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  1. No, he had just popped out a few minutes before I got there. A neighbour told me as I was leaving that he’d just seen him drive off.
  2. “ ONLY DONE 600 MILES, REAL HEAD TURNER, CHEAP TO INSURE, LOOKS LIKE £35K MK7.5 FACELIFT LATEST SHAPE, ” and only £13,500... Seriously, even an 18 plate 1.4 with only 600 miles would be more than that. Not even run in.
  3. Agree bucket seats would be a nice option. Really don’t like the stickers in your rear windows, looks too Corsa in McDs car park. I actually bought the R as it was understated and to many people just a golf. The Focus RS was too shouty, and the Halfords Type R just too Halfords.. ETTO
  4. Surprised he was going fast enough to crash. Every time i’ve been in Malta traffic is gridlocked.
  5. I agree with @Charles M pretty tight of VW to have the button as standard but not activated on a £35k or so car. i had it on a previous car (Lexus) and gave up trying to use it. It always did random stuff, like I’d say volume and it would phone someone in my contacts beginning with V. Was funny to try phrases like ‘Blow Job’ and hear the girl say ‘no blow job available’ 😁
  6. @carbyfed beat me to it. I thought this was down to a SWMBO as well. Does sound like there’s a gap in the windscreen seal (or glue / gunk type stuff that they fit screens with) At 125+ even a small hole would create noise. Maybe worth getting screen replacement company that fitted yours to have a look. Alternatively stay below 125? - presume you’re not in UK no one here ever admits going above 80 unless on their private road or track
  7. Not really, just doing the decent thing. Bit surprised no one else on the tube stepped in, seems a lot of blokes on the train were pretending nothing was wrong. I have a daughter about the same age as the girl and would like to think someone would have done something similar if she was in that position. Might have been harder if it had been younger lads giving the grief, but didn’t look like that guy was carrying a knife so wasn’t too bothered. Okay, I’m in mid 50s, but a reasonably big lad, reasonably fit and used to have (shall we say) ‘fun’ at football matches when younger - been there, done that, as they say...
  8. 1. Out for a walk on Sunday and near the local park saw a wallet on the floor, thrown near a bush. Opened it and had a debit card, an OAP travel pass and a driving license - but no cash. Guess had been stolen and dumped.Was only a couple of miles away so walked round to return it to rightful owner. Got to his house and no-one in, so dropped it through letter box with a note saying where I’d found it and my mobile number. Not heard a word since. Just a call to say thanks would have been nice. 2. On the tube yesterday’s carriage half full, and a drunk / stoned / having problems with life (delete as appropriate) bloke in ripped joggers and a filthy top got on, ranting about something, then walked down the carriage away from me, sat next to this young girl in her early 20s and started trying to put his arm around her. No one did anything, so I got up and walked over just as another chap did the same from further down. We both got there at the same time and he asked the girl if she’d like to sit with him, and I told the bloke to shut it and leave her alone. Probably helped I was in jeans and my site boots as had been inspecting a warehouse earlier, had been a hard day and I had a headache, so probably came across as a mad / hard bugger. Not sure me in a suit would have had same effect. Got a lot of smiles from other females in the carriage, most of the men were pretending nothing had happened. Anyway next stop was end of the line so we got off and the girl thanked both of us and we all left the station. No cops around, so I did tell the guy on the ticket barrier but he didn’t seem fussed.. Nothing amazing in the scheme of things, but I felt good about both incidents.
  9. Actually I think I payed for a lot of medical care, roads, schooling, police and military last payday. It was annual bonus month and as I had worked pretty hard last year the government took a shedload off of me. HMRC didn’t even say thank you...
  10. You have the patience of a saint. I wouldn’t have waited 9 months for a car. Boot space is smaller as car has 4WD, mechanical bits have to go somewhere. Agree 7 spd DSG is a big improvement over the old 6 spd (had that in my TT). Enjoy
  11. I would still check, unless they have the car and actually know it has these features...
  12. Not just good in the winter, the climate screen reflects sunlight so reduces heat gains in the summer too...
  13. Visit Royal Lochnagar, I was there a few weeks ago. Some really quality nosing sessions...
  14. Mines OEM, no upgrades, I was joking about how far you can get in 30 mins in a stage 3..... apols for confusion
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