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    Car Ad For sale is my much loved 2016 Golf R, a newborn in the family forces a very reluctant sale. I have owned this car from 8k miles, before it was a VW demo car & as a result is very highly factory spec'd. Included but not limited to leather seats front heated, Dynamic Chassis Control (firmness adjusts to the mode the car is in), Bi-xenon headlights which dynamic corner lighting (follows the steering), heated and power folding mirrors, electric sunroof, dual climate control with air conditioning, touchscreen info system with satnav (you have to press and hold media button as its aftermarket installed), Bluetooth, adaptive cruise control, auto start/stop, multifunction steering wheel, electric handbrake with hill assist and I’m sure I’ve missed something. The car has been modified to a very high standard by Kim Collins, owner of QSTuning, Britain's leading Audi and VW tuning specialists. Only the best components have been used on this car and I have the invoices for this along with the Dyno print out. The front brakes have been upgrade to 8pot Brembo callipers which were serviced in 2019 by ProCalipers, uprated front discs to 370mm floating rotors with black bells. The rear brakes have been updated to 356mm discs, additionally HEL braided brake hoses installed all round. This setup not only provides incredible stopping power but gives the car a special look. The engine has had a lot of work, a Racingline R600 air intake, a Wagner intercooler has been installed to help the car breath and keep cool which it does superbly even on a hot day. A TurboTechnics TTE525R turbo has been installed giving it increased power, this is complemented with Racingline Oil Management system and washer relocation kit, APR low pressure fuel pump, Autotec high pressure fuel pump, 4 bar map sensor, NKG racing spark plugs. The engine has been tuned with a Stage 3+ custom map specific to this car and the DSG gearbox with APR Stage 2 high torque map providing quicker gear changes and high clamping pressure so there is no clutch slip. All this results in a seriously quick car that will embarrass most cars on the road today. The car has had its spark plugs and oil changed every 6k miles. There is a little curb rash on one alloy, and the body work has 1 minor dent which is being fixed on 15th Sept. All in all this is a superb car that the next owner will smile every time they touch the loud pedal. No test drive junkies, serious buyers only.


    Haywards Heath, West Sussex - GB

  2. All, I need some help, I’m after some alloys that will fit over my 8pot Brembos with 370mm discs. Currently running some cheap aftermarket 19”s by a company called Hub and need 10mm spaces in them to get clearance in the brakes. Any recommendations or help would be much appreciated!! Thanks
  3. I have, default settings are: turn all the way to + max then turn back to soft by... front rebound = 9, bump = 5 back rebound = 9, bump = 6 i went for: front rebound =7, bump = 5 back rebound =7, bump = 6 and I’m much happier with the sporty smoother yet firmer feel, its not bone shaking either 👍 think i I will even reduce the rebound by 1 more and decrease the bump too, will see how it goes
  4. Nope I read the title and jumped to the rescue
  5. Not sure where you are, but I’d be willing I’d your in the area
  6. Hello, i have installer KW V3 coil overs to my car and am struggling to find a good setup can anyone recommend their compression and rebound settings for me to try please thanks
  7. Just to let you all know, I have a pair of these coming up for sale once I have swapped them for my coilovers, please drop me a PM if interested, I will be posting them in the classifieds shortly anyway,
  8. Thanks Andy, I have an adapter for the brembo 8pots to take 370mm discs So in theory would I be right in saying that the Reyland TTRS 370 bells and rotors will fit? Cheers
  9. Which reyland motorsport 2 piece floating discs are you going for? they have a few different version with offsets etc and i couldnt figure out whether the TTRS 370x32 or the RS3 370x32 ones. I spoke with Martin a little but he couldnt guarentee fitment unless i took the hub, bracket, caliper and alloy for them to measure up! Didnt fancy a 7 hour round trip!
  10. Hi Simon, I think there can be a difference depending on the Tuning developer. DTUK have different software on the box, when I ordered mine they provided me a DSG on, I still have it available for sale. I’m sure one of the JB1/4 boys will be along shortly and can confirm for their boxes Cheers Alex Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hey, don’t suppose you found a good how to guide on removing the subframe? Cheers in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I second that Coupled with DTUK tuning box I found this a great little package that gave good gains at a cheap price compared to going full stage one! Ps. I have a tuning box for sale .. shameless plug! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. TCU tune, a great transformation for me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Are you changing the intake hose as well as the elbow? Personally I’d go for the TT intake hose, does the elbow and the hose in one and will give you the best flow from a large bore hose ... plus it comes in blue and red too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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