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  1. Or just get them powder coated in black?
  2. Feel your pain, but if you cancel it’s odds on the dealer won’t cancel the order and will have it sold to someone else before it turns up, at list price, so will make even more profit
  3. Did you apply for the right job? Looks like you’ve joined a builders...
  4. You want to try driving in London. Round my way the pedestrian lights turn red (for cars) every 20 seconds even if no one is waiting to cross. Even in the middle of the night. It’s all about TFL giving pedestrian priority Madness
  5. Does seem prices are dropping (slowly) now Sold my 2017 7.5 (13,000 miles) in January, WBAC offered 20k but I got just over 25k via Motorway. Dealer who bought it had it up for 28k a couple of days later and it went in 2 days so guess he got close to asking price. It was a good car but basically whoever bought it paid about £3k less than I did new, 4.5 years later Still steep compared to what Ipaid for it after 4.5 years through, but I was happy.
  6. Wasting your money Just give it a decent clean and will be fine
  7. Yeah, get that, but R buyers will wait for their car as is clear on here. Many people aren’t as selective and decide they want a new car and pop to the local showroom to see what’s available. Would guess a lot on here spend weeks looking at reviews, options etc, so would dream of (say) a focus instead, whereas the lower spec model buyer isn’t that fussed
  8. Yep. I did a 340 mile trip this week, 4 up, mostly sitting on speed limit and some traffic jams on M25 and still got 54 mpg. Averaging 50 round town too normally, as 65% battery mode then Quite enjoying my new Toyota CHR, very relaxing on long drives too with centre land assist and adaptation cruise control
  9. Think you’re dead right with sales of more common cars R buyers will have reviewed the various options and decided that is the model they want, whereas people looking for a family hatchback might fancy a Golf but would but something order else that can be delivered from stock in a couple of months. Most R’s are spec’d with options but I would guess lower models are mainly bog standard
  10. Spot on @AHG I feel like that on most things. I don’t dress extravagantly - I’m a scruffy old sod, and am not showy. I grin when neighbours have expensive range rovers or Mercs on their drive and are all show when it’s pretty clear that they are financed up to their ears and living a champagne lifestyle on beer money. Had a funny chat with a neighbour the other day, he was one of the label wearing golfers that I see quite often, asked me if I could afford to retire soon and clearly thought I was hard up. Quite the opposite I told him, might sell one of my other properties (I h
  11. 2017 was the full fat version (310 ps), so if condition good, car history is okay, no issues and you’re getting a warranty in today’s market that seems a reasonable price (too high normally but these are not normal times) Check that haldex has been serviced and filter cleaned, if not get it done - see separate threads on this elsewhere If you’re happy with the deal go for it
  12. Shug


    Sorry to hear about the theft As others have said, get some ads on similar (age, milage, condition) cars for sale as starting point Good outside lighting, decent locks, faraday pouch and a dog are the best security. Our dog hears anyone approaching on our drive and gives a warning bark or six
  13. Yep, had a few ‘iconic’ muscle cars when on business trips to the states, always look good but generally pretty crap interiors and not great drives. Fun as a hire car but wouldn’t want to own one European or even Jap / Korean cars are generally streets ahead
  14. Some funny mot dates, so maybe one was at dealers when it was sold as out of synch with other mots as others have said if you’re not happy walk away, plenty of cars out there
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