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  1. LouCyffer

    rust under front door seals

    Hopefully your local dealer can vouch for you being the owner; surely that would be enough. Regarding the ‘perforation, not rust’ warranty, if it’s any help, I had this repaired under my VW warranty on my Mk5 GTI in late 2014. At the time, the car was approaching 7 years old. You can see the paint bubbling just above the panel line. The repair was so bad that it took me 3 months to get them to pay the rectification bill of £955, but that’s another (long) story. Needless to say that Marshall VW Grimsby have not had my custom since, although I bet the service manager remembers me for a while yet...
  2. LouCyffer

    R community, I have sinned

    I’d rather guide my grandfather into my Nan than use a hand car wash.
  3. LouCyffer

    What fuel

  4. There have been previous cases where these were the charges. Having spoken to a police officer relative, he confirmed that the culprit could be charged as I described. Part of one vehicle struck another, inadvertently, causing damage. Hence this is a road traffic collision. Particularly so if the innocent party stands to lose out financially in rectifying said damage. It isnt vandalism, as there was no intent, and it wasn’t a deliberate case of damage. If damage is caused to a vehicle accidentally, the onus is on the culprit to leave details. Any car parks/public land to which the public has access are covered under the Road Traffic Act, so causing damage to another vehicle without leaving details is open to such charges.
  5. @Booth11 have you reported this scumbag for failing to provide details at an accident? If not provided at the time, they must be provided to a police station within 24 hours of the incident
  6. If your insurance company paid for this, and chose the repairer, then THEY are responsible. In this case, you stop dealing with the repairer and proceed against the insurer. Legally your contract exists between you & the insurer, as they are arranging and providing a service on your behalf and are responsible for its provision. As they sub-contracted out to a repairer, that choice (I assume) was made by them, and they are entirely responsible in law. If this is correct, you should start by requesting details of their formal complaint procedure, file a complaint and contact the insurance ombudsman. If you have a decent Twitter account with followers, tweet about it, naming the insurer. They hate bad publicity and this may oil the wheels. Give them a finite period to address this, and tell them you will otherwise have the damage rectified, then proceed against them using the Small Claims track of the county courts. I still think you could, if you have photographic proof of mileage readings, approach the police & Trading Standards. Tell your insurer this as well. But be prepared to consider what @Dan1982 says, which is entirely logical and could explain the discrepancy in mileage. Finally, the best advice in these situations is consult Honest John. Worth an email.
  7. This. Absolutely this. Tampering with the recorded mileage is an offence. Tell the body shop that you’ll report this to the police and Trading Standards, then take legal advice regarding pursuing them for the loss in value to your car, now it’s under suspicion of altered mileage. I would also also check if the body shop is a member of any trade body, to which you can report them as well.
  8. LouCyffer


    If the DAB signal is too weak, the radio searches for a better signal for your listened-to station, and can put you onto a different station if it fails to find one. There is a setting on the radio to allow the use of FM where the DAB is too weak. It’s somewhere in the radio settings, but enabling it should stop this. It did for me.
  9. LouCyffer

    So disillusioned

    @AlanH if your insurer is footing the bill on your behalf, in the UK at least, they bear responsibility to an extent. I’d certainly contact them with the photos to show that the repair that they have paid for the majority of, is of unacceptable quality.
  10. LouCyffer

    Any insurance whizzes?

    If there is any monetary gain involved, you’ll need a business policy. It may even be wise to look at a Motor Trade policy which gives blanket “any vehicle” cover. Most policies are Social, Domestic & Pleasure and Commuting To A Single Place Of Work. Arguably, you’ll be using your policy In Conjunction With The Business Of The Policyholder (assuming you’re generating income from your videos), which would need a Business clause. Even commuting to more than one regular address for work is seen by some insurers as requiring business use cover! If you’re making any money from this, you’ll find your cover may well specifically exclude Use For Monetary Gain (look at your schedule of cover), so play it safe & check.
  11. LouCyffer


    Interested to hear that you go to Doncaster, Andy. I’ve used the local dealer for quite a while, and luckily had a technician there assigned to my car who’s as much of a car enthusiast as I am. His attention to detail is fantastic and I’ve been incredibly happy with the work done. A detailing enthusiast, he would guard my car key to ensure that I didn’t get a dealer wash ‘n’ swirl. So I’ve had no issues until.... Sadly he’s moved to another marque, and immediately my experience plummeted. A combative service manager and ham fisted technicians left me with a crack in my front grill after the car spent several days in the Workshop. Replaced, but grudgingly, with ‘goodwill’ lacking, I’m unlikely to return, as this wasn’t the only gripe that I had. So I’m interested to hear why you go to Doncaster, and you’re thoughts on their service. I guess it goes to show, it doesn’t matter if it’s Indy or Dealer, what matters is the attention to detail and work ethic of the person working on your pride & joy.
  12. Oh I am a silly old f&*£! Photo added with username & date
  13. LouCyffer

    Autowatch Ghost Bypass

    And if Mark fits your AWG @ellixtt, he’s always contactable by email if you have any queries or issues. Mark has been brilliant on the sporadic occasion that I’ve contacted him. So your aftersales backup is solid as well.
  14. LouCyffer


    Nope. Prets are not diamond cut. Which was a major factor in me choosing them. Easier to repair minor marks than the nightmare of diamond cut wheels. I’m happier to take my chances with buckles than have to refurbish a diamond cut Cadiz for kerbing or VW White Worm. I had that joy with a Mk5 GTI.
  15. LouCyffer

    Turbo gone at 24k miles. feeling gutted

    VW just quoted me around £1900 parts & labour. I’ve just had a replacement under warranty for the common turbo actuator rod rattle. They've left me with a coolant leak but that’s another story ongoing...