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  1. Thank you Bec 😁 I’ve had my fair share of broken bones, bumps and bruises over the years but I think this up there with the most painful. Never mind hopefully it won’t be too long of a recovery. Thankfully the bike didn’t even have a scratch.
  2. Well it didn’t take me long... Went to bike park Wales on Thursday, overshot one of the jumps and landed to flat. Not sure what happened from there but ended up going over the handlebars and slammed into the berm. Result is a broken scapula (shoulder blade), plenty of torn ligaments and covered from head to toe in cuts and bruises 😂. There’ll be no riding for a few months, absolutely gutted.
  3. Ah damn that looks nasty. Sorry to see this buddy. Hope its gets repaired back to its former glory.
  4. Ah yes I can see it now! Doesn’t take long for the rust to come through does it.
  5. Well this has pissed on my chips in more ways than one😂 I hope my hammerite lasts atleast a couple of months! I’d seen a few pictures of people on here fit standard rears and never seen or maybe never noticed the coating before, so thought it was something new. Never mind back to rusty hubs it is😫.
  6. When I phoned the dealership yesterday they wanted £92 per disc so I said no chance am I paying that. I asked what’s the best price they can do on them other wise I’ll just get them elsewhere. He came back with £62 per disc which I didn’t mind paying so it came to £124 in total. Mad how they just knocked £60 off in 30 seconds. I always do the same when I book my service too. Say I can get it cheaper elsewhere, not once have they asked for proof and have always honoured the price I say I can get it for 😆.
  7. I’ve just put 5 layers of silver hammerite on so hopefully it’ll hold the rust back a bit 😂 I had a look on the box and can’t find any manufacturing names. Box just says made is Germany with volkswagen part numbers I’ll have another look tomorrow once the paint has dried to see if I can find any manufacturing stamps on the discs.
  8. Just picked up a set of standard rear discs from the dealers. To my surprise they are now coated silver from factory. I’m going to give them an extra coat of smooth hammerite silver anyway but maybe this will help to stop them rusting as bad.
  9. I’ve had my plate for about 10 years now and I love it. When I buy a car now its doesn’t feel mine until the plate is on there. Not bothered about hiding the year or anything I just think its a nice personal touch. They’re not for everyone, some people don’t like the idea and others like myself love them. If you like them and want one then get it. Don’t go off what other people think, its your money, your car, so go for it.
  10. Thanks a lot mate that’s exactly the reply I was hoping for😁.
  11. Think mine could be the top mounts to be honest but thought I’d try greasing the rest first. I’m planning on changing from springs to coilovers soon so will change the top mounts then if the noise is still there.
  12. I know this is a common issue but to save me paying through the nose getting the dealers to do it for me. Does anyone know what bushes to grease and what grease to use? I’ve got it coming from the front and rear of my car now and I’ve got a week off work in a couple of weeks so along with fitting new rear brakes and haldex oil change it’s an ideal opportunity to sort this too.
  13. Not so much my favourite badge, but one that got me into cars at a very young age. My uncle had a TVR tuscan when I was a kid and its my first real memory of what I’d call a sports car. The noises it made, the smells of the exhaust and interior, I’d never seen or heard anything like it so its one that always sticks with me.
  14. Car looks fantastic Jared. Absolutely nailed it with the wheel colour. Just followed the instagram page. Hopefully pop along to the next meet when you’re able to have one.
  15. Bloody hell that turns my stomach seeing that. Also stamping on his head when he was on the floor, nothing but absolute scum of the earth. I hope they lose control on a tight country lane in the middle of the night, roll it into a ditch or field out of sight of everyone. No one finds them for hours or days and they die a slow and painful death. Harsh? Maybe, but I have no feelings what so ever towards people like this. There’s enough going on in the world at the moment without oxygen thieves like these pulling stunts like this.
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