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  1. Privatedoc

    Facelift Mods

    just press the menu button on the fan speed control...simples ! no coding needed
  2. Used it in both our R’s. Mine , 37k miles and Mrs 10k miles... not missed a beat and averages 32-34 mpg including ......ahem. ‘Spirited’ driving. Loads of nectar points too😉
  3. Privatedoc


    ok tyres but defo cheapies....I live rurally so always use Michelin Cross climates a set which costs £440 fitted from black circles easily does 25,000 miles despite my ragging the car regularly......(ps thats 18" on Cadiz wheels)
  4. Apple Music is effectively renting music so no, sd cards don’t work. I solved the problem by just plugging in her phone and streaming. Have put my owned music on a 64Gb card so we have that too! Thanks all.
  5. Making up an SD card of music for the Mrs's new R....lots of M4p files (from apple music) is there a decent free converter to rip the drm out ie to m4a or mp3 all the ones I've tried are quite expensive to register and frankly crap at the job! any advice gladly accepted, Dont mind paying for software if it does the job but frankly all Ive tried so far are pants !
  6. I've both and generally bluetooth sound is pants, I use a fixed cable and apple car-play for the tunes (controlled with voice control) The sound is MUCH better, However, remember the dynaudio system remembers the tone setup for each input so you may just need to adjust the sound via Dynaudio screen when using bluetooth to match the other inputs....also, make sure apple soundcheck is off as it kills the dynamic range too
  7. Ingrams are great and Malcolm Ingram (who took over from his dad) oversees things pretty well......they trade on reputation not volume and we have always been delighted with the service....several of our friends have bought from them too and experienced similar high levers of customer care!
  8. They are Fantastic ..have had over 10 cars from them over the years...currently got 4 from them.....super service, prices etc ...what you'd expect from a family owned non-cartel company
  9. I'm not a biker since a crash when I was a young 'un and as a Doc, we tend to call bikers 'Donors' but I appreciate extreme engineering and love the bikes shown here...Just be safe folks I don't want to see any of you professionally !🙂
  10. Took my R in for its 30K oil change this weekend at the wonderful Ingram VW in Ayr......and accidentally bought my wife an R too, White Estate DSG that had just been delivered and was a stock car....oops.....7K£ off mind you....rude to say no! The backstory is we had ordered her a poloGTI last march and had just found out from VW UK that it wouldn't be built til april19and delivered July 19........bugger that,.....Do you think she will notice the difference over her current runabout...a 60 Bhp VW Move UP! ha ha ha
  11. Sadly this was mine reg RKD 574T. 21 bhp twin air cooled , shite but Mine!
  12. It does work a treat but now don't bother as Google maps and waze have them anyway and iOS carplay works with these apps
  13. being scientific about it I expect its all down to air DENSITY , temp increase will reduce this and thats why turbos can be faster in the cold but remember , the delta change in air intake temp by the intercooler and the atmospheric pressure all influence this too, hence better performance at sea level than on a mountain top ! answer is probably multi-factorial, but when it all aligns.......whoosh ! 🙂 🙂
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