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  1. I wont be able to get any photos of during the process as they will have my car for 3 days. But before and after definitely. It is worth taking it to someone who are backed with the credentials of such vehicles you mention.
  2. Mine is going in for a full ceramic coating and PPF on the bonnet and front bumper. That is costing me £1460. The PPF alone costs £760. For a full vehicle PPF it is around the £4000 mark. I will be using the guys at Staffordshire Car Care https://www.staffordshirecarcare.co.uk/ I know you are outside the UK (by a considerable margin) but these use Gyeon products. Once I collect mine after the treatment I will post photos up in the Owners photos thread. Before photos and after photos so the differences can be seen.
  3. Yeh they are the same seats that were in it when I had it. Retrimmed and fitted by the owner before me. They were pretty uncomfortable to be honest. Not great I agree. It was riddled with issues to, Water pipes kept splitting and coming off, emptying its contents everywhere and overheating very quickly. This happened on several occasions and usually in the most inconvenient situation. Those HT leads look to be the same ones I fitted myself! My god did it shift though, it was 280bhp and before I bought it the previous owner ran it with nitrous too. However, the fuel bi
  4. The ebay listing says it is soft rubber not plastic
  5. Browsing Facebook marketplace this morning and came across a Mars Red Mk1 Golf Gti for sale and thought I recognised it. Seeing the VRN confirmed that it was the one I had back in the early 2000's. I did not think in a million years it would still be around! Great to see it again and its for sale just up the road from me in Wrexham, so I have messaged the seller to see if I can pop up and see it again. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/4129283190484644/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Af885
  6. I am not entirely sure to be honest. My glass one self heals onto the screen, making it super easy to fit and no bubbles etc like you can get with the plastic ones, if I want to take it off again i can pick at a corner and (very gently) raise it, this makes it un-heal off the screen fairly easily too. The back side wasn't 'sticky' so its kind of not glued on if you get me? Only time will tell i guess but so far so good.
  7. Mine is still too dirty to see that just yet 🤣
  8. Stevie wonder was on your build week too mate by the looks of it. Give the dealer a call and get it booked in before the 6000 mile/6 month point
  9. Checking the B pillar side it is also slightly out on both side again NS worse than OS. Whilst I was at it, remembering from another members post about their bonnet misalignment (cannot remember who this was off my head though) That looks perfect but thought I had best check.
  10. It must be those options that are backlogging your orders as I order on the 14th March via DTD and I collected mine on wednesday this week. Spec as follows: DCC Winter Pack HUD Camera Park Assist 19" Estorils H&K I have noticed that the camera option is no longer available (along with leather) on the DTD website. I think VW (combined with the Covid delays on everything) maybe misjudged how popular the PP and Akra would be? I do hope you guys get at least a date (or better dates) soon!
  11. Noticed properly yesterday that my doors are out of alignment. I think Stevie Wonder must have been on shift when they were fitted After a bit of faff with my local VW dealer who said I needed to deal with the place I bought it from, after speaking with Medway they told me Shrewsbury were trying to fob me off, of which i thought they were anyway, and sent me a copy of an extract from the Warranty. This states the following: In my case the part in red: Wear and tear and service items Print this page Share by email 13 1 VW2002-18|01 FEB 2018 Items whe
  12. Cheers man, well chuffed with it. Bridgestones were absolutely fine from a noise and comfort perspective, obviously i couldnt test the grip and cornering etc out being on the motorway but so far more than happy with them. Yes James set it up with me in the car, took us all of 2 minutes to do. He had sent some things to do via email prior to collection so all we had to do was associated the keys to the car and set that S-Pin thing up...... Which when I tried doing it on the my connect app (one of the pre collection tasks from James) it wouldnt let me.... J
  13. Haha, if the 1.5 Style moves like this one then god knows how much the R flies then 🤣
  14. First drive yesterday back home from Collection and despite it taking nearly 6 hours with loads of standstill or creeping traffic on M25 and M1, i still managed a fairly good mpg.
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