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  1. Think i may have misinterpreted the £5k limit when i read the T&Cs sometime ago..apologies.(below) yes was hoping for more of the same! ie not £900 pa. Good spot. market value it must be! the £5k is presumably if you are negligent and contributed to the issue! I must be a bit thick as i have to read these things a few times over! 🙂
  2. Says "DQ381 of a limited production period" on the tec info - whatever that means. Others may have their theories about the time span....collected mine June 2017. I wonder if there will be any sensibly priced vw warranty options beyond the all in.
  3. I'm sure it will be fine. Just one of those things. Lots of complex tech in cars these days. I had a DSG in the R32 for 10 years and was without issue and that was new tech at the time. Good that its all being sorted.
  4. Looks like you are all good then! Yes, it comes up with this.. Just rechecked.
  5. Apologies for the long winded response, hopefully helps 🙂 Yes mines definitely eligible. VW flagged it with me and i found a link on VWROC that confirms also. https://www.volkswagen-bahrain.com/en/owners.html#vin-lookup Will report back when it finally goes in.
  6. Good question. VW personally dropped my car off on my doorstep for the bonnet release fix and started to mention the DSG update. Said he wanted to check with me that the car wasn't modified with a TCU tune and whether I wanted it doing (not that was necessarily an issue). We had a general chat and off he went. I just recall the 50/50 comment in relation to his experience with other owners and the pump but never bottomed out the rationale! He talked like it was VW themselves authorizing or not. However, he did send me some internal information It generally covers off the campaign, what the tecs do etc. The issue being "a loosening of the bolted connection to the auxiliary hydraulic pump, leading to damage of or failure of the gearbox" ie DSG update + test drive Check for POC2900 error If error occurs remove gearbox and replace pump. If no error all's good. Also covers charging out internally these works back to VW I don't understand from this why someone might not be eligible. If there's a pump error code the cars then off road and he has to contact VW technical. Not sure what happens here. Ill be honest i've not got into any conversations about liability and who pays what (if anything). Im working on the assumption the pumps covered by the campaign and if not will fall back onto 'all in' warranty. If its a new gearbox im working on the hope its covered by the campaign (else use the 'all in warranty') but recognize it has a 5k claim limit. Hopefully, in all likelihood it wont come to any of the worst case scenarios. As it happens I'm booked in in a few weeks. I've purposely timed it the day before i go on holiday for 2 weeks. If its plain sailing i get my car back before i go away. If not they have the car 2 weeks without any inconvenience to me. Whether that's enough time in the very worse case scenario.
  7. The dealer states an approx 80% success rate on the DSG software update from experience. Its booked in, in a few weeks time.
  8. Thanks. I had full factory warranty to 5 years and then dropped onto all VW all in warranty more recently. I think in the small print it has a claim limit of £5k per item hence i was curious to the DQ381 cost, VAT, fitting etc. I don't have a feel for the percentage of vehicles that need new pumps and / or have further issues. It threw me slightly when my dealer wasn't fully recommending getting the DSG update and suggested 50/50 were getting pumps done FOC. Perhaps i misunderstood something. It still seems like now's the time regardless.
  9. Ok, was wondering if UK dealers would be consistent in how they deal with things. 8ks pricey. Presumably that also includes the mechatronics unit? Will probably look to get booked in soon. Hope all works out well. I'm sure it will.
  10. Good luck! Good to hear VW are hopefully owning the follow up to the problem. Are you based outside of the UK? (In terms of mentioning Kilometers driven) I was deliberating getting mine done but think by not doing so i'm just burying my head in the sand. Now's probably the time especially as i have VW warranty. Out of curiosity what's a DQ381 and fitting cost?
  11. Be interested to hear how you get on! My dealers emailing me Monday regarding the DSG update. Im weighing up the options.
  12. Hi, My dealer collected my car today for basic warranty work (bonnet release cable snapped). I seem to have quite good engagement/ relationship with them at the moment. Upon dropping off the car they mentioned the DSG DQ381 update. Said they didn't proceed today as wanted to check the the car had no ecu/tcu remaps and wanted my permission. The car is standard. They stated the update could throw a fault code (post update) and cause a problem mentioned on here (a DSG pump failure perhaps?). They would need to order and fit the part. Also, said it was 50/50 whether vw would cover the part. I have a VW 'all in' warranty at 5.5 years old. He stated the update was optional and not having it wouldnt impact my warranty. I discussed the risk/reward of having it done, having read some negative feedback post update. His gut feel was not to bother with the update. it reduces torque to the gearbox, but will send me full info by email monday. Is this an accurate summary? any views? Bit irked an update could potentially incur further failure/cost. Thanks
  13. Perhaps it has broke internally. Looked ok externally. I've seen a video of this on a mk7 gti...shoving a socket through the front grill and removing the two bolts. A long winded job. Bonus is hopefully i wont be stung for parts/labour. Cheers
  14. Just closed the bonnet and the release lever isn't connected to anything. Will drop an email to VW and get it booked in. Thanks
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