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  1. VW technician confirmed that models with AGM batteries from new are set to Fleece.
  2. Surely Halfords ect must come across this, but I guess they only replace like for like.....
  3. That would be fantastic - thanks
  4. Thanks. Battery manufacturer not interested - placed in the too difficult pile! It seems that certain Audi RS models are fitted with AGM batteries from factory, so would would really help would be to see what setting they are on.....
  5. That's my post on the Ross Tech forum....! Still unsure, as no science/explanation behind the suggestions.
  6. Or perhaps it just doesn't matter....!
  7. This is the issue, no-one seems to have an evidence technical view...... I have used Binary AGM (their is not simple AGM selection, but based on the above from the Varta website, perhaps Fleece is more appropriate....? Thanks again.
  8. Thanks very much. The Varta link below refers to AGM batteries as Fleece, so confused! https://batteryworld.varta-automotive.com/en-gb/efb-or-agm-which-battery-do-i-need Maintenance-free and leakproof AGM batteries (“AGM” stands for “Absorbent Glass Mat”, because the electrolyte is bound in an absorbent glass fleece) are powerful batteries for automatic start-stop systems and have very good cold start characteristics. Thanks to the cycle stability of an AGM battery, a warm engine can be switched off and started again several times at short intervals, without the risk of difficulties when restarting. They also provide sufficient reserves to continue to supply electrical consumers during the frequent stops and still guarantee reliable starting.
  9. Hi All Has anyone coded their own battery on replacement? I have replaced with a Bosch 096 AGM, and based on research used VOA as manufacturer (same battery as Varta), changed the serial number, checked that the rating is correct (70 Ah), but what selection is appropriate for an AGM battery - Binary AGM or Fleece? Seem to be conflicting views...... Many thanks
  10. Sorry, it’s a while ago I did this, but yes, I recall just removing the plastic trim.
  11. Just dropped the headlining down a little at the rear, plenty of room to work.
  12. Hi, nothing specific as I recall. Chain drilled then a simple hand file to finish.
  13. This is the thread you need!
  14. These were prototypes I commissioned, and took several attempts to get just right. If sufficient interest I could arrange more, but as I was looking for a quality sticker with strong adhesive properties (albeit removable if necessary) they aren’t cheap! Cheers
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