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  1. Finally removed the kayaks from my parents garage.
  2. If the current trend is anything to go by the Golf R might just become the car I keep the longest as all the other options are going to shit... Audi have decided that instead of having a nice sounding 3.0 petrol V6 in their S4 and S5 they are instead going to have a 3.0 DIESEL tractor engine, and now BMW have released this atrocity they are calling the M135i... I mean the 1 series wasn't exactly a looker to begin with but it was okay. With this I thought it was their stupid 2 series active tourer thingy. To make matters worse they've also ditched the 3.0 straight 6 for a 4 pot like everyone else AND the rear wheel drive. I mean... they had two unique selling points didn't they? The only hot hatch with a sweet sounding 6 cylinder engine, and the only hot hatch with RWD. Now they have the same 2.0litre as all the rest, and the same AWD as half the competition... and it's ugly... what the hell!
  3. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves here. It clearly states in the bbc article the following: The system can be overridden temporarily. If a car is overtaking a lorry on a motorway and enters a lower speed-limit area, the driver can push down hard on the accelerator to complete the manoeuvre. A full on/off switch for the system is also envisaged, but this would lapse every time the vehicle is restarted. I'm already hitting the start/stop button every time I get in the car, might as well add another one. The black box part is what worries me the most. I hate the idea of my insurance company having the ability to refuse a claim simply because I blipped 1mph over the speed limit. They already attempt every trick in the book to get out of paying, lets not give them more ammunition.
  4. I've been using the Cellink battery B with my Thinkware and its been working great. The Neo looks like an updated version of that so imagine it will be even better. I think 0 to fully charged in 20 minutes might be a bit hopeful though. It's quoted as 45 minutes to fully charge if hard wired on the car-dvr website. That would give you about 25 hours of recording for a dual camera. 15 minutes charging would give you 7 hours and 30 minutes would give you 19 hours.
  5. 2 lane long sweeping left on a slip road joining a dual carriageway. Side by side with a Maserati Ghibli and actually having to take the longer side of the road, albeit it marginal. Easily pulled ahead by the time I hit the main road at an unknown speed 😉. Decided to pull out of the throttle before reaching stupid numbers, the Ghibli did not. I suspect he didn't like being shown up by a Golf. We then both pulled off at the same point into a 50 zone, a really tight long left that he clearly didn't have the confidence to take at full throttle unlike myself. Then we reached the 30mph residential zone and he continued on at 50-60... That ladies and gentlemen is the difference between having a bit of fun and being a c*nt that will one day kill someone or themselves.
  6. I personally like the videos by Sam from Seen Through Glass. Yes he is a bit on the posh side but he is a decent guy who is just enthusiastic about cars. He does come from a background of money but he just started out as a car spotter and has built up his channel through hard work and effort and now reaps the rewards. He is also very up front with the fact that he buys his cars using various finance options and has even tried educating people on the subject. As for this argument about where the money comes from - I hate this "mummy or daddy's money" bullshit. Who cares? If you worked hard your whole life and had a bunch of cash wouldn't you want your kids to be able to enjoy it as well and maybe spend it on something they are passionate about? Yes in a lot of cases it does result in a breed of lazy self entitled shit bags but not in every instance. People are always quick to point out this issue of the wealth divide and yes it is a problem in EVERY country, but ultimately inheritance is not the problem.
  7. I wish they viewed things like this as leaving the scene of an accident or insurance fraud.
  8. I appear to have this to. To me it sounds like its coming more from the rear, but it usually happens when I'm at a complete stop at a junction ready to turn right/left and pull away at full or close to full lock. I wondered if it was something to do with either the Haldex, TC or hold assist.
  9. It's sad that it's so easy for cars to be stolen these days but I'd much rather have a keyless car. That way if they do come for it they don't need to smash their way into the house causing potential risk to me or the mrs. Even if they do, I keep the keys right by the door but out of view of any windows, so they'll grab them and run before thinking to look upstairs. It's just a car at the end of the day and I'll happily let the insurance do its job.
  10. I still have my dream of a C63 Wagon alive but ultimately think its more likely I end up in an S4 Avant, C43 Wagon or 340i Touring (if I can spec XDrive).
  11. It'll be very difficult to replace the R as it's just such a capable car that gives you A LOT of bang for your buck. I'd be tempted by an RS3 or the new A45 when it comes along but ultimately you're getting a very similar preposition, just the next step up in power and luxury. For me I think it'll be best to switch to a different class of car rather than sticking with hot hatches. Something like that might be best for you also, so that you actually feel like you are in a different car.
  12. I wouldn't do it personally. Short of the guy turning up and being 90 years old and having no concept of the internet, there is NO reason why they couldn't just do a bank transfer. When I sold my last car for 18k he transferred me the cash on his phone, I checked it on my laptop, I did the online DVLA notifier at the same time and 5 minutes later he was on his way.
  13. On the one hand I really hope if I go to my TV and do that now it does speed it up because that would be great, but on the other hand I want it to fail so that I can say I haven't been a dumb arse living with a slow TV for a year... Update: Okay it turns out I hadn't ever enabled youview so it is what it is.
  14. I'll second this. I have the 55" version of the previous model and it's a great TV. The ONLY negative I can give it is that it's operating system is a bit sluggish in comparison to some of its rivals.
  15. Apologies, my wording towards the end should of read "that I become bothered." As in this story doesn't really effect/bother me as much as the ones involving innocent by-standers/victims.
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