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  1. This is always the problem when buying a cheap used car, the actual parts required for repairs are the same price. i assume you did not get a warranty with the car? if the oil was clear, then the garage or previous owner had very recently changed the oil. its although worth seeing if any error codes are being thrown up. find a decent long steep hill and see what gears it slips or has issues with. also are those costs for new or reconditioned?
  2. This is why I believe it actually takes longer to 'learn' how to drive a car with a Sports Auto Box (DSG, ZF8AT), the variations that can be achieved with the box's can take a while to adapt to. it takes time to get the best out of a modern sports box, however it's well worth it and yes a tune for some may be required. then add in Individual mode and you start getting a car close to how you want it. oh and I have 3 individual modes based on driver profile, the added extras, new paddles, pedal box, DSG tune.
  3. Luckily, they thought of that that and gave you manual mode
  4. At that mileage possibly a multutude of things. i would hazard a guess at a clutch pack. whats it like 4 to 5 ? is it 6 or 7 speed? what year?
  5. Had it twice in 2 years, each was on start up. put it down to software getting knickers in a twist. never had it happen during driving and I use it a lot.
  6. In my last couple Cars with sports auto boxes, I honestly do not look to see what gear I am in. basically just Revs, sound and feel. the gear number on sports autos is almost irrelevant. is it just there as a comfort blanket for the driver
  7. My wife looked at various Golf GTI's (CS, TCR) , had a test drive in a few, she likes them but prefers the R. for me if I was getting a car that was not used much and / did not do many miles, I would seriously look at types of roads it would exposed to, fun country ones or just city, urban types with very occasional rural. Then would look at total cost of ownership and actual price per mile over the period I expected to own the car. for example £20k plus on a car that is used in suburbia, never gets to see a lovely road (dual carriageways and urban roads don't count) and is used occasionally/ low miles is a waste. It's like people that get active dogs and never walk them, just bad and wrong. on the other hand, decent exposure to nice roads, then as Dave says, 2 seater RWD all the way.
  8. Another is road rage, for some reason every little infringement produces huge amounts of anger in some people. having spent a lot of time in China, what amazes me is just how crap the driving is there, how people cut others up, in wrong lane, pretty much everything you can imagine, BUT on average zero road rage. in a 3 hour drive along a motorway, you see stuff happen that would result in someone lose it big time and become an angry cockwomble, out there everyone is very stoic over it all. (yes you do get the odd one, those are very much the acceptation)
  9. When someone does that to me, it feels more like a number 2
  10. The thing is, it's not a merge, the entire Lane from start is signed as turn right, it's basically 2 lanes with 1 straightahead the other filters to right. one from the lights is a right turn lane, it's about 100 yes to next lights and the actual turn right junction. with no traffic, I could see the point of a little overtake, however not at 1730 and rush hour traffic. 2 lanes in to 1 lane is one thing, this is just people being utter cocks.
  11. Loads really, possibly due to me not liking people generally. at moment I really hate those who dive in to a queue of traffic by speeding up another lane. example we have had two local roads updated to turn the 2nd lane from straight-ahead to turn right only in to industrial area (2 large companies). however we have people using that right hand turn lane to overtake and push in to queuing traffic at lights. Luckily the police have nabbed a few in last week (and that's just what I have seen while passing). my biggest gripe is people not driving to conditions (weather, traffic flow and time of day). driving fast in the wet, early evening in heavy traffic is Darwinism at its best (unfortunately it's usually other people that pay the Darwin price).
  12. Gavras

    Annual mileage?

    Thanks. was in China for 3 weeks. due out again soon, although could be the US, time will tell. at least my Marriott points are getting boosted. one thing I was suprised with about the Honda, was the amount of decent tech for the price. if I don't move will have to seriously think about electric as a commuting car. which will put us back to having 3 cars lol.
  13. Gavras

    Annual mileage?

    I am currently on 18k miles since August 2017. over that 2 years my daily commute was about 6 miles. the majority of the mileage has been personal fun miles now however due to have a commute of about 80 miles per day and a monthly round trip of 400 miles. the above is due company changing main location and acquiring a large chunk of new companies in a major acquisition. luckily the move to new building has been slipping (was supposed to be Aug 19) and I am doing every other month out of the country (3 week trips). as I don't want to kill my R with bollox commuting, will be borrowing wife's car as she 'under achieves' on mileage lol. long term will move house, I hate commuting.
  14. First off it's not a recall, its a software update. i would ask if there is a cost to it, not sure if NAV has lifetime updates. then ask for release notes as they will cover what the update actually is. software updates can be a double edged sword, fix one issue but introduce uncover another also does the 2016 Pro Nav not have OTA?
  15. Out of curiosity (general question) what's the cost difference spent on CCTV (and Alarms) versus physical security, such as decent anti snap locks, London / Birmingham bars, security laminate glass? i may have mentioned it earlier in a thread, a mate has spent circa £1000 on cctv and monitored alarm system and about £100 on new door locks. he then wondered why I laughed at him lol.
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