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  1. Echo the DTD comments. Once you place your order a dealer will be in touch the next day and look after you. In this case James at Medway seems to handle most orders. They can deliver but i got a train from Derby to collect. Nice day off work. Had lots of support and still contact them from time to time. Faultless experience. Compare that with missus who bought a tiguan r line from a local dealer. They were somewhat untrustworthy, we paid for extras like smart insurance whereby they took the money and didn't set up the policy. Played lots of games during negotiation to bamboozle and confuse the process. Wouldnt look at a door rattle within a few months of purchase without huge fuss. When they caved in after saying we could still be charged labour the girl at the counter snapped "we wont be washing it" lol...and thanks we dont want you to either. Ironically, the door was fixed under warranty after about 3 more visits and wrong parts ordered. Id go back to DTD.
  2. On a slightly different note. How would you explain a fag end under a heavy factory fit battery on a car i've had from new? Only ever been to the local dealers for servicing. Does the battery ever get removed for any reason? Doubt its german ! Mmmmm
  3. Batteries arrived. Hoping to fit shortly. Hopefully, get away with coding: 70AH BOSCH/VARTA/VA0 or similar 1111111111 - change serial number by one digit Fleece If i have any issues - is the serial number the B14A080071SC code linked to the QR barcode? Its just the original serial is 10 chars (1111111111). Or 0 092 S5A 080 Will see how it goes!
  4. im not local but odb11 can be purchased for c £40 and works via mobile phone app and bluetooth. May come in useful again.
  5. I'm not too bitter about the £137 price 🙂 Not much mark up there by Tanya batteries tbh. Will never know if VW would have warrantied a battery but it wasn't worth the faff to book in, find out not covered and then pay them £200+ for another EFB. I read somewhere battery sales are massively up with these modern stop start batteries failing. I don't quite see how turning the engine off is greener than producing and scrapping more batteries. As always VWROC got some great information for when these curve balls pop up.
  6. Anyone know which CTEK mode to use with an AGM battery. Normal mode or AGM mode.
  7. In fact found a 2025 in the drawer and swapped it. All sorted. Cars happy again and ive learned something. Thanks!
  8. Cheers. Good to know. you are all using the same batteries. Might code stop/start off also as don't have much need for it and it may help the new battery live longer. The new battery supposedly has 5 years guarantee but when i read some blurb the chances of getting a replacement seem slim. ie a bosch tec tests and fits the battery etc and have to provide documentation. Not so bad at £130 but they are £450 on ECP. Not sure if Tanya batteries would own the problem with any early failures.
  9. Thanks. Battery ordered. Will give it a go. Thanks. I presume this may be on top of the battery also (first 3 digits somewhere). Cant recall whether OBD11 works/pairs with the ignition off. I presume it must do. Its just come up about key fob battery now. lol....another job to familiarize myself with...lol.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Good to know. Just checked ebay and its looking comparable ie c£137 with postage. Wasn't expecting to be swapping a battery this early on. My R32 battery was fine at 10 years old. I've been a bit less mobile since Covid and WFH. Not sure what VW would have charged for EFB or AGM upgrades and fitting, plus the added faff of going in.
  11. Hi all, I'm sure my battery is on the way out at 21k miles and 3 years old. I was paranoid it was the blackvue dashcam parking mode but i often turn it off when i know the car is sitting a while. The car didn't seem happy after a couple of days in the garage. Only just starting on a few occasions and i often CTEK it. I luckily bought a lithium jump starter battery pack off amazon which helped me out the other day. I asked VW if my 5 year warranty would cover a battery and got some statement about 'if its failed mechanically or electrically - yes'. I took that to mean probably not then lol. Wear and tear. They went on to say they didn't test batteries on Saturdays and cant give courtesy cars in the week while they test it. Surely, not an all day job! I've just dug out my old OBD11 which i've not used since my R32. Even though the battery had been on a full CTEK charge OBD 11was flagging the battery as red status. So, having read a few posts i'm looking at ordering this Bosch AGM which i consider to be an upgrade with 5 years warranty and and at a good price. https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/bosch/s5a08/ It just brings me onto coding as i'm now moving away from the Korean EFB battery. I'm aware i need to: 1. change the serial to something different (or the actual serial number) 2. change the AH to 70 3. change the battery type. Ive read 'Fleece' is appropriate for lead-fleece batteries? 4. change manufacturer. Presumably a 3 letter prefix relevant to bosch on the battery. I found the battery adaption settings (attached). I've not got OBD11 pro (only standard). Ive never made any changes previously but ODB seem to have 23 credits. I'm not sure this change uses any credits. Will this just work as easily as it looks? Will pull the trigger on the battery order tonight assuming i dont hear any advice against. Perhaps just a little reassurance on my logic would be appreciated. Then its just a 10mm spanner and 13mm socket. Any downsides to having the car off battery for 5 minutes during the swap? I presume the battery sleeve will re-fit ok. Thanks in advance Richard Just after a little reassurance about my plan.
  12. A DSG GTI is 34960 with no other options which is quite pricey. DTD reduce this to c32k. Might be nr impossible keeping the R under 40k with any options ticked. Then the road tax adds to the mix. Presume its still at the 40k threshold. Wow car prices have gone a bit mental.
  13. i dabble. you get money back for being close. I was a few pixels out this week! Bugger! RS6 would have been better!
  14. I fitted a blackvue dashcam just before lockdown (front and rear). I've wired it in via an ODB port connector. This connector also has a switch to disable parking mode. I dont have any powermagic battery backups etc. On a couple of occasions the car has barely started and thrown a load of errors around various random systems. These all clear after its got some charge and turned off and on. This has happened when the car has been stood a few days and ive left parking mode on. Its meant to intelligently disable parking mode at a certain battery voltage. I dont really trust it so try to turn it off when the car is going to stand a while. I chuck the CTEK on periodically too. I think its OK if i use the car daily. I'm not entirely convinced these modern batteries are as good but dont really know. My old R32 battery was going strong at 10 years old and presume it was a heavier duty battery - but without stop/start tec. How can i quick view current battery %? Is there a menu option? Have odb11 but thats probably a bit of faff.
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