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  1. Its not working with vcds fella. Need to update FEC codes
  2. Best will be ask the person who fitted it. Its not always can gateway issue.
  3. Cockpit works with any headunit. But if you want map display than you need Pro MIB2.5 or at least MIB2 with HW51. Otherwise you will have only directions on clocks
  4. Yes you can replace it. But you will need Harman headunit if you want all functions active
  5. Not sure if adaptation channel for that will be on that model
  6. Thats just price for codes. They still needs to be applied with ODIS online. Not with vcds, OBD11 etc
  7. Activation codes costs £187 mate. Cant see anyone doing it for free for you.
  8. Yes. Besides if you buy “hacked” unit, it will be already activated with that functions. Activation thats not something you can do with vcds. Headunit must be already hacked
  9. I’ve told you that already twice - clocks should be adapted same time as you adapting immobiliser.
  10. All warning lights on dash thats for start. Abs coding will be gone. Sensors will loose calibration and few more
  11. Dont even plug new clocks in before coding. You will have a lot of problems if you do that
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