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  1. The person carrying out the test needs to be making sure engine is pretty much at normal running temp - based on oil temp and not water. This means should never be a cold test carried out, if ever failed ask for engine oil temperature at time of test.
  2. Gavras

    Winter tires

    Ignoring the snow side of things, what are your average ground temperatures? even without snow, if your temps are routinely around 3c and below then you really should be using winter tyres. obviously once you add snow into the mix, then yes definitely should be using winters if guaranteed snow. its slightly different in the UK where it's now fashionable to wear winters, even though the weather is well above 5c for 90% of the driving period.
  3. Gavras

    ACC radar Sensor Stolen

    I really struggle on how anyone can legitimately sell something like ACC. its not like you can upgrade the unit or even want to drive around without it and then sell it. this then raises the question where did it come from? as mentioned buying a 'used / 2nd hand' ACC unit is likely showing these scum that stealing pays.
  4. Gavras

    Happy New Year..!!

    Happy New Year to you all, hope 2019 is a great year for everyone.
  5. Gavras

    Youtube videos

    While I don't watch too much YouTube stuff, it is great for learning new stuff and trying stuff out.
  6. Gavras


    This has been my approach for years. there is an element of trust no matter which way you go, indie or dealership. i have had bad dealers but have managed to use their management chain to get a resolution. with an indie I had to go to court over work they said they carried out but had not done and left the car in an unsafe condition. even with Indies, it's important to differentiate between a brand indie, VAG, BMW etc and the local garage that does any make. the latter I avoid like the plague and would never class them as an Indie. as an aside, I do find it funny that people say go Indie when they know nothing about the area that someone lives in, they could have the best or worst Indie. alsi it's worth remembering if you have any major issues and have always used an indie, then the main dealer is very likely not to look at any Goodwill gesture / 50-50 repair price.
  7. Gavras

    What do you dislike about your R?

    For mere mortals that can't view dodgy apps etc, what does it actually say? any clues or hints?
  8. Gavras

    Perfect meet venue!

    We have used it for meets previously. in December about 10 of us met up there for brunch, then went to Mr Karting for a 3 hour karting session, all followed by drinks at Crowne Plaza Stratford upon Avon and overnight. its quite handy for me as only an hour away from caffeine and machine.
  9. Gavras

    Seat covers...

    I assume dog goes in the boot (it's an Estate) and seat covers for other dog owners. we are part of a pretty big dog walking group and therefore lots of clarty dogs and owners. One of first things we did when getting our R was to liberally cover fabric, carpet and matts with smart fabric protection. https://www.theultimatefinish.co.uk/gtechniq/gtechniq-i1-smart-fabric-coat.aspx?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=MerchantCentre&variant=6675&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIocmQwNjE3wIVqRXTCh1VjAKzEAQYASABEgJZy_D_BwE we also have some very cheap covers that we can if needed shove on seats. our dog Ballach has a good quality dog bed, wipe down covering. we also have boot bags for footwear. the latter all being part of training owners to take care of the car, wipe mud off, fit seat cover, take boots off etc. i would not bother with decent seat covers as they all look wank and low budget, also make driver look speshul
  10. Gavras

    Drive Mode Percentages

    I also think it could be down to some owners not actually understanding how their own car works.
  11. Gavras

    Drive Mode Percentages

    Zero percent in race (as I am not 12 yrs old playing on a PS4). about 80% in Individual mode and 20% comfort. although I also have separate driver profiles setup with different individual settings. my main Individual is fully sports orientated without that pathetic cheap wanking Soundaktor. seriously find it hard to understand why people actually use race mode over setting up Individual.
  12. Gavras

    What do you dislike about your R?

    With any engine it usually pays to have it under a light load during warm up, sitting on drive way it's on zero loading. also things such as gearboxes, transmission / diffs etc also contain oil and need to warm as well, that only happens during driving phase. this time of year the tyres also need to warm as well, waiting until car is at or close to temperature and then driving, could mean giving it too much power on cold tyres. there is more to a car than just the engine, it's surprising how many people forget about the other bits of the car.
  13. Gavras

    What do you dislike about your R?

    Nope the opposite as it happens. It's not good practice to leave engine to warm up. give it a minute then just drive off.
  14. Gavras

    What do you dislike about your R?

    True but some people also fall foul of Darwins Law and those speshul ones deserve a Darwin Award