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  1. Shug

    Not a great start

    Good luck. See what happens, but a tank of fuel for comp seems pretty sh1t. What milage are they racking up when driving it to / from you? What’s the loaner? If not another R you’ve been offered a lesser vehicle. Would expect something in return.. Maybe ask to speak to dealer principal and involve VWCS as well?
  2. Sorry to hear about the job loss, but hopefully opens up new opportunities. I had the same situation 6 years ago, am a fair bit older and got a decent chunk, so bought a house as a long term rental / pension hedging option. Personally i’d pay off more of the mortgage and buy a new car so costs managed. Other option - a mate of mine bought a three year old Maserati Qautraporte, took him ages to find the right one, fairly low milage, just had the big service done, and paid about £35k. Kept it for a year, sold it for £35k and bought a new R. Would avoid anything JLR at present. SWMBOs boss has a top spec discovery, and it’s crap. He’s had it just over a year and spent more time in a loan car than his as it keeps going back with stupid minor issues every week.
  3. I might have lied about disposing of it already. Did see something the other day about a can of hairspray being effective as clogs their eyes. Still think the baseball bat is an effective solution assuming your awake and have it to hand. cant see too many burglars being scared with me in my boxers advancing down the stairs with a can of hairspray. Although me in my boxers isn’t a pretty sight 😎
  4. Shug

    Not a great start

    At least they seem to have sorted it. Looks like another fail for the VW however many point check on used car scheme. Hopefully you’ll get it back and start to enjoy it
  5. Shug

    What was?

    On holiday in Rhodes at present. No digital photos back in the day, will try and find one when home and scan it. Right colour brown but Orange stripe made all the difference. like others on here, learnt to be a home mechanic on that car, fitted spotlights (all the rage in 1980) and a four speaker stereo, just using the Haynes manual for guidance Random 1300S photo attached
  6. Shug

    What was?

    Fiesta 1300S. Metallic brown with an orange stripe down both sides. Great car in its day (before the supersport & XR2 came out)
  7. Cheers. Disposed of it already...
  8. £1800 for CCTV and monitored IAS £500 for anti snap locks on all external doors, including porch and main front door £300 for external sensor lighting Baseball bat in bedroom (free) Tactical tear gas spray and asp acquired from friend in the industry (couple of beers)
  9. Nothing, been lying on a beach in Rhodes for the last week 🏝️
  10. It wouldn’t have been sitting at the dealers, they’d have stuck trade plates on it and been testing the launch control 😁
  11. Hope your mum is okay. one owner sounds better than three good luck
  12. I took the VW service plan and reckon it’s a good deal. Cost was about the same as one major and one minor service, so I get the third service, mot, a/c service, and a few other bits for free...
  13. Some very helpful folks on here. Will always get some some sort of answer or pointed in right direction. Photos / Spec? Enjoy...
  14. Is the OP going to respond to the comments above? People trying to help, and nada...
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