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  1. thanks mate 👍 yes no worries let me know.
  2. just FYI, I don’t notice any noise or squeal from cold with my floating front discs from cold, never had any issues. I wouldn’t worry about it, if you do want floating discs
  3. Im 18” I’m running 362mm front two piece floating discs, and 350mm two piece rears with stock Calliper.
  4. ah, I was drooling over these brakes when I was last at MRC dropping off my car! I’m sure I’ve seen it a few times there before the brakes, I love the colour, couldn’t believe the brake set up when I saw it this time round, I was hoping I’d see some info online. The car looks stunning. The brakes are unreal! i currently, have 4 pot AP’s on the front on my car, after seeing yours im thinking above moving them to the back and getting some 6 pots on the front!
  5. here is a picture of the tape on my old S2T, it goes in the same place at the new ones. just make sure it goes on both sides of each tab, then poke a hole through it. I didn’t do the tape on the left large tab on the new paddles, just the two right hand little top and bottom.
  6. Im running 18x9 ET40 with 245/40/18, no spacers and no rubbing.
  7. yes the tape will sort this, I’ll put a video or a few pics up of where I put the tape.
  8. Very odd! Maybe because it’s last year of warranty?
  9. outrageous! Is that to extend for a 4th year?
  10. Ah interesting! I’ll have to have a look into the TTE
  11. yea I was thinking about the L450 recently also, but it seems to spool around 3600-3800 rpm or so, versus 2800rpm on the 380x. To me it would change the character of the car a bit too much, so decided to stick with L380X, and maybe try to get the max out of it with water methanol injection and better intercooler etc
  12. no worries, yes it’s superb mate! Loving it, car feels like an animal now!
  13. yes seems so, I think a normal stage 2 tune asks for too much low down boost, so with the 380X being more efficient it causes surge and the other issues. I guess that’s what’s going on. I think it ended up being around 1600 all in, turbo fitted and mapped, but it could be more now, they quoted me for a basic stage two etc, but it ended up being a full custom stage 3 tune basically, and it took quite a bit of time to sort. So I’d imagine they would charge more now. no fuel pumps were needed on this, although I have seen Littco using up rated put sensor and hpfp on some of their L380X cars, so I’d be interested to know if it would be worth it, and try for more power.
  14. yea it’s not really noticeable anymore, you can see on the dyno the L380X spools about 300-400rpm later, but you don’t notice it on the road. the major lag I had before and the lag between gear changes etc has all gone with the new tune.
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