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  1. I had my DSG done at 4 years. I didn’t fancy an 80k interval as it would take me forever to get there.
  2. Take it up with them again. I had mine (swiftly) fixed under extended warranty. I was due to take a trip & needed to fill up before I did. The dealership got the car in and fixed it as a matter of urgency.
  3. Start by looking through this pinned thread
  4. Showing my age, now. But my first thought was “Carlos Fandango super-wide wheels!” My second thought was this is mighty close to a Barry Boys Shed of the Week. £14.5k for that 😂😂😂
  5. If you opt to go to court with a matter such as this, and you have no plausible defense (note the word plausible here. Ignorance of the law is no defence), your fine will likely be larger. Generally, magistrates take a dim view of having to sit on cases such as this which can be seen to waste the court’s time and cost money. Usually your penalty will reflect this. It will probably be a good bit more than £100. Of course, it is your right to opt for a court hearing. If you fail to attend, you are likely to be found guilty in your absence. Forgive my bluntness here, but if you’re
  6. https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/the-car-i-bought-has-a-problem-what-are-my-rights-aAnMC5b0ZzJb
  7. Approach the dealer anyway. Under consumer law, any fault arising within six months of the date of sale is held to have been present at the time of sale unless the vendor can prove it was not. These are your rights under the Consumer Rights act 2015. I recommend you do a little web based research around this law, then contact your dealer and see what they say. You may find that they will deal with this without a struggle. Hopefully, you may be entitled to have this dealt with, without footing the bill. This quote is lifted from the What Car website on your consumer rights:
  8. Treated the car to four new Michelin PS4S tyres. The old PS3s did well for five years, rears still with 5mm on, but the sidewalls were looking tired. Roll on springtime. The snow fell an hour after I got home. Couldn’t help but wonder if I should have gone for Crossclimate 🤣
  9. The usual culprits are the rear speaker seals, and the wiring gaskets at the top of the hatch/tailgate. The latter are prone to leaking if disturbed (for example by fitting a rear dashcam or similar) and not sealed properly afterwards.
  10. Use a good quality class 10 SD card, and follow @TweedsideR instructions. It can be very hit and miss on a Mac, so keep trying if it fails first time.
  11. Before you go as far as replacement shocks, I’d suggest you read these links. The R is stiff, and commonly creaks at low speeds. Particularly at full lock and slow speed, it’s well known. Mine was quite noisy (also DCC) until dealt with by the dealer. There’s some info in the links below.
  12. There you go @v11boy this was a while ago but should tell you all you need to know
  13. Glad it’s sorted, but a shame that the dealer service team are apparently buttock-clenchingly piss poor. I expect that you’ll vote with your feet now!
  14. Have a read, this should reassure you regarding charging the battery in situ. Like @gregozedobe I do this regularly.
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