would have been able to document. It's more of a grey area. I have stated the flight details as this backs up the journey and all other info and receipts paint a picture. Im not sure if using language such as potential to seek freedom of information request in relation to section 28 is inflammatory. Section 28 is there statutory defence and if they have followed their road fixing procedures I don't have a look in. .. even if I've suffered damage.
  15. haha. i hear strange things too,,,,buzzing noises etc