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  1. I regularly had no sound in mine, which was usually solved by selecting radio and then going back to carplay, however, from october onwards it was at least once a week where there was no sound and nothing worked to give it a poke. Only turning the car off and leaving it for half hour solved it. When I sold mine I was at a point where I wandered what was going to happen on that journey, not what i wanted from a £40k car to be honest and looking back now, I am glad I sold mine, and I honestly think the 7.5R i had beforehand was better because it was faultless. So far so
  2. yeh thats the sound. not that it matters now for me as i don't have the car anymore. fingers crossed yours is fixed!
  3. I had this constantly after the 1890 update, to the point where it was beeping every 5 or so seconds for an entire 50 minute journey... drove me mad but had no choice but continue driving. Even tried stopping giving the car a few mins to sort itself out and re-start but to no avail. Prior to then I maybe had it happen 2 or 3 times in 9 months of ownership.
  4. Thanks for the tag Andy, Yes, I would 100% recommend the i20N, it is actually not that far of in terms of interior space, I can still fit my bikes in the back with the seats down just as easily as the golf and if you opt for the standard speaker system (which is actually ok) you get an even larger boot but with space to house a space saver wheel and tool kit. I would say the 2022 i20N is the same size as the 2012-2018(?) i30. The infotainment system is 100% better than the Golf, it comes with the equivalent driving mode as the golfs 'special' mode too as
  5. I am not missing all these problems that is for sure. I think someone has bought my R (GD21 HHJ) from Startin Group Susuki in Worcester, if its anyone on here give me a shout if you want to know any history of the car.
  6. JaseW

    Jase's 8R

    Literally.... ?? 😬 #secretassassin I promise I will behave whilst I am a sleeping member 😘
  7. JaseW

    Jase's 8R

    Haha no probs Becs.... Now i am no longer an R owner, my intention is to de-rail as many threads as possible to see if you can keep up..... 😆😜 (joking 😬)
  8. JaseW

    Jase's 8R

    Love it Andy, at the moment I honestly think I am preferring it to the R, simply based on the fact that it hasn't missed a beat with regards infotainment gremlins, and that it is so much fun to drive. I have to be conscious of its 'direct' steering and how it dives into the corners so sharply as a couple of times I have got a bit close to the curbs on roundabouts. Absolutely gutted on Tuesday though, I clipped a high curb parking up at the swimming pool for the kids lessons, the kids were being super annoying counting red cars and getting silly with it, I parked in a different space to m
  9. Not me mate but I do vaguely remember someone mentioning that one back in the early days.
  10. JaseW

    Jase's 8R

    No probs mate. Glad it was of some use for you. Good luck with your sale. Prices are so volatile at the moment and sometimes its worth accepting WBAC lower end of the market valuation just for the ease of it. I was almost at that point!
  11. JaseW

    Jase's 8R

    Parts for sale in the classifieds once @Booth11 approves them Rubber boot liner Bosch Aerotwin Wiper blades Sun visor Airbag Delete Decals
  12. That is mental. I remember we posted our orders on here within a couple of weeks of each other. I cannot believe that VW haven't got around to building cars from April last year. I really hope it turns up soon Andy.
  13. JaseW

    Jase's 8R

    Quick post as it was New Car day today and collecting the R's replacement. A Hyundai i20N in Dragon Red Pearl. All I can say from the initial drive home (111 miles) is WOW, what a car, it is an absolute hoot to drive. First impressions very good. Very different to the R as expected but superb all the same. I collected it with the transport wrap still fitted so before anyone asks, no It hasn't got a white roof! haha Pirelli P-Zeros fitted as standard Once I have it detailed and clean I will post some better photos. Ther
  14. As I generally don't drive with a lead foot anymore, I am swaying towards it making almost zero difference. haha There doesn't seem to be many gremlins mentioned on an i20n forum, main things seem to be random rattles (what car doesn't have those from time to time) and people don't like the fake exhaust sound thing, but you can disconnect that either behind the dash or if you want too, there is a connector at the back box end that opens/closes the valves that can be disconnected and that also relays fake sound to the cabin apparently. So all you do is have valves open and discon
  15. I will do Becs I am looking forward to collection day on Wednesday, something a bit different. Just need to reset my calibration from 4.5s 0-60 to more closer 6.5s haha
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