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  1. Cheers all for the comments, Happy to make the judgement call. Obviously, have mixed views and experiences with VW. My partner has switched away from the dealer we both use (to a different vw dealer) and is really happy with them. The warranty sounds suitable enough for 90% of situations and only assists the big ticket items, but its not true like for like warranty. Will ponder.
  2. Hi, Im just after some objective opinions on the VW-All-In service plan. https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/en/owners-and-drivers/servicing/service-plans/all-in.html?gclsrc=aw.ds&gclid=Cj0KCQjws4aKBhDPARIsAIWH0JVhTj2LBWumVJbxNpJgXFfNh1PZYOv_-nxlECKO1APtpz-5Xh1cficaAj5uEALw_wcB I was planning on keeping my 2017 FL (unless it climbs back up to 40k in value lol). I've got 5 years factory warranty (June 2022), a local dealer service plan (June 2022) and VW breakdown cover (June 2022). If this product remains available i quite like the idea for the main f
  3. Hi, Does anyone know the actual colour / paint code (obviously blue 🙂) of the mk8 R R brakes? I recall the R32 was aquamarine blue. Was pondering a change of colour from black to blue? Has anyone done this? Thanks
  4. Ive already swapped a battery in a 2017 7.5 R and the missuses 2017 tiguan. Both EFB batteries from factory. Swapped both for uprated bosch AGM (5yr guarantee) and tweaked the battery setting via odbc. Batteries about £140 delivered. 30 mins to fit. I posted up on here with details last winter..
  5. Hi struggling to recall what i did now but think i just went to the vw website rather than rely on software to do it, ie https://app-connect.volkswagen.com/mapupdates/car/ pick your car pick your sat nav pick your region etc download the files and copy across to the SD Hope that helps!
  6. Thanks for the updates. Partially talking my mate into a new MIB retrofit unit....for a few hundred. Will have a look at the link. If i can get the maps its then the extender cable. What a faff.
  7. Kenwood Garmin GVN60 A mate has a 2014 Golf R from new and paid VW to retrofit a satnav unit years ago (some offer). Hes asked me to help him get a map update on their (still on 2014) Ive found and download a firmware update onto an SD card v 2.9 2020. A pre-req to the latest maps. Simple! https://kenwood.garmin.com/kenwood/site/viewHeadUnit?headUnitInfoId=12188&updateMediaTypeId=3&modelYear=2015&origin=productUpdate The map update takes me here. Not really found the maps but found official downloads at £75 (not sure which year)
  8. looked at the all-in....my slight dilemma is i have 5 years warranty from factory (1 year left) I also have VW assist for another year too. Is the all in to 6 years only and always a 2 year plan? years 5 - 7 would be fine and solve the extended warranty issue (unless i fancy a stage 1 remap).
  9. I've seen previous haldex posts and how most don't remove them to clean the gauze/filter. Worrying a major service didn't do the work properly. Its not far short of theft/fraud. Just had the first major service and it makes you wonder.... I think the DSG filter is under the air box...might see if i can get a b4 / after pic....i have no valid reason to think they aren't doing the work. Its just making sure they are. I've probably ruffled a few feathers after Saturdays servicing faff!
  10. Getting my DSG service done FOC due to the faffing about. Does the 7sp have a DSG filter too? Is there a way to tell its been done? Obviously, if there is a filter that might help? Ta
  11. Vw assist came to partners place of work. Supplied and swapped sensor for 52 quid. All in. Jobs a good un.
  12. Looks an easy job...as long as the error code is reliable....think there might be two of these sensors.
  13. The better halves Tiguan R line 2017 TDI has thrown an error code. Just scanned with OBD11. Diesel particulate pressure sensor defect (i think) P154B00 - Partikelfilter Differenzdruckgeber defekt static P154B00 - Partikelfilter Differenzdruckgeber defekt static Not exactly the same model but looks like theres possibly two of them and easily swapped from the engine bay + a calibration step (poss via obd11) She still has VW assist (in fact they fitted a battery the other week). Is it reasonable to call t
  14. Yes no DSG oil...something doesn't feel right to me! Well the unwanted air con service was FOC £0. It was like he was trying to talk me out of the DSG service but denied knowing they were out of oil before i went in. I lost it a bit with the guy on the phone who I've dealt with for years, Went in and had a calmer conversation in person but expressed my frustration. A service manager will call me next week. I said to him today if you cant get it right at the front desk how can i trust you to to carry out servicing behind the scenes. Also, I do not have end
  15. Update VW rang, Serviced and MOTd. They werent able to do the DSG due to no oil - really! Booked in months ago. He's also done aircon which i said i didnt want doing. Not paying for that. Brilliant. lol
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