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  1. I e done 27k ish ditto I usually replace a car at 3 or 4 years lol. my commute route is all fast back roads, very windy but fun. decided to replace early I think it’s about 20 years for me 2001 ish
  2. I had my brakes all replaced last week, still bedding them in at moment. so far after 200 miles feeling good. The full replacement was £1100 CS fronts with Tarox pads Stock rears Hel lines x 4 fluid Labour. which is not too bad really
  3. Me also lol. my commute route is all pretty much country roads, about 10 miles, limited motorway driving these days.
  4. Yeah pads, it’s like 20 years since I’ve had to have brakes changed lol. From chatting to Midland am going with Hel Brake lines The CS fronts and stock rears from what you have said think will go with Tarox strada pads
  5. Cheers. I’ve had a quote from Midland VW and may go with them. options for an alternative for a fast pad other than the DS2500
  6. I think that’s the route I will be going. looking to use these. https://vwaudispecialist.co.uk the joys of moving areas is trying to find some place local lol. @camelsac2002 where did you source your kit from
  7. It’s getting an Independant sorted. at present I don’t know any around here, so would be looking at Midland VW or possibly VRS at Northampton. @TechieAli yeah I need rear discs as there is some corrosion and I really can’t be bothered just doing one lot. i may have been a tad heavy at times on brakes 🙄
  8. It’s that time of my cars life when it’s looking like a full set of discs n pads all round. I decided to ring up the dealers (Listers) and get a quote, as I need a baseline to work from. This is the first time in about 20 years I’ve replaced Discs on a car lol. the quoted costs are (including Labour and vat) Front Discs n Pads - £673 Rear Discs n Pads. - £496 oh and a mere £65 for brake fluid. Having moved house to near Henley in Arden (Stratford Upon Avon is closest Listers VW) What have others had for costs of replacements including Labour and Vat?
  9. @Booth11 thank you. i have been keeping an eye on the MK8 and fully aware of the shortages of components, it’s impacting so much at moment. I would consider moving to a new MK8 Estate, however at moment house stuff comes first lol. My daily driver is my Golf R at moment, unless I steal the wife’s car lol. Post winter will be upgrading brakes, as they need changed next year anyhow. also it’s only on 26k miles at the moment. which is far less than I expected (yeah stole wife’s car a lot lol).
  10. Yeah I had looked at various options but really could not justify the spend. My usual roads around Henley in Arden (Warwickshire), with Caffeine and Machine being fairly close. It was officially 4 years old in August. Have many jumped across to the MK8?
  11. Yeah I am going good actually, we moved house earlier in the year and spent a lot of time sorting things out. Moving took forever, solicitors and estate agents were decidedly crap. Cars still going good. At some point will put some pics of my daily drive lol. it’s pretty much pure countryside and traffic jam is usually sheep.
  12. Well that slight break from the forum went longer than I originally intended. Hello to those I may have chatted to on here (if still around). I still have my Golf R Estate and it’s going great. Lots of countryside driving now. Anyhow, I should be a bit more active again. Gav.
  13. Can I have fries with that. innit.
  14. Then you have the hatch driver setting their own dead standards...
  15. I think even in death, the Estate driver sets the bar a bit higher.
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