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  1. GregR-125

    We buy any car

    You didn't mention that you need to enter an asking price in the Tootle website before being able to place an advert. It's also pertinent to note that what Tootle believe is a "good" price is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than what the car would sell for privately or retail. The difference should ideally be roughly £3k to £4k. Definitely not £6k plus. Tootle already speculate offers from "their dealers" to be between £25700 and £26700 which is unacceptably low, when you know the car will be retailed at approximately £31500 to £33k and will sell quite quickly to a PCP or similar customer.
  2. GregR-125

    We buy any car

    Just read this thread and thought I'd test Arnold SHARK myself with their online valuation, as I enjoy researching - Absolutely disgusting, £25750 for a 5 month old R with 3000 miles. I know for a fact my car books in at around £28000 for a part ex. But as for online valuation, I pray I never ever become that desperate in this life. My mate traded in his S3 for £27k and the dealer is selling for £35k. How much bloody profit do they want? I'm glad they're all experiencing very poor sales. As for We buy any car, they're owned by Car Giant of West London. Same owners of the 1980's Trade Centre in Hounslow
  3. GregR-125

    BCS Res Delete Review

    Wow, is the price that high you can only PM? 😂😂 Let me know where you based also please Nigel and total cost including fitting. I'm in West London so hopefully not too far away. You can of course PM me 😁
  4. GregR-125

    Winter Tyres

    The idea is you fit the Cross Climates and they stay on the car until they wear out, need replacing. After reading the reviews of these tyres after lengthy and detailed tests were carried out by Auto Express, there is no logic anymore, for me, of fitting separate winter and summer tyres 🙂
  5. GregR-125

    Winter Tyres

    Michelin Cross Climate Plus and Continental Allseasoncontact have changed all this. Read the detailed articles in 2 recent editions of Auto Express. Michelin Cross Climate plus is a "summer tyre with excellent winter capability, particularly in snow"
  6. Ebay. £19.95 each.
  7. Ebay. £19.95 each wiper. Usually cost £53 - £54 a pair
  8. GregR-125

    BCS Res Delete Review

    I did. I personally found the sound very unrefined, rough, untuned. An exhaust can have a good sound and a bad sound. For me it was a bad sound, very cheap & nasty sound. So I had it removed after 7 days. Although I have read numerous posts on here that the anti drone version is a lot better. On a motorway, as soon as I blipped the throttle millimetres at any speed over around 70, the roar was too loud and intrusive, for me.
  9. Standard wipers are crap, Bosch Aerotwin not much better, in my extensive experience. I've gone back to my roots now with wiper blades, silicone PIAA Si Tech which are far superior. They are usually £53.96 for a set, I recently saw them for £19.95 each so a good saving now. Great price for something which significantly aids your safety in the wet.
  10. GregR-125

    What do you dislike about your R?

    On a 7 only I've been led to believe, not a 7.5 Well that's what JK Automotive said when I spoke to them recently
  11. GregR-125

    TT Inlet Pipe

    Twist and pull at the same time, the L shaped bit which is only at one end - You can also apply a little heat with a hair dryer as it is a tight fit 😉
  12. GregR-125

    Revo Vs JF Automotive Stage 1?

    Thanks for sharing this. Today, just a few weeks later, I emailed them and received the standard generic reply as above, except the remap has increased in price by a whopping £100 and the DSG remap has also increased in price by a whopping £100. So adding a massive £200 hike when just a few weeks ago, the total price was £680 as per your above reply from JF Automotive. I never cease to be amazed and alarmed by the significant and sudden price increases we experience in the UK on a regular basis.
  13. GregR-125

    Exhaust flaps

    Individual mode with engine sound to race = Flaps open (soundaktor off or you won't really hear the difference) DSG to S = Flaps open Both methods, same result. But maybe there's a difference? Yes there is. With DSG in S each gear holds much longer That's it
  14. GregR-125

    TT Inlet Pipe

    This is what you what. Just remove the small connector L shape piece and swap it with your broken pipe. I had the same issue a while ago. £10.95