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  1. You’ll normally get 14 days to cancel a policy. You could bridge the gap by taking a new policy out on the Eddy with another insurer, and cancelling it after 2 weeks.
  2. You’ll probably find that it is a condition of your policy that you inform your insurer of any incident, regardless of where blame lies. If you have footage of him striking your stationary vehicle, all the better. It will also allow you access to his details, and the means to contact his insurer and initiate a claim against him, despite him likely failing to report it, and failing to provide details. I had an incident a few years ago where I was clipped on a roundabout. I called the other party’s insurer as well as telling my own. I specifically told my insurer that they were not authorised to entertain any claim at all against me by the other party. I saw no rise in premium and my record shows a non-fault claim settled by the other party’s insurer. But I’d consider seeing what the body shop inspection reveals; this may just be a storm in a teacup if there’s no damage
  3. My 2015 had a replacement turbo fitted for noise issues. It was covered under my extended warranty, but prior the dealer quoted £1900 roughly for the job. But this misses the real point. A modern vehicle really should not be expected to undergo turbo replacement at 5 years old, unless you’ve driven to the moon and back using 4 star petrol. I’d be approaching VWUK to register your dissatisfaction with this state of affairs. There should be no way that you should be facing a bill of this size. A couple of questions; what mileage has the car? Full VW service history?
  4. 1. Report the van to the police. He MUST give you his personal details at the scene or supply them to a police station within 24 hours of the incident. 2. Go to a reputable body shop and request your car is inspected. A lack of external damage is no guarantee that structural damage hasn’t occurred. Crash structures are designed to deform to reduce impact damage to occupants. 3. Report the incident to your insurance company and do so with the caveat that you will “entertain no claim whatsoever on your own policy, and will vigorously defend any such claim in a court of law”. I once was struck by a vehicle following me who didn’t stop in time. There appeared to be little other than scuffs on the rear bumper of my Impreza. It turned out that the hit was of sufficient force to deform the spare wheel well in the boot floor. This only came to light when the body shop inspected the car
  5. Cheers Dave. I have VCDS so I’ll look into it. As we found before, the door handle method won’t work on my car. I assume it’s a MY thing, but I stand to be corrected if anybody else has managed to disable KESSY via the door handle on a 15 plate or older
  6. In my experience so far, I’d say the CS pads produce at least as much brake dust as the stock pad, if not slightly more
  7. Hi Sam. I’d suggest reposting this query in the Modifying Your R section. You should find you’ll get more responses there. https://www.vwroc.com/forums/forum/59-modifying-your-golf-r-mk7/
  8. Welcome to the forum. Buying & selling is permissible only via the Classified Section. You’ll need at least 25 posts before you can view sales posts on there. Have a look in this section, it should answer any questions 👍🏻
  9. Yeah the big plus for me on CSS discs is no rusting. The CSS runs stock rear discs, so there’s no option for an OEM upgrade there. Plenty of manufacturers to choose from, plenty of threads on painting the hubs on stock discs to avoid rusting. I put new standard discs & pads on the rear. I’ll deal with rust as & when, if it causes me bother.
  10. +1 for a Sandisk 128gb. In fact, if I remember, I followed @Booth11 original thread link to the card on Amazon
  11. My sentiments exactly. I bought from Halfrauds and got a pro installer to fit. He couldn’t match price to supply the cameras but was happy to fit
  12. No, I had mine fitted when I collected the car. However several forum members have DIY fitted. There’s a guide in the ‘How To’ guide section I think
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