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  1. I've never had the 1st-2nd hesitation but the other thing to make sure is that the DSG box oil is fully warmed up before launching. There's obviously not a way to see the temperature but it takes longer than the engine oil for sure. Agree that torque limiter and starting vibration reduction could be changed but I haven't done this yet and not had any issues. Ideally I wouldn't want to manual shift on launch (I tried once and got horrendous drive-train shunt) but I guess if you need to do this to get around a problem then that's different.
  2. A good fast-road/casual track set up would be something like the Vagbremtechnic j-hooked front discs, braided front lines, motul rbf 660 fluid and ds2500 pads all round. You can also get the clip on cooling ducts from the Rs3 for around £30, every little helps! If you can see yourself doing lots of track days, tuning the car and running sticky rubber with a more track-focused geo set-up then I would skip straight to a BBK (and run a catch can) because the fast-road set-ups won't keep up. Hope that helps!
  3. Great that you bought the dragy, nice one! Good 0-60 time too but you should be able to get that down - no harm in doing a few more launches 😉 My best stage 1 0-60 was 3.7 (I assume I had around 370bhp but no dyno run) and my best stage 2 (so far!) is 3.5. I doubt my stage 2 car is making the figures your car is though!
  4. I was Revo stage 1 with a BCS res delete and it sounded excellent. I'm now Revo stage 2 with Scorpion sports cat DP and BCS res delete and (to my ears) it sounds fantastic! Not harsh at all and just right in terms of volume, pops, bangs etc. No drone and not harsh or tinny in the slightest. IMHO I think this is the best compromise - around £600 of exhaust mods plus the tune. I believe that a decat DP plus res delete can be harsh and tinny though.
  5. Awesome, fingers crossed I make similar torque figures! Yeah taking to a garage, would have no hope of doing this myself haha! I debated about the pipework but adding the Forge intercooler in/out hoses plus the Revo charge and throttle pipes was adding another £400 to the cost, plus the labor. I got the intercooler 25% off, the DP 20% off, the TCU tune 25% off, the ECU uprgrade from stage 1 to 2 for £48 and 10% off the labor. So a relatively cheap stage 2 in the end 🙂
  6. Sounds great @Dougie, nice figures, I bet it drives brilliantly with all that torque! Amazing actually that you got 405ft/lbs without the high torque tune - down to the FMIC + pipe upgrades do you think?
  7. hmmm I got mine for more like £115 but a quick google suggests they've gone up in price. Are you on the FB group UK MK7 Golf R Owners Club? One of the moderators, Shak, sells them with a members discount.
  8. Nice one @Dougie, bet that was a PITA! Please let us know how you get on at Unicorn, I'm sure it'll be great 🙂 I finished off my pikey r600 at the weekend and I'm booked in for Revo stage 2 ECU and TCU with Scorpion sports cat DP and Forge 'cooler next week.
  9. And buy a Dragy and see what times you get 🙂
  10. The cat is in the downpipe. I think conventional wisdom is to go either res delete + high flow sports cat DP (with required stage 2 map) or if you decide to decat then get a full cat-back system (with stage 2 map) for the better sound. Going res delete with decat DP apparently sounds very loud, tinny and not particularly nice. Hope that helps!
  11. I have them on the rear and wouldn't put them on the front. Go for tarox Strada
  12. As its PCV there will surely always be oil vapor released? Also, I thought the PCV top plate on the oil management systems out there have some baffling plates to divert surged oil straight back in? Maybe the new part results in less vapor in the engine bay but its the baffling helping to prevent starvation that I personally wouldnt want to be without on track
  13. I run this system at stage one power levels on a tracked car and its performed very well so far (about a year). IMHO if you have big brakes, sticky tyres, some handling mods and track the car then this is a worthwhile mod (be it Racingline or other) regardless of ECU tune. I've emptied >500ml from mine after a half day on track... Also, with spirited road driving I find I need to drain some mank from the catch can every couple of months. That being said, this isn't the first report I've seen of the gasket issue or the dreaded allen bolts falling into the engine, so when my car gets its new years present in a few weeks I'll ask the guys to inspect the PCV header and check the bolts. @WHY.A.H.WHY.A hope you get your issue sorted and get a positive response from Racingline
  14. Dont APR recommend step cooler plugs like the NGK racing ones?
  15. Sounds great! Good luck with the DP fitting, that sounds tricky...
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