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  1. This guy is a powerflow franchise....... 20 years ago, I remember powerflow exhausts where only ever as good as the person fabricating them.... Some where really good and some less so. I remember having a full stainless system fitted to my mk 2 Gti 16v and before that my Vauxhall Nova had an obscene back box fitted. lol
  2. Same here Becs..... The 7.5 with Dynaudio system seemed to need to be 70% or higher on the scale and with the H&K on ours I literally have it around 25% for a nice volume. Although volume off is sometimes my preferred option when the kids have taken control of spotify and have the tetris theme tune or super mario bros or even pacman blaring out..... haha
  3. Haha... Digging a bit deeper.... DHL delivered it to someone but because they couldn't prove they were me or that that know me.... surely the address gave it away.... DHL have now returned it back to sender. Just waiting on a new tracking number now for the one that has been sent out again.
  4. You need to select 'individual mode' every time you start up. It auto defaults back to sport which Is why you are getting a 'D' on start up. Sport is the old (mk7.5) Normal setting. Race mode gives you 'S' Comfort gives you 'E' Individual gives you 'whatever you have that mode set to' I am pretty sure thats it.....
  5. Through the headlining at a guess. Blackvue did that with @Booth11 fit and I installed mine through the headlining when I fitted my 2 channel cam too. (See my cars thread in members ride)
  6. When on the move and using the infotainment system I tend to grab the screen at an edge with a couple of fingers to remove 99% of the out of sync movement between car & hand and using my thumb select the options I want. On all but the roughest of roads does this technique not work for me. Otherwise, I am quite happy with using the touchscreen. I have the fan set up on classic and that allows direct access to the fan speeds etc where as using the other set up it seems a bit of a faff. Everything else is either set as a favourite or really straight forward to find I
  7. Well, according to DHL Tracker I did miss it....... yet no calling card and no DHL vehicle even on the street according to my CCTV...... Contacting DHL is almost impossible; however, using the facebook messenger contact method only ended up with them saying it had been delivered as per the tracker....... Email contact said it was down to a problem with DHL Germany and it had been returned to sender.......Contacted the Ebay seller who has investigated and it was delivered to someone/somewhere in Switzerland. They are sending me another one out. It has been a month alrea
  8. There have been no confirmed bypasses for the ghost yet, there was one bloke on you tube who was an installer and had fell out with Autowatch, he incorrectly fitted one and then put his vids up saying it could be bypassed. This was confirmed by Autowatch themselves. The Ghost 2 is thatcham approved now too. A little bit due to the size, but I have used one for the last 4 years on the 7.5 and now the 8. Takes about 10 seconds to fit and when I am driving it lives in the passenger footwell.
  9. Not sure if it has been mentioned but the best on car security combo is the Autowatch ghost 2 and disklok. the only way they are taking the car is by dragging you out of bed and forcing you to enter the code or coming with a truck and lifting it to a compound where they can then strip the car down to find the ghost..... unlikely for either to happen unless they are 100% wanting your car. in which case they can have it. It will stop the normal run of the mill car thieves in their tracks. They want an easy picking and dont want create a fuss, so they should move onto one of my neighbours cars th
  10. Anyone interested in a 3 month old mk 8 R 3500 miles..... No Akra, No PP, No leather, No Pano......but it has been ceramic coated + PPF at front end and A 2 channel Dashcam...... £55k..... Asking for a friend 😉🤣
  11. I saw another Lapiz Mk8 R around a 2 months ago here in Telford coming off one of the retail parks but haven't seen it since so I am wondering if they were just 'visiting' the area. That is the only other one I have seen around here. Loads of other mk8's (Inc. a couple of GTi's) but no CS yet either, in fact I think I have only ever seen one mk 7 CS.... and that was a parent at my lads footy training.
  12. Same with me Peter.... Handbrake? what handbrake.... I press the start stop button, select drive pull away, drive to destination, if i need to stop at any point I slow the car to a halt, then drive away when allowed to do so, upon reaching said destination i stop the car (usually reversing into a space of some kind), press start stop and get out. I dont even deselect whatever drive mode it is in.... be that forwards or reverse. Car has always been exactly how I left it even on an incline so I am assuming the handbrake works haha
  13. I have that happen on my iphone and Macbook even when not in the car so I think it may well be a signal/wifi glitch.
  14. I am not a fan of massive tips either.... (yes I said tips before you have to re-read it 🤣) I do like the look of the akra and if tips became available similar to those I would consider swapping.
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