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  1. Sadly I too had to join the morons yesterday as I was down to only 37 miles range. I felt embarrassed to be there and I actually needed the damn stuff. How anyone can go up with a bunch of Jerry cans is beyond me, I guess they really have no shame. What really pissed me off was hearing all the old retired fucks pull up, fill up for 30 seconds only to hear the "donk" as the pump cuts out telling them they are full. So they went there to fill up from 3/4's full so that they can go home and leave their car on the drive with a full tank whilst they do absolutely nothing. Cheers guys.
  2. Just like with the "food shortages", the media find the one shop in central London with half an empty isle, take a photo and claim its country wide. Pricks.
  3. Agree that the picture if very simplistic in its suggestion of "But NAZI'S!" but that's what made it funny... the point I'm making though is that there probably isn't a single car manufacturer that hasn't got some dodgy history or sketchy business practices. Hell, it probably goes for most large corporations in any industry. I won't pretend I know all the ins and outs of the Ineos vs Wales part but from what little I know the opportunity came up to jump into a much more ready to go manufacturing facility in France with a workforce already in place and thus save the company a lot o
  4. I'm a big fan of it. Wouldn't ever get one as I have no need nor any intention to do any off-roading, but appreciate what they've done. I also understand why Land Rover went the way they did with the new Defender which I am also a big fan of. A lot more money to be made from people who drive them around the home counties and central London than the farmers. As far as business practices of car manufacturers... I'll just pop these in here...
  5. Not a fan of him in the slightest but very sad to see nevertheless. I think his dad was a bit older than you'd expect for a guy Archie's age but probably still passed earlier than he should have. His grandad was a pretty big deal racer way back I believe. Side note but one thing I don't understand with my generation is their need to post on social media / youtube every aspect of their lives including moments like this (I say this without actually watching the video). Maybe he adds some context on why he is posting it but I just don't get it. People grieve in different ways I guess
  6. The mk8's are only just landing in the states I believe so this one is long overdue. Not an R either but a lot will apply to both. Cammisa likes his cars a bit analogue (tech and driving) but I think he's nailed all of this.
  7. Weighing in on the badge conversation... Like others I'm not bothered by them. Without the badge on mine it would sometimes get confused for a C63 (quad pipes and the same front grille as the pre-facelift C63), but just as often for an AMG-line C220 or something. Ultimately as said, it is 90% a marketing tool/dick swinging thing to show others what you've got (or in some cases haven't), and 10% to assist people in figuring out what model a car is. The only reason I keep mine though is 1. Don't care enough to take them off and 2. The first thing anyone does when looking at a used ca
  8. Train would 100% be the preferred method for Brighton. I do that and I only live 20-30 minutes away. I definitely wouldn't recommend the marina for overnight though. You get all sorts of characters down there and it tends to be where the car cruising meets happen... amongst other car related activities if you know what I mean Probably fine during the day though.
  9. I'm going to need a little bit more information. Brighton is a decent size place so you could mean any number of things. Are you staying in a hotel in central Brighton or a specific area? Don't have to give exact details but rough estimates are good. No matter what it's going to be pretty pricey unfortunately. Pretty much all of Brighton and Hove is permit holders or pay and display so free parking is almost certainly out of the question. If it were me I'd go with Regency Square car park though. It's got the most secure entry/exit and I believe they lock it up completely at 6pm eac
  10. Same for the C63 unfortunately. How anyone can go from a V8 to a 4 cylinder I have no idea. No doubt with the hybrid system it'll be more powerful than the last but it will have lost ALL character.
  11. It is a Transk9. Not a cheap piece of kit but well worth every penny if you ask me. I have a 2021 C43. It was one of the last run out models before they switch over to the 4 pot engine. Had to get in there before the V6 disappeared.
  12. Yeh I get that. Ours should be a little more laid back but taking him off lead in the wild is most likely going to be a fairly strong no as his hound instinct will just take over and he'll be gone. We'll keep training and will likely give it a go but the breeder warned against it. Said he'll be fine on beaches though which is good as that's where we go most often. As far as size it's tough to tell. They do vary a little but based on his parents I would expect him to be a similar height to Jasper but a bit longer and definitely heavier than a fully grown cocker (once Jasper fills o
  13. He's a lovely looking Dog. Can't say I'll be trying anything quite as advanced as you but ours seems happy enough with sit, paw, lay down and wait (the latter took a while with his dinner). I think we might catch and pass you on weight soon though as he is already up to 8.7kg at just 14 weeks.
  14. Absolutely rammed it with shit, including the dog, and drove to Kent to get married. Gotta love an estate. Much like the above posts I do enjoy a good loud start up. Was at a service station on the M25 with some guy tying his shoelace right behind me. Couldn't help myself and gave it a nice "emotion" start of Merc call it. If the roar didnt deafen him to two firework cracks might of.
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