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  1. Better order that one soon then to make sure you get it in 2026 or 2027
  2. Problem is at 30 it’s just a base golf, but that (IMO) is the point It only becomes an R when you start driving it and “making progress”. Same as sitting on the M25 at 70 (if you’re lucky) is dead boring, might as well be in any tin can with an engine and 4 wheels
  3. Not had an early inspection for years on cars in UK. The old ‘running in inspection’ dates back to when cars needed an oil change to get rid of excess swarf etc back in the day, but modern cars are way better manufactured. Same as exhausts used to go every 2-3 years back in the late 70s, made of decent metal now, not old baked bean tins Had a few high performance sports bikes that had an initial inspection / oil change at 1,000 miles, but these rev’d way higher so guess more risk.
  4. I hadn’t researched just going on what I see / saw when out and about Hardly ever saw RS turbos but Rs seem to be everywhere. my bad...
  5. Problem is there’s a hell of a lot more Golf Rs around than there ever were RS turbos. The R is a mass produced car which had some really cheap finance deals and lease deals. Back in the day you had to pay a lot more (proportionately) for an RS than the mk7/7.5
  6. Wow, so a good £10k more than the golf Sort of needs comparing with the next level car up really, like an RS3?
  7. Just out of interest what’s the OTR price of your Tesla?
  8. Agree 100% on people over committing on PCPs See if loads of new range rovers etc driving round near me and peoples jobs / houses just don’t match the car
  9. Second hand prices have dropped from the peak in Q1. I sold my 7.5/310 full fat version to a dealer back in February for more than newer cars are priced at on Autotrader at present Still high but defo dropped since the start of the year
  10. Always impressive if you put it in Race and launch out of the dealership when collecting 🤣
  11. If you were on holiday or out of the country on business then they would have to wait until you were back so you could sign the paperwork / collect I’m often away on 2 week business trips so no option really
  12. Shug

    Bad/Poor Driving

    Agree with most points above New pedestrian rule is ridiculous in built up areas, traffic would be gridlocked. I walk my dog and am training him to sit at roads, cars stopping for me is a nightmare - would much rather wait until road is clear. Plus I have survived 60 years with old rules so no reason for change (as a pedestrian). Lots of entitled / invincible pedestrians now, striding out into road without a pause, as others have said Darwin awards apply here; and nearly got rear-ended (oo-er Mrs) last week when I stopped for one Have noticed many more cyclists, normally in full TDF Lycra mode) now riding in middle of road or 2/3 abreast just ‘because they can”, but they still ignore red lights and jump on / off the pavement when it suits them. Seems rules only apply sometimes...
  13. Does it come with a longer hose? I live 2 miles from nearest river / pond 🤪
  14. I had 18s and DCC - set it on comfort on roads near my house as live in speed bump / pot hole central Really made it bearable Set on normal most of the time and race (sport) when playing on twisties
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