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  1. Aquanaute

    rear brake disc and pad combo

    Any one had any experience with RotorDisc? Found these on Ebay and look OK are handed and coated also. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/REAR-DRILLED-GROOVED-310mm-BRAKE-DISCS-FOR-VW-GOLF-MK7-GTI-GTD-2-0-TSI-R32/232548900718 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ROTORDISC-REAR-DRILLED-GROOVED-340mm-BRAKE-DISCS-PAIR-FOR-VW-GOLF-MK7-2-0-GTI-R/362473185494 Would be using Tarox Strada pads to go with these.
  2. Aquanaute

    Engine Cover Idea

    I got hold of the S3 version removed the Audi badge and filled the indent with Big boy plastic flexi filler, sanded and painted it.
  3. Aquanaute

    Revo Vs JF Automotive Stage 1?

    Emailed JFA earlier asking about pricing as thinking about getting stage 1 soon to compare with Revo and below is the info that I got back if anyone is interested. We can offer the JFA Stage 1 Performance engine remap for your vehicle giving an increase in power of up to 60-70BHP and 100Nm of Torque over and above manufactures figures. Although peak power numbers (like these above) help sell tuning, its only half the story. If your looking for a true driving transformation then you will benefit more from mid range power that holds all through the rev range giving vast improvements in drivability for day to day driving. One more important factor to remember is engine safety, we design our software to achieve the highest possible performance whilst maintaining the vehicles’ longevity and drivability without compromising on reliability. Up to 15% more fuel efficiency can be achieved from the JFA eco-Blue remap and as much as 10% from our Performance option. We perform a health check first to establish that there isn't any underlining faults, then if you opt for a dyno session we will data log selected engine parameters on the dyno to use this data to create a custom calibrated map for your engne. This is then followed by further dyno sessions and a power graph print out. As with all of JF Automotive's tuning work, we provide a 30 day money back guarantee, lifetime software support backed with our fully comprehensive underwritten insurance for added peace of mind. JFA Engine Remap £395.00 Inc Vat Optional Extras; JFA Gearbox Update-Tune £195.00 (Our gearbox TCU update offers the following benefits over and above our engine tune. faster gear shifts, smoother gear changes, faster reaction to paddle shift inputs and increased efficiency.) JFA Dyno Session £90.00 Performance Air Filter £POA Performance Exhaust £POA Total for Stage 1 Engine & DSG with Dyno is £680 Inc Vat.
  4. Aquanaute

    Standard Golf R exhaust

    I have one sitting in my garage but it has no chrome tail pipes on it. I'm in Norfolk so not close to you really. Yours for £60 if you want it.
  5. Aquanaute

    Replacing Exhaust Tips

    Tips are really easy to get off just use a soft mallet of a small piece of wood with a normal hammer and tap them off from under the car. Only takes a few taps and you can then work them off by hand, they are only held on by sprung metal tabs. You could save yourself some money as your tips have had it and just spray them black using engine enamel paint and they then blend into the rear diffuser, which is what I've done to mine.
  6. Aquanaute

    BCS Res Delete

    Thanks for the reply will maybe do as you say and look at the cheaper option just incase its not for me.
  7. Aquanaute

    BCS Res Delete

    Thinking about getting a BCS Res delete but not sure if I will like the extra noise or not so wondered if there is anyone around the Norfolk area that has one fitted that I could have a listen to in the flesh. I know there are lots of Youtube videos but still like to hear on for real first.
  8. Aquanaute

    Front and rear dash cams anyone done it

    Have DR-650GW 2ch which I fitted myself and have no problems with DAB what so ever.
  9. Aquanaute

    Wheel courier required.

    Used Paisley freight with no problems for set of 18" wheels and tyres. Would also use them again.
  10. Aquanaute

    Rear LED Footwell Lights

    Just ordered these from Aliexpress, harness and 2x white light LED's. once they arrive and have fitted them will let you know what they are like. I will try tinting them with blue film to start with but if it doesn't colour match the fronts will buy the blue LEDs and fit them. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2-Pcs-of-LED-Footwell-Light-Footsteps-Space-Lamp-Cable-For-Golf-7-MK7-Passat-3G/32849928692.html?spm=2114.search0104.0.0.4ce89fbdaoqQww
  11. Aquanaute

    Rear LED Footwell Lights

    Thanks will definitely look at doing this.
  12. Aquanaute

    Rear LED Footwell Lights

    So how did you connect the wiring to the front lights and what lights did you use under the seats that fit? Sorry for so many questions but will have a go at doing this myself and want to get it right.
  13. Aquanaute

    Rear LED Footwell Lights

    Looks good. Interested in how you connected these in and do they dim with the front ones?
  14. Managed to do a DIY wireless charger using one of these from ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201404871230 Took the case off and then removed the charging coil and the circuit board. Cut some perspex and used the hotglue gun to encase the circuit board and removed the rubber mat from the centre cubby hole. Holding my phone on the mat I moved the coil around until it was in the correct place to charge the phone and taped it down. I did have to extend the wires from the circuit board to the coil but not by much just so that the circuit board was clear of the mat. Stuck the mat back and plugged the USB in and all is good. Need to attach the circuit board to the top of the cubby hole but weather too cold and the double sided tape wont stick.
  15. Aquanaute

    What detailing have you done today?

    Got round to washing the car off over the weekend and finished off with SCMist, even cleaned the engine bay up. Only problem is that need to take it for a run to clean up the brake discs but if I do that will get all ditry again!!!!!