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  1. Yes i was referring to mk7/7.5
  2. Pretty sure someone can re-trim it
  3. Guys. This kit costs £280. Took me half a day to figure out how it connects. Than another half a day to fit it. Comes with fitting manual as well. Now I would say fitting is doable within 4h for someone familiar with tools and trims. So I can’t see why they charge £1500 for that. Good profit tho [emoji23] One cable goes to fuse box, one earth, 2 cables from steering lock to can gateway or interior door loom. Rest is on clips which you cannot miss as they only fit one place. Kit also comes with correct drill bits for buttons and struts wiring.
  4. No but it will. Ordered new Steering module for it but still not delivered yet
  5. Unfortunately it is aftermarket Chinese kit so I won’t be selling it mate as I don’t want to take responsibility for that. Same kit has been fitted in my mates car and works fine since a year now Can fit if needed. There you have link for the kit. £280ish (depends of exchange rate) https://a.aliexpress.com/_BU0m1B
  6. Decided to give a go with MK8R wheel in my Golf. On the beginning it didn’t work. Not even light up. Went through the coding and bingo - all works now. Thanks
  7. Productive day today Fitted electric boot on my Golf. Quite useful feature I would say. Shame Golf never came out with this option so had to get after kit. Can be opened from remote or interior switch. Closing either with switch in the boot or interior. Can be adjusted how high you want your boot open (not sure why tho) And this is how it works: Thanks
  8. There is few differences between: - Bigger screen - DVD Player - Video In Motion - 3D building display in map view - map display on cockpit and screen at the same time - better amplifier and sound - HDD with JukeBox
  9. For 8” old type screens, not for new 8” glass ones
  10. Yes it will be different for you as you cannot upgrade just screen to 8” or 9.2” glass screens without replacing glovebox part as well
  11. Looks like your camera mechanism is faulty. Unfortunately it will be replacement the whole thing. You can buy it second hand in ebay
  12. Hi Look on our website mate. All options you have there so you can choose/compare [emoji6] (Hope admin dont min) https://www.vw-retrofit.co.uk/product-category/vw/?orderby=price-desc Regards
  13. Why would you want such a crap in your car mate? Aftermarket (specially China made) headunits will never be fully integrated with rest of the car. I’ve seen and replaced many aftermarket headunits for oem ones. They look ok for the first few weeks. Than start to be annoying (customer opinion) Regards
  14. Hi We supply and fit genuine oem reverse camera kits. Lowline Version: https://www.vw-retrofit.co.uk/product/golf-mk7-rear-camera-kit-low/ Or Highline Version if you prefer: https://www.vw-retrofit.co.uk/product/golf-mk7-highline-camera-kit-genuine-oem/ Regards Alex
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