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  1. Unless his tyre blew out too of course. I actually fell asleep in the middle and woke up just for the good stuff. Got a nap and effectively all the stuff that will make the highlight reel. Not a bad result 👍
  2. Clearly didn't listen to my recommendation of the Michelin PS4S...
  3. On the subject though... Still think this is my all time favourite.
  4. Nah I'm not from Wales. They haven't had to evolve and grow sharp teeth as a defense against the horny locals here... Okay now it makes sense. You're right, pretty accurate for the car.
  5. Okay I'll bite... What am I missing?
  6. Got an email from VW saying that because of Covid cars with warranties due between 1 March and 31 May have been extended by 3 months. Anyone else get one? Seems kind of pointless after I paid for a years extension...
  7. Yeh, going from being on the grid with your car in pieces and a tie rod being replaced with 15 minutes to go, to finishing 2nd is not a bad go at all. Mercedes were completely dominant as expected and if not for Bottas false start would have easily had the 1-2. Overall a decent race with a manic first few laps and a good midfield battle as you said. We just really need to get Mercedes some serious competition soon because if the first few races are anything to go by they will probably win every single race this season bar mechanical failure or a crash.
  8. Maybe he was just trying to make it look more like tha mk8 golf?... sorry shouldn't joke. Hopefully it'll be an easy claim with the lorry driver taking full blame.
  9. So it looks like you might be right. The talk of him going to Pink Merc is getting louder and louder with reports suggesting they are going to buy out Perez.
  10. I want it to be true, I really do, but I just struggle to see it. Perez is signed for at least one more season I believe and Lawrence Stroll holds the keys to the cars. He either has to buy out Perez which seems silly (although it wouldn't cost that much in the grand scheme), or ditch his son which is doubtful. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but it's an outside shot. The only thing that gives me hope is the Aston Martin deal. Again Lawrence Stroll has taken a big stake in Aston but from a business perspective they need to use F1 for marketing. Having a four time world champion and a much more marketable driver in Vettel could be what they need.
  11. It's unfortunate but sadly the way the sport goes. I can't see any of the big 5 picking him up and I'm not sure if he would stay for one of the "lesser" teams. Vettel for me is the opposite of Hamilton in that I really like Vettel the person, but not so much the driver. I think he is 100% very talented and one of the better drivers, but I do question his race craft. He was most dominant in those Red Bull years where he won his 4 championships, but he seems to either need to be on pole where he can just run off into the distance or have a superior pit strategy, as his overtaking leaves something to be desired. He did still put in some great drives with RBR which is why I still rate him overall, but since joining Ferrari he seems to have made one too many unforced errors when put under pressure in an on track battle. Sadly I do think his time at Ferrari has tarnished his reputation a bit, but he is still a 4 times world champion and no one can take that away from him. I would love to see the Pink Mercedes (or Aston Martin as they will be called from next season) pick him up and drop Stroll, but I somehow doubt that will happen when daddy owns the team.
  12. The post you've screenshot above who says he knows him from karts sounds like someone bitter and twisted to me. Do I think Hamilton has been discriminated against coming up through the ranks? I have no idea, I wasn't there. He definitely has been since joining F1 though as evidenced by the "Hamilton Family" people in the crowd. Yes the route to F1 isn't fair. Rich kids and ones that pick up sponsors get a helping hand and there are MANY that could of been great that simply didn't have the financial backing, but that goes for A LOT of sports. I could argue that I would have been an olympic level snowboarder, if only my family could afford to take me on ski holidays 4 times a year 🤥... or even just once... To aim it firmly at so called black privilege is complete bullshit. Every driver on that grid is there because of rich backers in one way or another, regardless of skin colour. Now I might not vibe with the guys personality but his driving speaks for itself. You don't become a 6 time world champion just because you had a step up. ALL of them did, yet he has still risen to the top. They can argue in that post that he won because of his equipment, well maybe McLaren and this Zip Kart saw more than just who was winning the race prior to his upgrades and looked at the personality and drive he had, and the overall package of his abilities. It's not always just about who finished 1st every race in karting. As an F1 rookie he came in and matched Alonso in the SAME car. Hell he would of beaten him and won the WC if not for that silly pit mistake in China. Yes the McLaren at the time was one of the better cars but the Ferrari was on an equal level those first seasons if not better. He won his first championship at the second time of asking against what was arguably a better Ferrari that year. 2010 onwards the McLaren was a lesser car yet he still drove the nuts off it and had some incredible results. In 2012 he had 4 wins and 7 podiums, good for 4th in the championship, despite being in the 3rd best car and picking up 5 DNF's, most of which were mechanical failures from memory. Now, has he been in one of the most dominant cars in F1 history over the past 6 seasons? Yep. Would he have won as many championships without that car? Obviously not. Does that suddenly mean he doesn't deserve the accolade of being one of the best? Of course not. Every driver that has ever won a WC has been in the right car at the right time. That goes for Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Vettel... whoever. To win a WC you need to be the RIGHT driver in the RIGHT car. You have to have both, that is just how the sport works. Many a talented driver has come and gone without so much as a sniff at a win because they were in a crap car, that is just how it goes. Hamilton has made the right moves at the right time and achieved amazing results and put in amazing performances on the track time and time again. Do I want to go for a pint with him? No. Is he arguably one of the best drivers ever in the sport? Yes.
  13. Yeh it does help, but as others have said Bottas has the same car and Hamilton smashed the field in wet qualifying by a margin way beyond what just the car was capable of.
  14. Yeh I'd say thats probably accurate. Doing his best to make up as many positions as fast as possible. Got greedy basically.
  15. I'll be sure to check them all out and see which is best for me. I only plan on going to stage 1 so I doubt I'll ever need to worry about having too much torque.
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