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  1. Looks good. Willget round to purchasing eventually
  2. Chinese copy of Oettinger rear spoiler

    Hahah I guess most mods hold value so in essence you will get a decent percentage of your money back when selling up.
  3. Chinese copy of Oettinger rear spoiler

    Anyone bought one yet?
  4. Bec's Guide to Detailing

    Oh right, oh well I'll see what outcome I get In a couple of weeks and show my work.
  5. Bec's Guide to Detailing

    Brilliant, thanks. Yeah my mate has a run around he's happy for me to practice on and I have had a good look at all the advice on this thread so thanks again. Now just to get nice weather so I'm enjoying the process instead of it being freezing.
  6. Bec's Guide to Detailing

    Thanks for the quick response. I think I will def try the polishing pad with either UC or HC400 then. If that doesn't work I should then go to using the cutting pad. How do I know what is the most abrasive out of UC and HC400. regardless of how I get on with the correction stage I should def use the finishing pad with HC or final finish before sealing. Appreciate your advice as im a total noob but been doing a lot of research and my brain is a bit fried. Just would like some reassurances before I put of to paint.
  7. Bec's Guide to Detailing

    Hi, i have just just bought a DA polisher And the kit includes 1 x Menzerna Compounding Pads 135mm (6") 1 x Menzerna Polishing Pads 135mm (6") 1 x Menzerna Finishing Pads 135mm (6") 1 x 250ml - Menzerna Heavy Cut 400 (HC400) Cut 8 Gloss 8 1 x 250ml - Menzerna Final Finish (SF3500) Cut 3 Gloss 10 i also have Megs Ultimate Compound and AG polish. i would say my paint work is that bad but I would like to get the mirror finish instead of a mild orange peel look that I have. what do suggest I use on my 2014 lapis Blue R? I was thinking Mega UC and a polishing pad as I'm new to DA polishing. Then polish pad with AG polish then hand seal Any advice appreciated.
  8. Spoiler

    A lot of Chinese ones. I wonder how bad/good they are
  9. New Golf R Owner in Fife

    Brillaint. Will add that the now. Did the duke pass last year with my mate. Was quality.
  10. New Golf R Owner in Fife

    Haha 50 posts and you've not got it yet. Must be excited. Aye I'd meet somewhere in the summer with some of the guys.
  11. New Golf R Owner in Fife

    Its a lapis Blue 3 door with DSG. I've been waiting quite a while for the right one to come up. Absolutely delighted with it. Need it 3 days a week for a commute which is a bit of a pain but atleast the drive is nice. Thanks for the welcome.
  12. New Golf R Owner in Fife

    Hi, I'm from fife and picked up my Golf R last week, Loving it so far. Is there any sort of meets around Scotland for Golf mk7 R owners or is it usually just a VAG meet. Would rather meet with more mature members than 1.2 Polo owners with their cars that are inch off the ground. cheers
  13. I was looking at this today and fancy it, not sure if I prefer this splitter over the maxton one though.
  14. I take it it's not really needed to tell the insurance about this? I don't understand why people buy a pipe and then get it fitted. Unless it's that non drone pipe (can't mind the manufacturer) then it's just a pipe that any exhaust place can make. This is on my list of things to do too.