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  1. That weird looking dog chucked sand all over it
  2. That will be an interesting conversation. You'd like to think the dealership would step up but I wouldn't be surprised if they hide behind the "customer cars are parked here at their own risk blah blah blah"
  3. Might be of interest to some - https://amzn.to/2BXwNj7 Nilfisk C 120 bar Pressure Washer (includes Patio & car cleaning kit) £79.99 deal of the day price.
  4. Thought it might be haha. Shifnal here mate.
  5. Inchcape on Stafford Park by any chance? I booked an appointment to discuss purchasing a Golf R there at least a week in advance. The day comes around and I attend. Reception tells me to take a seat and I wait. And wait. And wait. 25 minutes later I'm told the guy I'm meant to see has double booked me. No apology, nothing. Their attitude was I was a burden on them for having the nerve to want to buy a car. Needless to say, I walked out in the end.
  6. Complain, in writing, to the dealer principal. Did you just ask them not to wash or did you place "DO NOT WASH" notices in the car too? Hindsight is a wonderful thing I appreciate but not everyone pays attention to job notes. I insist they write it in block capitals on the job notes, key fob and I hang "Do not wash" notices from the mirror and include a note on the passenger seat facing the driver. Overkill maybe but it works (so far).
  7. I must have imagined it then. Actually, I think you said you'd get a larger vessel next time so that's probably what I was thinking off. Yeah, I put the central tube in first (with a cap over the top to cover it) and filled it almost to the top. I probably stopped 3 inches from the screw thread. I'll just make do with that for now as I'm still recovering from the whole saga.
  8. I can see why it might be a common 'problem'. At least it's not just me. Incidentally how far do you fill your vessel? From memory, you have a larger one than me but do you fill it 75% full? More? Less?
  9. So the time has come to change the resin however one thing stands in my way. I simply can't open the vessel. Is there a trick I'm missing? I've tried lefty loosey, I've even tried righty tighty in case it's reversed. I also asked a friend to help; two grown men grunting in the garage (it'll give the neighbours something to talk about) but no go. What the hell am I missing?!? EDIT - 1 deep pile microfibre and 1 very large hammer later and it's done. I had to hammer it tight again as well. Oh well, that's done for 4 - 6 months.
  10. Fair play to him. Three hours after chatting to him he'd been and fetched me some and chucked in the funnel too. I've discussed, albeit briefly, discounting which he's open to but the doorstep wasn't really the place to go into it in length. We're probably looking at a 5% discount code which is better than a kick in the head. I'll update you if anything comes from it.
  11. So I was washing the car today outside and my next door neighbour came across for a chat. I was prepared for the "mine next?" comment but he'd noticed my RaceGlaze filter and asked how I was getting on with. He happens to be the general manager of www.thecleaningwarehouse.co.uk which I know you've used in the past Becs. He's going to come back to me with some prices of resin. I'll wait and see what he comes back with but I might tentatively see if he's prepared to do group discounts at all too.
  12. My first Nilfisk was a C110 (we all start somewhere ). As I'm sure you know the pump is meant to stop once you release the trigger. After about six months of use (weekend warrior, not commercial use) it would constantly run. Not the end of the world but annoying and not normal all the same. I've subsequently replaced that with a C125 . However, that unit failed as it started leaking from within the plastic body (housing/case - whatever the technical term is). I didn't strip it down but I can only assume that the pump/seal failed. It would still operate but once you re
  13. I just reached out directly to Nilfisk. I have all the relevant contact details and email address(es) if anyone needs them
  14. Cheers Becs, I'll whip out the TDS later and see what the readings are but I suspect I'll need to replace mine sooner rather than later. Look forward to hearing your comments on the MB151 once you've had the chance to try it.
  15. Do you have to maintain a ceramic coating? Not really. Some people are happy with the protection it gives and leave it at that. However, it's inevitable that it will degrade over time. If you want to prolong and/or enhance the coating then a ceramic maintenance product, while not very cheap, will be beneficial. Just something to think about and I thought it was worth mentioning
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