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  1. The specific fitting kit that you need to fit the bars to a Mk 7 Golf hatch has been discontinued by Yakima. I’m not sure about the kit to fit to roof rails. But it may influence the brand of bar you choose.
  2. 7R, but I bought the clear VW PPF kit from the dealer & fitted it myself. It came complete with a detergent to mix up for applying the film, and a plastic squeegee for shifting any air bubbles. Surprisingly easy to apply.
  3. Bloody great news. Fantastic stuff.
  4. Exhaust flames should be confined to Adam West’s Batmobile. That is all.
  5. Just read this thread with increasing anger & disbelief. Everything @blower has said is on the ball. You’re dealing with a dealer who’s warranty manager can’t be arsed with the hassle of filing a claim on your behalf, despite a major failure of a component. Plus a service manager who thinks he can put the frighteners on a customer for thousands (and how many poor bastards have they got to pay previously?). Tossers who don’t deserve your business. They think they can make a fat profit. I’m sure I’d have been quite specific as to where the service manager could shove his 0% finance, the lizard. A filing in the Small Claims Track of the County Court will have a high chance of success. An internal failure of this degree combined with a period of dealers being closed is just the icing on your claim. Threaten by letter, keep it civil and make sure that everything is in writing, letters to go by recorded. Copy the dealer principal in, consider copying in your local newspaper (always a hoot to see how fast the reaction can be), and don’t back down. A year ago, I was told that the ringing noise on boost on my (then) 4 year old R would cost me £1900 for a new turbo. Twenty minutes after I politely issued a robust rejoinder to the service ‘manager’ (who would struggle to manage a good case of haemorrhoids) I received a call back to say that the job would be fully covered. Stand your ground, but don’t bluff. Be prepared to go to court, because they won’t.
  6. The world’s most pointless job; fitting indicators to BMWs. Hope the repairs go smoothly @voorhees
  7. I contacted a security shutter company. They built one to fit my garage, but it is essentially a shutter system rather than a garage door. Hasn’t missed a beat in ten years. Cost around £750 including remotes
  8. Sounds to me like a dealer that wants to avoid paying the percentage transaction fee to the card issuer (Visa, for example) by requesting a bank transfer. A couple of years ago a dealer tried the ‘sorry we can’t take credit card payments’ for a £1k deposit because of the surcharge. I explained that refusing credit card payment to avoid card handling fees, or adding an amount to cover it, was a breach of law and they soon backtracked. I also paid north of 20k on a (prearranged) debit card transaction. I think your dealer is trying it on.
  9. Start here: I’m pretty sure you’ll get no joy with warranty on discs. My rears needed changing before my fronts (at fewer miles than yours), a common occurrence on these cars. Also note that although the Clubsport front discs & pads differ from stock, the rears do not.
  10. I take the stance that the easy fixes are my responsibility before MOT. So functioning lights, no dash warnings illuminated, wash bottle full, wipers fully functional, seat belts free & functioning. If you’re not checking these, you can’t be surprised if you get a fail. I suspect your tech simply checked that your wipers swept the screen & left it at that. But often, service providers use these opportunities to “upsell” consumables. My wife’s Yeti went in for service and they advised her that the wipers were smearing and needed swapping. I asked to see the tech & asked him why he thought a pair of 2 month old Bosch Aerotwins needed changing. Cue much shuffling of feet. Particularly as driving in to MOT in the rain the wipers were of course working beautifully. I suspect that the same is being tried on you. They sell you consumables that you’ll quickly agree to in order to get a pass. Next time, ask to see the problem, or tell them you’ll fix it & go elsewhere for the retest. Then drive to Halfrauds & get new wipers Did your MOT centre advise you of the fail, then sell you wipers? Or did you go away & buy your own before presenting for a retest? And when was the last time you used your car in the rain? Did you note any smearing? Was your screen clear & clean before MOT? I wouldn’t try to make a point over the wipers. My car gets an MOT advisory every year for “rear child seats fitted” on the MOT record. So advisories/comments are nothing to be bothered about.
  11. Yep, reversing cam here, as well. My concern is that drain water can end up in the boot lid, rather than being routed out through the tube. I'm not overly worried about it getting into the boot itself. My tech friend reassured me that it wouldn't cause an issue. But it triggers my R OCD.
  12. Mine lives in a garage, and has done for 3+ years. I wonder if it’s just a cheap part; the drain on my Mk5 didn’t suffer this...
  13. Just off to pick mine up from the dealer
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