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  1. E-V-A-N-S

    Selling my Golf buyer wants to pay cash

    That is one of the silliest comments I’ve seen on this forum in the 2 years I’ve been on here. Don’t think I need to explain why.
  2. E-V-A-N-S

    Selling my Golf buyer wants to pay cash

    As above, take them to the bank and ask them to pay it directly into your account, then fill the log book and paperwork in at the bank. If they won’t pay it into the bank then leave it. Might want to sell your car but you don’t want to be stuck with a few grands worth of dodgy notes and end up selling your car for thousands less than you want for it. I’d give the bank a quick courtesy call before hand just to let them know but can’t see it being a problem. Its a bank, thats what they’re there for. You wont be the first or the last to do it.
  3. E-V-A-N-S

    “ Does It Come In Black? ”

    Thanks mate 👍🏼.
  4. E-V-A-N-S

    “ Does It Come In Black? ”

    Cars looking and sounding great! Where did you get the blanking plugs for the exhaust valves mate? Ive got a bcs system and just taped up the plug ends, didnt realize you can get blanking plugs.
  5. E-V-A-N-S

    ROB2k68 Lapiz R Collection & Build thread

    I've only heard good things about the 034 products and it sounds like a great upgrade. You planning on doing any tracks days at all? Haha I know the feeling. I start falling out of love with my cars if I don't add any mods for a few months and its been a good while since I've made any changes so I'm well overdue! If you're going for the BBK and intercooler then that can only lead to stage 2, then we all know what the general progression is after that 😂. Map wise I'm just going for an APR stage 1 high torque. I don't fancy a sintered clutch what so ever so I'm just going to go with the helix organic clutch. I'm really urging more power from my R now but don't want to ruin the driveability with the heavy, juddery and noisy sintered clutch so 370bhp(ish) should suit my needs. Just to bring the car more alive. Although saying that I'd love to put a down pipe and sports cat on but then I'll be taking myself over the clutch torque limit. Manual problems eh? lol. Regarding the exhaust if I didn't have a power valve I'd 100% have a remus. Love the carbon tips you can get on the remus too, would look great against all the black details on your car now.
  6. E-V-A-N-S


    Ah that makes sense. First thing I noticed was the ohlins suspension. Did you remove it before selling the bike? My nephew has just turned 2, I cant wait for him to be a little older so I can get him his first bike lol. Them 85's don't half shift nowadays! Does your lad race or just enjoy going to tracks?
  7. E-V-A-N-S

    Strange rear indicator

    I’d say someone has messed up when coding it and didn’t know how to put it back. There are some very helpful people on here when it comes to coding so hopefully someone will come along soon and explain how to change it back. You will need access obd11 or vcds to do it though.
  8. E-V-A-N-S


    There’s some money been spent on that KX. Shame you had to sell up, but great for your son starting at a young age.
  9. E-V-A-N-S


    I’ve ridden off roads bikes since I was a kid. Moved from motocross to enduro now. Done my full license 2 and a half years ago, mainly to get a road legal enduro bike. I’ve got a huge itch for a sports road bike but I honestly don’t think it’s a good idea. Been to look at a few and come very close to buying one a couple of times but the misses and family have begged me not to get one. For now I’m keeping them happy, or I have thought about meeting them in the middle and going for something like an africa twin, more of an adventure bike. For now though I’ll just have to stick to my enduro.
  10. E-V-A-N-S

    ROB2k68 Lapiz R Collection & Build thread

    Oh damn! Lucky it was at that time of the morning and as you say just the pants that needed replacing 😂 Is the 034 ARB stiffer or affected the ride quality much compared to standard/super pro item? Looking forward to the updates buddy. You’ve done most of the relatively inexpensive mods by then, its all big money from there on haha. I’ve got loads planned for mine but hoping to start building our house in March or early April I’m finding it hard to hide money from the misses to get some more mods done. Mainly the clutch and map as it’ll be about £1500 and she’ll certainly notice that going missing😂. Just noticed the exhaust isn’t on yet. You having cold feet about changing it or stock piling a few goodies?😜
  11. E-V-A-N-S

    Youtube videos

  12. E-V-A-N-S

    ROB2k68 Lapiz R Collection & Build thread

    Some cracking updates Rob. Love the steering wheel! What was the main reason for changing from the superpro to the 034 rear ARB? Just fancied trying something else or was you not 100% happy with the superpro item? Must say the quality of the 034 stuff looks amazing.
  13. E-V-A-N-S

    L E D

    Yep fine to leave as it is.
  14. E-V-A-N-S

    L E D

    Hi, I’m an electrician and may be able to help you. Its caused from residual current finding its way back into the lighting circuit. Could be down to a few things like bad earthing on the lighting circuit. Inductive current being induced from another cable that is ran alongside the lighting cabling. Plus a few other things. You’re not using a dimmer switch or any fancy switches with small led indication lights in are you? These can cause this in led bulbs too. LED lights work differently to fluorescent lights so even a very small amount of current can be enough to ignite them. The led light should have a resistor and a capacitor in its internal lighting circuit. Some cheap brand lights dont have the resistor in the internal circuit, this resistor is there to discharge any residual current stored in the capacitor. First thing I’d recommend is trying a different brand bulb. Just change one for now and try that.
  15. Get one, you wont regret it. I have a bcs cat back and I love it, best exhaust I’ve had to date and I’ve had loads of different brands of exhausts. I love the boost controlled valve, if you mute the radio, drive slowly and press the accelerator down gradually you can hear the valve open and the exhaust note change. Reminds me of the crossover on a v-tec engine. I’m from South Wales if you’re anywhere near and want to hear it.