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  1. .Griff.

    BMW M140i or GOLF R

    My old N55 135i didn't feel that much quicker than an R but my B58 M140i does feel noticeably faster. I obviously can't quantify a feeling or sensation but there is a tangible difference.
  2. .Griff.

    BMW M140i or GOLF R

    Owned an M140i for 12 months now and brother in law has Mk7 R. Driven both as a result. Feel free to fire any questions in my direction if you want.
  3. .Griff.

    Job Search - Disheartening

    I can sympathise having gone through it myself this year. I also work in IT albeit quite specialised and a sensitive role which I can't elaborate on. As a result, as soon as my CV went up I got 'hundreds' of agencies chasing me and it became very soul destroying. Usually, it went like this - Them - Seen your CV, it looks great, what's your current situation etc etc Me - Usual stuff, experience, qualifications, clearances etc.. Made it very clear I didn't want to relocate for family/personal reasons Them - Ok respect that, bit more about the role and so on.. Fast forward 20 minutes and the recruiter then decides to tell me the job is in Dubai, Germany, Amsterdam, London etc etc As for your point on interviews, one of the first interviews I had in the year was back in January. It lasted 75 minutes at which point one guy left the room and another joined and we repeated the whole thing again. I left nearly three hours after I walked in only for them to keep me dangling for 3 weeks before they said they'd decided to go in another direction. Not to mention countless recruiters trying to coerce me into applying for roles I wasn't qualified for or had no interest in. All I can say is stick it out and be polite yet prudent with recruiters. I'm still contacted to this day and while I welcome enquiries I get straight to the point and weed out the timewasters with a few well placed questions of my own at the outset.
  4. .Griff.

    What detailing have you done today?

    Not exactly detailing that I've done, rather finally got my garage into some sort of organised state.
  5. .Griff.

    Pure Water Final Rinse

    Out the tap - circa 235ppm Out of the RaceGlaze - 0ppm (Used about 6 or 7 times since I purchased it in August) I'd change the resin when I consistently see the ppm rising above single figures but that's just me.
  6. .Griff.

    Pure Water Final Rinse

    I wash as normal but I use a Raceglaze DI for the final rinse ensuring I've rinsed all the gaps and crevices (door handles, mirrors, petrol cap etc) with filtered water and then simply walk away. I always test it with a TDS meter on each use and, as yet, no water spots at all.
  7. .Griff.

    How good is EZ Car Care?

    Used them several times. No issues at all. If you do consider using them I'd follow them on Facebook as they often have promotions and sales with little notice or advanced warning. For example yesterday they automatically double 500ml orders to 1litre for that afternoon.
  8. .Griff.


  9. .Griff.

    Novice Question

    The pertinent parts in bold. Granted I've seen people use "waterless" methods such as ONR on the odd occasion with ok results - hosepipe bans, car shows, on road trips etc - but only as a one-off. Detailing a car properly requires multiple stages - Pre-Wash, Wheels, Tyres, Tar decontamination, Fallout decontamination, Two bucket wash, LSP and so on, not to mention multiple rinses. Suffice to say the words "Detailed professionally" and "cleans the car without water" don't go together.
  10. .Griff.

    Shell petrol stations price errors

    Think it's £1.45 here. Never used it, just pop into services now and again for BK.
  11. .Griff.

    Shell petrol stations price errors

    Ouch. I'm in Shifnal and my closest station is Shell at junction 4 services. I use Tesco at junction 6 though which is further to travel but so much cheaper.
  12. .Griff.

    permanent wax

    No such thing buddy. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misleading you. Decent ceramics "should" last a couple of years but there are so many variables it's hard to say.
  13. .Griff.

    Shell petrol stations price errors

    Was that Shell at some services or right next to a motorway junction?
  14. .Griff.

    Rust (or is it fallout) on my wheels

    Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel is the best I've used. Hangs around longer than Korrosol and it reasonably priced.
  15. .Griff.

    Detailing brush toy thing?!?!

    Oh god no... Reminds me of 4am JML adverts. I'm sure they have their uses, and no doubt they would "clean" your wheels. It would also introduce marring and scratches galore.