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  1. The only two I’d consider changing to at the moment is a manual M2 comp or an M4 comp. M2 is top of the list though. Completely different cars to the R but they are the only two cars I find myself coming back to when I’m browsing. Although I wont be changing mine for at least another 18 months. I think as car enthusiasts we feel like we have to change our cars more often. Its as if we’re missing out by not changing our cars every 2-3 years. It’s a bit of keeping up with the Jones’s I suppose. I’ve had my car two and a half years and love it just the same as the day I bought it. I got it looking and sounding exactly how I want and I’ve kept it immaculate since owning it. It still puts a smile on my face and I still find excuses to drive it. I only used to do 3k miles a year as my car is only for social and domestic use. In the last 2 years that has risen to 5k a year solely because I love driving it. If I were to change it now I think I’d only be changing it for the sake of it or to go for something thats more lively, hence why the M2 comp in manual is top of my list. I am someone that likes the new tech on cars so maybe that would play a small part in me changing it, but for now I can’t think of a car that would do what my R does. There is certainly nothing out there that would warrant an extra £20-£30k for me to change. ie, RS3. I love the RS3’s but mainly because of the noise they make. I think the R looks better and is just as capable, if not more capable. I’m also not into 5 door cars, I have no reason to have a 5 door car so until I really have to I’ll be holding onto my 3 doors 😁.
  2. Only once I’ve ever done it and that was at my local tesco. I filled their form in but they never asked me for ID because lets be honest, if you’ve forgotten your wallet the chances are you won’t have ID on you. In fairness though I’ve filled up in my local tesco ever since I could drive and used to go there as a kid on the way to school so they probably knew I was genuine.
  3. They have a Christmas sale on for the next two weeks. May be of interest to some members on here. https://www.autobritedirect.co.uk/
  4. Sorry to hear some scum bag has done that to you. I’d maybe order some fake ones for now just to ensure they are not stolen again but I bought the ebay fakes after one of my centre caps came out once. Things to bare in mind.. They don’t fit as snug so after a few months when cleaning them they seem loose in the centre of the wheel. They also fade, the chrome discolours and look terrible after 6 months too. I managed to get two, genuine, second hand ones off ebay. Just keep an eye out on ebay for the next few months and some will pop up eventually.
  5. You’ll love the R600, gives off a lovely sound. I have the vwr turbo muffler delete, purely because it was up for sale for less than half price of a new one. There is no performance benefit from what I can tell, just a bit more turbo noise. My honest opinion, unless you can get one for cheap I really wouldn’t waste your mind on the muffler delete. From reading others reviews on remaps I wouldn’t get an engine tune without the tcu tune. One reason it’s supposed to transform the car and another reason without the tcu tune people hit the torque limiter of the standard box set up which cuts power so imo the one shouldn’t be done without the other. ps: i don’t have a dsg model but I think everyone who’s had a stage 1 remap with a dsg box will all recommend getting the tcu tune at the same time.
  6. I bought my car from a VW dealership 220 miles away from my house but I didn’t buy it blind and would never take a salesmans word for it being a ‘mint example’. I had them send me a few videos and detailed pictures before I even considered travelling up to look at it. I then agreed to leave a refundable deposit so I wouldn’t go through the hassle of arranging a lift there to find the car was sold. (Had this happen before so wasn’t taking the chance). I got all this in writing so that if the car wasn’t as described I could get my deposit back. They even offered my petrol money back if the car wasn’t as described so I wouldn’t have been out of pocket. This put some confidence into my decision to travel up there. My brother drove me up and after a thorough check over and test drive I was over the moon with the car and purchased it there and then. I’d given them a weeks notice for me to go up and see it so they had it ready for me so if I was to purchase the car, I could take it there and then. Upon arrival the car was in the showroom with red rope all the way around so no one could touch it. The whole experience was great and I’d do it again. On the other hand there is no way I would buy a second hand car without seeing it in person and test driving it. Your idea of mint condition can be completely different to someone elses idea of mint condition... especially a salesman who can earn a nice bit of commission from this expensive vehicle.
  7. They’re just rivets aren’t they? Just drill them out, do what you got to do to stop it rattling and then put new rivets in.
  8. If it hasn’t been shipped yet I’d cancel the exhaust from milltek and go and see Nige. Milltek quality has really gone down hill and a few members have reported that the back boxes have fallen apart at the welds. There’s a topic on here somewhere with picture evidence. The bcs/power valve exhaust is far better quality and sounds awesome. I’ve owned loads of different brand exhausts over the years and bcs is by far the best I’ve had.
  9. E-V-A-N-S

    New R Logo

    I like it... I think 🤔
  10. 3-5k in my R, 15-20k in company vehicle.
  11. If its doing it often I’d get it replaced sooner rather than later as you’ll cause damage to the flywheel as well.
  12. Yep thats clutch slip you’re experiencing.
  13. I don’t know what to suggest now as its working as its supposed to. I have no idea how its louder in individual than race because it just means in individual the engine is set to race mode which is the same as putting it in race 🤔 Mine too.
  14. No problem mate. Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of it.
  15. Hmm thats strange, because if the exhaust note is changing in individual mode. It means the engine is set to race mode which opens the exhaust valves, same as putting the car into race mode. I was suspecting a fault with the exhaust valve actuators at first glance of your comment, but it would be strange for both to fail. What I’d do is; Put your car into normal mode, ensure only 2 of the 4 exhausts are open. Do this by putting your hand over each tail pipe, you’ll feel pressure on the ones that are open. Then put the car into race mode and individual mode and do the same for both. You should hear the valves open and exhaust note change when in race mode, then obviously by putting your hand over the tips then you should feel pressure out of all 4 exhaust tips. If you feel it out of all 4 in normal mode then the previous owner may have coded them permanently open. But that wouldn’t explain why you hear an exhaust note change when putting it into individual mode. Try that for now and report back.
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