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  1. I kept this warranty up on my previous car until I changed it at ten years old (a Mk5 GTI) and also have it in place on my R as I’m not changing it anytime soon. Like others, mine has paid for itself (replacement turbo at 4 years old), and I’ll keep it going. There’s usually no price increase due to age, but the cover reduces over time. I managed to get a 2/3 contribution towards a replacement reversing camera on my Mk5 GTI despite no camera ever being officially available (it was a MK6 version fitted with a hybrid loom) so it’s been good to me. I have noticed a distinct ‘firming up’ on VW’s willingness to accept a claim in recent years but it’s still the best product in my opinion. The recent clause of “sudden failure” of a component has been quoted by the dealer in an attempt to wriggle out of replacing a turbo on my car (oddly which turns out was quite within tolerance but it got me a new one anyway) so it’s worth looking closely at exclusions to cover. There always used to be a caveat that the Extended VW cover required you to continue servicing through the dealer network as well, so if you use an Indy you may want to reassess. Fundamentally, the warranty manager at your dealership is the deciding factor. If they are on your side, you’ll get great cover but an intransigent blotter-jotter will make life tough. If you have a dealer service history & a good relationship with them, this is hard to beat. If you use an Indy to service and/or have significant modifications, this will not offer a great deal of value.
  2. LouCyffer


    You need 25 posts before you get access to the classified section. Then you’ll be able to see the adverts 👍🏻
  3. Look on the bright side; it’s better than puke on the back seat....
  4. A worthy addition to barryboys.co.uk I think
  5. Absolutely. The auto hold button is in a perfect position to get drinks spilled onto it. My tech friend said he saw a few of these where sticky drink residue caused the exact issue.
  6. I had the same problem several years ago. A travel mug in the cup holder was positioned in such a way that the handle applied pressure to the auto hold switch and caused the same error. I was concerned enough to speak to my VW tech mate who assured me this was not uncommon and was caused by holding down the auto hold button.
  7. Had my DSG serviced at 4 years. It’s cheaper than a replacement box. It’s approaching 6 years old now but still nowhere near 40k miles
  8. The sensors don’t measure PSI like some more upmarket tyre pressure monitors do. The VW system uses the ABS sensors to determine a difference in rotation between the wheels (I’m sure someone more knowledgeable about this will put me right here) to trigger a warning. So it isn’t reading pressure at all, but comparative rotation.
  9. There is a technical service bulletin (TSB) on this issue. It’s widely known about, and if your service department staff aren’t aware of it, I’d be wary. At the least, ask to talk to one of the technicians, rather than the ‘front of house’ staff. A competent VW tech should know what this TSB entails. Otherwise it’s a long drive from Huddersfield to Hull....
  10. You could go about it another way, if you had to. If your dealer has sold you a car with a sat nav fitted, that isn’t working (because the card is missing), I suspect that the law will be on your side. You shouldn’t need to supply that card yourself, in order to essentially rectify a fault present at the point of sale. I think they are just trying to fob you off, so stay polite but firm. The Supply of Goods & Services Act is your back up, but it shouldn’t come to that. If you have to, you can point out their obligation to fix any faults arising within 6 months of the date of sale, under this act. I suspect that they will move quickly at that point. Good luck and don’t give in.
  11. The specific fitting kit that you need to fit the bars to a Mk 7 Golf hatch has been discontinued by Yakima. I’m not sure about the kit to fit to roof rails. But it may influence the brand of bar you choose.
  12. 7R, but I bought the clear VW PPF kit from the dealer & fitted it myself. It came complete with a detergent to mix up for applying the film, and a plastic squeegee for shifting any air bubbles. Surprisingly easy to apply.
  13. Bloody great news. Fantastic stuff.
  14. Exhaust flames should be confined to Adam West’s Batmobile. That is all.
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