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  1. As far as I know there is no such a thing like hacked gateway fella. You can have hacked headunits but not gateway. You will get Component Protection message on all controllers without online coding. Gateway is a part of CP system
  2. Wy would he need gateway for Infotainment? Not all 2014 suffer with range error with AID
  3. 200 if you lucky mate. Last time I’ve checked with my one was 250
  4. Not a all. But it mat flag out tune ODIS once connected and validate warranty, if you have any
  5. Discover Pro can be activated different way, without connection to obd Discover Media needs activation codes applied to the car with obd your lugged in and online coding. That in case its original, factory setup
  6. On the end of the day you guys fitting something which doesnt belong to the car. Some features may not work correctly. I always trying to do my best but sometimes its hopeless
  7. If you don’t know the full story why you opening your mouth fella. He’s been in my place quite few times and I’ve tried help with this as much as I can but we not getting anywhere with it. And I didn’t told him I don’t want to see him anymore, Its just hopeless situation with him. I’ve tried everything and in his case its simply not working. So he is just throwing the money on parts. After him I had 2 other cars with the same problem and solved within 30min. Can Gateway part number in both cases was 5Q0907530AJ. So simply no idea whats going on with his one Regards
  8. Well.. not being funny but just on Thursday I had a guy for AID and gateway replacement mate. All went fine and works ok. 63plate mk7 GTD
  9. alexretro


    On MIB2.5 yes. Not in MIB2
  10. Part numbers for radio: 020 with DAB 043 non-DAB We fitted new gateway in @fly’s R. I’ve sent him all adaptation channels from last car i did with all working. So hopefully now all will be sorted. Regards
  11. alexretro

    mib2.5 unit

    No they are not the same. Mib2 has been fitted in MK7 with 8” screen. In facelift its called MIB2.5. A bit different hardware inside. Harman means it is Discover Pro and thats the only ones which can be activated. Any others (Delphi or Panasonic) are Discover Media and nothing can be activated on them apart of radio and maybe Bluetooth if you lucky.
  12. alexretro

    Discover Nav (MIB1) vs Discover Pro (MIB1)

    On Discover Pro yes. Plenty on eBay
  13. alexretro

    Discover Nav (MIB1) vs Discover Pro (MIB1)

    They not that much this days for MIB1. Last time ive sold Discover Pro MIB1 set for £500
  14. alexretro

    Discover Nav (MIB1) vs Discover Pro (MIB1)

    Better amplifier inside Discover Pro. 8” screen have also better resolution.
  15. alexretro

    Horn alarm

    Not all cars are fitted with it anyway. Check fault in system scan. Sirens are prone to fail in VW