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  1. That was an interesting read. My car is completely stock and that thread did mention reports of the gearbox just selecting the odd gears or just the even gears only. After turning the car off and back on everything is back to normal, there are no strange noises and the gearbox is silky-smooth. I still have over a years warranty on the car so may wait to see if the issue reoccurs before taking it to the dealership.
  2. It's a 2017 mk7.5 with only 10600 miles. I brought it new in September 2017. Just went out for a quick blast and all seems fine. Just worried the dealership may find nothing wrong with it.
  3. Hi all, Has anyone come across this issue before: Driving in 3 lanes of traffic slow stop start and message pops up on the cockpit dashboard saying something like "Gearbox malfunction no reverse gear", few seconds later a yellow triangle pops up with a "!" in the middle and then I notice the revs drop and pick up. The traffic start to move faster and I notice that the gearbox is changing from 1 to 3 to 5 and then 7 and then at a steady 45mph it is changing between 5 and 7. I finally make it home and try reverse on my driveway and notice the car is not moving. At this stage I p
  4. Hi, I have a coupleof questions: Can you display the Navigation screen in the main driver cockpit as well as the screen on the side? Can you see navigation guidance in the head up display?
  5. Congratulations Rebecca, looks lovely. Does it come with electric seats when you choose the leather option?
  6. When he compared the TCR against the Mk 7.5R all he did was slag off the conti tyres and I thought to myself is that the only excuse you can make!
  7. I use Gyeon Q2m Iron to clean my wheels, just spray and leave it for around 10 minutes and then jet wash off, job done!
  8. I have it on mine and the one thing that makes a massive difference is when you drive down country lanes where the road surface is poor you can feel the crashing on the suspension when in race mode. When you put it in comfort that same peice of tarmac feels like it has just been resurfaced, such is the difference. I have my individual mode all set up on race except the suspension which is in comfort and the traction plus feedback makes it a joy to drive.
  9. I had this same issue and it was replaced under warranty.
  10. Carwow timed the A45 S PLUS (421BHP) at 3.9sec and quarter mile in 12.1 The new Golf R with 316bhp 4.03sec and 12.44 quarter mile. That is very impressive!
  11. These minor items all seem trivial for the overall performance improvement you are getting with the new Mk8. However, you are paying considerably more, so you would expect the quality and simply convenance to improve not get worst! Come on VW you just reported making billions of profits even after the hit on dieselgate, you can do much better surely!
  12. Golf R mk8 vs AMG 35 Topgear review. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/hot-hatch/posh-hot-hatch-fight-vw-golf-r-mk8-vs-mercedes-amg-a35
  13. Before the MK8 Golf R was released there was details saying that the Golf R would have 245kW and 420NM. Now the R is finally available it has only 235kW and 420NM. If you look at any new Golf MK8 owners manual it mentions the different specification engines available on the whole range. There is the mention of the 235kw and 420NM that the new MK8 R currently has, but it also mentions the 245kW and 420NM engine. Does this mean we will be expecting a slightly more powerful version coming soon with a slight hike in power?
  14. Totally understand the savings they can make, but we are paying 10% more for the car and getting less bits then we had on the previous MK7.5. The same happened with the 7.5, no battery cover on top of the battery and the door mirrors didn't have a plastic cover to hide the bolts. I'm sure other cost cutting has been done, but before diesel gate you felt you was getting a lot of car for your money!
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