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  1. Citroen BX 1.6 -smooth but slow when it actually worked at all!
  2. I had an issue with one of my tyre losing pressure over a 10day/2 week period. No splits, embedded objects and the valve seemed sound. It was only when I removed the wheel that I could see the inside of the wheel was slightly out of shape (yet another pothole) and that was sufficient for the tyre not to sit quite right on the wheel and slowly lose pressure as I drove.
  3. Thanks for the replies; that's some good news. I'm down on the South Coast near Southampton if anyone knows any recommendations nearby? Any guesses to the cost of such a repair?
  4. Swapped out my winter tyres today. One of my wheels had been losing pressure over a week or two for a few weeks but I couldn't see anything wrong when it was on but having removed it I can see the inside rim is buckled. Would I be correct in assuming this is not repairable damage? I assume it was caused by one of the many potholes I've hit this winter 🙁
  5. PeggySue


    My experience is that if the car ahead is stationary when it enters ACC range then my car doesn't take action - it could be a wall, fence or street furniture on a bend I suppose. If the car is is moving even very slowly then it will stop although late and more harshly than driving myself. I therefore slow the car myself when the cars ahead are stationary or much slower than my current speed for my (and my passengers) comfort and safety. Its effectiveness when moving along on busy carriageways is one of the best features on the car.....until I can get to clear spot!
  6. I've just reached Fifty although I'm not rushing to check out SAGA car insurance! A bit off topic but I was less impressed last week that I got asked by a builder guy in a van at the petrol station whether "wasn't I getting a bit old for the car?" and "did I go fast in it?". Little did he know! Has got me out of being pulled over in the past - flew round a roundabout and down the motorway at 92mph and got pulled over. The cognitive dissonance when the copper opened the door expecting to see a spotty 20yo and seeing psycho granny sitting there instead completely threw him off his game!
  7. 50% works for me too - hardly noticeable in Normal unless giving it the beans and adding to nicely to the noise when in Race. I even got the dealer to set it on delivery!
  8. +1 Conti 850s - just went on today. Went for 5 spoke alloys similar to my Cadiz but in matt black
  9. I've had mine 6 months now and really love it. It looks really smart and classy in the sun (when clean!). It is definitely a bit more of an "under the radar" colour and doesn't immediately shout "R" which is exactly what I was after. I've yet to see another in the flesh so pretty rare too - I've seen multiple other Rs in the other available colours (apart from yellow which is also none).
  10. Hello Just wanted to introduce myself. Long time lurker and R owner of 2 weeks. I went with an Atlantic blue with Cadiz 7.5 which seems fairly unique around here. The idea was to keep things as low key as possible but the quad exhaust seems to attract just as many as of the 'Corsa' crowd as any other colour. I have to say I really like the colour - quite classy if I say so myself - and it has as almost purple hue in the sun. Also went for Dynaudio, DCC, Sunroof, Keyless plus Pedalbox Plus & various other minor mods suggested here!
  11. Just wanted to say that the 7.5 seems different in Sports mode to how you describe here. The Sports mode you are describing sounds like my old Scirocco DSG and it seems that VW has made some changes. I'm still running in so not giving it the full beans but when not flooring the pedal in sports it changes up around 5000 rather than at the red line of old. Also if you hold a steady speed for a while it'll drift up into S6 & S7. I think these would be address some of the frustrations that have been raised. It has made 'auto' Sports viable for me when I generally used manual on the Scirocco.
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