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  1. The driver looked a proper bradford chav, little imitation Gucci bag as well. Looked like mot tester was done for issuing dodgy mot.
  2. Anyone on here? Dodgy MOT, no airbags, no rear brake pads, missing wheel nuts, loads of issues, probably a cut & shut in Bradford. And filthy tail pipes
  3. I have enough problems using the right card when I have them with me. Trying to remember all of the numbers would be a nightmare. Bought a new Fireblade on my company credit card a few years ago, thought I’d used my debit card to pay. Had great fun explaining that 10k to my finance team 😰
  4. Here’s your base line VW costs as a starter.. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=2ahUKEwishq3U1NPlAhUDShUIHWkMCfEQFjAAegQIAxAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.volkswagen.co.uk%2Fowners%2Fservicing%2Ffixed-price-servicing&usg=AOvVaw1vW89mOmXqzPxYmINqLCsx
  5. Golf R doesn’t need park assist. All of us on here are driving gods with skills far above that of normal people😎 Had a new E class as a hire car when on a business trip last week. Nice car for a motorway cruise, but R is in a totally different league for fun
  6. Read as much as you can on here. Great forum with some really helpful people. Test drive it. If you like it and can afford it, and the price is right, then buy it. Dealer warranty, so not much risk. Good luck
  7. I’ve given up trying to use the Apple Pay on the Shell app. Never works. As above I thought if you went in and explained an£ they had your reg no and you on CCTV they gave you 24 hrs to pay. Couldnt you call your other half and get their card over the phone?
  8. Sorry, only trying to help. loads of posts in the insurance section, but hey-ho.. Maybe try a mini owners forum?
  9. Shug

    New Tyres

    Lucky you spotted that Would have been embarrassing to get stopped by plod and they saw it. Enjoy the new rubber. Might be worth getting set up checked as looks like it might repeat on new tyres if not
  10. Loads of specialist brokers will help you. Kit cars, track cars, rare cars, Limited milage use etc. Look at the insurance section on this site or just search specialist car insurance on the internet what is it btw?
  11. Bit like any colours. Totally suit one car but look awful on another. If going for a custom colour you really need to see the car you want in that colour.
  12. Washed it. Hadn’t had time for a few weeks and it was filthy, not helped by a trip round the M25 yesterday in the rain to LHR T2. BTW what a great car park there. Everyone was squeezed in on the first level, I went up a couple and had a whole row to myself. Empty spaces marked with green lights at roof to help find one. They even had a machine by the lifts where you typed your reg in and it showed you a picture of your car and listed the floor, row and space number. Bloody expensive though, my daughters luggage took a while to come through and I went just over an hour - £12 FFS
  13. Shug

    Demo Car

    A large multi franchise dealer near me used to do that, basically you bought the car with delivery miles only for a big discount and it was hired to you until the 6 months were up for a nominal admin fee, then you got the V5. No idea if they are still doing it.
  14. @Shane-Ireland I’m in Dublin in a couple of weeks, and in Belfast a couple of weeks later. Order them to my address and I’ll bring them over / post to you when there? DM me if interested
  15. agree, $2500 for paint is ridiculous, it’s just a different colour. You’re paying a premium for exclusivity. Was chatting to an Audi sales guy recently and they had an exclusive colour order on an SQ5 which was so bad they tried to put the customer off and when he wouldn’t budge asked for 50% non refundable deposit as they were afraid he’d back out when he saw it and they would never be able to resell without a respray or a wrap. Logic being they could sort it and sell at a massive 50% discount to someone’s it all went pear shaped shouldn't add that much cost as all car lines I’ve seen produce multi coloured cars one after another, days of all black then all red then all white ended years ago. Just a matter of getting the JIT system ready, same as for various other options. any decent body shop can analyse the colour and give you a small pot. The mobile repair body repair vans (chips away etc) have these on board. They can match almost anything.
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