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  1. I ordered in early March, and the info I have managed to glean is all from this forum or from ME chasing up VW for updates, to which they have been next to useless in providing accurate info. At no point has the dealer followed up with me . Waiting and delays not withstanding, lack of information unacceptable and it should be a courtesy to customers facing long delays to be kept informed anyway, grump over
  2. But it’s yet again information out there that has to filter down to us as opposed to being freely given to customers. so far I’ve had, car being built but MAY be parked awaiting components, akra option MAY be delaying things on top of chips, VW MAY be concentrating builds for American Canadian market so Uk likely have to wait, tracker app useless , poor build quality and glitches in software that clearly isn’t up to the task amongst other MAY Be hypothosis. Is it too much to ask VW to provide accurate info just completely disheartened and still considering cancelling
  3. Second that, I definitely do not want my car built by temps. Sorry but that does not fill me with confidence at all. another email to VW uk coming up I think. why is VW uk not putting out info instead of of us all hearing things second hand
  4. Yep, supply and demand + greedy dealers = silly prices not for me, but if it works for others then go for it
  5. Realise not info about a particular order as name of thread is about, but just checked VWUK used cars and they have two mk8 r’s listed.. one Lapiz blue, one White. not sure if still available but maybe worth checking out if looking to jump the list.
  6. Thanks, but I will stick it out for just now…besides with the luck you’ve had I would end up with a golf r line, left hand drive ‘European’ sourced car in some obscure lurid hi viz limited edition paint scheme with 16” wheels. salesman….what do you mean you are rejecting the car, it’s as close to the specs you wanted as I could find….it’s going to cost you to reject this
  7. Glad things moving in right direction after the hassle you have had. This time lucky hopefully The dealer should be named and shamed for the attitude towards you... you correctly signed finance on the car in the belief it was an unmarked / undamaged vehicle.... he has no authority to demand anything of you....Something not correct and i am guessing the paintwork isn't pristine and has indeed some chips or marks as you were rightly questioning.... Don't know if the correspondence has all been by email or phone, but i would be officially complaining in the strongest terms
  8. Delighted for you, way to go! Expect the low down on thoughts once you have had it for a bit, just to keep a brother going Once the original buyer realises how thirsty the Tiguan is going to be they may regret the decision to change Again, delighted for you
  9. I can think of worse jobs than these 3 have landed For anyone who has ever planned a road trip up to Scotland, check out the North Coast 500
  10. I am likely going to stick it out, use the 7.5 meantime and look forward to the call….it’s just a shame the customer experience hasn’t been what it should be, for myself and others. In this day and age of media, sending out a letter to customers affected surely can’t be hard to do. I think my annoyance is more to do with lack of openness and communication than me thinking the car won’t be worth it….a token jester from dealer or VW wouldn’t go amiss either as a thank you to those holding on to brand loyalty. Not helped by the tracker that lures you into a false sense of anticipation before
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