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  1. Nichie1

    2015 VW Golf R 3 door DSG

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    Think the time has come to part ways with my R. Gutted doesn’t cover it but now need to get a bigger car. It’s a white 3 door with following spec, added parts. These parts were added in my time of ownership as the car was standard when I bought it. Will add more/better pics next week Usual Golf R refinements, ACC, cloth seats, climate etc 23k miles Parts 1.2 team dynamics 18” gloss black alloys GFB recirculation valve VWR600 intake Turbo Elbow Stage 2 APR 402bhp with 435ft/lb Updated spark plugs APR manifold with sports cat Miltek cat back with non valved back box and titanium tips P3 gauge Serviced every 4000 miles by DM automotive Full drivetrain serviced less than 7000 miles ago Haldex pump replaced as common fault Only 9000 miles put on the car in 18 months of ownership I am the 2nd owner 8 months MOT All receipts of added parts and standard parts included in sale Any serious offers PM me. Not interested in PX


  2. Nichie1

    Haldex problems fixed

    All I can go is off my own experience. I run Michelin pilot sport tyres, had loads of wheel spin then it got to the point it was only the fronts working. Pump changed, no spin at all. Damp cold road, traction control off and it just goes. Honestly complete transformation.
  3. Nichie1

    Haldex problems fixed

    £455 for new oils, flush, diagnostic and pump. Mines started off like that and gradually got worse. I thought it was just down to being stage 1 but the difference is night and day Ha ha ha. Exactly. Error code was logged on ECU but nothing on dash. I bet here is quite a few like that and they will never notice either. Obviously VW doesn’t want you knowing when there’s a problem........
  4. Nichie1

    Haldex problems fixed

    I’ll just get the full drive train serviced every year. It’s really only oil your paying for and if your upping the power may as well keep the best oils going in regular
  5. Nichie1

    Haldex problems fixed

    If I’m honest I think mine has been on the way out for a while now. I now get zero wheel spin but previously I have been for the past 2k miles or so
  6. Nichie1

    Haldex problems fixed

    Just over 19k
  7. Afternoon all Been experiencing quite a bit of wheelspin recently and thought it was down to me being stage 1 as just under 400bhp with just over 400ft/lb is quite a lot for a little car. So last night decided to try a launch. Masses amount of smoke from the front wheels spinning no warning lights on dash. Booked it into to a place call DH automotive in Bonnybridge and he confirmed it was the haldex pump. Great service and really nice guy as well 👍🏻 Fixed the same morning. New pump fitted, haldex flushed and new oil put in. Now drives like a different car. Launched it in the wet, zero wheel spin and according to the P3 gauge 0-60 in 3.2 🙈😂 If anyone is experiencing wheel spin it may be well worth while getting it checked out.
  8. Nichie1

    Alloy choice

    Oz look the business 👍🏻
  9. Nichie1

    Alloy choice

    Really nice them 👍🏻
  10. Nichie1

    Alloy choice

    These are 5x112 (PCD) ET45 offset, 8.0 wheel width and are on 225,40,18 tyres. Car at hasn’t been lowered You can can pretty much get them made in what ever offset you want to eliminate the need for spaces. I ordered them off a place called rimstyle online. Dealt with a lad called Garry. Couldn’t fault them and excellent service Hope that helps
  11. Nichie1

    Alloy choice

    Probably not the best picture but I put on a set of TD’s in gloss black 18” set the car off really well 👍🏻
  12. Nichie1

    Additional mods after APR remap

    What’s PNP? I got the exhaust for a good price second hand otherwise I would of just left the standard one on it
  13. Afternoon all Just a quick question really. I currently run a APR stage 1 remap and DSG map with the 600 intake and turbo elbow. Just bought a Milltek cat back non valved/non resonated exhaust. Can this just be put straight on without having to alter the map or do I need to go back into APR? I know I have to get the coding sorted to take the valves out but is there anything else I need to do? Thanks
  14. Nichie1

    VWR Springs

    Has anyone had their alignment and geometry set up afterwards? Was it out much?
  15. Nichie1

    Team dynamics 1.2

    Looks nice that. What’s the tyres on them? Look fancy