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  1. I have been comparing IOS and Android version of Waze. i have a Samsung and an iPhone. the IOS version of Waze is a far better implementation of Waze, more dynamic with how it changes over the course of a journey. i might tried Google Maps again, tried previously and it has on seperate occaisions put me in wrong lane at a junction - saying straight ahead and as the lights change saying actually I meant turn right does not really help lol.
  2. Gavras


    Not because you were found loitering around the library clutching some lead piping? or was it the Billiard room?
  3. The fault when I had it was just shown as a Gearbox error - safe to drive. for a mech U software fault they must replace the full mech u. once they replace it they carry out a driving calibration via a laptop. i was told that the car was still learning when I picked it up. now it feels really alive. i wonder if it's the original programming of the Mech U and calibration that results in the hesitation that many have reported. i think (guess) that even if a reset was possible, it would only reset to the Learn function and the calibration would still be in place. Which means if calibration was suspect then no matter how many times it's reset it would still have that underlying problem.
  4. That could have ended up with problems. can I have this cock tattooed on this arm and a black white bloke dancing on the other
  5. You could say that. the only positive was I handed the T back when I collected my car.
  6. I had my car in at dealers a week or so ago for a DSG fault. it was an annoying intermittent fault, that flag up an alert but did not affect driving. the car went in on the Wednesday and I picked it up the following Saturday. i can't fault the dealership (Nuneaton) for quick work and sorting it all with out any problems. when I picked the car up, I though oh this feels a bit alive, I thought this was having 3 days with a T-Roc. however, I am now happy to say that my D mode is almost like a lighter version of Sport. i have zero hesitation either pulling off at junctions or flooring it at 30mph. prior to the Mechatronics unit being replaced, the car was good, some have complained about horrendous hesitation mine never had that from day 1. now however it's even better, previously I would sometimes pop it in to Sport at a busy junction (just in case), now I am confident that Drive has enough going for it to manage any junction. the fault on mine was software related. while I may have thought about a peddle box previously, I don't believe it's required now. so far so good and a positive result.
  7. I would go to basics and take a newly reformatted SD card. only put MP3 tracks on it and only from say 3 albums, no art nothing else but basic MP3 files. repeat with HDD. have you got CarPlay, if so try music direct (not Bluetooth) through CarPlay, Apple Music or google music / Amazon etc This should give you some basic facts to approach Dealer.
  8. I have done Surrey Rolling road (as an interloper with BMW forum lol. its a decent outing. my results stock with 600 miles on clock are.
  9. Gavras


    Mine is pretty straightforward ish. name is Gavin but use Gavras online gaming etc. also I decided on a name change moving from BMW forum to VWROC, sort of indisguise that and other forum name was a 'very naughty boy' and had multiple bans 😁
  10. Go with what you like / prefer. its only car fashion, everyone has a different opinion, I mean some people even like Spielbergs... 🤢 😉 usually i go silver or gun metal alloys, this time round to blend in with the extra black styling on the 7.5 I went for black Pret's. personally (and it is personal fashion choice) I think the black with red looks really good and have had plenty positive comments, even from BMW owning mates lol. you only live once, the sheep go silver, end of day your choice, your cash
  11. I have (or rather Insurance company have) taken someone (separate occasions and years apart) to court twice over damage to my car. with the first one a bloke reveresed in to our car in a carpark, he broke headlight and bit of bonnet damage. we chased him up for ages for his insurance and we were getting the run around, I had already informed my insurance and as I had legal protection, just handed it all over to them. turns out the bloke had not informed his insurance, they left him to ant out and dry and cover all costs. my insurance company then took the bloke to court, we had repairs covered, two weeks of taxi fairs, some miscellaneous stuff. he had to pay out over £2k to me and costs to my insurance. His Insurance company were not involved at all and had no liability to pay. this was all for a bit of damage that came to £400. (1990 prices). law may have changed but categorically back then his insurance left him on his own. oh and he got stopped by police and charged with driving without insurance.
  12. Not suprised seen it happen plenty times before. not declaring stuff is just stupid, it's okay others saying it's okay but it's the owner who suffers. its even worse trying to claim and assessor spots obvious modifications etc. we had a lad at work spent a few years working as one, nice holidays from bonus he received saving the insurance company paying out.
  13. Similar we used to carry out regular EFDC checks on jet engines looking for early indications of potential problems. carrying out a check of the oil is one thing but it needs to be coupled with debris from sump / sump plug. Otherwise you run the risk of missing the 'large' obvious problem while checking out ppm. additionally the larger debris can continue to 'pollute' the sampling regime. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/685711/737_Makila_.pdf
  14. With Individual it's far better having the fakeactor set to ECO. with Race mode it sounds like a high speed tractor, great for spotty kids on Xbox etc. you can set the fakeactor to Race while setting up Individual settings. there is however a difference with the fake settings between D & S.
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