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  1. I have a manual R which is on 19” prets and doesn’t have DCC. I found the ride fine and still find it fine even though its lowered on vwr springs. I don’t wish I’d bought a dsg as I love my manual and I don’t wish I had DCC either. I purposely went for a manual over dsg and I don’t regret my decision. Its all down to personal preference at end of the day. Try and drive both if you can, although it may be hard to get test drives in the current climate. Then see what you prefer.
  2. Its here! Went for a ride earlier, not sure on distance but was out for an hour or so. I forgot how much it helps having an engine between my legs when on two wheels😂. Enjoyed the ride none the less, booked the rest of the week off now too so hopefully get some miles in between now and Monday.
  3. Ah ok thanks guys. I’ve got a 3 door but with the seats down and front wheel off it should fit in there. I’ve seen them bags you can put your bike in with the front wheel off. Would help to avoid getting load of mud in the car.
  4. Those that use their R for carrying the bike, do you use a roof rack or put it in the back with some sort of cover that lies in the boot and over the rear seats? Don’t want to fit a roof rack if I’m honest. Bloke in work uses one that has like suction cups but I can imagine that will scratch the roof so don’t fancy that either.
  5. Well I’ve kinda jumped on the bandwagon and after 10 years off a mtb due to going into motocross and enduro I’ve just purchased a 2019 orange five pro. Will be here one day this week. Been looking to get another mtb for a couple of years but kept putting it off and due to spending any time I could on my enduro/motocross bike, I didn’t want to buy one and find its just left in the garage and not used. Between always having that niggle to get another and going bat shit crazy in the evenings and weekends during this lock down I’ve pulled the trigger and bought one. As its a 2019 model I’ve had a good deal on it too. Only pics are ones from the shop which aren’t the best. Wanted an all rounder to cover ground on the thousands of welsh trails we have and I live 15 minutes from bike park wales so plan on going there as often as I can. Not looking forward to putting it in the R though 😳.
  6. Dropped it off for repair. Mixed emotions, can’t wait to get it sorted but just hope they do a good job.
  7. Thanks mate. I’ve got maxton designs side skirt extensions and rear bumper extensions and the front splitter is reiger.
  8. Lets just hope it goes smoother this time 😂.
  9. Wonder if the spoiler is part of a performance pack type of option? As well as the painted calipers. Could be an option like audi do where they’ll paint the calipers red. I’m still not a fan of the longer body though and I have no need for a 5 door so no 3 door option is a real downer for me. Struggling to find things I like on it from what I’ve seen so far.
  10. Yes thats exactly the same as mine. The fold under the lip of the arch is really sharp too so could easily slice into the tyre.
  11. Seen a few posts on here of this happening to people lately. I’ve had it happen on a few of my cars but not my R. Its usually in the winter mine have fallen off due to using the heated mirrors so often. I’ve always bought an alternative piece of glass off ebay if they’ve smashed. Sure its only set me back £10-£15. Had it happen 3 or 4 times and only had to replace the glass twice.
  12. The tyre is hitting the edge of the wing when you turn and the inside of the wheel arch lining is broke so any little bump and the tyre goes up into it and makes an horrific noise. I’ve tried pulling it out but still hits the wheel and I don’t intend taking the wheel off and trying to hammer it back into a driveable state when they’ve offered me a courtesy car.
  13. Tell me about it, none at all! It’s not going to the same place as last time although it is the insurers bodyshop. I had no choice, the 2 places I wanted to take it are closed and have no date as to when they’ll be back open. Car is undriveable and insurance company won’t pay for a courtesy car for an unknown amount of time. It’s booked in to be inspected on May 4th and I’ve already had the courtesy car so can’t fault them on that front. Ah Dave sorry to hear about your car too mate.
  14. They’ve been testing the mk8 R at the nurburgring. Clips on Youtube: Auto express article: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.autoexpress.co.uk/volkswagen/103321/new-328bhp-2020-volkswagen-golf-r%3famp
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