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  1. Shug

    Youtube bloggers

    Some of the deals for even ordinary people are stunning. My son was in an indie band when he was at college, they had a webpage and had a pretty large following, helped by the fact they had played (unpaid) support for some indie US bands when they were touring, so picked up their followers as well. They were approached by an agency wanting to put ads on their page and based on hits they got paid not tons, but enough (a few hundred each month) which funded their travel and drinks bills...
  2. Shug

    Ghost security shhh it’s a secret.....

    Even if you haven’t got one?
  3. Shug

    Ghost security shhh it’s a secret.....

    Off topic, but to add my tuppence worth to posts above, I get the impression from what I see and a couple of cops I know in the Met that they want to do more but are hamstrung to a large degree by paperwork and political correctness. As an example, last summer some pikeys were riding a noisy trail bike round the park at the back of my house. I called 999 thinking this might get a response, and the conversation with the chap who answered went something like this: Hi, two kids riding a motorbike round the park (and gave name of park and street etc.) not a large one so anyone driving into car park would hear & see bike Are you sure? Yes, no helmets, no plates on bike etc. What’s the reg of the bike No idea, it doesn’t have plates on it as I just told you What colour is it? I think it’s red, definately got black tyres How old are the kids? Not sure, probably mid teens can you describe them? Yes, two teenagers on a motorbike What ethic group are they? For Christ’s sake get a car round here and find out for yourselves Please confirm your name, address.... Look just get a car round to the park, you will hear and see them and can arrest them Please confirm your name and address Name and address confirmed; Look get a car round here and nick them Please don’t raise your voice sir Is it a priority? Oh stuff it, you are more interested in minor details than getting a car round here. Is this call recorded? If it is and anyone gets hit by the bike you deserve to be done for not getting a car round and I hung up ....back on topic now...
  4. Shug

    New Rs in stock

    That was sarcastic I presume? Basically it is some new something or other that means VW build cars and leave them in fields for months until some official government type clerk produces a certificate to confirm it’s a car that complies with something or other and has different injection system, a non-frameless mirror, reversing camera as standard, and less bhp than the poor sod who ordered it thought he/she was getting
  5. Shug

    What fuel

    Or the other favourite debates on here Prets or Cadiz? DSG vs Manual? 🤣
  6. Shug

    What fuel

    Probably best to stick with unleaded. I would recommend Shell V Power. Diesel will definately fcuk it up
  7. Shug

    Changing jobs?

    @Raiden does seem the new role is offering a lot more and the way he increased the offer does seem he really wants you. No lose really, if you fancy giving your current boss an ultimatum, about making you a director, sorting profit share etc., so you stay and legal deal to transfer business to you in x years. Then you will have all the facts and can make a call. Whatever you do, don’t look back. Good luck
  8. Having read what @Dan1982 said above it does look like the 1 mile adjustment may have been a glitch caused by battery disconnection. Doesn’t seem logical they would have driven the car miles just shunting it round their yard, and therefore no need to try and adjust milage back. For a simple body repair why would they test drive anyway. As I suggested in earlier post, you have a call on file already about not washing the car, and the swirls and interior damage are issues that need to be addressed by your insurer, as that’s who you have a legal contract with. Does look like once you went formal on them, and got ombardsman involved it started moving forward. Keep talking to them and stay positive. Good luck
  9. Shug

    Ghost security shhh it’s a secret.....

    If you are Chuck Norris or ex special forces with Krav Maga training this might work. For the average person on here you’ll lose badly against a hyped up, tooled up gang.
  10. Insurers record all calls. Demand they review records (they should also have a log of when you called) and ask for a copy. This will prove you had concerns prior to the damage. Then call and mail your insurer back and go as high as possible (company directors emails of large insurers are often findable via their website) and demand they take ownership of the problem. if no joy ask that they refer you to the ombardsman and log an official complaint. Ignore the accident management company, these are just parasites. Your contract is with the registered insurer Good luck
  11. Shug

    Ghost security shhh it’s a secret.....

    Big “Start” button, just have to look through the drivers window...
  12. Shug

    Ghost security shhh it’s a secret.....

    Hard one. If they are coming in with a machete surely you’ll just tell them the ghost code rather than have them force it out of you?
  13. Shug


    Tome this whole WLTP saga looks like a joke. They have finished testing and have the results, but loads of people waiting for cars because the paperwork hasn’t reached the appropriate civil servant. Cars are built and continue to be built, so clearly no more build changes coming, it’s just paperwork. Really feel for some of me of the future owners, begging to pay close on £40k for a car that can’t leave the dealers car park.
  14. Shug

    Nissan pulling out of UK

    Now Ford are looking to move operations out of UK https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/brexit-ford-production-car-manufacturing-deal-theresa-may-nissan-a8776971.html All looking rosy for jobs...
  15. Shug

    Supermarket Wankers

    My local Sainsbury’s has double lines between each space, and they are notably wider than the normal car park spaces, so makes it easier to open doors without hitting car next to you. Will get a pic next time I’m there Of course that assume the muppets can park in the space in the first place.