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  1. Sat Nav update

    Ok, cheers Buddy.
  2. Sat Nav update

    Hi, do you remove the sd card out of the satnav and then just insert it into the back of your iMac and will it rewrite over the original sd card??? Sorry no very good on this sort of thing😞
  3. Polarised Sunglasses

    The only thing it effects on mine is the led temp climate control numbers, they look a bit rainbow colour at different angles!!
  4. Front Suspension Knocking

    Not a spring snapped?? with all these pot holes??? Had one go on one of my old cars and knocked every time I went over a bump?? May not be but worth a thought?? Good luck...
  5. Tyre low pressure warning

    Yep mine does also, MK7 15plate...
  6. Just had 1st MOT

    Mine were really badly corroded when they got changed, my mechanic charged Total £270 rear discs and pads. ps my car has done 33k miles.
  7. Faraday/RFID blocker bag review

    what size disklok do you use for the golf??
  8. My dream garage build thread

    looks great, well done....
  9. Quantum tuning

    Spoke to him today about Quantum map and he will install it for £250 and it gives 350bhp..
  10. Just had 1st MOT

    Thats a good price for the rear disc and pads from the stealers!! does that include fitting and vat ??
  11. Quantum tuning

    My Mechanic is a Quantum tuning specialist and Im going to speak to him tomorrow about rear brakes on my R, I will ask him all about the Quantum tune and prices etc..... I think he's had great feedback from customers already though!!
  12. Anyoneupgraded their Virgin media box from Hub2 to Hub3?

    Ours has been excellent ( touch wood ) we have pc's, 2x xbox, 2x iPads, 4x phones and a ps4 all running through it and its not needed rebooting yet after 2 months and is lightning quick. I say go for it!! oh and forgot to mention also Alexa and a Bose soundtouch and a Amazon fire tv... we like our gadgets 😒
  13. Golf r stolen hitchin 29 march

    I live in Luton and I'm worried about this, Ive had my work van broken into twice in the last two years and the Police just take statements and say they will keep there eye out but not much they can do!! They said they would take finger prints off the door handles but soca would call and arrange ( never got a call ) and the Police said if it rains before they come its a waste of time!! Thinking of selling the R really don't want the grief of it all😢 PS I will keep my eye out!! all the best....

    looks a great fun car... something for the weekend sir??
  15. Car Fest South

    Yep we are going and with friends.. should be a good weekend, we are staying not far from the venue. Looking forward to it.