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  1. Another vote for PS4S -- especially when they were £108/corner fitted which I secured. That deal now gone (4 tyres), however Michelin still doing £100 cashback until end April on 4 tyres.
  2. I have Helix organic, Revo Stage 1 and I'm 4k miles in with no issues, feels OEM. You might want to consider replacing the flywheel too as the clutch will be out anyway. Of course that will add cost.
  3. I've had a a number of Porsche's, and one thing to bear in mind is that regardless of their age they are all going to be more expensive in terms of parts/labour. I also speak from experience in terms of older models (think 996 911 & 987 Box & Cayman) that all of them seemed to come up with niggling and expensive issues. that is despite them having excellent and full histories. If you go 996/997 911 then do not consider anything less than Turbo; IMS/RMS and cylinders on non-turbo will go on a %, which means new engine or rebuild. When scanning adverts on older 911's, you will note many have had engine rebuilds by the likes of Hartech. I have a Mk7 R and have always been a bit of a serial car changer, yet had the Golf far longer than any other car I have owned. As others have said, it has such all-round ability and bang for buck that it's hard to see viable alternatives with the same credentials.
  4. Standard height, 19's. I cannot be sure of the exact price, I used AKS Tuning.
  5. I had Helix organic fitted 3.5k miles ago. Heavy for the first 400 miles, now OEM feel. No slippage since with Revo Stage 1. Hope this helps anyone considering Helix.
  6. I'm on Mtec J hook's all round and so far so good. More effective than standard, though also upgraded to Tarox Strada pads too.
  7. Thanks, I seem to recall around £300 from AKS, incl bolts and lockers...
  8. Tecno Grey on mine...
  9. Hi all, had these fitted recently and thought some of you might appreciate some (dirty!) images. 12mm rear, 8mm front and the drive feels as before. I think the spacers look spot on relative to the arches. Hope this helps anyone thinking of going this route.
  10. I run PS4S all round and live in a village with some pretty dodgy road surfaces. They have been great so far, on all surfaces and conditions. Worth the outlay.
  11. Just fitted one myself and a very worthwhile investment!
  12. The estate sold 2 days back...unsurprisingly...
  13. If it helps, I have toyed with the idea of selling mine and am getting offers circa £18k. I think in general the market is a little depressed and Xmas is always a tricky time to sell. Mine is on a '15 plate, manual, leather, sunroof, keyless, Prets. Revo stage 1, Helix clutch, FVWSH. 33k miles. End of the day it'll sell for what the buyer will pay. Good luck selling - staying with another R?
  14. 2 days ago, on way back from attending a cremation (yes, really) and tbh my mind was elsewhere, M4, lasered by a static patrol car and pulled over. 99mph - a bit of a 'silver lining I know' (which in an R feels like 50). Verbal NIP given and very likely a court appearance with fine and 6 points no doubt. Thankfully no existing points but nevertheless, a painful experience no doubt awaits. I've been researching the likely penalty and quite an eye-opener in terms of the variation across the country. Per previous comments, the R achieves speed so easily and effortlessly; I might be left considering vehicle options if the Court judge is not feeling lenient...
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