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  1. Not been around for a while but here's a couple of timelapses I did. Not a lot of actual R action but does feature prominently!
  2. Never on windscreen, always on sides and rears. Angel Wax H2Go gives me multiple months, was oct or nov and i still get really good noticeable run off from the rear.
  3. I was worried I should have deferred the winters till next year when my tyres turned up in early Jan at a balmy 8 deg. Seems those concerns were unfounded as checking today, looks like they'll be on the car well in to APRIL!!!
  4. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Car-Back-Rear-Trunk-Seat-Elastic-String-Net-Mesh-Car-Trunk-Storage-Bag-Cargo-Organizer-Storage/32826548156.html
  5. Some velcro nets in the boot, not a perfect fit but I have a few bottles I like to keep with me as well as a fire extinguisher so upright storage is handy. And giving some fake fibre badge inserts a try, still on the fence but will live with them for a while.
  6. Stripped back, cleanser polish by hand, Wowos 121 Contact wax.
  7. Found this yesterday that I'd forgotten about: And fitted the passenger colour change led. Glad I'd seen the guide on here, I put a long cable tie round the plug before removal and I'm sure I would have lost it otherwise.
  8. Intrigued as to whether mine is broken or not I've done some googling and testing (I'm sure being laughed at by the neighbours as I stand opening various doors and staring at them in the drive!!). It seems all the golfs have something called "stepless door angling" which means it holds at any angle. Having tested, mine has a definite rest point at about 9 inches open where the door sort of falls to, it then has another one at wide open where if the door is within a couple of inches, it will go into that position if let go. And for the rest of the travel, it does indeed have a bit of resistance and will hold to a degree. So not broken, which I'm glad about, but doesn't give me a great degree of comfort, I guess with many years of a secondary stop, I expect it to be there so have been thinking there's no hold in the middle ground when in fact there is some. Now I'm aware of it, I'll be more conscious of it in the real world and might appreciate it more.
  9. There were some demos of the wireless version at CES in Jan so it's coming. Whether VW do anything to support it is a very different question.
  10. Most of the time not really an issue but if in a normal car park, with normal gaps, a secondary stop is invaluable to avoid dinging the adjacent car. But then maybe I should just take a leaf out the other drivers book and not give a monkeys.....
  11. My 4 door 7.5 door doesn't hold at any opening and it's a pita, there's a resting zone just open and then nothing till fully open, first car I've had that didn't have a secondary stop half way open.
  12. £45 on ali, I've had them on my wish list for a while, having got burned with the footrest, held off on the bigger purchase https://www.aliexpress.com/item/For-VW-GOLF-GTI-R-GTD-GTE-MK7-7-2013-2016-2017-2018-Metal-Car-Steering/32855134137.html
  13. I like the silver Borbet Rotor reps on there, great price too.
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