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  1. I'd be interested to know what the system will look like. If it's just a hard cap of say 100mph I'm all for it. It's all about the acceleration for me, not speed. If you feel the need to do over 100mph on public roads you are a bellend. How this would work when it comes to track days though I don't know. Maybe it'll be like start stop or lane assist, can be turned off? If however they are talking about making it so you can't go over 30 in a 30, 50 in a 50 etc, what a load of bollocks and also it won't work. How many here who have an "intelligent" system that looks at sp
  2. Installed the new dog cage for pup... and by installed I mean plonked in the back and anchored with some straps.
  3. Agreed. I'd liken it to something like Glastonbury but replace the music with cars... and the drug taking STD riddled 18 year olds with car enthusiasts... and no tent city or mountains of litter... and plenty of toilets all in good working order... but otherwise similar... Jokes aside though it is a lot more festival like than I remember it being in the 00's. A lot more to see and do and pretty much every car manufacturer is represented or has a trade stand etc. The real uniqueness for me though is the fact most of these cars, even the many multiples of millions of poun
  4. Did anyone else make the trip this year? I only live about 30-40 minutes away but went for the first time in about 10 years yesterday (the only sunny day it looks like :P). It's certainly grown a fair amount even in that time frame. Thoroughly enjoyed it as always though and plenty of cars on show to cause a bit of a fizz in the trousers. I think the Singer's were probably my favourite cars I saw all weekend. The Valkyrie was VERY impressive as well though. Almost as much as the creative number plate choice by this guys Ferrari I found in the parking lot. Ju
  5. Great car, great choice. Glad you are enjoying and I'm sure it'll keep your grinning for a long time. I agree with what most others have said as well, would definitely have one over the M3/M4. It's got all the useable power you could ever need on the street and almost as quick in most circumstances. The grille still isn't for me BUT if I were to get one it would be this spec as its just about tolerable with black on grey. The number plate also helps split it a bit.
  6. Haha, almost looks like he's rolling his eyes at you there - "what another picture already?!" He's actually not a spaniel though. So far spaniel or beagle are the two he is getting confused for but he is a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen (a mouthful I know). You don't see too many in the UK and the ones you do see tend to be based around the home counties/south of England because of breeder locations. Like you've said though, he will most likely change colour over time becoming lighter. If he's anything like his mum the black will fade into a greyish colour and will end u
  7. Just bought this 8 week bundle of fun home. For someone that has just been ripped away from his family and everything he's ever known, he is a rather confident little bugger.
  8. Just some consumer advice for folks looking at dash cams... Really look at what features you want/need. The blackvue cameras are awesome, as are the top of the range thinkware ones, but if you just want good video quality and parked recording there are great cheaper alternatives out there. I didn't need half the big money features the blackvue and thinkware ones come with so got the VIOFO A129 Pro Duo instead. In most of the testing performed the video quality was as good if not better in some situations than the more expensive blackvue and thinkwares, but at near on half the price
  9. By no means a deal breaker but I'd prefer if they lopped off that bottom part. Made them more like the RS5/R8's you see in the background.
  10. Thanks for the recommendations all. Will take a look at those and see how I go.
  11. Anyone got any recommendations for a decent snow foam? I just bought a new pressure washer after washing with a standard hose / buckets all these years. I've heard the snow foamer that came with it isn't the best but figured I'd give it a try before looking at better lances/guns.
  12. The C43 didn't come with a spare either (although there is room for one) but to my surprise it also didn't come with run flats. It's just got the old compressor and foam can thing in there which is fine with me. How often do people really get blow outs anyway? Every puncture I've ever had has been a slow burner, slow enough to inflate and drive on anyway. Most modern cars also have the pressure indicators as well so no risk of it dropping too low.
  13. Yeh, it was always an annoyance on the Golf for me. The Merc already has a switchable performance exhaust, but this just allows more control. It also means I don't have to keep turning the exhaust back to open every time I start the car which is nice. They have versions on there for the Tiguan R, Golf R32, mk6, mk7, mk7.5 and mk8 R as well. From memory I think it can be changed in the software for the Golf's though. Or maybe that was just the soundaktor?
  14. After mulling it over I pulled the trigger and installed the ASR exhaust module. https://asr-component.de/startseite/82-2836-klappensteuerung-rx2-mercedes-ml2-c205.html#/37-startmodus-letzter_zustand_standard/52-handsender_variante-typ_1_mit_schieber Even when set to "powerful" the exhaust doesn't open 100% until certain criteria are met. One of these is above 4000rpm but I think it might also open fully under full load at low rpm. This module now allows me to open it 100% all of the time for a bit more sound when driving around below 4000rpm. At the click of a button
  15. Very good choice and glad to hear you are enjoying it. Out of all the options you listed it's definitely the best decision.
  16. A fair bit before my time but both are beautiful cars - I especially like the TR6. The Dolomite immediately made me think of the BMW 2002 for some reason. Looked it up and both were out around the same time so must of been the style of the day. I always find it a shame that the UK car industry went the way it did and that I didn't get to see its heyday. There was some seriously cool stuff being pumped out by UK brands. Would of been interesting to see what they could of produced today if it hadn't of gone to shit.
  17. Colleague of mine has one and it's actually really nice inside and out. If they had offered the 5 cylinder version in the UK I very well might have. It's definitely got some presence on the road.
  18. Get the M340i. It won't "feel" as fast as a mk8 R but it makes up for that in luxury and build. I recently jumped out of my mk7.5 R into a C43 estate so did a similar thing as what you are looking at.
  19. Might not be the cheapest but you pay for what you get when it comes to quality... https://www.thule.com/en-gb
  20. It's a long way off but I've always said that one day I'd get an Aston Martin Vantage, DB9, DBS or Vanquish. The last two might be out of any future price range but the DB9 and Vantage can certainly be done. They may not be the best driving cars in the world but they are definitely one of the most beautiful and all sound amazing. Sadly though I think by the time I get there cars like that might be unavailable due to the inevitable taxes and huge fuel prices you'd have to pay for a non-electric in 30-40 years time. That's if they let you drive them at all...
  21. Yeh I've heard this. There is a noticeable difference between "Comfort" and "Powerful" on the exhaust, but as you said I think it opens up more at higher revs. I'll have to give it a try at some point to see if there is a sudden increase in noise or if it's gradual. Depending on the age of the coupe they may have been using "emotion start". On facelift cars, if you hold one of the paddles when you start it, it starts with the exhaust 100% open with a few extra revs to give it more grunt. Normally get a few crackles as well. Might piss of the neighbours first thing in the morning t
  22. Yeh I saw this on youtube. Not sure if I'd get it as so far I haven't ever thought to myself (this needs more sound). Especially after coming from the R. I also believe it is a relatively minor change bordering on not that noticeable.
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