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  1. Thats so the lucky ones with 310s know you have the 7.5 eco 😎
  2. Worth popping back to the dealers. There was someone on here a while back who had the wrong front bumper fitted from new. R line starts at about £9k cheaper, maybe ask for a refund 😜
  3. I’m not that low milage, but only do about 3k per year, a mix of short town trips and longer drives every month. I have an an oil change every year, same as on my bikes, some of which only do 1k per year.
  4. Doesn't sound right. Have you checked that you have 4 exhaust outlets at the back? i would drop a mail to the dealer and ask them to order the R badges and let you know when they can fit them.
  5. Depends what you want them to do.. if if you want them to open occasionally and make the exhaust louder, easy. if you want them to give you the winning lottery numbers or bake a cake you’ll be disappointed.
  6. Shug


    My name was already taken when I joined and years ago a Scottish mate always called me Shug. Apparently it’s the Scottish version of Hugh / Huw / Hughie...
  7. Looks like they are fibb8ng in the invoice then as it says free wash.. Maybe give Holly a ring and ask for clarification?
  8. My first service invoice lists the oil volume they changed and all costs but then resets to 0.00 at the end and allocates the sum to VWFS
  9. Jeez, they even gave you the free wash. Check your paint now and get ready for a fight... i have a 3 year service plan and it lists annual oil change as part of the schedule
  10. If the black one had no badges I would have assumed it was a new Vauxhall Astra model..
  11. Depends what fuel Sainsbury’s purchased on the spot market, most likely in Rotterdam, that week. Fairly sure they buy from various suppliers at best price, and then just retail, as oppossed the Shell, Esso etc. who handle the whole production chain, including their own additives and QC. Bit like the Tesco issues a few years back, when lots at cars affected. They are just retailers and assume suppliers are supplying to consistent spec.
  12. Is it worth it? Depends on perspective I suppose. If you have the cash and want to spend it why not? Like most things all depends on personal perspective and relative income: Ritz Carlton or backpackers hostel? Emirates First Class or EasyJet? Krug or Aldi sparking wine? High Class Escort or Drug addicted streetwalker? Gant or Primark polos? Sandy Lane or a weekend in Great Yarmouth?
  13. Shug

    2 or 4 Tyres?!?!

    Get what @gregozedobe is saying above. But I would still put best tyres on the rear. I did an advance bike course a few years ago, and they reckoned a lot of bike crashes where the bike ran wide was down to the rider bottling it and afraid to take a tighter line, the bike could have done that corner, it was the limitations of the rider that were the issue Also I am always surprised at how some people try to eak out every last second of tread from a tyre, and then probably sell the car with loads of tread on, but drove around for months with limited tread themselves before changing. Personnaly in response to OP I would just chuck 4 new quality tyres on (Michelin or others) and enjoy it. Not worth scrimping a couple of hundred quid on a performance car.
  14. Problem is they are politicians, they seem to have trouble organising a piss up in a brewery Mad times in UK at the moment
  15. You’ll probably need new tyres as well. I’ll get my coat.....
  16. My SWMBOs 66 Corsa has the filament heated screen, and its only the second model up. It has a heated steering wheel too. Pretty sure I saw somewhere that Fords patent had expired, or they licensed it to make more money. I had their heated screen on a company Mondeo back in ‘96 or ‘97.
  17. Don’t worry. MPs voted against leaving with no deal They also voted against the deal So we’re just leaving without a deal rather than leaving with no deal Tomorrow or Friday they may get a third vote on the deal that they already voted against twice, but they all support not giving the public a second vote, despite having a second vote on the same thing themselves Move to Scotland as they want to stay in the EU anyway so cars will be cheaper there. Move to N.Ireland as you can buy a car in Eire and drive across the open border with no tariff The above makes as much sense as the MPs at present. Where is Guy Fawkes when you need him?
  18. My dealer is okay. They have Do Not Wash on the service record. They confirm I don’t want it washed when I drop it. i leave Please Do Not Wash on post-it notes on the dash, steering wheel, front seats and windscreen i have seen their wash bay. Couple of Eastern European looking guys with leathers on floor and big dirty yellow sponges. Same wash bay for VW and their Audi place next door. I had an Audi before and no issues there either. I also get them to agree paint mint and no marks on wheels when I drop it off. The service receptionist did comment that a lot of R owners don’t want their car washed, but didn’t know why.
  19. Not had too many problems with speeding on M25, hard to get above 50 most days anyway
  20. I drove up the M4 a few weeks ago and a couple of stretches with 50 average speed zones. Presume Bimmer driver who flew past me doing around 80 and then braked at the camera then sped up again got a little brown envelope a couple of weeks later...
  21. So, stupid question... Has anyone asked the dealers to specifically clean the filter? Did they do it or refuse? If they did it how much? Guessing at 30 mins labour so £40?
  22. Yep, i’ve been driving for 40 years and been done once, in SWMBOs 1.2 Corsa 😂 Was on a 60 road and it dropped to 50 for a couple of hundred yards, I backed off the accelerator and as speed dropped was done by a camera van at 56 just as I passed the sign. To make it worse a week later they raised the limit for that short stretch from 50 back to 60. Spent a morning at a Holiday Inn listening to a sanctimonious old git droning on about speed kills..
  23. Keep your fingers crossed then. Hopefully you were nearer 50 than 55 and may be okay. Even at just over 50 you’ll be unlucky and the bimmer does seem the likely camera target if nothing through your letterbox in next 2 weeks you were okay. If not then you will probably get an invite to a boring morning in a drab hotel with the speed awareness numpty.
  24. Good luck. Didn’t know the average speed cameras actually flashed, thought they just captured plates and sent you a ticket if you were between them too quickly. No probs doing 55 if you were doing 40 in the same section previously, it’s average speed between random cameras..
  25. Shug


    Always fancied trying one of those, just for a couple of hours, but not sure it would fit in my garage so not a long term option. Guess you do a fair few miles, I tend to have my bike as a weekend toy
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