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  1. We got him 7 weeks ago, and that’s his first day at home. Didn't post earlier as been down with Covid over Xmas / New Year, slept 20 hrs a day and lost 2 stone in two weeks. Making it up to him now, he’s doubled in size and training going well. will post more recent pics soon
  2. Rocco, our new addition A Sproodle or Springerpoo....
  3. Had similar on a previous car, local bodyshop (who gets work from local Honda & BMW garages) and has a low bake oven, did it for £300. seems that’s about the going rate for a panel with minor scratches Way cheaper than insurance as not just your deductible, but they will load your premium for the claim anyway for a few years
  4. Lots of cars in my area with plates spaced to try and make it look like a name. Tend to be white Mercs, BMWs and range rovers, driven by either chavvy looking drivers or (not being racist here but based on observation) drivers of Indian appearance, so guess it could in some areas be a cultural thing? Majority with dodgy plates tend to have tints on front windows as well. I agree with others above that OP didn’t have any other issues, but know the risk, so took the hit. Fair enough.. Do think the standard numbering system gives better chance of remembering the plate, even if you only get a partial, like it was an 18 plate white golf R, last three letters FFS (so xx18 FFS) or whatever, much easier to track down for plod than maybe Mx10UxY or something.. My view on personal plates, if you can’t get a distinctive one, in original format, don’t bother, just looks chavvy Same goes for current trend with plates on front parcel shelf - why?
  5. Shug

    Lockdown 2.0

    We don’t have any underlying conditions but we did the same at last lockdown, except for one trip to see our son, going through a divorce and had a breakdown, Didn’t go in any other houses and no one in ours. Rest of our street however had friends and family in and out all day every day. Will obey the rules again this time. Just hope neighbours do too
  6. Shug

    Lockdown 2.0

    I still wonder why the blunt stick approach. seems lots of 16-24 yr olds are getting it (accounts for most infections at present) but not many badly affected most of the intensive care patients and deaths seem to be 80+ group or those with underlying conditions. Why not risk assess, protect / isolate the vulnerable and let the rest of the country crack on?
  7. Shug

    Lockdown 2.0

    agree, normally dismiss conspiracy theories, but not sure they are being totally honest at present, as numbers are not a long way adrift of normal deaths. Plus just found this on the BBC website: Ministers have issued stark warnings about the risk of the NHS becoming overwhelmed. Hospitals are under huge pressure in a number of areas, particularly in the north west. But what we are not being told is exactly just how full they are. The figures presented by the government detail how many patients are in hospital with Covid - currently they take up less than one in 10 beds. However, so far both NHS England and the Department for Health and Social Care have refused to reveal the number of available beds once you take into account patients being treated in hospital for other conditions. We know the amount of non-Covid treatment for things such as cancer care and routine surgery is still not back to normal levels - and the requirement for social distancing and other infection control measures means capacity is reduced overall. But it's still likely there are a significant number of available beds in many places.
  8. Shug

    Lockdown 2.0

    Bumbling Boris is making a statement at 4pm looks like lockdown on Monday now.. Good luck with the new job. I had a new chap join us the first day of the last lockdown, had all kit shipped to him and did all OTJ training on line and daily teams / Skype calls etc. worked pretty well in the end
  9. Definately, bought last few cars this way. On my R got another £1500 discount and paid it off a couple of days after collection. Think I paid about £9 interest, so way to go. You keep any additional incentives, servicing etc that are thrown in, its FCA regulations, you can withdraw fro finance within 60 days (I think) with no penalties,but have to pay the daily interest incurred. i went through car wow and nearest dealer was best price on there anyway Used other similar sites in the past, just see who offers best deal. Always dealt direct with dealer after initial offer made.
  10. That’s what I love about the R. You can do a sensible motorway journey and get 40 mpg, then when you get off the motorway it’s a fun, fast, safe car and not much effort to overtake anything, plus not going to get embarrassed in the traffic light Grand Prix
  11. Does drift mode have an additional option for a special baseball cap with the peak at the side? 🤪
  12. couldn’t attach pic on DM, so here it is. Same gap as yours on housing
  13. I nearly posted RTFM but have been told off for that before...
  14. Give them a call, pretty sure they will pop back..or drop into one of their centres...
  15. Yes, the app knows where you are so just enter the pump number and wait until it tells you to fill up If going for a full tank just make sure you go higher on the amount than you need, as it has a habit of stopping the pump about 30p short of the value you pick i tend to leave the value at £50 or £60 and it says it’s taken that off your card but adjusts downwards a bit later to actual value you filled with Every 10 fills you get a reward, £2 I think, and if you don’t use it for a while it randomly gives other money off vouchers £1.50 - £3 I think sometimes I get really random rewards like a bar of chocolate or drink at next use
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