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  1. Shoplifting is a crime with a primary victim. The store loses product. Speeding, particularly minor infractions, do not have a primary victim. Only if an incident occurs and speed was contributory or the cause, is there a victim. Not defending speeding, but I doubt there is one person who drives who hasn’t done it. Would guess shoplifting has a smaller percentage of the overall sample sector.
  2. More about momentary lapses being punished. Everyone, even the few most careful drivers will slip over the limit say on a downhill stretch at some point in their lives. Could end up with a fine for 30 seconds of error in a 30 year driving life if taken to extremes
  3. How long before speeding tickets start landing on your doorstep based on similar analysis. Can see lawyers making a lot of money with GDPR cases against car manufacturers if / when it starts
  4. Loads of posts on here about Do Not Wash My local dealer has a ‘wash bay’ with leathers all over the floor and no way should they be using those Brillo pads on anything...
  5. Not too sure about these. Basically you’re saying I’m out at the moment, please pop round the back and break in...
  6. Just get the routine service - oil changed and basic checks, you’ll be fine Don’t accept their kind offer to scratch wash your car either...
  7. I do around 2-3k per year, so annual oil change and service just to keep everything good.
  8. Shug

    End of the line

    @Jeff105 just hope you are okay and can eventually get over it. Guess it doesn’t really matter where you are, and logically the scrotes aren’t going to get decent cars in their area, so they go hunting in better areas as richer pickings. Situation will probably get worse with less police on streets, but they still manage to fund more Scameras, so it’s nothing to do with safety for taxpayers, it’s all about revenue. Onwards and upwards mate. At least you were not physically injured. Cars can be replaced. Hope you get something that you enjoy and are safe in.
  9. Shug

    End of the line

    @Jeff105 feel your pain buddy. Hope things improve and you get everything back on track. Just out of interest where abouts did the hijack happen?
  10. I always use the main dealer when in warranty for all our cars. Once out of warranty my local garage, just round the corner gets the business. Much cheaper and does a good job
  11. Agree. The couple of times I’ve been stopped by police (in UK) years ago, I was polite, listened and nodded a lot. Both times was let off with a verbal warning.. Trouble is Scameras don’t discuss or have professional judgement, they just raise revenue. That’s why most people hate them
  12. Rear Prets might be okay if my one is looking to replace a scuffed one 🤪
  13. On a test track at an R&D facility in Southern California..
  14. Better get it booked in soon then, my dealer needs at least a month notice to book in and give a loan car. You can book it in and if you get plan sorted tell them it’s a plan the day you drop it. My previous Audi had a plan but it wasn’t showing on their computer, but never had an issue they accepted it as I had paperwork.
  15. Sounds like dealer BS on the bonnet insulation. Mine was replaced after my 2nd year service last year. Called the dealer in advance but they had to check the car themselves and order a new one. Dropped back a couple of weeks later and took 20 minutes to replace. Service chap said they’d replaced a few in recent weeks, Call them back and ask them to check with VW.
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