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  1. Pretty sure I read a thread on here with an almost identical presentation to yours. The OP eventually found the wheel sensor to be the culprit. Good luck 🤞🏻
  2. Have you tried Pets At Home Simple enzyme spray? I’ve used it to get rid of various odours, including vomit of offspring, and dog. It might just rescue your seat, and save you the cost of replacing….
  3. Because I had VCDS, I’d already done this on my previous car, but most importantly, having the seatbelt clipped in just triggered my OCD 😁
  4. Move to Benidorm? I suspect that you’ll need to change the coding in order to do so. I disabled the seat belt tones as I often have a bag on the passenger seat which triggered the sound. I used VCDS.
  5. Given that the OP posted his question two and a half years ago, I suspect that he sorted his fitting a while back! 😂
  6. I’d look to check the battery and charge state first of all. These cars throw all sorts of errors when the battery charge is poor. If you have a good charger, I’d hook it up while you wait for the specialist to attend. Fingers crossed it’s a simple solution for you.
  7. I’d love to see the BMW Subscription figures for how many owners enable their indicators. I bet it isn’t a lot…….
  8. It’s 30 seconds after unlocking that it locks again if you don’t open a door. It’s caught me out several times as well 🤣
  9. I had my DSG done at 4 years. I didn’t fancy an 80k interval as it would take me forever to get there.
  10. Take it up with them again. I had mine (swiftly) fixed under extended warranty. I was due to take a trip & needed to fill up before I did. The dealership got the car in and fixed it as a matter of urgency.
  11. Start by looking through this pinned thread
  12. Showing my age, now. But my first thought was “Carlos Fandango super-wide wheels!” My second thought was this is mighty close to a Barry Boys Shed of the Week. £14.5k for that 😂😂😂
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