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  1. Gavras

    S3 Launched

    Can I have fries with that. innit.
  2. Gavras

    S3 Launched

    Then you have the hatch driver setting their own dead standards...
  3. Gavras

    S3 Launched

    I think even in death, the Estate driver sets the bar a bit higher.
  4. Gavras

    S3 Launched

    Yeah true, they skimped on those valve things. slower, wonder what’s quicker, hatchback with mountain bikes on top or Estate with mountain bikes inside (or coffins, or full load of other stuff). Can I have fries with that please.
  5. Gavras

    S3 Launched

    Common sense and Estate owners do tend to use hotels rather than sheds on wheels.
  6. Gavras

    S3 Launched

    When I see a hatchback I think McDonalds and baseball caps At times a fast van would be handy, MTB, Dogs, dead stuff etc.
  7. it is fitting though, as it’s matches the sheer ugliness of the TCockeR
  8. Potentially because of the Nardo Primer colour. For some looking at Audi Primer Grey, they do actually wonder why they never had the car painted. I think there are about 6 cars in that colour at my local (pre lock down), was always a good piss take
  9. It’s not really about love them and steal them, it’s just that society has utter scum that feel it’s okay to take other people stuff.
  10. Yep I picked up the same point, to a non petrolhead, it’s just an Audi, they don’t really do models. in fact having discussed this to death in the past with a team on non petrol heads. there are the following types of cars diesels petrol electrics big cars and small quite cars and loud cars driven by Chavs. and sports cars driven by knobs. The common view was a car was for getting from A to B in the cheapest way possible, in the cheapest car possible.
  11. That can be a problem with age, doing things that sound good but when you get down to it are a nightmare. if you think back a few years would you have ever considered Shed Dragging? Really needs a filthy diesel, usually by Volvo, Vauxhall or an over powered SUV.
  12. This might help. https://www.gov.uk/change-name-deed-poll https://www.click4reg.co.uk/number-plate-search/TAMMY/
  13. At times you do wonder what designers are thinking. The new Honda Electric.... obviously the designers opened the design to the local kindergarten...
  14. Yep, that was the first time I played it, pretty when it was first released. With this one some of the modelling is really good, as it uses Bing Maps you can navigate using the roads. Thank f**k VW did not supply the mapping software. it also looks that I can buy the premium deluxe for £83 rather than full price.
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