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  1. Sounds promising. I'm looking at potential replacements for my R and a C43 estate is top of the list currently. I'd be getting out of an R with 19's and not DCC so should be at the very worst about the same but most likely better from a ride point of view.
  2. Very nice. Love the Petronas green callipers, great choice 👍 Out of interest what is the ride like in comparison to the R? As it a bit softer as its more of a cruiser or is it about the same?
  3. So I'm planning on trading the Golf R in soon and was wondering what people think I should be able to get for it. Originally when I got it I expected to be getting maybe 18-19k after 3 years, but when looking on Autotrader the absolute cheapest 2017 R under 20k miles is going for nearly 24k. Now I know this is what they are asking, not what they are getting, and you also have to factor in the dealer prices, but from that I would guess I might be able to get 21k for mine on trade in against a 40k ish car? Does that sound about right? It's a 2017, first of the mk7.5. Lapiz blue with 19" prets, climate pack, rear camera, keyless. Nothing overly exciting. 15,400 miles on the clock. Fairly new Michelin PS4's all around and a new battery (I'm pretty sure they'll ignore all those things though). Another question I wanted to ask was about alloy curb damage... in you guys experience would you bother getting this repaired so it doesn't affect trade in value? Will the cost of repairing them outweigh the cost any dealer will knock off the price because of it?
  4. I vaguely remember a similar story with another manufacturer (I forget which) but I seem to remember a portion of the cars not having engines or having completely the wrong engines quickly thrown in. Anyone remember who this was?
  5. Love how they blur out the Audi's plate when you can clearly see it just before... It's pricks like this that ruin it for everyone.
  6. Unfortunately turning off start/stop didn't help with mine. Also didn't get a low battery warning so I can only assume that doesn't come up on the mk7.5. Either that or something else went wrong.
  7. Unfortunately to get mine to the garage I had to jump start it from the mrs Polo (which is still on its original battery after 8 years). The first time around came as a little bit of a shock (excuse the pun) because our cars are in a line on the drive. Hers was facing the garage closest to it and mine was facing away. With the two cars back to back I had to call on my dad for assistance. I felt like a kid again for a moment going to daddy for help. Either way though. Glad to hear it's a good bit of kit.
  8. Awesome, purchase made. Thanks guys.
  9. Exactly what i was planning to do as well when I noticed them as a pairing. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Battery-Automatic-Temperature-Compensation-Extension/dp/B01M7TYFYO/ref=sr_1_6?crid=28UZWRKMW5KK0&dchild=1&keywords=ctek+mxs+5.0&qid=1610020392&sprefix=ctek+mxs%2Caps%2C160&sr=8-6 Did you get the MXS 5.0 or did you go with a different one? There seem to be about 6-8 different CTEK chargers so wasn't 100% sure which one to go for.
  10. I just had to replace the battery in my car after 3 1/2 years. I know these days that isn't uncommon and isn't surprising at all with my very low mileage. I very rarely manage any journey's over 30 minutes which is evidenced by the pitiful 15,000 miles I've put on the car. My commute to work is only 3 miles and a year of only using it once or twice a week really dragged the battery down. As a result of the above I thought it best to get a charger/maintainer that I can plug in once a week. Preferably a connect and forget one where I don't have to worry about it and can even leave it for a few days connected if I go away. The one I've settled on is the CTEK MXS 5.0 as it seems to tick all the boxes as far as I can tell. Has anyone had experience with this one or any other CTEK products? Or has anyone got a STRONG opinion on which one I should be buying instead? Any help is much appreciated as always.
  11. Waze is great for things like mobile speed camera and pot hole warnings etc and for the most part has been pretty good. The only issue I've had with it is being routed down one too many really minor farmers roads where I end up having to reverse a mile to let a tractor pass etc.
  12. I knew I'd be spending quite a few hours it in so dropped the full amount for the deluxe edition. I don't think the deluxe is "good value" for money over the standard, but I wanted access to everything.
  13. Funny you mention the teams watching. The site I work at is more like a small village than a single office - Its a manufacturing plant with several offices and manufacturing suites dotted over about 35 acres of land and across multiple floors. Because of this we are very much used to using teams/skype to check someone's status to see if they are at their desk before making the walk/climb. This has obviously carried over into the working from home thing as well. Now I haven't heard any stories of people watching and see people going to "busy" or "in a meeting" and feeling left out, but I've heard lots of paranoia of people being worried that if their status says "away" for even a few minutes, they are worried if anyone sees it they will think they are slacking off. At work no one would think anything of it as you could be on plant looking at equipment or managing an issue, or simply talking to someone at their desk. Because people are working from home however, they are too scared to even go to the bathroom for too long for fear of people thinking they aren't working. I myself don't care but some are really kicking up a fuss and asking for that feature to be disabled. Some I would say is because they actually aren't doing any work (speaking from experience of said individuals), but others I think genuinely are just worried about it and the banter of "o you are working from home with your feet up" likely doesn't help.
  14. I'd be interested to hear how many of the people who are saying it's better for the overall team have the WHOLE team working from home? The reason I say this is because I've noticed with friends and family, that the ones where the whole office is working from home it seems to be working great. For ones where its half and half however, not so great. I fall into the latter and I would definitely say it's not a better situation and is definitely less productive. Those working from home are starting to feel forgotten about and out of the loop.
  15. That part is ringing true for the mrs as well. Her company are forcing all their staff back into the office at the start of September even though there is zero reason to do it. It means she'll have to go back to getting the train into work costing her an extra £200 a month, and then sit in an office where they haven't put in place any social distancing measures at all. Not to mention the fact that the shared building they use has some useless contract cleaners that were once witnessed cleaning the door handles with the same rag they had just used on a toilet seat... The only reason I can think of is that the management just don't trust their employees to get on with their work from home. There is no other logical reason for her and her company to be in the office right now.
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