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  1. Simon ST

    AWD - Increased Traction.....

    cheers mate
  2. Simon ST

    AWD - Increased Traction.....

    Can anyone tell me how to find this option on obd 11as I've tried to find it myself with no luck
  3. Simon ST

    Potential dtuk box issue

    A lad on face book who supplies and fits them called Shak H Shivji, he is a good honest lad that works in a garage in Bolton if you are close. The Performance centre in Sunderland also sells and fits them along with a few other tuners, just Google to find them. As with the settings just read through the many discussions about them on here and you will find all the info you need
  4. Simon ST

    Potential dtuk box issue

    Best of cutting your losses and going JB4 if you want to stay with a tuning box. It gets fantastic reviews and if you look at the dragy leader board on the Golf R owners Facebook page the JB 4 is doing well and gets some good times on 0-60. I had a Dtuk box on my previous Focus st diesel and it would send the car into limp mode if the settings were to high so was not that impressed overall. The Jb4 covers more than fueling that the dtuk box covers so to me is a more safe and reliable box
  5. Simon ST

    Stage 1 Remap any issues?

    I am now Apr stage 2 with no problems at all, as are many people on here and the Facebook owners page. When stage 1 the car drove perfect and it is a massive jump in performance from stock, I am sure you will love it and just use the search option to find loads of info on it
  6. The difference from stock to stage 1is massive and really noticeable. I went Apr stage 1 in march and was over the moon with the way the car was transformed, I've mapped many cars and the Golf has shown the best gains from any car I have had done. Yesterday I went stage 2 and although not a massive jump from stage 1 but standard to stage 2 would be epic. Now stage 2 with pops and bangs the car just pulls and pulls to redline and just does not seem to get out of breath. I honestly don't think I would need to go any higher than stage 2 for daily driving.
  7. Simon ST

    Round exhaust tips North East

    They want £50 per tip and £80 to fit which is a bit excessive so will be looking elsewhere
  8. Does anybody know anywhere in the north east of the UK that could supply and weld on some round exhaust tips to give it an aftermarket look
  9. I've got the res delete and that gives quite a lot of Burble and dsg farts so hopefully it sounds good when I eventually get my stage 2
  10. Take it out of sport and it's back to sociable mode so it's good for some fun but then when it needs to be quiet it can be
  11. Can i ask all you guys and girls in the know, I'm still waiting for my downpipe sports cat to come back into stock so I've been reading about APR stage 2 pops and bangs and that it should only be used with a decat but then I have read that some have it with a sports cat and all is fine. Can i have a definitive answer or is there not one, any advice is welcome and appreciated
  12. Simon ST

    Pedal box with stage 1 or 2

    I'll turn it down and see how it goes
  13. Simon ST

    Pedal box with stage 1 or 2

    Can I ask what settings you are using so I can give it a try again
  14. Im currently stage 1 going to stage 2 and have used a pedal box throughout, just recently I've started to get juder and hesitation when pulling away quickly so turned the pedal box off and all is fine now. So the question is do you guys use a pedal box when mapped or is it not needed.
  15. Simon ST

    Downpipe with 200 cell sports cat

    I went for the cheaper option as £1300 was way over the top. Hopefully I'll be fine when it comes to MOT