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  1. I’m guessing the OP is not in UK, as costs are in € and km etc.. But good advice to involve VW Corporate HO in whichever country he’s in
  2. Exactly. Looks like they were close to the limiter, so definitely not a delivery drive back to yours. i always drop my car at both dealers as dread the thought of them crashing over speed bumps near my house or just ragging it on the way to the garage. When they replaced my under bonnet insulation I dropped the car and watched the tech drive it less than to the service bay to replace it. 10 minutes later I saw him drive it back. Got in car and noticed screen was on driving mode. Had an interesting discussion about WHY in driving the car less than 1
  3. Yep, only two cars in the household, mine and SWMBOs In the extremely unlikely event we had two of the same car would probably revert to his and her whatevers
  4. Haven’t still got it so it’s just plain Accord My cars are normal, not royalty 🙃
  5. Nope, just call it either the Golf, or the R previous exciting car names have included the Lexus, the TT, the Accord, Mondeo etc.. Boring, but works for me...
  6. V Power for me, but what do I know?
  7. Not got it in the R, but had it on a hired Peugeot 3008 or 5008 SUV thingy in Scotland last year Pretty annoying although was fun on an empty motorway, with ACC and lane assist on. Didn’t touch a pedal or the steering wheel for 10 minutes (had hands hovering over wheel though just in case 😛
  8. I had that on my last car. Salesman was off so I just asked to have someone else hand the car over. Sorted...
  9. To be honest state pension won’t make any difference. I’m 60 next birthday and basically could retire now if I fancied it, but enjoy my job so on hold until I get fed up
  10. Wheels are fine, grubby exhaust though...
  11. Funny this post appeared as I’m looking at new cars for next year and might be my last before / as I retire. Problem is I enjoy my job so might move to less days per month - ideally I want to drop to 3.5 days a week, but lots of travel so have agreed in principal to drop 6 days each month. Assuming I can still take 25% tax free when I decide to hit the pension (which might be another few years as part time will leave me with more than enough cash) opens up almost anything I might want (close to the tax free pot limit already),but likely will buy another house near the coast then an
  12. They are taking the P Motor claims were significantly down last year due to less cars on the road and way less milage for most motorists Just use a comparison site and switch Note that a lot of posts are showing 12 - 20 yrs ncb. Most insurers only credit around 10 regardless
  13. Nice car, best colour too..
  14. Saw the original post and did some digging... Was this the previous owner?
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