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  1. My Neighbours seem to be Upgrading..

    I must say that the Targa mechanism is abolute poetry in motion !
  2. Apple Carplay - Nav apps

    At Last.... I bought the discover Pro system for google earth and I'm hoping carplay will now allow me to use a satellite photo map on google maps as VW snatched google earth away the month my car was delivered
  3. This will help you hold onto your car.....much cheaper than a ghost/disklock/immobiliser etc etc sorry folks but it is Friday and I hear a pint calling my name ! πŸ˜€
  4. POI Sat-Nav Speed Camera alerts via Car-Net

    I've tried getting the sound alerts (discover pro) all sorts of ways and simply cannot....also, when using the map in the instruments, poi markers don't seem to show up, only on the main screen !.......nevertheless, the Pocket GPS database is the de-facto one to use....very uptodate and easy to load into carnet
  5. Carista options

    Carista managed to enable the alarm beep on my 7.5 , to be honest it is quite a quiet 'tick' sound and hardly worth it! that said, carista is the only one that works with an iPhone and it does work ok, (I too have both that and OBD11)
  6. Retrofit/Discover Pro 8inch

    Jass2018....... just a word...Alex is the guru.....trust him implicitly , he will advise and carryout anything possible ! his postings on the forum are succinct, accurate and knowledgeable PS...welcome !
  7. Arteon Active Display (Discover Pro)

    Very very easy!
  8. Arteon Active Display (Discover Pro)

    If you look on the 3D pictures I posted, cameras are clearly marked
  9. Arteon Active Display (Discover Pro)

    I subscribe to the pocketgps.com app, you can download their camera database if you are a subscriber. There are instructions here on vwroc websitehow to add it as a set of poi data. That way you can update it frequently. re video in motion......an easy setting to enable via obd11. ( not that I could condone that of course πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰) cheers john
  10. Arteon Active Display (Discover Pro)

    I can only speak for Discover Pro on the golf but it seems that in May 2017, Google withdrew the licence from VW so google earth is no longer an option, if anyone knows how to enable it I’d be delighted to find out!. Yes the car does need to connect to your phone , I use my phone as a mobile hotspot, that way I have dynamic nav with road congestion displayed (hugely better and much faster than the FM traffic Program) but best of all, Siri and Apple Music works with voice control via CarPlay for example just press the voice button on the steering wheel and say play xxxx etc and it gives you access to 40million odd tracks and podcasts etc also, the discover pro will play video from the dvd drive or an SD card. I have a few films on an SD card for that. finally, updates happen around jan/July but all you need to do is download the update to an SD card (32 gb or higher) shove it in one of the SD slots and bobs your uncle...all is automatic and you can remove the SD card after as it stores everything on a hard drive rather than the card like the non-pro system. I also added a speed camera dataset to it so my maps have them marked clearly too A lot of folk here think the pro system is an unnecessary expense but I love mine and I’m sure you will too, especially if you are a bit tech orientated like me. next you will be wanting obd11 to enable all the wee features and tweaks VW don’t give you (A whole different topicπŸ™„) regards john
  11. Arteon Active Display (Discover Pro)

    Yes, appears in the cluster too, totally stock, (I got a cash payment back from VW as I ordered the discover pro for the google earth and street view but they removed it before I took delivery and didn’t change the website or tell the dealers) google maps are better but the discover pro is pretty good , you can update the maps /graphics from the discover care app online but it is a 28 Gb download (best done at work 😏😏)
  12. Arteon Active Display (Discover Pro)

    3D view
  13. Arteon Active Display (Discover Pro)

    Don't really know the Arteon spec that well as mine is a Golf R sorry
  14. Arteon Active Display (Discover Pro)

    Ok, just arrived at work....some quick phone snaps to explain:-
  15. Arteon Active Display (Discover Pro)

    Ps, both displays ! And with discover pro, you can have both displays on at different zoom levels or even using the home screen have 2 maps and 2 sub displays , eg tel and audio etc