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    Did you accidentally touch the wrong button on the steering wheel and it started searching?
  2. Shug

    Build to delivery

    As above Normally once build starts that’s 1 week, then 1 week to port (2), then sits there a few days and gets on a boat, so 3, but can sit there a while occasionally, then a day to UK port and to dealer, pdi and handover = 4 weeks Elephant in the room at present is WLTP. Could add days, weeks, months... see relavent thread elsewhere on here.
  3. Shug

    Auto Hold and Stop/Start

    Mine wakes up when car in front moves even if ACC off...
  4. Shug

    Auto Hold and Stop/Start

    Mine does that too, only need to dab accelerator or wiggle steering wheel if I’m the front car at lights...
  5. Shug


    Mech Eng, M&E services background originally, including A/C design. what do I know? 🤔
  6. Car is doing what the box and driver are telling it. Two requests simultaneously. Play around with it and you’ll soon work it out. On my second car with dsg and the 7.5 R / 7 speed is a vast improvement over previous boxes.
  7. Shug

    Auto Hold and Stop/Start

    Which is way the loud pedal has that dead zone at the initial push. I normally dab the pedal just to bring engine back to life before lights change, to avoid the embarrassing pause when yo7 want to set off otherwise (only when I’ve forgotten to disable stop/start) And why many install pedal boxes to get rid of it.
  8. Shug

    Prince Philip.

    I had the same thought. Wonder if papers would have reported it differently, or plod would be looking for a license withdrawal if it had been a ‘normal’ 97 year old?
  9. Shug

    Best time to insure

    Depends on if pros targeting cars they want (in which case R more likely to be target) or pikeys after parts for their own 20 year old shitter...
  10. Shug

    Best time to insure

    Sometimes getting quotes early in the month gets better deals as insurers have new capacity and once used up / they have hit their target they increase prices just because they can. The UW gets his target bonus so extra premium is a bonus. All a bit of a lottery
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-46804698 Another stabbing in London, but am I the only one wondering why the 14 yr old described in the article as “a polite kid, he was really respectful. He's a good kid," was riding around on a moped I guess without a licence and insurance as you need to be 16? Not justifying what happened but asking why no mention that something else may have been going on here...
  12. Shug


    Another Sunday bike rider here. Been riding since 16 on a (don’t laugh) Puch Maxi, followed by an FS1E. Always had a bike apart from when kids were small and cash tight. Ridden most things and even had the full fat sports bike because I wanted one before I was 50, got a new 08 blade. After a few years decided was going to lose license as just too easy to go fast, plus back not up to it. Currently on a CB1000r, and does the job for me. Ride very defensively, as lost a mate a few years back to a classic SMIDSY. Mrs hates it every time I go out, but it’s one of my few vices
  13. Shug

    Which number plates?

    Obviously I’m a bit thick. What are 4D plates? I get 3D plates, but what’s the 4th dimension? Done 4D cinema, basically 3D with smell, wind or water...
  14. Just click on R doesn’t matter if 300 or 310, it’s straight out of factory, insurers probably haven’t realised it’s changed yet, and makes no difference. I had one of the early 310s and all insurance sites were showing as 300. Called my insurer and they weren’t aware of the change and said no issues. Car is in same insurance group so no worries.
  15. Shug

    Which number plates?

    Standard on R Smallest legal size on bike, plus a tail tidy
  16. Am I the only one who doesn’t have issues with the OEM blades? At 18 months now and still okay. Will replace with Bosch Aero when they do pack up though as used before and really good. Also used rain x on previous cars but found great for a while then more issues than not using it.
  17. Shug

    Boring drive today

    Had to pop down to Crawley. Only 30 minutes but what a boring drive. A217 now has 40 mph average speed cameras along whole length, used to be a nice 50/60 road with a few roundabouts you could go round at speed, but everyone now so bunched up and no one seems to stay in lane on the roundabouts so impossible. Then M23 has 50 mph average speed cameras for next 2-3 years while they ‘upgrade’ to a smart motorway. Bet it will stay at 50 after like the M3 as well. Actually makes it more dangerous overtaking trucks as they are doing 48/49 and you’re passing at 50/51 and takes ages in the danger zone alongside in the narrow lanes. Also couldn’t believe the number of people wizzing along at 6570 or so and braking as they approach the cameras. either they are oblivious it’s an average speed measurement between cameras or know they aren’t working? Guess it’s a view of the future as government reduce limits all over and increase revenue opportunities...
  18. Shug

    What did you do to your R today?

    I thought this as well, otherwise you could get 12 points on a single motorway trip through a short stretch of average speed cameras if not concentrating...
  19. Shug

    Lost car key

    Timpsons or any decent key place?
  20. Was on his Facebook page earlier but has since been removed, in the metro this morning. Doesn’t alter the fact a 14 yr old riding a scooter illegally, although not worth losing a life for. What would have happened if he’d had run a small kid over or whatever? Family dont seem to see that he was riding a bike with no license and insurance, so clearly not bothered about that and numerous posts now of him looking all angelic in school uniform
  21. Dealer ads are generally poor. Seen loads of cars with both Cadiz and Prets listed, dealers just take the generic spec and add what they think are extras.
  22. Shug

    Any insurance whizzes?

    A lot of people are covered to drive other cars, as long as the car is already insured by the owner, but often 3rd party only, so read the small print
  23. as I said in original post, sad that anyone loses their life, but photos in press today showing him with wads of £50 notes and on his bike flicking gang signs don’t look like such a little non gang member kid Would scare most most people if he pulled up next to them
  24. Evening standard last night had someone who allegedly saw the bike a few minutes before the incident saying it had no number plate. So most likely some poor buggers pride and joy that was nicked. Been seeing a few mopeds in London recently one or two up, no plates, riding like nutters.