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  1. Longtallhowie

    Night time driving glasses

    Thanks guys, think your right maybe a visit is due sooner rather than later....
  2. Longtallhowie

    Night time driving glasses

    Hi, Anyone used or uses these?? Im finding it hard to drive at night now especially with most cars now having led's headlights they seem to really dazzle me not to mention the ones that seem to aim completely the wrong direction straight into your vision. Thinking of trying out some night driving specs. Cheers Mark
  3. Longtallhowie


    look on youtube I bet it shows you how to do it on there!!
  4. Longtallhowie

    Wheels Stolen

    My mate had 2x wheels stolen off his R in Luton and I had my wing mirror damage while they tried to steal it. He works at VW and said it common knowledge how easy it is to get master wheel locking nut keys off eBay etc.... Its rife in Luton and surrounding areas!!
  5. Longtallhowie

    Anyone have teenagers?

    My youngest lad is 16 and he's at college doing a 3 year electrician course, but we paid for him to do his lifeguarding qualification and now he works at the local swimming pool on £9 ph in between his studies. He did all the interviews etc himself and now sorts his shift rota out and deals with adults and children on a daily basis. We give him plenty of encouragement and help where he needs it. Getting them to save the money and not spending it is a battle though 🙄 Good luck!! I know its hard👍
  6. Longtallhowie

    Proximity Car Alarm

    Hi all, Does anyone know what these alarms are called, the ones when you get close to the car it makes and bleep as a warning to move away or the main alarm goes off?? Remember them years ago but haven't heard or seen these for ages!! Also I wouldn't mined one of those that page you also when they get close or tamper with your car.. I had my wing mirror nearly stolen off the car a few weeks ago but I woke because of the noise they where making and scared them away! They caused quite a bit of damage and don't really want it to happen again. Thanks
  7. Longtallhowie

    Golf GTE

    We test drove a 17plate GTE and it was excellent, but cant believe its over £30k to buy new about the same as the R 😫. That said ive seen a nice 67 plate with 7000 miles for £22990.. might go for that one??
  8. Longtallhowie

    Golf GTE

    Will do!! thanks...
  9. Longtallhowie

    Golf GTE

    Peoples thoughts on the Golf GTE, Mrs needs a car for work??
  10. Longtallhowie

    where do I start !

    Thats what I need..😉
  11. Longtallhowie

    where do I start !

    Had my near side mirror ripped off the car few weekends ago at 2am on my drive, I was woken by the noise he made doing it confronted him and he ran off. He made such a mess of the mirror it wasn't repairable so of no value to him really has parts!! I captured it all on cctv and handed it over to the police, they said would I be able to identify him in a line up, errr No, a Asian guy sporting a beard and with his hood up?? got a crime reference number thats about it!! He also damaged my body work in the process so all in all going to be best part of a grand to get it back to what it was. Ive been driving 30 years and had lots of cars in that time only ever had a car stolen and that was a mk2 astra gte. The guy that fitted my new mirror works at VW and he had 2x wheels stolen off his 18 plate golf r, left for work in the morning to find it still up on the jack placed in the middle of the car. He also had locking nuts fitted but that was no problem for them, you can buy master ones off eBay so he said?? Doesn't matter where you live they will still get in if they want to.. I need a nice double garage to park it in at night👍
  12. Longtallhowie

    where do I start !

    I wouldn't want it back!! Im selling mine soon can't put up with the constant stress and worry they will break into the house for the keys...Glad you and your family are ok.
  13. Longtallhowie

    Someone tried to nick my mirror

    Right, got the complete mirror at trade price from a great contact at vw for £230 +vat and he charged me £45 to fit.. very pleased with his efforts!! Now got to get the dent wizard man around for a quote for the small dents on the door pillar 🙄
  14. Longtallhowie

    Someone tried to nick my mirror

    how did they connect the wires back together?? what a nightmare!!!
  15. Longtallhowie

    Someone tried to nick my mirror

    Did they rip the whole mirror off even the wires??