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  1. Shug

    Rs battery maint. free?

    My bike is on one all year when parked in my garage and that’s a maintenance free sealed unit. Pretty sure most batteries are sealed these days, not like the 70s when everyone had to fill with distilled water and charge when they started to die Most dealers don’t have a clue...
  2. Tried that on the M23 last week, and ended up almost getting TPAC’d by a couple of Eastern European artics who didn’t care about the average speed cameras as they had foreign plates One sitting about three ft behind my rear bumper and one overtaking me for a good few minutes. Defo not a good feeling
  3. Shug

    Autowatch Ghost Bypass

    Definately works, just stole 2 second hand R’s from the local dealer last night. Took them straight back though as paint was swirled after they had prepped the cars.. 🤣
  4. Shug


    I’m one of the minority it seems who actually like the Cadiz. plus they are the signature ‘R’ wheels
  5. Shug

    Finally purchased a MK7.5 R

    What were you driving before? Bet you can’t wait to pick it up..
  6. Shug

    How old are we all?

    Not worried about the grey hair on my head, it’s everywhere else that bothers me, got a nose and ear trimmer a while back, great product Do they do “just for grey” for ‘lower down’? 🤣
  7. Shug

    How old are we all?

    57 years old but still mid 20s in my dreams
  8. Shug

    Supermarket car wash

    Presume you went straight home and phoned the immigration office 😜
  9. Shug

    Small hatchback

    SWMBO has a mid range 1.4 Corsa. It’s fine, for mid range model reasonable tech, auto lights, wipers, heated windscreen seats & steering wheel, okay ICE, cruise control, tyre pressure monitoring etc.. Wouldnt want to drive all day in it, but as a run around or short motorway journey perfectly fine. Got local dealers down to just over 10k, as car was in stock. Got a 3 year service pack thrown in too...
  10. Shug


    After spending £30-40k on a car what’s the issue with a few pence extra per litre for fuel? Bit like the logic of those who buy ditchfinders instead of quality tyres...
  11. Shug


    As above. Branded fuels (Shell, Esso, Texaco) come via their own refineries and have their own mix of additives. Most supermarkets just buy on the spot trading markets in Rotterdam or wherever they are getting the best deal. Colleague at work visits oil and gas refineries and confirmed this.
  12. Shug

    Semi Synthetic oil OK?

    I would mail VW and ask why a main dealer isn’t following their guidance for correct oil spec.
  13. Did a 400 mike round trip on Saturday. About 10% in city, so 30 mph, rest motorways & fast A roads at (ahem..) legal speeds. Mostly on ACC but with some entertaining acceleration out of roundabouts onto duals, getting exhaust pops and really accelerating hard. Plus a few spirited overtakes on the odd stretches of single stretch roads. Averaged 34 mpg. Running on v power.
  14. Shug

    VW Alloys Centre Caps

    VW dealer? E-Bay?
  15. Shug

    Semi Synthetic oil OK?

    Make sure you see the container it comes out of. If they are so cheapskate to use non spec oil in the first place, how do you know they won’t just say they have changed it and print out a new invoice showing correct spec? Any cr4p call/Mail VWCS or another dealer and ask what oil should be used in an R. https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners/recommended-oil They aren’t called stealers for nothing...