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  1. Thanks for the input all, I am going to take this up with vw customer care in writing today. I will report back
  2. Hi, i know this has been talked about a lot and I have searched to see if anyone has had it twice in a short period. My car is just over 4 years old, when a little over 2 and half years old i had to get the coolant thermostat changed under warranty, great no problem. It has just come back from the a major service at my local specialist and he advises me it needs doing again, around 18 months later... I had noticed some lose of coolant and it has been running down the engine and can be seen on the sump..surely this can’t be right to happen again so quickly. He also advises they updated the part number for this in the last 6 to 8 weeks and think vw must have picked up on this issue and improved the part, but visually he says it looks the same. Do you think I have any comeback with VW on this one? Or am I on a hiding to nothing. My specialists has a one he just did to a S3 was around the £600 mark..... Thanks
  3. Been there done that, 200 miles from home. Wife to the rescue and boy was she happy.... mine is not a face lift and I have keyless . With the car fully locked, if I go up to the boot it opens , I then take my jacket off with keys in, put them in the boot and close it, I was then locked out. I am not sure if I get set time to reopen the boot before this happens or if it is instant. Either way not good! need to try this out at home with spare key .
  4. Cheers for info, how do they do it, costs? So how safe is repair on a wheel then?
  5. Going to give that route a try today.
  6. That is the thing, I am going to talk to vw today, but I kind of need that wheel off straight away, as it dangerous. I don’t think I should put a new tyre on it??
  7. Evening all, I have been having a few issues with tyre wear on the front, so I arranged for my tracking to be checked next week and ordered 4 new ps4 to go on. I was only told of the issues at my recent service as I knew they where getting low, but wanted to change all 4 together. Today I spent the day cleaning the car and had all my wheels and renewing the geyon protection on. I got to the last wheel and got the total shock of my life at not only the inner tyre wear but the crack on the inside of the wheel. All 4 of my wheels are totally immactute, not a single mark on any of them and I am so careful with my car. I presume looking to get something like this covered under warranty is not likely? so new pret I guess?! gutted and can’t think of how it could have happened, but clearly with the tyre wear something has happened.
  8. NathR

    Summer wax

    Hi, sorry had a busy week and this is the first time I have looked back at my post. i guess I would be looking for a 6 week to a couple of months. Ps21 used to last about 6 weeks, that has a high carnuba % I think, that’s why I was thinking of going for there slightly more expensive Version? Any experience of this booth? https://www.amazon.co.uk/R222-100-Carnauba-Paste-Hard-200/dp/B00UHO3BVY/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1530472333&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=r222+carnauba+wax&dpPl=1&dpID=41WbDxi8q%2BL&ref=plSrch Maybe i I should just put the supernatural back on! Hahaha
  9. NathR

    Summer wax

    Hi, any recomenddations for a good summer wax please? I previously used poorboys exp sealant then dodo juice supernatural for my Winter protecton. I have used ps21 (r222) which I really like but dosnt last long at all, anyone tired there more expensive one, the 100% carbanuba version? its for my reflex silver car by the way. Thanks
  10. I don't have facebook, can someone post up photos of this complete and utter drain on society please. What a shocking thing to happen.
  11. Thank you and I thought that was on the (very) expensive side!
  12. Hi, Please can someone confirm the price of just the oil please, I have been given a price of £101.36 + VAT..... then £45 + vat to change the oiler and clean the filter etc of a local specialist. I just cant help but thinking the oil price is high!
  13. Hi, Ones a iPhone 7 and ones a iPhone 5 SE (work). They both work fine when they are both connect for both the phone and media together, its only when I spilt them up. Will get it look at before my warranty runs out! Thanks guys
  14. Mk7 R with Pro nav (MIb1). I think I should be able to connect two phones to the car with no issues. ie connect my work phone to phone side and take calls and my own phone to use for music via Bluetooth? When I do this the music played is distorted and the calls on my work phone don't work, It seems as though it is connected but you cant hear anyone talking through the car speakers, just through the phone. It doesn't matter which way round I do this sync it is the same This cant be right, is it? Thanks in advance.
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