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  1. A couple of the few pictures taken of the car on the track. First car track day for a good 25 years, I need to get some practice in.
  2. Nice shots. I'm almost on the right line. Mine session was one of the early ones that got red flagged when a Polo buried itself into the tyre wall. I was a two cars back and watched it happen. Decided to call it a day after that. Dean
  3. Apologies to everyone, I was wrong. Looks like it's still on, subject to Covid lockdown. . The refund I got from Castle Coombe was because I purchased the wrong tickets and they gave me my money back. The good news is that I received my tickets and pass this morning. So if goes well I'll see you all there. or at least two of us. Looks like I have to get there at 07:30
  4. looks like this has been cancelled as i just got a refund Shame as I was looking forward to this
  5. I'd go wheels. Volks TE37 in bonze or black
  6. when dopper99 mentioned A35, I dont think it was the Austin A35 which came to mind first.
  7. you could also try Eventuri as something different. Ill see if i can get a picture uploaded or go the the website
  8. One either side of the VWROC flag then ! Last time I did a track day there was back in the early 90's with my 1986 Rover SD1 Vitesse. Air con sprung a leak whilst I was waiting to get on the track. the weather was roasting that day even worse with no air con. Drove home windows open and being troubled by hayfever. An eventful day all round.
  9. I also have a Wagner IC and BCS downpipe. Ordered the rest of the BCS exhaust from Nige but wont be ready until mid end September
  10. Hi MRC did a custom tune for engine and DSG for my 2015 Golf R. had no issues and will be going back once I get the BCS cat back exhaust fitted. Also did a check on my old 2003 RS6, again with no issues. Always found them very helpful
  11. I have the MSS kit fitted on my 2015 R for about a year or more and it works really well. The car is pretty much perfect now. Previously had Racingline lowered springs and didn't like the ride one bit.
  12. I can say they did a great job on both times I have used them. Once on the Golf mk5 GTI and my old RS6 Dean Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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