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  1. E-V-A-N-S


    I was really surprised there wasn't a topic made for this already. The new series started last week and I have to say after watching the first 2 episodes I haven't enjoyed a top gear like this for years. Even before Jeremy, Hammond and May left. I went off it the last season or two before they went and since then its all been a bit... meh. Never flowed or felt naturally funny. I have to say this time I think they have nailed it. It may not be everyone's cup of tea and its never going to be a show just for the die hard car fanatics like it was years ago (I watch youtube for that type of car stuff) but I have to say I'm really enjoying this series so far. It feels like the producers have taken a step back and let Paddy and Flintoff be themselves, as they're both funny blokes and just the whole show is enjoyable to watch. Whats everyone else's thoughts on the new series?
  2. I have vwr springs on mine and certainly no complaints here. I’ve always used eibachs in the past but I prefer the vwr springs on my R compared to the eibachs on my last car. Never been in a R lowered on eibachs but I’d be interested to ride in a car with them, so a back to back comparison could be carried out.
  3. Was only a matter of time until this was brought in. They’re already doing this in parts of America. Although in America its a bit of joke as the law states its whatever the police officer decides is too loud. They’re fining people who have supercars with standard exhausts, they can also issue them with a notice that means they can’t drive their car until the exhaust has been changed. How can you change a standard exhaust to make it quieter? Its the dick heads that have loud exhausts and rev the tits off their cars at 10:30pm like that idiot you heard last night. They ruin it for everyone else.
  4. Yeah I had the hub and bearing replaced. I’ve read a few people online have this issue after using non genuine bearings. I’d just change the bearing if I had to pay out of my own pocket.
  5. Thats identical to what mine sounded like.
  6. Mine got progressively louder. Can’t be good whatever it is. Something is moving about, catching, grinding that shouldn’t be so should be fixed.
  7. Its looks great as it is. I’m actually starting to prefer the spielbergs to prets and I never thought I’d say that. You’ve got the bug now😆.
  8. Yes! At last Jeff. Looks great buddy, glad you’re happy with it. Ps: The spielbergs look great.
  9. Yes thats exactly what mine was like. Sometimes when I get a stone stuck in the tread of the tyre I get the same noise. It was a complete nightmare to be honest, it got louder and louder and in the end I didn’t want to even drive the car. If you’re under warranty then it’ll be sorted and they’ll foot the bill but if not make sure they change the hub and bearing first, as this is a lot cheaper. The bill for a drive shaft on mine was like £700, I wasn’t paying so it could have been £7000 for all I cared lol. Pretty sure the hub and bearing invoice (inc labour) was about £350-£400.
  10. Does it sound like this? I had drive shaft replaced first but that didn’t sort it. Then had a replacement hub and bearing and that cured it. Mine happened after the hubs were changed after someone crashed into me, the hub/wheel bearing wasn’t a genuine VW item, when replaced for genuine parts it sorted it straight away. It drove me insane. The reason I think the repair place used non genuine parts originally was because the genuine items were on back order and there was no definitive date as to when they would be in stock, at this point they had already had my car 7 weeks. I think they put them on to just get the car back to me. I have also read that people have had this issue after replacing wheel bearings with non genuine items so it may be worth checking.
  11. How old are the blue ones you have put a picture of Jeff? When VWR first released springs for the golf R they made a few changes over quite a short period of time iirc. Therefor in the early stages there were a number of versions floating around. The ones I have are blue, but I bought them just before they changed the colour to grey. I wasn’t aware of any new revisions since I bought mine, just a colour change as stated above for a rebrand. Whats stopping you buy them? No one on here as a bad word to say about the springs, you have had quite a few replies, over a number of different topics stating peoples opinions on them yet still haven’t bit the bullet. You have commented yourself saying they make the car sit at the perfect ride height. Man up and get some ordered, you won’t regret it 😁.
  12. I’d definitely get that black bit done in yellow with a black R logo. Will look good when thats done 👍🏼.
  13. No problem. Mine are the older blue ones mate.
  14. Thank you Jeff. Its obviously slightly harsher than the standard set up but having used eibach springs on a lot of my previous cars, I think the vwr ones are better at giving a more factory like ride quality. I’m very happy with them and I’d definitely recommend them. The drop they give is perfect, it is exactly the height I was after.
  15. Heres mine. Vwr springs and 10mm spacers on the rear.
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