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  1. And one day he’ll go wizzing round the same corner and find a broken down car there or a cow having a stroll. Unless he can see through hedges he’s guessing
  2. Mate, sorry to hear the latest news. Chin up, stay positive and I’m sure you are man enough to beat it. All here supporting you, even if you don’t know us and we might all be total knobs in real life 😀
  3. I did think that and as I have 5 yr warranty will get it replaced again. Does seem strange that no one at VW realised the space above the engine might get hot.
  4. Get this a lot on average speed camera zones where i’m at the limit and have a car in front of me. Getting older / wiser now so can’t be arsed playing games, generally lift off a small amount / slow down to make a bigger gap in front of me to give me escape room. If not in camera zone it’s always funny to pull over after overtaken the car on the left lane and boot it so the tailgater is sitting in the outside lane rapidly getting smaller in my mirror, and i’m gone. Same thing if the **** is behind me and pushing as the speed limit zone goes to NSL. Bye!
  5. Just back from VW Epsom. Under bonnet insulation replaced as had shrunk and was flapping around. Booked a fixed time slot and car was sorted in 20 minutes. Service advisor said they get a lot of these as apparently they are above the engine and it gets hot 🥵. Asked the service advisor was this a new design or the same design / materials, he didn’t know. Tech drove car 200 yards to service bay and back. Car was in individual mode when I left it, and race when I got it back. Saw him drive off into bay and back, couldn’t have got above 15 mph. Presume he wanted to hear the exhaust?? Weird though to switch to race for a drive of 400 yards max
  6. Will be in 4 or 5 years, but probably won’t have the R then.
  7. Bay window front of house is above bonnet when I swing on. If I reverse on would eventually ping it one day. Not the end of the world, just annoying. Keep an old microfibre to soak it up when I wash the car. As I said originally, first world problem.
  8. Only works if I park the other way round, as road outside house and drive have a camber so it always ends up full of water. Not been a problem with previous cars as they have drains both sides, as does SWMBOs Corsa
  9. That VW didn’t put a drain hole in the plastic bit at the bottom of the screen on the passenger side. Have to scoop water out when washing the car. Drivers side is fine, water drains away 1st world problems
  10. That’s the car hating UK government for you...
  11. Was beaten at the lights yesterday by a Lycra clad cyclist. I was stopped at a red and he rode straight through (like they all do) 😁
  12. Shug


    Well done. Much better than the numpties on here showing how they got 40 something.
  13. Shug


    Im shore e will smak it w an ammer until it cums off and den fit a nu belt or chain or wazever he as in is shed. Will be phine😂
  14. Dropped it off at VW for its second service. No issues but under bonnet insulation flapping a bit, seems to have shrunk and bottom bits don’t reach holes, they agreed to look at that. Got a 1.0 polo as a loaner for the day. 68 plate, wheels kerbed and found 2 dents they didn’t have recorded on check sheet when I checked it. Do not wash stickers in car and on service sheet. Service guy confirmed my car had no marks and wheels were mint. He agreed no swirls on paintwork and grinned when I said I didn’t want it going anywhere near his car scratching washing team, like he’d seen the leathers on the floor between car washes. Hopefully no issues and car ready after lunch. Edit / Update. All good. Oil & filter changed, pollen filter replaced, aircon service done (personally think this was a waste of time as system working fine, but full regal and clean included in my service plan - would have been £52 + vat if i’d paid) Bonnet insulation being replaced under warranty. They offered to let me keep the polo and do it tomorrow but I need the car, so booked in as a wait job next week. Suggest everyone checks theirs as the service guy said they get a lot shrinking, and it’s showing on the invoice (to VWFS) as £145 incl vat...
  15. Some of the engineers I work with in Oil & Gas confirmed the same. They work with all the big companies, Exon, Shell, Petronas.
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