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  1. Gavras


    Who ? An actor from some show 10 years ago that is only really funny for situation humour from that show. not sure 'Gene Hunt' would be anything but cringe worthy in a presenting role. The format would not work as a proper car show. a proper car show would be one that only really covered cars most viewers could buy. therein lies the problem with Topgear, pleasing the anoraks, the masses and everyone in between. a light entertainment show that is based on cars. however too much slapstick slots will equally turn off viewers as would too many anorak in depth car slots would.
  2. Gavras


    I thinks it's okay. best version since Clarkson left (and even then it was getting bit stale). its never going to be a pure car show, that would be utterly boring on main Tv. with like of YouTube it's some person doing specific cars, with an audience that picks and chooses what bits to watch. doing an hours show and a full series with likes of you tube would in my opinion be utterly boring and tediously wank. not sure if any of the car presenters need to know that much about cars, especially since the majority of cars on the show, no one on here is likely to ever to be able to buy. Plenty piss taking and some decent comments on electric cars tonight. the Leaf being a good example of the real world problem electric cars need to overcome.
  3. I tend to keep the likes Gummi Pflege or Krytox in boot, as you never know when you need some lube. especially in summer.
  4. It seems to be common. i have found a ptfe based Wax ideal to reduce / stop the noise. i had thought about taking to dealers but it's likely a tolerance issue that heat expansion exploits.
  5. I use Wetcoat on mine, it's more cost effective to buy the larger bottles and decant to small one. as mentioned Bathe is also worth getting as well. although I tend to use Gwash (gtechniq) as I have a fair bit in garage. a detailed car and Wetcoat makes for areally quick and easy way to manage car cleaning. remember something like FK1000p on your tips and decent cleaner to keep them clean.
  6. I must admit I hate when 0-60 is used when referring to quickest car. Additionally, I would use potentially needs to be applied with some cars. for example. while in Rimini Italy we were lucky enough to have a go at driving a Ferrari down runway, there is no way on earth I got the best start and run, the car is far better than the driver, ditto a Viper run in the US. anyhow, likely a mix of GTR, Ferrari, Dodge Viper SRT, however all where runway max speed type runs, rather than 0-60, more 0-100 + type of thing.
  7. I have used a bootliner with flap for years across multiple cars. its excellent setup that assists the plastic cover on bumper. never had an issue with stuff on the flap, i am regularly having things like mountain bike, dogs, large test equipment etc.
  8. My 7.5 Estate has them, I do think they were removed at some point in 2018, seem to remember a thread discussing them.
  9. Best bet would be a wheels of Gtechniq C5 treatment, applied and allowed to cure. i used Swissvax Autobahn rim wax for years on numerous cars and I really like it. at the moment I have been using Finish Kare FK1000P. They are quite a few options available, minty rims etc. one thing I do find handy is having an off cycle wheel clean process. it allows me time to concentrate fully on wheels, clean up and reapply sealant. then when washing car it's just a clean with my wheel mitt, wheel whoolies.
  10. An Fx 3 series or 4 series would be better, the 5 series is a bit on the large size. 335d or 435d would be a better fit.
  11. This, it does not shout and scream what it is, it just delivers 365 days, no matter the weather and just keeps giving. had to laugh when the OP said he was mid 40's, that's quite young on here, quite a few are over 50
  12. I really don't see the point of buying a normal car and deliberately not driving it. yes if someone has something exotic, exceptionally rare, or significant for another reason fair enough, however normal cars like one OP posted, the R etc are definitely not that. i definitely would not do it with a 2.0 AWD car, while brilliant to drive, a weekend fun car it is not, unless built in to a fun track car. the other thing to consider if buying this type of car, low mileage does not prevent old items. i know a couple of people who bought old very low mileage cars. one lad I worked with bought a Mini Cooper off an old woman (it had been her husbands), it was about 20 years old and crazy low mileage. he had to replace nearly every rubber item on the car, bushes, tyres, battery, luckily he could do it all himself, but he still had to strip down a lot of the car, he also eventually replaced the Petrol tank as well. he did make a saving on buying it but....
  13. These ones seem decent. They do front and rear ones. i think caravan weekly had a review on them.
  14. Ask yourself, What do you prefer slipping inside of?
  15. Not had to replace a car battery in any car over last 15 years, admittedly I struggle to keep a car past 4 years. (Lately that's 3 years lol).
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