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  1. I loved most things about my R's, except one, and that was the suspension, specifically in town driving, which is what I mostly do. That's me, my own personal experience during ownership. I was looking for a particular, specific feel with the suspension which I didn't have, even with Eibach's. (I didn't want to spend £1800 on coilovers). I thought long and hard about selling, because as I said, I loved most things about my R. I felt harrassed yesterday after a sentence I wrote was altered - No one has the right to do that. That was the personal attack, hence my response. Imagine if everyone felt and thought and agreed on exactly the same...... What a boring world we would live in. Anyway - I will miss much about my R, but not enough to warrant having kept it. But the car I have now, well, I'm sat in my lounge looking at it out of the window and I'm constantly looking for an excuse to go out and drive it 😁👌 I also massively appreciated all the support I had on this forum, especially when my first R was stolen last year. Anyway, all forgotten now, no bad feelings, everyone sometimes disagrees and argues from time to time about anything, especially cars 😁🚗
  2. Control freak gregozdobe. Let go man. You can only ever control yourself
  3. David - Maybe you'll become an individual one day and stop being a follower, express what's in you, not what you think others want to hear in order that you get your validation - It was only a few months ago you were trolled on here and were so upset as a result - I actually felt for you at that time because I'm a decent man. Don't attempt to troll me, you have a duty to be kind and respectable to others at all times.
  4. Gregozedobe - You may be a sheep, a follower, but don't just assume all humans are. I follow nothing or no one, apart from my own instincts. I am allowed to not like a car I have owned, believe it or not.
  5. No Martin - When you test drive a car from a main dealer, it doesn't belong to you, so it's disrespectful to drive it "properly". The Golf R is more executive express than performance car. Its suspension is brittle, with or without DCC, with 18's or 19's. (I've owned with and without DCC). Wheel size does not hide average suspension. It's a great car at speed, either on a motorway or long twisting road, in my experience. But as a daily town driver it's just like any other average family car. That's why I've now sold it and bought a real driver enthusiast's car, which the Golf R definitely isn't
  6. The one primary thing of paramount importance to look for visually is evidence of accident repairs.
  7. Look at Starline i96 immobiliser also. And Pandora
  8. Absolutely agree. Most days I think about what did actually happen to my never seen again 2016 Lapiz blue, stolen last March 2018, and STILL waiting for the entirely useless, broken, failed British justice system to DO SOMETHING. I had an email on the 1st January 2019 by the sweet Police officer informing me that the case had now been passed to the CPS for a "charging decision" That's just one of many examples why millions of decent people refer to this country as broken.
  9. The suspension, even with DCC and the way the car goes round corners. Numb, unexciting, no feeling. I mean come on..... Monroe shock absorbers, really? On a German high performance car? Should have come with Bilsteins or Ohlins from the factory, maybe some nice coilovers instead of a cheap uninspiring set up. My own subjective views bssed of course on actual experience 🙄
  10. Whiteline. I used to fit their parts to my previous Subaru's and always been happy with their products. I've got it on the softest outer settings.
  11. Hi RockR, Having the rear anti roll bar fitted and within minutes of driving away from the garage, I felt a clear 'yes, this is how the back should feel'. It's a feeling which strongly invites you to look for corners and bends and push the car through them. The rear feels tighter, more closer knit, as if some things were a little loose, then the fitment of the anti roll bar tightened everything up. The overall drive feels more connected - I found the stock car felt somewhat fragile at times (my own subjective perceptions). Regarding carrying elderly people in the car, it's definitely firmer ride-wise, which is really only felt over bumps and small potholes. Otherwise driveability on the average road with tarmac ranging from smooth to a little uneven is always good. The ride is absolutely nothing comparable to a Ford Focus RS or Mitsubishi Evo 7 & 8! I hope this helps, Greg 🙂
  12. I've got Eibach Pro springs and a 22mm solid rear anti roll bar - Massively transformed the car to feel less synthetic and more real going around corners fast. I did the springs first for a few weeks. These alone make the car feel more planted, more connected with the road instead of awful oem springs which gave a noticeably unsatisfying, brittle ride. The oem springs would also make the car rise up over speed humps, whereas theEibachs ride speed humps much better, its like the car feels like it stays closer, tighter to the ground. The rear anti roll bar significantly improved turn in on bends and corners, makes the car feel more instantly switchable, direction wise. I hope I've explained this well enough, sometimes it's difficult to word specifically the changed, improved driving experience. My car feels more like my old Subaru's now and I'm fine with the little harder day to day ride as that's what I wanted in the first place. 🙂
  13. There's absolutely minimal turbo lag on my standard 7.5 dsg. In fact, it's great at picking up speed quickly from low revs.
  14. Page 128 of the VW Owners Handbook: Running in the engine: Any new engine has to be run in during the first 1500 kilometres. All moving parts need time to synchronise. The engine experiences higher internal friction during the first few hours of operation. Up to 1000km: Do NOT depress the accelerator fully Do not drive the car at more than 2/3 of the top engine speed. Do not drive with a trailer attached. Between 1000 and 1500 km, increase speed and engine speed GRADUALLY. The style of driving during the first 1500 km will also affect the engine quality. Even after this time, and especially with a cold engine, drive the vehicle at moderate engine speeds in order to reduce engine wear and to increase the mileage that the engine can cover. If the engine is run in GENTLY, its life will be increased and its oil consumption reduced. I'm sure this is written in all Owners Handbooks and not just mine.
  15. On a 7 the tips can be removed with a mallet, on a 7.5 they're spot welded on. Had mine painted a few days ago on my Indium grey 7.5. Removed the rear silencers, masked, prepped then painted 4 light coats of vht spray matt black paint. Looks significantly better now, for me personally.
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