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  1. these are the pads i think Awesome GTI sell for these disks, any feedback on them or is there something else others would recommend https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-car/volkswagen/golf-mk7/ferodo-racing-ds2500-front-brake-pads-vw-golf-gti-performance-pack-mk7/
  2. can anyone confirm these are a straight fit on a 7.5? https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-car/volkswagen/golf-mk7/genuine-mqb-340x30mm-clubsport-s-front-brake-discs-pair-5q0615301c/ also what pads are best with this for spited road use? many thanks
  3. yes this is what autowatch said but Vindis are such a crap company they wont listen, you cant talk to the same person twice and you certainly cant tell them anything as they know best. there was no opportunity for me to disarm it properly so they only tried in service mode. if i can find an independant i can sit there while they do it
  4. long story but to keep it short i need help getting a new key coded to work on my car. i had my spare key stolen over a year ago but the car wasn't stolen due to the autowatch ghost. after a year of trying my local dealer Vindis have decided that they can't code a key with the ghost installed so have handed me 2 new keys cut to fit the car but otherwise totally useless. the question is does anyone know a good independent company or person that can code the keys i have as paper weights on my desk! (and they didn't even supply them the R top to them) i am based near cambridge but travel all over the country for work so will travel to a good recommendation. i have VCDS but assume you cant code a key with that?
  5. Yes works on my 7.5 cant remember what i did but it was quite simple
  6. No about right for 18" Pretoria wheels, there is a garage on here that imports them from VW Germany as VW uk dont sell them
  7. I carry a 10 ltr can like that as im often driving rural areas with no shell stations so i dont have any range issues. Also as I've got the can i never fill up until its very empty and have done as much as 30 miles after it says no range left. No problen filling the car from a can like this.
  8. Yes they came from a company on here that gets them from Germany. I use them for winter tyres
  9. Not sure how relevant this is but this shows the difference between 18" silver and the standard 19" 18" on the back if you wondered!
  10. So what is the RON of 93 gas? Our 99 petrol is 99 RON. Ive never heard of MON what is it?
  11. If 93 gas is the same as our 93 octane petrol then that might be the problem. I only put 99 octane in my car and i think VW say 95 is the minimum quality you can use.
  12. Actually its true any new car except true exotic supercars lose a large amount in the first year. If you want to keep cars for only 6 to 9 months then get them 6 to 9 months old and the loss will be minimal.
  13. Sounds right to me and unusually honest for a garage.
  14. Yes turned mine if as well very annoying as it stops you undertaking when on a busy motorway
  15. It doesn't eat tyres, mine is very good on tyres as the 4 wheel drive stops you spinning the fronts away
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