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  1. Hi Dave, cars on EMD lowering springs and Revo RFO 18’s. No spacers and the wheels require no spigot rings either. Thanks
  2. Washed and waxed as we got some decent weather.
  3. Hi v7fmp Had my alignment done yesterday at Automek in East Kilbride. Not sure whereabouts you are ? They are in Scotland and came recommended by Ecotune up here.
  4. Hi I’ve got EMD lowering springs and an EMD Sway bar.
  5. Yeah buddy Got my set from Progressive Parts but had a lengthy wait due to them being manufactured over in Europe I believe, ended up waiting almost 6 months. Think Demon Tweaks do them too 👍
  6. Hi Stobsie Yeah it’s lowered on EMD springs.
  7. Hi all Fitted my Revo RFO 18’s today.
  8. Got the wheels on tonight , chuffed with the colour and fitment. Steering feels a bit more nimble too.
  9. My R is Limestone Grey ( any excuse for a pic ) Had a few wheels in mind but thought the Revo wheels suit the Golf great.
  10. Still to put them on , planning on doing it this weekend but will hold off on doing a little review until the alignment is done next Friday.
  11. Yeah I think they are deeper , something to do with the way the RFO is made now.
  12. Thanks AHG I’ve currently got PS4’s on my Cadiz and got a good deal at Costco for PS5’s ( £447 ) Was tempted to go for the PS4S but never had any problems with the PS4 and watched a few vids that have said the PS5’s have improved in all areas. So will see how they compare.
  13. Hi All Got tyres fitted today onto my Revo RFO 18’s. Will be getting an alignment end of next week at Automek and then it will be time to finally get them on.
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