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  1. It was really funny. As usual traffic solid in second lane and bus lane empty. I made my way along the bus lane (fairly slowly) as I did every morning on my commute into work, and as I went past the plod car he stuck his lights on, swung over and stopped me. i let him rant about dangers of using bus lane and undertaking etc. and then asked him to write the ticket and make sure the time was in it. I also asked him to ticket all of the cars that hogging the second lane rather than using the left lane. The penny dropped. He slunk back to his car and I rode off
  2. 43 years driving and biking Clean licence, never had any points or parking tickets. Did a speed awareness course 9 years ago, got caught at 58 in a 50 in SWMBOs 1.2 Corsa (embarrassed 🤪) but nothing on licence Got stopped on the Fireblade in a bus lane a few years back. Cop was going to nick me until I pointed out it was 06:55 and Bus lane was active from 07:00 😎
  3. Nope. NIP is sent to registered keeper. If not the RK then they nominate who was driving and they get hit
  4. Same here. The time and place would have been stated. Surely one of you knows? If not go with the one who (a) has least points already, or (b) has the cheapest car insurance (whoops just realised one car in household)
  5. Normally breaks somewhere if it’s 4 miles so would try and duck in enough for it to pass and hope the queue behind it didn’t all pass and leave me stuck there 🤪
  6. watch out for Imaginary bird guano 🤪
  7. Yep, they changed from RTA to RTC a few years ago. Makes prosecution easier for a collision than an accident.
  8. Can’t you just untick winter tyres like on the 7.5? no summer option, it’s just winter tyres (tick)
  9. £1.48.. bargain £1.56;in south London
  10. Maybe if they said a minimum £30 or £40 to refuel? Would get rid of all the muppets who are topping their cars up, and if you really need fuel for a journey you can fill up?
  11. And all created by the mainstream media Only a fuel shortage and queues as BBC said so
  12. V power for me too, despite the fact I just filled up at £1.539 a litre At least I’m helping the country’s tax income
  13. Go for it i’ve done a few advanced driving sessions, all work connected. Picked up some very good safety tips and now practice ‘safety bubbles’ when driving, things like always reverse park in spaces, ‘tarmac and tyres’ when stopping in traffic, etc. Some was a bit OTT for UK, like smashing through roadblocks and J turns, but we visit some right ‘holes’ and escape driving is sometimes needed
  14. Not a shock that only OEM screens at present, as doubt the smaller AGR companies would have the data or demand yet, so would come from one of the OEM suppliers, most likely SG, NSG/Pilks or AGC. Having been in a few AGR plants I am aware that sometimes the exact same screens are manufactured and supplied to the vehicle assembler with their markings (e.g. VW) and to some installers without the assembler markings. I had a crack in my 7.5 screen within a couple of weeks of getting it, and had a SG replacement. Was the first 7.5 screen with the various accessory mounts that t
  15. Yep, gets to temp really quickly. Then sits at 90. No issues there Oil takes a few minutes longer so stay off the loud pedal for a bit longer
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