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  1. No stupid questions here (plenty of daft answers though ! 🙂 )
  2. only works when displaying the nav map....just press the ok button on the steering wheel to switch between big and small dials
  3. I've just added an UP! GTI to our. stable, (collect today) andI know the dealer had to have it registered by 5pm last Tuesday or it would be subject to the block.....thankfully, just made it but WTF are the govt playing at???.....no way to encourage the economy !
  4. does take a while but if in doubt, just use the discover-care app for your computer and download the latest version to the card and Voila !
  5. I’m 56, commute 35 miles each way and go round house visits etc in mine.....perfect vehicle.....just so many different sides to it....you’ll never regret buying your perfect car!
  6. Just let your stealer do it as they will be doing the services ! VWuk are pants, your dealer generally less so !
  7. Yes, if you add the background illumination function with obd11 you can have any colour. ( well on a my 7.5 anyway )
  8. I bought new from an AD and got 15% discount. Made the seawolf with bracelet £2750 ish with full warranty etc. If you you fancy something more traditional, have a look at the super ocean heritage models. Fantastic on their mesh bands. ( ps had a sub a while ago and flogged it for a sea dweller , much chunkier!)
  9. they mostly go for over list to avoid the wait....don't be a sheep, get something way better....I'm a big breitling fan and have several....the Avenger Seawolf may suit your needs for 1/3 of the price
  10. Privatedoc

    Facelift Mods

    just press the menu button on the fan speed control...simples ! no coding needed
  11. Used it in both our R’s. Mine , 37k miles and Mrs 10k miles... not missed a beat and averages 32-34 mpg including ......ahem. ‘Spirited’ driving. Loads of nectar points too😉
  12. Privatedoc


    ok tyres but defo cheapies....I live rurally so always use Michelin Cross climates a set which costs £440 fitted from black circles easily does 25,000 miles despite my ragging the car regularly......(ps thats 18" on Cadiz wheels)
  13. Apple Music is effectively renting music so no, sd cards don’t work. I solved the problem by just plugging in her phone and streaming. Have put my owned music on a 64Gb card so we have that too! Thanks all.
  14. Making up an SD card of music for the Mrs's new R....lots of M4p files (from apple music) is there a decent free converter to rip the drm out ie to m4a or mp3 all the ones I've tried are quite expensive to register and frankly crap at the job! any advice gladly accepted, Dont mind paying for software if it does the job but frankly all Ive tried so far are pants !
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