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  1. Have you checked the cup holder sliding cover? I had a rattle when it was closed. I used a small strip of self adhesive black loop Velcro to solve it. Try opening the cup holder & see if the rattle goes
  2. Thanks Mark @[email protected] sensible advice as always. Your YouTube vids have at least guided me in unpairing and repairing the Bluetooth link. I’ll probably abandon the app and adjust my pin to something a bit more user friendly.
  3. I’ve heard, although I don’t know the accuracy of this, that Autowatch are not supporting the Ghost 1 app anymore. If this is the case I’d be pretty hacked off to say the least. I’d suggest contacting Autowatch to register your disapproval. After all, the app wasn’t free, was it. @Clarkie48 I assume that if your Ghost was fitted recently, it is Ghost 2? Perhaps @[email protected] could put us in the picture. He’s a font of knowledge on Ghost.
  4. I may be able to help. It covers the DSG rather than manual option but there may be info that’s of use
  5. Apple Watch, Paul. It vibrates when a call is incoming. You’ll never miss another call!
  6. Mine constantly drops phone calls back to the handset, before ‘trying to connect automatically’ and reconnecting. Every twenty seconds or so, the call drops off hands free then reconnects. I’ve complained to VW each time I have contacted them, to no avail. Software always kept up to date, the only cure is a battery reset. In other words I disconnect the battery, wait twenty seconds, reconnect & clear errors. That stops it for a month or two.
  7. Yes, used a generic SanDisk card to update MIB1 Discover Pro
  8. Roof bars for me. Paint masked with 3M abrasion resistant tape. Although a tow bar onto the 7R Wagon has been done....
  9. No, but I’d recommend you consider a trip up the A46 to Adi at Deep Shine Detail in Lincoln. I had a full correction and ceramic treatment 2 years ago & my car still looks incredible
  10. Agree with this. You could change to Radio before leaving the car, or if you stay in Media, change the input from Bluetooth to another option (jukebox, SD card, aux etc). Doing any of the above will stop your phone playing music automatically when you next start up
  11. It's normal to see some condensation in the headlights. The beam units aren't sealed.
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