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  1. It'll be at least a month, after which point I may end up in a pool car or potentially even end up keeping this thing longer term. Not really sure at this point but things should become clearer over the next few weeks. They normally use Golf estates as pool cars but sadly not R's for obvious reasons 😡. Switching between the C43 and Ranger is a weird experience for sure. I definitely am enjoying the Ranger a lot more than I thought I would though. There is something oddly liberating about not worrying where the kerb is when parking 😂 As for the final company car I haven't been able
  2. So my temporary company car arrived ready for my first day Monday. Keys came through the door with the famous blue oval on them. There I was thinking Focus or Mondeo estate, maybe even a Kuga.... NOPE. Walked down the drive, turned the corner and this behemoth was waiting for me... Not exactly what I was expecting and very different to anything else I've ever driven. The bonnet is practically the same height as the roof of my Merc which makes for a very interesting experience. I'm just glad it has all around sensors and a reversing camera otherwise I'd be f*cked. Would
  3. Yeh my Merc has the 9 speed and Ford has a 10 speed in its Mustang I believe. You may be right, may be emissions based. Shame though.
  4. I'm actually with you there. I'd go PDK all the way. Not just because it's a great gearbox, but also because of the way the ratios are set up/the extra gears. The manual Porsche's, at least the newer ones, are all geared too long from what I've been told. So it means when you are blasting on a back road you don't get to change often enough to really engage with it and hear the engine sing. The PDK at least, due to the extra gear and shorter ratios give you that extra bit. It's a shame manufacturers don't offer more options within each type really. I bet if Porsche offered either a
  5. The ZF 8 speed is still the best gearbox I've ever experienced. The DSG in the Golf was very nice, but as we all know can be a little jerky when maneuvering, The Merc gearbox I have now is good also, but it can be a bit jerky in traffic, especially when cold. Would very much like to find myself back with a ZF at some point.
  6. Yep, I can confirm the V6 in the C43 isn't as smooth as the BMW straight 6. It does however make a very nice growl.
  7. Pretty much how I feel about that engine in my 330D. Absolutely loved everything about it except the tractor sounds when you started it up. It just felt so smooth and effortless and the only drama was the sound of the intake gulping air. The only reason I got rid of it was because of moving too close to work for it to ever heat up on my commute.
  8. Very nice car and a good write up. The 30e version of this is on my shortlist as the new company car, although I'd probably pick the 330e wagon if push comes to shove.
  9. The BMW iDrive is definitely the best system I've used. All very simple and easy and never had any issues that I can recall. The Merc one in mine is also decent, but I'd say it's probably on par with the mk7.5 Golfs. Better in some places, not as in good in others (although the virtual cockpit is one of the best in my opinion). It's definitely not as simple as the idrive though as I had to do a bit of digging in the first few weeks to find certain features.
  10. It was Ben Kingsley in Lucky Number Slevin. You are right as well. Honda did put their volume dial back in after 2 years of complaints from customers.
  11. Buses and trains only go from set locations so unless you are lucky don't take you exactly where you want to go. Sometimes there are no seats left and sometimes they are full of disease ridden people (thanks Covid). As for Taxi's, well they crash because the driver is spending too long looking away from the road whilst trying to fine tune the climate control which they can't see because it isn't illuminated😁
  12. Okay, I'd like to be done with this buuuuut.... It's nothing like buying a motorbike and getting angry because it doesn't stand up on its own. You aren't expecting it to do that and it isn't designed to do that. Similarly the karting example is bad because left foot braking is a better method for racing vehicles so it makes more sense, hence why it has been designed in that way for a kart. A better example would be a motorbike that's speedo isn't illuminated so it can't be read at night - or the writing is too small so you can't read the numbers without bending down and squinting a
  13. And half of them will be on autotrader demanding overs the day after they hit the UK.
  14. Haha. Okay okay, agreed.
  15. I'm not trying to say ALL mk8 drivers are liars or trying to save face. I'm saying I believe some might be if only 1% are admitting to it being an issue. I don't know the exact numbers, I haven't been following it that closely since the first couple months after launch. Also, just because a journalist is paid doesn't mean they aren't being truthful. Jason Cammisa is a great example. He is a diehard VW fanboi and I think he has had and loved pretty much every Golf there has been from mk1 to mk7.5. He wanted to like the mk8 but hated the infotainment so much that it was enough to put
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