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  1. Gavras

    F1 2020 Season

    @tweaked9107 very well said. one of the key things that separate the likes of Hamilton, Schumacher, and numerous others is not money or colour, it’s drive, determination, confidence. to be the best you need that sheer drive and determination, usually coupled with confidence that is hard to fit in to a room it’s that big (confidence in abilities not things like public speaking). i have been to a few events where you have F1 drivers, RAF pilots, French Pilots in the same bar, all that was missing was Lord Flashheart. The walls were dripping in testosterone, confidence and ego’s. having the breaks to get on, luck at times all comes in to it, but it’s that desire, passion, drive that in the end makes the difference. Of course ability comes in to play as well, but ability on its own is not the be all and end all. This is true in nearly all things we face in life. being different (colour, disability, accent, sexuality etc) just means you need more to get you there.
  2. Gavras

    Private plates

    This is an example of where price plates fail (due how they are personal plates) I read that registration as Emitter, which to me means the owner is either a keen Telecommunications hobbyist or works as Radar / Telecomm's engineer. which set the scene for not understanding / getting / finding the VW not impressed comment. this is where the word Private should really be replaced with Personal, as invariably they only make sense to the owner. some as with the kiss golf one above, are invariably tenuous wording that when the owner has to explain what they mean (usually at the pub), everyone just is either oh, or wtf, or you paid what?, closely followed by cock. some plates are fine, but when the owner needs to use bizarre number shapes or dramatically change spacing etc, they enter the knob head zone for paying cash.
  3. In addition to picking a date. anyone going needs to go via the link below and book. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/caffeinemachine-parking-tickets-108132625594 for further information read through the link or find same details on Caffeine site. You will be turned away without a ticket, which will be embarrassing 😂
  4. Having had a read through some banking stuff. this is partly down to new changes in how banks manage pre authorisation charges. a lot including via use £99 as your pre auth level and £1 to initially check valid account. if you have less than £100 available, the pump will be told to limit you. not usually an issue, but if my wife and I where to fuel say day, that would be £200 sitting on hold in account. What then makes it slightly worse, is if I had put £20 in just as a top up on Sunday, but then decided On Monday I was going to pop to daughters and needed more fuel, that could potentially mean £300 sitting on hold against my account. now for me that nots a huge problem, however for some I can imagine having £100 - £300 say not available at end of month being a problem. https://www.visa.co.uk/pay-with-visa/pay-at-pump.html https://www.bankrate.com/uk/current-accounts/petrol-station-99-pre-authorisation-deposit/ there also appear to be people having the hold amount debated against their account AND also the fuel. Very much a problem for those with basic bank accounts.
  5. Get a hunter full alignment. https://www.alignmycar.co.uk are both fronts exactly the same and both rears exactly the same. that rear on 2.7 is a concern when compared to the 4.8. on a positive note at least you noticed while checking your tyres, far to many only check 1 bit of the tyre every now and then.
  6. Yeah location definitely comes in to it. Costco Fuel 40 mile round trip Tesco 20 mile round trip Shell 4 miles round trip obviously never use Costco for anything, as when you factor in fuel and costs for my time, it’s never worth it. Tesco fuel when out in area Or at moment I can use their card only pumps and not interact with anyone. Also even if Costco was closer, it’s about £30 a year for member ship It’s those hidden costs that you need to factor in. Also, when checking the Costco site, f**k me they are not very trusting. When fuel is purchased with a Chip & PIN card, Costco requests a £99 pre-authorisation amount before beginning the fueling process. This pre-authorisation ensures that Costco will be paid for the fuel dispensed. After the fuel is dispensed and the transaction is completed, Costco sends a notification message to the card issuer with the actual transaction amount. It is the responsibility of the card issuer to follow the AFD (Automated Fuel Dispenser) process to reverse the amount that was pre-authorised and deduct only the actual amount for the fuel purchased, as shown on the receipt. In theory, if the card issuer is following the correct procedure, the £99 pending amount should drop off shortly after the transaction is completed and be replaced with another pending transaction for the actual amount dispensed.
  7. Ditto, even better if it was on suppliers corporate card AND they had their own bar area. it was also fun when actually lived out there but that was using own money which is never the same lol.
  8. I had forgot about these, which in its self is strange considering my love for Currywurst. for those that don’t know, Volkswagen also make ‘sausages’. Possibly something Caffeine & Machine should stock. you can also buy them in the UK. https://sausageman.co.uk/product/vw-volkswagen-currywurst-xxl-25cm-bundle http://newsroom.vw.com/company/meet-the-sausage-thats-one-of-volkswagens-most-popular-products/ https://www.thelocal.de/tag/currywurst I prefer Aldi sauce over VW’s, Amazon also have a few, or make your own. just realised will not be doing Munich beer festival this year....bugger. edit, if buying sauce off Amazon, look for Hela.
  9. Remember if going to Caffeine you Need to book, they will rightly turn you away if not booked.
  10. Gavras


    Not sure why you assume more power makes more expensive, options and trim level play a big part. as mentioned, options, mileage, owners, stolen recovered etc all come in to play.
  11. Fully agree. Disclock far better idea. those things are just wank. try fitting one to drivers side front, in the rain 6pm in November on a busy road... for sale, one Golf R... I need to sell my partners Golf as he was trying to fit this wheel lock and this HGV.....
  12. Similar, my local gets fed up with trying to price match Guinness 😂
  13. It’s scary how many people pay list or get 5% and are loving it. Then they find out that the average discount was say 15% or more. i really hate dealing with actual car dealers and have not bought from a franchise for years. the Likes of BMW ISSD at Park Lane are great as the price on the tin is what BMW the manufacturer is offering. i really hate paying ticket prices for anything, even with my new IPad Pro (And bits) I probably saved circa £100.
  14. That’s one of the key things people tend to forget, when they buy a car, they are invariably buying from the Franchise and NOT VW. i believe that BMW Park Lane is the only dealer that is actually not part of a franchise and is ‘owned’ by the manufacturer. occasionally dealers will offer incentives, however those are aimed at keeping you within the group (lookers, Inchcape etc) however, VW announced last year major changes to its franchise operation. https://www.auto-retail.co.uk/all-change-in-the-vw-network/
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