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  1. I didn’t mean the Audi TTS engine cover! Was thinking the bit that covers the intake by the battery
  2. Hi can anyone help can you buy the cover that goes over this intake?
  3. Hi all!! I’m looking at some new wheels for my mk6 golf r, would 18x8 ET45 fit? Also then what springs has everyone got I’m looking at h&r 20mm?
  4. Also would be say it’s the more earlier models or does that make no difference are people still changing clutches on 2016 say
  5. Is the helix a good replacement then still standard feel?
  6. Would it still put you all off buying one again? I currently have a mk6 golf r with no problems
  7. Hi im looking at buying a mk7 golf r 2016, but after reading about clutches today I’m not sure I want to, people saying they go around 20,000 on wards is this true ?
  8. hi all, im looking at a mk7 golf r after as many extras as possible can someone please tell me if there is an differences through the years in the mk7, I see 2016 comes with bigger sat nav display can that be fitted to say 2014 anyway? or is it like when I had a mk5 gti you need to change other things due to battery drain thank you
  9. Will ET45 rub on the arches? or will I need spacers
  10. can I remove the black holder and mount the number plate without? or will I have any problems
  11. is what I have now I fancied a change any other ideas?
  12. are they genuine pretoria wheels you have fitted

  13. has anybody got any pics of them on a white mk6 or do they not fit?
  14. how low is the drop on the springs?
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