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  1. So I'm just sitting waiting for recovery... Replaced my oem turbo which blew 250 miles ago with a BRAND NEW TTE Race, now the TTE has blown!! What is going on with my car?!
  2. Few more bits done: Oettinger Rear Spoiler+Extension Flaps SuperPro 24mm Rear ARB Powerflex Engine Mount Also removed the front VW overlay, as much as it was a great quality vinyl, just didn't look right to me. Some recent pics...
  3. It's easy, you don't have to remove anything. Everything you need is available from https://www.ezmods.co/
  4. If you think the stock exhaust with a res delete is loud i wouldn't even entertain a Non Res Milltek+ DP lol. I'm running a valved full Milltek straight through from dp and it's stupid loud when valves are open.
  5. Michelin's on, huge difference! PZ4's were still 7mm+ and it's night and day. Also ordered some black badges etc from EZ Mods (great service from Eugene), not sure how i feel about the front VW badge overlay though, just looks a bit off, I'm going to de chrome the grille before deciding if i should remove or not.
  6. 2017 mate, pre opf. Had opf on the M2 comp and was an absolute ball ache getting a new system on without it triggering the eml. One of the reasons why I will go 17 plate on the rs3 too. Or stage 3 this, 400 is nice but it's getting a bit boring.
  7. Cheers mate. Drives smooth as silk! Left it factory settings which for me feels perfectly balanced for for fast road and longer trips.
  8. Bit of a minor update, Airtec Intercooler and APR Coilpacks are on, had it on the dyno after to see if it made a difference. That's Stage 2 done...
  9. M140i was a stunning daily, very comparable to the Golf R. The B58 engine is an absaloute beast. As above though, it 100% needs an LSD and i didn't end up keeping mine long enough to fit one. Without it, just never felt that connected to the road on a spirited drive.
  10. Nice! A well setup R is very capable in the right hands, i would think 500 is the sweet spot for these though once you have the suspension and brakes sorted, i'm either going stage 3 next year or buying a fl RS3 and going stage 2. Slowly making the transition to AWD as iv owned RWD over the last 5 years or so. Will post some of them below if anyone is interested!
  11. Overall drive and involvement i would say the M2 comp is on a different level tbh mate (and that's against an RS3 too as iv driven one) and was stock suspension/brakes wise. In the right conditions (summer), RWD performance cars are unbeatable, but come autumn/winter and they are a complete waste and you're you just like, what am i doing driving this? I can honestly say hand on heart am very happy with my decision to go Golf R, it's so nice to be able to just drive it confidently in all conditions, such a great all round car that can be enjoyed all year round.
  12. I would say D holds gear longer resulting in a nicer daily drive for me, S is a little less aggressive then stock but can still be used well when pushing on. The combination of increased torque and a much better tcu software makes for an absolute joy of a drive now.
  13. Thought it's time to post my Golf R, never really had the intention of spending money on this apart from servicing etc but really surprised at just how well these respond to tuning. Previous car was an M2 competition but unfortunatly, needed it gone due to personal reasons. Currently really happy with this although have spent more then initially planned. It was running a custom stage 2 map from a company down south when i bought it but this was never going to stay on as prefer my tuner to look after everything on the car. The TVS ecu/tcu tune also feels a million times better now!
  14. I'm looking at buying one of these next as a daily but after a test drive, they just feel so slow it nearly put me off (yes i put it in race). Still think it will make a great daily with a bit more power so wanted to ask how they feel stage 2+? Thanks for any help.
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