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  1. lapiz_R84

    Hi all

    Congratulations on your new purchase, You wont be dissappointed!
  2. Looks to me like water/moisture has got inside the arm mechanism. Clean it up and spray some wd40 white lithium grease right inside the part that attaches to the door and to the chassis of the car. That should help lubricate and stop the rusting, however its odd that water has ingressed inside the mechanism on both sides of the arm. Perhaps it wasnt lubricated from factory, maybe over time water that sits on the arm has got inside it. I would also be inclined to remove the lower windscreen scuttle panel to make sure there is'nt any blockages on the drainage holes that runs down from the A pillar to the lower from wing.
  3. I passed mine in one of these rather mundane BSM 2002 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Comforts lol
  4. I can shed some light on this, i had someone damage my front bumper and can confirm that my mk7.5 does have chrome strips on the vertical lines of the lower grill. i did'nt know this till it was damaged and a piece of chrome was laying on the floor next to my car. The chrome really is very subtle, it can almost be mistaken for the reflection of the gloss black paintwork of the grill, but its definitely on euro/uk spec cars too. My car was brand new 2017 67 plate so nothing has been changed from factory.
  5. My 67 plate mk7.5 has them. I did hear VW did discontinue them as a standard feature on the R last year sometime.
  6. I have'nt booked it into VW yet. Since we have had the sunnier weather recently it has improved slightly, but ive also stopped using the auto hill hold assist, not sure if thats even related but has helped also. Occasionally it still feels awkwardly clunky but i do plan on getting VW to look at it again as something is not right as far as im concerned. Could even be weather dependant, hotter temperatures inside the car which means the release mechanism is easier to move the selector up and down. Im not even sure if thats even related but something ive noticed. If i find a Fix i will keep people updated here. Fingers crossed 🤞
  7. Thanks for the response, i didnt think it was normal to feel so clunky either. i will ask to have to drive another 7.5r to show them the comparison.
  8. Mine has been like this from new too to be fair, Im not sure if there is any adjustment on the selector itself?? mine is fine moving sport and manual mode too. Its just is not what im used to with previous dsg cars, they were smooth all the time.
  9. As above, The gear selector is horrible to use most of the time, it feels really stiff and clunky and difficult to move, it makes a horrible clunk when trying to move from park and feels like you need to rip the selector down. The car seems to drive okay, its only causes issues when using the gear shift selector. I have tried everything from pressing hard down on the brake pedal to see if it releases from park more freely but nothing really ever helps. I wandered if anyone has had this issue, ive put my car in twice to VW, both times being told everything is normal... However, this doesnt feel normal to me. Ive had DSG/S-tronic Audi cars in the past and they released and selected park so much smoother, so i find it hard to believe the BS the dealer is trying to tell me. Any ideas what it could be causing this?
  10. I have recently checked my invoice and it also shows the same oil used in mine (Helix HX7 10w-40) However I never checked when I got the car back. I assumed the correct oil was used. I've now done 5k since then not even realising that it was the wrong grade of oil. What was the outcome with this? Can I go back to the dealer and demand the oil be drained and the correct specification grade put back in?
  11. 19" Spielberg with contis running 37psi all round.
  12. Have been trying to find out this myself, i thought they just popped off as they are held on with two clips? anyone know if this can be done without removing the caliper.
  13. I had the very similar issue, like a clicking noise on full lock or slow speeds when turning. My Dealer inspected it and said it was totally normal and a characteristic of this model. The dealer did give me a print out from vw regarding this, it is apparantly something to do with the bellows on the CV joints (ends of the drive shafts).... the dealer lubricated those somehow and it has'nt been as bad since.
  14. yes i get this too. vw looking at it for me to make sure nothing is wrong with the gear selector
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