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  1. I have no problems with people that help society such as nurses, firemen, police getting discounts. Prior to December they did the same job day in day out without much thanks. Saving lives, dealing with informing relatives that a brother, sister, son daughter has passed on. the day ordinary punters have to routinely sit with someone as they slowly pass over, is likely when they deserve something. a lot of these ordinary punters are the ones that these emergency responders will save, rescue etc. maybe if ordinary punters wanted the same, they could think about a career change, hours are dead easy, loads of home time, hardly any stress, literally loads of time to make decisions.
  2. Yes and no. the VAT deals are open to anyone working overseas. the actual deals within that as well. each manufacturer supports blue light or HM Forces up to a certain amount. originally these deals only really applied to HM Forces, at some point they also applied to blue light. for example, you could buy a number of cars while stationed in Germany and then sell in the UK, that was tightened up lol. The usual discount is tax free and between 25% and 35%. anyone stationed in the U.K pretty much gets same deal but pays tax, a few manufacturers also discount the options as well. https://www.griffintaxfree.com/seat-leon-cupra-buyback-offer/
  3. Gavras


    Bit of the Owl (don't like people therefore isolated for years), however already had bunker sorted and fully prepped with rotational stock 👍😂
  4. Gavras


    Yes it's amazing how people flout basic rules or the principles of those rules. The Scottish Chief Medical officer has now resigned, she had zero option not to, her position was untenable after TWO visits to same property - what a clown, especially as she was face of stay at home. @jrw our street so far is, one confirmed, hospital 2 weeks and now back home and 1 unfortunately succumbed to the virus. Luckily no one else yet infected which does show isolation does work within a community. now this is slightly worrying on two levels. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-52177586 As Covid-19 is zoonotic, it can jump species, however when it does it increases the likely hood of a new strain developing, or if you really want to scare yourself, increases the chances of a wild animal with one zoonotic virus such as Ebola then getting Covid-19. That is one recipe that Mother Nature would like playing with, likely hood of happening, probably 0.0005%, however it is a nightmare scenario. Just look at our normal influenza strains, read the link below and apply this to Covid-19. it could however result in Covid-20 a new strain if one animal species infects another then passes back to humans. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/avianflu/virus-transmission.htm the other level, is that in some countries this will result in justification for whosale killing of animals.
  5. Gavras


    I think anyone that works in an industry that has to put up with their bollox feels the same. case in point, the police found a couple having a BBQ on the beach and kicked over their BBQ, actually from the video of it, they seem to be pretty chilled and poured water on it to make sure extinguished. However,the media saying the Police kicked over a BBQ, sounds far more menacing. They are the ones that would happily fuel any riots as it generates more news.
  6. Gavras


    The media, press, journalists have always been tools. no matter what is happening they ask the most wank questions on earth. they also seem to want to undermine every decision made (not just the government on Covid, but every other time as well) They also seem to love and almost gloat with the power they have to get someone removed from a post. i almost give up watching the news or ready papers as the questions are just so pathetic.
  7. Gavras


    If these people keep flouting the spirit / reason for the lockdown, then it will become more draconian and be on for longer. personally if found more than 10 miles from your house, then it's a £100 fine (other than work, shopping if rural and some other bits). For some, there is no reason to be more than 5 miles from your house. These people use mental health as a reason, so all fines go to Mental Health. with the numbers involved up and down the country, it is not really just the minority. if people want to get out and about, they can volunteer with meal deliveries or assisting those housebound that cannot get out. soceity has far to much of, everyone else does it, therefore I can as well attitude.
  8. Yes they tightened the rules up on tax free stuff, possibly because it was reasonably lucrative buying in Germany and then selling in the U.K. A bit like sourcing deals on used, getting a decent deal on new can be as much of a pain. hopefully they improve the blue light discounts on backend of all this, the Americans support their emergency responders far better than we do in the UK.
  9. While you say don't buy new due to price, have you looked at what Blue Light discount is available? I think Griffin tend to source majority of blue light discounts, however some manufacturers such as BMW deal direct with the individual. I have used Forces discount for years and some of the deals if simply looking for a car have been brilliant, at times you can't be too choosy, however had some great deals in past. Renault used to 45% discount which meant a few years of my wife having Renault Sports. Admittedly the schemes have been watered down over the years, with too many dealers / companies jumping on the discount side of things and offering discounts that were lower than available outside the schemes. BMW Park Lane are the only ones to offer BMW discount. i believe that one way the country will say thank you after Covid eventually passes, is to increase the level of discount to Blue Light card holders. Also remember they are deals within deals and the initial discount can often be bettered.
  10. Gavras


    A different question on coping, usually it's how us lot are coping. however, a lot of us have 4 legged members of the family. how are everyone's other family members getting on with lockdown? For us the cats think it's great as more access to going outside. for our dalmatian, he is very much in the 'will you please just go back to work' (that thought is directed at me as my wife is still going back to work). he is definitely not happy with the number of online meetings I am having. luckily we live right next to woods, fields, canals etc (although canals off limits at moment), this means plenty fresh air and exercise but not as much as he usually has (8 miles per day ish). we also have a pretty good support network within the Dalmatian community, annoyingly we missed out on National Dalmatian rally due to the floods.
  11. @Cogito I was referring to the new Dodge Durango.. https://www.dodge.com/durango/srt.html That looks a beast of an SUV, admittedly not a truck.
  12. Gavras


    I thought corporal punishment was bad, but this? wow I pity those poor kids. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-52150594 admittedly European court of justice would be involved if it was about Sunderland - that would be a nightmare.
  13. Gavras


    A bit like the 5g thing, people come out of the woodwork. a bloke dressed in a gimp suit had to be tasered by police for public order thing the other night, protesting at lockdown, would not go home, danger to public etc, this was just up road from me.
  14. Gavras


    It's just as well I stockpiled those hankies (the ones @Shug had not used..) I have been deeply upset, my poor snowflake brain went in to a spiral meltdown. I had to shut myself in the wardrobe and despair how those cruel comments hurt my fragile snowflake feelings. its always interesting how the majority of conspiracy theories etc are pretty much anti west, anti capitalism and only really flourish in countries with free speak and a level of democracy. for some reason there are very few conspiracy theorists in countries such as Russia, Iran, North Korea, China, really strange that.... at at times the truth is often more scary than the conspiracy theory. an example. Russia has spent a number years weaponising viruses and bacteria (biological weapons). some of their main weapons of choice are small pox (they have 1 of the 2 storage facilities for the virus), Marburg (particularly nasty virus), Ebola, plague (bubonic and pneumonic) Those are quite 'old' weapons. the modern types (next gen) make use of genetic engineering to produce things like binary stealth weapons, where an inoculous first wave just sits dormant waiting for a trigger. Then they are genetically engineered disease where various types of attack can occur, such as apoptosis (kill switch for human cells). There are even personalised weapons that can target individuals, family groups or specific group that have a specific genetic make up - individual virus attacks are really scary. the Russians view bio weapons as first strike weapons, destabilise a country by introducing a stealth virus and then trigger by introducing the trigger in water supply etc. there is no real need for conspiracy theories, when the actual real world is so bloody scary. There are those who say: the First World War was chemical; the Second World War was nuclear; and that the Third World War will be biological
  15. Gavras


    I have plenty blood on my hands, that is something I live with 24/7. i could understand some coherent jabbering or if it actually made sense. in one post you claim the government is a money making entity, however that same government provides support via furlough payments etc. the sheer harm to the economy from reacting to Covid severely harms not only this country but global commerce in general. rather than looking in to conspiracy theories, why not try building up your education, as this does seem something that was skimped on. I assume you have close personal friendship with a colander, the one usually sitting on your head, as the conspiracy theories being spouted are so obviously full of holes. please just give the Priory another call.
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