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  1. Welcome. Looks nice. Loads of great tips on here and most people are fairly friendly.
  2. Shug

    Seat Belts

    I thought I was the only one who was the appointed boot loader.... Hate it when people either drag stuff in / out or even worse are not able to close the boot using the internal handle. Why put fingers on the tailgate?
  3. Happy with Indium, but maybe white silver as just looks different each time
  4. @Gavras you’ve certainly had your share of it mate. Keep your chin up, and stay positive
  5. Come on Becs, you wore your elbow out with all that polishing your R. Good cover story though... 😢
  6. I guess most of us are feeling pretty down at the moment. Massive changes for everyone. No casual popping out to the shops or anywhere, and people stuck indoors for a few months and great uncertainty about the future. Not helped by threat of second wave and continual negative news from the media (does anybody bother to watch the news now?). The joke thread in after dark brings a smile to my face every day 😀 Bad enough for people in stable environments, but really scary for people on their own, isolated, or with existing conditions. Just try and enjoy the good parts and things will improve.
  7. You might find Cadiz survive longer than Prets if roads bad and too many potholes
  8. Same here, just turn volume down to zero and no issues. Also like the choice of clocks if screen switched off (only found that after a year 😀)
  9. My old TT used to get just like this at certain times of year (early spring and autumn) when parked on a mates drive and sun warmed up the car. Also after a 10 minute drive. Inside of screen was dripping. Parked at different angle and no issues. Guessed it was just bad luck and combination of moist air not being sorted by AC on short drive, and solar gains from sun.
  10. No problem Nigel Greg...
  11. Agree, always exceptions, and you had a good reason behind it. But generally meeting in a car park, can lead to problems, buying or selling.
  12. problem is this works both ways. i wouldn’t buy privately if I couldn’t meet at the sellers house. I’d be suspicious if they wanted to meet in a car park of somewhere. Heard of dodgy dealers selling dodgy cars away from business as private sales to avoid issues later, and if car was dodgy why would they want you to know where they lived (but do see you’d meet at house to finalise sale) I tend to buy from main dealers and trade in the same way, just to avoid risk and hassle. Probably like many people.
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