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  1. Makes one think twice about returning to a dealer with a warranty manager like that though. Sounds like the guy would score 6/10 answering the question “what is your name?” All subsequent warranty claims after year 1 are in fact dealer-backed, rather than manufacturer-backed. This makes having a considerate and thoughtful warranty manager to bat for you a must. They balance the line between customers and VW/Dealers. I’ve had different opinions from different Warranty managers on the same issue (Monza White Worm on a Mk5 springs to mind). By the sounds of it, this chirpy chappie would be out of his depth in a car park puddle. Although your dealer principal did the decent thing, he’s going to be ever so difficult to winkle out of his office when you have the next problem and the warranty manager is struggling to manage a good case of piles. In your shoes, I’d be wary of patronising that mouth breather again, despite his boss pulling his nuts from the fire. Love “the yellow crayon of judgement”.
  2. LouCyffer

    Vcds coding

    I’m not far away if you need a hand
  3. LouCyffer

    Vcds coding

    Does this help, Lee? https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?7134970-VCDS-Tweaks-for-the-7R
  4. Good to hear you’re doing well, and active on here again mate
  5. Weird one mate. You could also try live-logging with VCDS. Hope you're well otherwise buddy
  6. Not come across that. Have you saved it & cleated the codes? See if they pop up again?
  7. I would interpret ‘mandatory’ as being part of the service schedule. Like others on here, I view aircon services as necessary only when it doesn’t blow cold enough. It’s interesting how many items are disappearing from the service list. I recently had an interim service, paid £170 for essentially an oil change and a tick sheet, and was asked to pay extra to get the pollen filter changed, and the spark plugs (it’s 4 years old). I was surprised that the plugs weren’t on the schedule. I always thought the pollen filter was. Nevertheless I bought the parts myself & will sort this weekend
  8. There’s a how to on modifying caps to fit. In the guides section 😉
  9. I’d certainly start with a DSG reset. At this age, your dealer should take care of that. Does it happen irrespective of engine temp? Or only when warm? Did the dealer scan for fault codes? Or could you scan it yourself (via VCDS or OBD11 if you have access)?
  10. You should look forward to seeing a big difference
  11. Steve, the easiest way is to select Sport with the DSG box (assuming you aren’t in a manual car) while in Normal driving mode. That opens the exhaust flaps. You’ll probably want to be in manual mode and drive on the paddles, otherwise Sport gearbox setting holds the revs too long. Great for that “pensioner in the supermarket car park” effect but it gets wearing.
  12. LouCyffer

    Man down...

    Dishonest scumbag. I hope his next dump is a porcupine. That comes out backwards
  13. More information here if you haven’t already found it.
  14. I don’t bother with the lousy VW voice control. I find Wife Assist to be much better at understanding comprehensive instructions. Of course, it’s a lot more expensive than VW voice activation, doesn’t work on solo journeys and it often argues back, but on the whole, it’s still better than VW’s software.
  15. I’ve had this happen, but luckily I have leather upholstery. Good old elbow grease to scrub it out, a gentle detergent and ensure you lift out the rear bench seat (assume your offspring was in the back). The best way to neutralise the whiff of barf is http://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/simple-solution-stain-and-odour-remover-750ml Not cheap, but I can assure you it’s highly effective. A tip off I received from a fellow forum member @jrw All info in my previous post:
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