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  1. Beautiful car and awesome seats! Welcome!
  2. How can they snap a lock that is not accessible? These doors have lock defender. Meaning the lock isn't visible to grab and snap. I don't think the door can open without drilling the lock. Something like that in the link below. https://www.mottura.it/en/products/defender
  3. billman

    Steering Locks

    What do you mean that it would spin around after they cut the handle off? Isn't the disklok supposed to spin freely so you that you can't steer the vehicle?
  4. Yes you are correct theblondfella. The part numbers in the picture I attached are INCORRECT.
  5. I find it very weird that the burglars break in so easily and take the keys. Here they just take the whole car! You can check portanova.co.uk for quality security doors.
  6. Thank you for the information.
  7. I'll send them an email as they don't provide an option of shipping outside uk through their site.
  8. And if you can help more, which one of these two was the one that you fitted? I suppose it's the same for your gearbox but I have a cupra 280. https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-car/seat/leon-mk3-5f/rts-clutch-twin-friction-clutch-kit-for-seat-leon-mk3-cupra/ https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-car/seat/leon-mk3-5f/rts-clutch-paddle-clutch-kit-for-seat-leon-mk3-cupra/
  9. Faster planes have made our planet seem small ( 😀) but I guess europe from China or OZ are a bit far away. I assume that posting cost will be extremely big. Thanks for the info though. Any info regarding average price for a used one from europe?
  10. I think the equivalent for clearance of TD pro race 1.3 19x8,5 ET45 is TD pro race 1.2 18x8 et40.
  11. I have a tint film similar to 3m cs35 which allows around 35% of light to pass through. I would say it's rather dark. So you are suggesting to put the tape in order the shape of the camera not being visible by the light coming through the front windscreen or just when pressing the brakes and having the rear brake on? Below you can see how dark the rear windscreen on my car is.
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