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  1. lapman

    Pretoria's -Lepsons

    I can say they did a great job on both times I have used them. Once on the Golf mk5 GTI and my old RS6 Dean Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. lapman


    tickets arrived today with Exhibitor Vehicle Pass !
  3. lapman


    I'm in. See you all there.
  4. lapman

    Any Bikers on here?

    I'll have to get a couple of test rides keep my eye in. Forgot to mention my 1965 Honda 90 step thru. passed my test on this and then went straight to the GPZ 750. The problem was I'd never riden a bike with a clutch before, bit of a steep learning curve I also wanted to call my son Eddie after Eddie Lawson who was my favourite rider at that time. Wife wouldn't have that, agreed to call him Niall.
  5. lapman

    Any Bikers on here?

    Had my first Ducati back in 1997 748SP ,2002 998r then late model 05 plate 999R which I sold and miss very much. Had a few others in between Kawasaki GPZ 750, GPZ900R . Yamaha Genesys 1000 and an EXUP. BMW Boxer Cup might get another, quite like a Scrambler as my body cant take the pain of a sports bike any more nor the points on the licence
  6. lapman

    2017 R Lapiz Blue

    probably need to see those wheels in the flesh. not sure at the moment
  7. lapman

    The Cycling and Bike Chat Thread

    Yep it is. Recently serviced new tyres only been on the road once in 5 years or so I have it. It's a bit weird but I am frightened to get out there. Ride a 1000cc motorbike at speed but not a pushbike at any speed Very strange Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. lapman

    I'm happy with that......!

    Were you in VW Coulsdon on Saturday? As there was also a Clubsport S there as well. I was looking at getting my wife's polo sorted and looking at the R they had in stock Dean
  9. lapman


    The Jag was great for the motorway driving I was doing but just a little sedate. More extras than on the R but I needed a bit more excitement The need for speed beckons
  10. lapman

    Running In...? Wow

    Ignition1 was that going out to launch or lunch?
  11. lapman

    The Cycling and Bike Chat Thread

    I have a couple of bikes that don't get much use. Here's a some of pictures
  12. lapman


    Update - the Jag has gone and put a deposit on a White pre facelift MK 7. There is a good chance that it might be the car that advertised here and now sold. (not to me at that time)
  13. lapman

    New 7r owner

    Looks good in white.
  14. Sounded pretty good on my Ducati !