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  1. My dealer wasn’t originally offering loan cars, but confirmed yesterday that they would. I was happy to go for a walk for a couple of hours, but they can’t guarantee a timed slot, so taking the loaner. Guess as it’s still 6 weeks away a lot of restriction easing will be in place by then. Actually easier booking it in than normal. Usually I contact them about a month ahead and then have to negotiate on dates in the following few weeks after. Guess I slipped the booking in before most realised they are open again?
  2. End of the day you’re comparing it’s like comparing these two. Both pretty good, lucky to get either..
  3. Never bothered with it from new, so imo ‘no” Sure others more tech savvy may disagree
  4. Bit late to the party, but I got a mail end of last week from my VW dealer saying workshop was now open and booking my car in for its scheduled 3rd service (on a VW service plan) and MOT in early July.
  5. Slowest, as police need more red cars for snooker scoring. 😀
  6. Indium grey are faster as stealth colour. Reds the slowest as police spot them easier 😀
  7. My R is coming up to three years old. I normally keep cars about 5 years, and look at what’s out there when I’m approaching that. I tend to have something different each time. Not particularly brand loyal, last cars in reverse order being TT roadster, Lexus IS 250, Honda Accord (company), MG ZT (chipped) (company)... Leaning towards a soft roader / medium 4x4 at present, as never had one and roads getting worse - potholes and speed bumps, plus with ever growing average speed camera network think fast driving may be a fun thing we are not allowed to do (unless a government advisor or name is Dominic)
  8. Depends if you want the full fat version or the slightly limp wristed one 🤪 As Neil detailed above, a few changes and lots of debate if good / bad / no difference. To open a whole can of worms, are you looking for 3 or 5 door, manual or DSG, (later models DSG only), Cadiz or Prets, leather or cloth? Then we can all start arguing over which colour is faster 🤣
  9. all down to EU WLTP changes. Down from 310 to 300 ps, and changes to engine and a few tweaks. Minimal differences, but a few additions to spec on later cars. Same car to average driver but subtle tweaks
  10. Trying to sort this with Quote Me Happy at present. im already with them and SWMBO has just moved to them. For some reason they can’t link the same surname and address so not giving discount. Further mails to them tomorrow, as on line insurer onlyand can’t call them
  11. Shug


    Sums insurers up. Same as Admiral penalise for speed awareness courses, whereas if you’ve done one you will be better educated and more awa3 for a while at least. It’s formal awareness training, so should give a discount. I had a similar discussion last year when my insurer tried to penalise me as I’d been knocked off my bike whilst stationary in traffic. Different class of insurance, stationary, and yet that makes me a worse driver in my car. Not like they will credit car history if you buy a bike...
  12. Shug


    Strange, as they didn’t ask where you were planning on driving. You could have argued that you visited there often prior to moving and were more fimilar with the roads there than where you used to live, so a discount should be applied...
  13. Shug


    Pretty pointless asking questions on insurance quotes. Everyone is different; ages, postcodes, ncb, insured value, on drive / road / garaged. I only pay around £250, but in late 50s and max ncb. 750 for mid 20s doesn’t sound to bad, but no idea what is right...
  14. behind the lower front grille on 7s Part of the VW badge on 7.5s
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