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  1. davegolfr

    looking at a mk7 golf R

    hi all, im looking at a mk7 golf r after as many extras as possible can someone please tell me if there is an differences through the years in the mk7, I see 2016 comes with bigger sat nav display can that be fitted to say 2014 anyway? or is it like when I had a mk5 gti you need to change other things due to battery drain thank you
  2. davegolfr

    Pretoria wheels

    Will ET45 rub on the arches? or will I need spacers
  3. can I remove the black holder and mount the number plate without? or will I have any problems
  4. davegolfr

    Pretoria wheels

    is what I have now I fancied a change any other ideas?
  5. are they genuine pretoria wheels you have fitted

  6. davegolfr

    Pretoria wheels

    has anybody got any pics of them on a white mk6 or do they not fit?
  7. davegolfr

    Mark's new Golf

    how low is the drop on the springs?
  8. davegolfr

    Forge Twintake

    so what kit should I get then? its only a everyday car not planning on racing
  9. davegolfr

    Forge Twintake

    any one got a guide on how to fit the audi engine cover?
  10. how easy was your audi engine cover to fit? what about the mounting points?

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    2. davegolfr


      be really cheeky now any chance youd sell?

    3. YELLOW_TT


      No mate I need it to cover my engine, but it’s not a hard job just used a dremal and a file 

    4. davegolfr


      lol worth a try thanks for all the pics

  11. davegolfr

    Andy's candy

    remember if you ever fancy selling it all...........im here
  12. davegolfr


    I'm looking to replace my battery on my R hoping you guys could help me out on what might fit and work?
  13. davegolfr

    Andy's candy

    what about your wheels the black ones do you need spacers...........ive just brought some ch bbs et 54 hoping they wont rub on the brakes
  14. davegolfr

    Andy's candy

    cars really nice by the way!!!
  15. davegolfr

    Wheel help

    5mm or 10mm