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  1. Golf R mk8 vs AMG 35 Topgear review. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/hot-hatch/posh-hot-hatch-fight-vw-golf-r-mk8-vs-mercedes-amg-a35
  2. Before the MK8 Golf R was released there was details saying that the Golf R would have 245kW and 420NM. Now the R is finally available it has only 235kW and 420NM. If you look at any new Golf MK8 owners manual it mentions the different specification engines available on the whole range. There is the mention of the 235kw and 420NM that the new MK8 R currently has, but it also mentions the 245kW and 420NM engine. Does this mean we will be expecting a slightly more powerful version coming soon with a slight hike in power?
  3. Totally understand the savings they can make, but we are paying 10% more for the car and getting less bits then we had on the previous MK7.5. The same happened with the 7.5, no battery cover on top of the battery and the door mirrors didn't have a plastic cover to hide the bolts. I'm sure other cost cutting has been done, but before diesel gate you felt you was getting a lot of car for your money!
  4. It's a pitty that they can't afford to put a hydrolic bonnet holder on the Mk8 like they have on all the older models 😂
  5. 0-100km in 4.4 sec on winter tyres in the damp, that's impresive!
  6. If you go onto the My VW UK website and login / create an account then you can see your car's service history. This service history may well not be accurate because the data comes from the VW VMS system and some VW Service centres put the information only on the VW ELSA system. If you used to have the My VW app on your mobile, you will get a message saying "The My VW app is no longer supported by Volkswagen. Please vist My VW UK to find your My VW account and to continue enjoying all the owner's features." There should be a link to Visit My VW UK below the above message.
  7. I don't think the EVO one is a review, they don't talk about actually driving it like they do with Autocar. I'm sure we sill start to see the driving views appearing from today onwards.
  8. I wonder if the 20" wheels is a typo. The 0-62 time in most reviews back in 2017 was 4.6 seconds with the 7 speed DSG, so I was surprised that the MK8 times are slower, yet the reviews now say it is quicker?
  9. Hi All, Here is the first review of the Mk8 Golf R https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/volkswagen/golf-r/first-drives/volkswagen-golf-r-2021-review
  10. Just went on the new VW Configurater for the Golf R. Saw a flashing engines radio button and clicked it. I don't think I will be buying one of these, how can they put a diesel engine in a Golf R 🙂
  11. Hi Paul, This is where my journey began when I brought my Golf R 310.
  12. Had my first Major Service, 3 years from new on my car last week. I asked the dealership if they will clean the Haldex filter when they change the Haldex oil and they said yep will do. These are the before and after photos from my Golf 7.5 with approx 9,500 miles. VW Marshall Loughton did the Haldex service including filter screen for £80 all in.
  13. I was speaking to a VW Dealership yesterday regarding booking a service and I mentioned the My VW app. The service person looked up on his system and told me that he can only see that my car has had one service and one warranty work. I told him that it has had 2 services, 1 warranty work and a MOT. The service person then looked up on another system and came back with the dates and mileage for all the services, warranty work and MOT. This system was called ELSA and the other system with only 2 items mentioned was called VMS. The service person said that it looks like the MyVW app is getting it's data from the VMS system and then it may go onto another database where you can see the events. He also said that when they do a service, both the ELSA and VMS systems are updated by their service team. I was asked to contact my original dealership who carried out my previous services and MOT and get them to update the VMS system. Hopefully this may help others to get their MyVW app up to date, if deleting your car from the app and then re-adding it don't make a difference.
  14. Most of the time the service team don't know the correct way to enter the details on their system, so that it will show on the myVW app. I complained to VW Customer Services when my car service didn't show on the app. They said it takes a couple of weeks and I said 6 weeks is more than a couple of weeks. VW Customer Service said they will contact my dealer and sort this out. The next day I got a text from VW Customer Service saying that my service should now be available on the myVW App and that my dealer had not entered the information on the correct system. Indeed the service did show on myVW app, only because I chased it! 3 years down the line and the information recorded on the myVW app does not correctly respond to the events that have taken place. I just wonder if VW decided to save money producing Service History Books because of Dieselgate scandal, cost cutting wherever possible.
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