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  1. .Griff.

    where do you get your resin?

    Cheers Becs, I'll whip out the TDS later and see what the readings are but I suspect I'll need to replace mine sooner rather than later. Look forward to hearing your comments on the MB151 once you've had the chance to try it.
  2. .Griff.

    What’s the preferred shampoo these days?

    Do you have to maintain a ceramic coating? Not really. Some people are happy with the protection it gives and leave it at that. However, it's inevitable that it will degrade over time. If you want to prolong and/or enhance the coating then a ceramic maintenance product, while not very cheap, will be beneficial. Just something to think about and I thought it was worth mentioning
  3. .Griff.

    What’s the best one stop online shop.

    As I alluded to above I've had to contact Nilfisk direct due to some issues. Where I purchased it from was irrelevant, I just provided the Amazon invoice (as proof of purchase) and dealt with Nilfisk directly. I wouldn't fall into the trap of assuming that buying directly from Nilfisk qualifies you for superior warranty support.
  4. .Griff.

    What’s the preferred shampoo these days?

    Due to the nature of online forums, everyone has their opinion. As such I don't think there is a definitive "best" shampoo. That said if it's ceramic coated you won't go far wrong with the shampoos I listed above. Have you given thoughts to maintaining the coating after washing? Gyeon Cure, CarPro Reload, Adams Ceramic Boost, gtechniq c2v3, IGL Premier are all good options.
  5. .Griff.

    What’s the best one stop online shop.

    It's not that cheap. The model up, C125, is routinely on sale at Amazon. I got it for £82.97. https://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/Nilfisk-Pressure-Washer-Patio-Cleaning/product/B01N34KUDG Granted it' over £200 now but Nilfisk constantly run promotions via Amazon so if anyone is in the market for a Nilfisk just make a habit of checking every now and again.
  6. .Griff.

    where do you get your resin?

    What's the current consensus on replacement resin? I'm mindful opinions and options may have changed since this thread was last updated. Any fresh thoughts Becs?
  7. .Griff.

    What’s the best one stop online shop.

    I was a big Nilfisk advocate for reasons already mentioned above. However, I'm now on my fourth unit in two years. Granted there may be some bad luck involved and granted Nilfisk customer service has been good for the most part but it's left a sour taste. I'm going to get a Kranzle in the summer and be done with it.
  8. .Griff.

    What’s the preferred shampoo these days?

    I find the "best" shampoo for one person is not necessarily the best for another. For example, is your car waxed? Coated? No LSP at all? Mines ceramic coated, as a result, I shy away from anything with gloss additives, infused waxes etc.. Personally, and from experience, I'd go for Gyeon Bathe (not plus), CarPro Reset, or Adams.
  9. 5 door or 3 door? I have an F21 3 door and the seating position is spot on.
  10. Not necessarily. I had an E82 N55 135i with DCT previously and it's a good box don't get me wrong but the ZF8 is an amazing box. There's a reason it's so widely used and fitted to Maserati's, Jaguars, Bentley, Aston Martin, Alfa, BMW etc.. As above I had an N55/MPE combination in my last car. Personally I prefer the B58 soundtrack, especially at higher revs.
  11. I'll start with the M2. If you mean an S55 M2 Competition then go for it. An amazing car. If you're referring to the N55 M2 then I wouldn't bother; not enough difference from the M*40's to justify the price difference. As for my car, yes very happy indeed. Spec wise in hindsight I would have added adaptive cruise control and maybe rear-view camera but that aside I'm happy with spec I chose. As for the MPE. I didn't pay for mine so in that sense yes it was worth having. Would I pay for it. You know what yes I would. Looks and sounds much better. If you need any specific information please feel free to ask.
  12. Ceramic coating applied this weekend -
  13. .Griff.

    BMW M140i or GOLF R

    My old N55 135i didn't feel that much quicker than an R but my B58 M140i does feel noticeably faster. I obviously can't quantify a feeling or sensation but there is a tangible difference.
  14. .Griff.

    BMW M140i or GOLF R

    Owned an M140i for 12 months now and brother in law has Mk7 R. Driven both as a result. Feel free to fire any questions in my direction if you want.
  15. .Griff.

    Job Search - Disheartening

    I can sympathise having gone through it myself this year. I also work in IT albeit quite specialised and a sensitive role which I can't elaborate on. As a result, as soon as my CV went up I got 'hundreds' of agencies chasing me and it became very soul destroying. Usually, it went like this - Them - Seen your CV, it looks great, what's your current situation etc etc Me - Usual stuff, experience, qualifications, clearances etc.. Made it very clear I didn't want to relocate for family/personal reasons Them - Ok respect that, bit more about the role and so on.. Fast forward 20 minutes and the recruiter then decides to tell me the job is in Dubai, Germany, Amsterdam, London etc etc As for your point on interviews, one of the first interviews I had in the year was back in January. It lasted 75 minutes at which point one guy left the room and another joined and we repeated the whole thing again. I left nearly three hours after I walked in only for them to keep me dangling for 3 weeks before they said they'd decided to go in another direction. Not to mention countless recruiters trying to coerce me into applying for roles I wasn't qualified for or had no interest in. All I can say is stick it out and be polite yet prudent with recruiters. I'm still contacted to this day and while I welcome enquiries I get straight to the point and weed out the timewasters with a few well placed questions of my own at the outset.