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  1. I always have a google and check people have declared modifications with the company I’m about to go with or just ask them on the phone. I usually say I’m looking at modifying my car very soon and ask them if they accept the modifications I’m ‘thinking’ of doing😁. I’ve never had them ask if the modifications remain compared to my old policy. I usually go with the same 3 or 4 companies and some of them are part of the same group too.
  2. One thing I always do when renewing. I always put it down as a standard car, get the best quote then ring up and add my mods on the following day. Its a nightmare trying to get quotes with a modified car and I've found I get cheaper premiums doing it this way and its a lot less hassle.
  3. This build is unreal 👌🏼. Hats off to you mate. Whats next on the list?
  4. 😂😂 I thought you’d be sniffing around! Ah Rob it’ll be a great shame to see you go. You’ve certainly given so much to the forum and your attention to detail is something to be desired. I always look forward to an update in your topic and you’re always full of great knowledge and advice. Definitely drop in now and again 👍🏼. Is the reason for sale the same reason you were considering a change back last year? Have you got your eyes on anything in particular as a replacement? I’ll keep an eye on the classifieds, I’ve got a list as long as my arm for modifications but with my house starting in the next month or two I’m trying to keep spending at a minimum 🙈.
  5. Judging by the classifieds I'm assuming the time has come? 😥
  6. I have breakdown cover with my bank as above. My bank uses green flag and when the misses broke down just before Christmas, green flag were fantastic. Thats the first time I’ve ever had to use breakdown service in 12 years.
  7. Looks fairly simple to make your own HS clutch. https://www.golfmk7.com/forums/showthread.php?p=264556 https://www.shopdap.com/blog/post/how-to-install-a-ttrs-clutch-on-a-mk7.html
  8. The one that sits in the spare wheel well. Didn’t fancy the boot mounted one. If I go on a long journey I’ll chuck the spare wheel in.
  9. The helix is all in and working. Big thanks to Tony (Ge90) for sending out the programming dongle super fast. Just to repeat what others have said make sure you programme yours if you install it. They asked for my chassis number when I bought mine because they supposedly pre-programme them, when I plugged the dongle in it was showing setting 9 so they obviously hadn’t. The difference since programming it to the correct setting is huge too. I set mine to 56 as its a 3 door car, I tried 57 out of curiosity but couldn’t really tell any difference in the sound quality. Put it back to 56 just because thats what it says it should be for my car. If you are on the fence about getting this system, honestly just do it. I’m kicking myself I held it off for so long its completely transformed the sound quality in the car. Worth every penny imo.
  10. You have no idea how happy this has made me 😂 Tried it earlier and it makes so much difference!
  11. Hey @Raffe nice to see you on here and glad you're still enjoying the TTS mate. Plans sound great and look forward to seeing some updates with it, no doubt it will look awesome.
  12. I’d just wrap up to the spoiler if I were to do it. Black on the spoiler and side bits look odd imo. If you were to do what you’ve photoshopped you’d have the top of the spoiler black and the bottom half white.
  13. My drivers side suspension is creaking on full lock now too 😫its driving me nutts!
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