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  1. Hi Keithy, unfortunately some numpty pulled out of a t-junction without looking and drove into me as I was going past 😞 I had no chance whatsoever and even after swerving they still caught me down the passenger side of the car doing pretty extensive bodywork damage and pushing the rear NS wheel back and in. It was a close run thing with the insurance declaring a total loss but they didn't want to risk there being undiscovered suspension damage and escalating costs above the initial repair estimate. I'm devastated obviously 😞
  2. I did think about that but mixed reports of the Milltek sports cat DP passing MOTs whereas my old Scorpion and others' always passed
  3. Really appreciate that, thanks for taking time to include the instructions too!
  4. Thanks mate, that's great. Forgive my ignorance but is the reducer a separate part or integrated into the DP? I only ask because I used to have Scorpion DP to OE cat back on my old R and thought it was a straight fit
  5. Hi Folks, Taking delivery of my second golf R next week. It's currently got a Milltek cat-back system on it but I want to run a Scorpion sports cat DP (as I know that will pass MOTs) for stage 2. Question is - are there any compatibility issues when fitting or straight plug and play? TIA
  6. The torque increases so yes there is additional stress, but most stage 1 maps should still be within tolerances. There's a torque limiter to protect itself too. Higher torque ECU maps may require a TCU map to increase clutch clamping pressures to avoid slip - Revo recommend this for stage 2. Presumably this does reduce the life span of the clutch packs to some extent.
  7. I would take the opportunity to upgrade the discs and pads at the same time - if you buy OEM style pads now you'll be taking them out when you upgrade the discs later. Clubsport discs are also overpriced IMHO. Have a look at the Vagbremtechnic j-hooked discs which perform great, and with the money saved buy some decent pads 🙂. While you're at it get braided lines and better fluid and you'll be absolutely sorted for fast road and very light track day use.
  8. Yes I have, spacers to clear my BBK though rather than for a certain stance - I went with 11mm Forge hubcentrics all round and i'm lowered on eibach pros, which have settled at around 15mm drop. I think it looks good, but others may prefer an even more aggressive stance! Don't have pics handy as currently have my summer wheels on. Oh and for bolt lengths just add the spacer width to the OEM bolt length (27mm). A few mm on the long side is fine - I use 40mm bolts
  9. yeah would have been good to see but I'm sure i'll get it on the dyno at some point
  10. not me I'm afriad, ran out of time when I went to stage 2 originally and only nipped in to get the update
  11. So I got the update last Thursday... ...and it's rather good! Obviously can't verify Revo's claims of "Max Gains over previous Stage 2: +37HP @ 2800RPM / +93NM @ 2800RPM" but I can say that the midrange feels epic and utterly effortless - a noticeable improvement over the old stage 2 file. Free too! I have intake mods, and 'cooler so hopefully making the most of the software.
  12. I can't find the Superpro camber/caster bush kit anywhere but powerflex do a camber one: https://www.awesomegti.com/brands/powerflex-bushes/powerflex-front-wishbone-front-bush-camber-adjustable-golf-mk7-5g-4wd-pff85-501g/ Anyone have any experience of this? It looks really good...
  13. Yes very - cable tied on to the wishbones. Got mine from AKs tuning for about £35.
  14. Thanks Karl, I'm actually booked in for it on Thursday now, so I'll report back too. I'm currently stage 2
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