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  1. Thought it's time to post my Golf R, never really had the intention of spending money on this apart from servicing etc but really surprised at just how well these respond to tuning. Previous car was an M2 competition but unfortunatly, needed it gone due to personal reasons. Currently really happy with this although have spent more then initially planned. It was running a custom stage 2 map from a company down south when i bought it but this was never going to stay on as prefer my tuner to look after everything on the car. The TVS ecu/tcu tune also feels a million times better now!
  2. Already running KW V3's and Clubsport S brakes, intercooler/apr coilpacks are a probably the last of the few hardware missing really for max stage 2 i think. Not done the rear ARB though so will look into that, thanks.
  3. No, not an estate mate. You don't really need the Milltek exhaust either, DP is what's necessary. HUGE difference from stock, good luck with it mate.
  4. Just an Intake, Milltek DP and Milltek exhaust. It was already mapped by a different company when i bought the car, they had gutted the stock cats and mapped it 'stage 2' but it never really felt like the 400 suggested on the printout so got it to my local tuner (CLP Automotive) and they did the rest, goes like stink now.
  5. Grip is fine tbh mate, running pretty much new Pirelli P Zero's all round, i understand the MPS4S are the ones to have though. Just unsure if the Airtec will actually make more power or just keep things a bit cooler when it's hot out?
  6. Currently running stage 2 tvs ecu /tcu tune and it goes really well , i'm wondering if an Airtec intercooler will make a noticeable difference in power? In two minds, do i spend some extra money on some new Michelin's or a new intercooler?
  7. Cheers guys, i'm going for the Michelin PS4's and il sell the Pzero's.
  8. Do the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S make a big difference on the R? This is my first awd car iv had and to me, it doesn't seem to have any issues with traction (or hides it very well), is it worth upgrading to the 4s? My Pirelli's are like new but if the Michelins are a big upgrade on the R, i will get them changed.
  9. Forgot to say, i'm running stage 2 with scorpion downpipe
  10. So i'm looking at getting a new exhaust as want a bit more sound, currently have res delete and it's just a little boring for my liking. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Lovely steering wheel mate
  12. Momentum for me, works out a lot cheaper and it's around the corner.
  13. New to ownership myself but would say DCC and Dynaudio. Mine is stock sound system and i regret it the most.
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