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  1. Gavras

    Back to VW

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your R. i wonder how many R estates VW have sold, they do seem pretty popular (for an Estate). where the Golf R gives the best bang for the buck, the Estate adds the cherry to the cake
  2. Therein lies part of the problem. not all garages are equal in what's a pass and fail. in fact some garages likely never fail cars completely....
  3. Mine is permanently selected, it's on every time I start the car, seems to be a default setting for it, it's just there and works spot on.
  4. Yet more wank journalism, 'Leaps' is not a word that I would apply to the change in power. column 3 - Golf's Gone Digital, is also a huge negative and more cost saving under the disguise of technological improvements.
  5. That could be a nightmare, the car braking on you, just because it detects you are going slow down hill. the current setup is perfectly fine, it auto engages when you press the footbrake and car comes to a stop. definitely don't want the car braking just because it thinks it's on a sloped surface lol.
  6. That and you spend time, effort and cash keeping your car road worthy, then some other fuckwit drives around in a polluting heap or deliberately removes emission reduction devices / kit. this is where random roadside checks would be good, would reduce those smoking exhausts etc.
  7. Lol, nope, it's a major motoring topic really. its not simply an old school thing of we prefer dials and knobs, it's the fact that design and technology is moving on without looking at the sensible, practical application of it. the US Navy have a major issue with touchscreens and attribute part of recent incidents to touchscreen technology. Yes training and manpower also comes in to it, however touchscreens and reliance on them is an issues.
  8. The entire tax debate (in fact any debate) invariably fails if someone uses specific personal circumstances. for you personally, with a huge amount of spare cash available to offset fuel (or any prices), then no rural / non rural does not matter to you. Anyhow, following on with this. that extra tax of fuel due to mileage getting to a supermarket etc, would be coming from your own saved cash. Whereas if you moved to a location not rural, you would have less of this higher taxed fuel coming out of your pocket.
  9. Yep agreeing about touchscreens, they have the potential to be very dangerous when driving. hire cars can be a bit of a challenge. i can see in the next few years safety rulings been applied to cars with touchscreens. to me it's a complete failure by vehicle manufacturers, on how humans interact with devices and controls. With a knob or something like an Idrive (BMW control), the brain uses visual initially but then tactile feedback, with a touchscreen it's all visual and no tactile feedback, this means someone has to watch their finger on the screen until operation completed.
  10. Exactly this. high power and AWD with various 'assistance' systems have taken a lot of fun out of driving. with the R it really needs a good road before it becomes fun, going fast on an A road is not fun.
  11. The thing is, it's not a north south debate, its rural v non rural. comparing house prices in London with other parts of the country is pointless. funnily enough, Yorkshire dales, Lake District etc, are far more expensive than would be expected for a 'northern' property. london aside and congestion (easily solved ban Petrol and diesel cars, all lorries and put a large wall around it ;) ) I could compare someone living near York with same person living in Yorks Dales, the distance thing still applies. whenever the 'put all tax on fuel', it always fails to look at those who lose out the most. I would prefer a toll road system, other countries manage it and also manage cheaper fuels. with roads having variable rates, depending on type and time used. the whole 'where does the money come from' debate is complex, I don't think there is one size fits all, however hybrids and Electrics must share part of the costs.
  12. That means someone owning a £70k would not pay a penny (especially if £40k tax was abolished). whereas someone living in somewhere like Masham, Leyburn in North Yorks, with an Petrol car, would pay for more tax just to drive to Tescos at Catterick, along poor roads. while that tesla driver get to drive along a nice motorway / dual carriageway to their supermarket about 5 miles from their house. putting all the tax on fuel is just victimising rural communities, often very low wages, very poor roads, rarely cleared of snow. also putting more tax on fuel would mean a huge spike in fuel thefts from cars, you might not have your car stolen, ghost stops the theft, however you ain't going far with no fuel now that it's so expensive with extra taxes.
  13. Welcome to the forum and get some pics up, hint if you have a disclock, I would look at getting ghost fitted. if they get past the disklock, they will not get past Ghost and the disklock is a good visual deterent. painted calipers are not really insurance notifiable. have a read through forum on calipers as some various options available. pics pics
  14. Yep remember all that (admittedly was not driving 45 yrs ago lol), however plenty mates brothers etc went through all that. a few years later when I started driving, other than an exhaust the biggest change was shoving big carbs on, they definitely made a difference lol. i gave up the exhaust thing a while back, the group I knock about with have M5's, M4's etc and nothing I do to an R will justify the cash
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