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  1. I nearly posted RTFM but have been told off for that before...
  2. Give them a call, pretty sure they will pop back..or drop into one of their centres...
  3. Yes, the app knows where you are so just enter the pump number and wait until it tells you to fill up If going for a full tank just make sure you go higher on the amount than you need, as it has a habit of stopping the pump about 30p short of the value you pick i tend to leave the value at £50 or £60 and it says it’s taken that off your card but adjusts downwards a bit later to actual value you filled with Every 10 fills you get a reward, £2 I think, and if you don’t use it for a while it randomly gives other money off vouchers £1.50 - £3 I think sometimes I get really random rewards like a bar of chocolate or drink at next use
  4. Cheers will try it next time
  5. Happy I like the Cadiz, saved me the worry 😛
  6. I just fill up. It is what it is.. love the Shell Go app, generally makes it quicker and got some really strange looks from some chav lads in a lowered Corsa last week when I filled up on the app and just drove off. Pretty sure they thought I’d nicked the petrol 😀 only problem with the app you can’t used the money off vouchers it sends you on the app if you pay at the pump, you have to waste time and go into the shop and queue with all the muppets wanting bread, milk, cakes and strange multi use tools for £4.99 that no one ever needs
  7. This.... The rare day we get snow in Outer London I just don’t bother to drive. Even if it does snow and settles normally gone by lunchtime. Not going to starve for a few days and can walk to shops if it gets bad anyway. More scared of being stuck behind someone who’s bogged down, or being hit by a Chelsea Tractor who think they are invincible.
  8. I’d support NRW as you say, seems a wise head and well balanced (although for all we know this could be a ruse and he’s a total psycho) 😂
  9. Cider for me. Got hammered on it at about 14. Can’t even go near a pint of it now without being sick. And the stuff the bloke in the leather jeans and a big ‘trash plied me with all night. I woke up the next morning with a sore @r5e 🤪 (maybe on second thoughts this needs moving to the after dark thread?)
  10. First single Laughing Gnome, David Bowie First Album, one of those dodgy 70s ones with the bikini clad girl on the cover and all tracks were hits BUT by rip-off artists (we were poor)
  11. I must have had a good tech, he used the gun then reset his torque wrench and finished them off with that. 😎
  12. This. I got home and had to pop back as the nut was still on his work bench.
  13. Leave mine on auto all year. probably only off a couple of days in summer when I have the windows down for random reasons
  14. Same here just occasionally hit the demise on really cold mornings
  15. Tyre pressure pinged on last night 10 mins from home - left rear. Had a quick look and seemed okay, so got home. checked it this morning and a couple of psi down, then saw a screw head in the middle of the tread. Popped down the local tyre place, straight on ramp, wheel off, tyre removed and plugged, wheel balanced and refitted, all sorted in less that half an hour. Wallet £25 lighter be fair to fitter I told him I was picky and he agreed wheels were mint. He took care and used plastic spacers when removing tyre. No damage to rim. Even let me watch and chatted while he worked. Happy
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