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  1. I don’t know what to suggest now as its working as its supposed to. I have no idea how its louder in individual than race because it just means in individual the engine is set to race mode which is the same as putting it in race 🤔 Mine too.
  2. No problem mate. Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of it.
  3. Hmm thats strange, because if the exhaust note is changing in individual mode. It means the engine is set to race mode which opens the exhaust valves, same as putting the car into race mode. I was suspecting a fault with the exhaust valve actuators at first glance of your comment, but it would be strange for both to fail. What I’d do is; Put your car into normal mode, ensure only 2 of the 4 exhausts are open. Do this by putting your hand over each tail pipe, you’ll feel pressure on the ones that are open. Then put the car into race mode and individual mode and do the same for both. You should hear the valves open and exhaust note change when in race mode, then obviously by putting your hand over the tips then you should feel pressure out of all 4 exhaust tips. If you feel it out of all 4 in normal mode then the previous owner may have coded them permanently open. But that wouldn’t explain why you hear an exhaust note change when putting it into individual mode. Try that for now and report back.
  4. That story has tickled me 😂 I’m glad it polished off your car though and he had to pay the price for it. Thats another gripe I have.. not all but a majority of elderly drivers. Some of them are just as dangerous as drink drivers and have no clue of whats going on around them. Had a elderly guy come head on at me around a blind bend on a single carriage way at 60+ mph. I was in the works van luckily and mounted the kerb on the bridge at a fair speed without worrying about the wheels and tyres. Blew the front tyre and completely ruined the steel wheel. Then you have the ones that try to park their car absolutely revving the guts out of it and burning the clutch to within an inch of its life. I could go on and on lol. Although I don’t do much mileage in my R, I cover 25k a year in my works van on all sorts of roads so see it all on a day to day basis. Oh damn Bec that’s nasty! Ps: Aruba is amazing! My favourite Caribbean island I’ve been to.
  5. Theres a roundabout half a mile from my house and so many people do this on it. Its my driving pet hate. There have been so many accidents in it in the last few years completely down to incompetent drivers using the left hand lane to go all the way around. Not something I’m proud of, although it wasnt me that instigated it but when I was 19 I actually had a fight with a bloke that done it to me in my vxr which I’d had about 2 weeks. Used the wrong lane all the way around then missed side swiping me by mm’s. I beeped and flashed him so he slammed his brakes on, got out of his car and was screaming at me through the window of my car blaming me. Knowing I was in the right I was not backing down, soon as I put my window down to say my bit he threw a punch at me through it which led to us having a scrap in the middle of the road. Taxi driver behind me jumped out to break it up and was shouting at this bloke saying he was in the wrong. Still didn’t believe he was, jumped on his car and drove off. Maybe thats why its my pet hate but either way it seriously winds me up.
  6. I’m not denying the fact the dsg is great. You only have to do a quick search online to see how great everyone thinks the dsg box in this car is. I’m merely stating a fact that the manual is overlooked and mocked by people that have never driven a manual R. I know a lot of it on here is banter and i enjoy the banter between us manual and dsg owners but I’m giving my point of view and fighting the corner for owners of the manual. Although imo you definitely have to do the small mods I have done to make it how it should have been out of the factory. I’m talking the clutch stop, delay valve removal and return spring removal. These are little mods that take no time to do and make a big difference. The dsg gets the recognition it deserves if you ask me. If anyone mentions a golf r everyone bangs on about the dsg. I’m putting it out there that the manual is also great and not to turn your nose up at it. Its an auto in my eyes but I’m not getting into that argument lol. Its also the way the world is going unfortunately. Manual performance cars are being phased out and in a few years there wont be any manufacturers producing them. That speaks volumes for how good the auto gearboxes are nowadays. Sales figures also show this. Its just a shame that the manual is dying out for those of us who prefer the manual. Its not all about quick gear changes and 0-60 times for everyone. Thats just willy waving. For me its about having a car that can do everything I ask of it from day to day but also put a big grin on my face when I want to take it through some of the welsh country side for a blast. The R isn’t the most lively car in the world but with 300bhp and 3 pedals it puts a big smile on my face and I’m more than happy with my decision to go for the manual.
  7. Oh nice mate. Didn’t realize you had an e46 m3 too. Love those, my mate had one and used to let me drive it quite often. Always fancied one myself. Prices on the incline too so definitely worth keeping hold of. Haha they are quick cars. The DSG definitely feels faster than the manual. Are you going to get it mapped or leave it as it is for now? I always like to enjoy the car as it is for a while first, then when you’ve got used to it or maybe getting itchy feet, go for a remap. It makes you fall in love with the car all over again. Same applies to mods I like to do them over time rather than all at once.
  8. See, theres one R that would have been saved from the graveyard! The only downside to these is if you’re on a spirited drive on empty roads, but maybe not put them on every roundabout just bigger or busier ones. I’d definitely be for it.
  9. The manual seems to get a bit of a slating on here, mainly due to the clutch. It is a week point but don’t let it put you off. (I know you’ve already chosen the dsg this is for others that may be on the fence of which to buy). Best thing to do is test drive both and make your decision that way. A lot of people seem to give it a slating without even having driven one. The gear box is great. I own a manual and I love it. Don’t regret going for it over the dsg at all. Athough at the beginning seeing all the posts on here about the clutch etc made me wonder if i’d made the wrong decision but I’ve owned my car nearly 2 and a half years so far and I still look forward to driving it just as much as the day I bought it. I done a few small mods like removed the clutch delay valve, clutch spring and fitted a clutch stop to lose the last bit of un needed travel of the clutch pedal. This has resulted in a much smoother gear change and when pulling off its not juddery which I found it used to be. In regards to the dsg bangs your losing out on, I’ve got a vwr r600 intake, muffler delete and elbow with a BCS power valve cat back exhaust and it sounds great. Bangs and pops on gear changes and over run so I’m not missing out there. It also depends on what you’re going to be using the car for. If you’ll be sat in a lot of traffic and doing a lot of commuting or miles then it makes sense to get the dsg. If you’re like me and its just domestic and pleasure use, or you like 3 pedals and shifting gear yourself then the manual option is there. The dsg has its downsides too. The stop start doesn’t work as well with the dsg, people complaining about not enough engine breaking, the dead travel in the accelerator, even though its there in both models it seems to be highlighted more in the dsg. Then theres the expense if anything breaks while its out of warranty and dsg oil changes. Although I’m not sure how often this has to be done so this may not be an expense to worry about. The biggest positive of the dsg is deciding whether to going for more power. Just a simple dsg and engine remap and away you go. On the manual however you will certainly have to upgrade the clutch, which to do so is about £800-£1000. If you bought a manual they are usually about a thousand pound cheaper to buy than the equivalent dsg model so the thousand you saved can go towards a clutch. Imo the manual with a stage 1, upgraded clutch and short shifter would be more fun to drive than a stage 1 dsg car. This is just my opinion and its horses for courses. The dsg will feel faster though because no one can change gear as quick as a computer. There are pros and cons to both, it just bugs me a bit that the manual doesn’t get the recognition it deserves and gets put down by 99% of people who haven’t owned or driven one. There are people on here who have had both and preferred the dsg and also had both and preferred the manual. Everyone is different and so many factors can have an effect on the reasons why. Bit of a long reply but I wanted to fight our corner for the manual 😁.
  10. I’m in Aruba at the moment on holiday and noticed on all the roundabouts they have these curbs to stop people crossing lanes. We definitely need these in the UK! Daily I have people nearly bumping into me who cant use roundabouts properly, drifting from one lane to another or using the wrong lane. Seriously winds me up. Excuse the photos they were taken from the back of a taxi lol.
  11. I like this feature. If I stop to get out at the shop while playing a song off my phone through bluetooth, I like getting back in and it picks up where it left off.
  12. Great news buddy! I wish you all the best. Its unbelievable how many people this illness has affected. My Mother got diagnosed last year and I just couldn’t believe it was happening to us. This time last year we didn’t know what was around the corner, took every day as it came. Now 12 months down the line, Mam’s in remission, her hair is back and looks better than ever and it all seems like a life time ago. I’d have never thought we’d be where we are now 12 months ago. Keep doing what your doing and do whatever you need to help you through it. It sounds you have fantastic family and friends around you and we’re all here rooting for you. A few months down the line it’ll all seem a distant memory. You got this 💪🏼.
  13. If a vehicle is taxed it has to be insured or it is illegal. The MID will then fine you if you ignore their warning letter.
  14. There’s not many manual owners on here at all now. Good to hear someone who has experience of both the sachs and rts. Oh wicked! I’m definitely up for that mate, I’m not free until middle/end of September but we should try and get something going. Definitely take you up on that offer too if you don’t mind 😁. It must be pretty new to the market because I was thinking of a different clutch and when J was looking a few months back, think it was around xmas time the rts one definitely wasn’t around then.
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