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  1. Good shout Gavras a mate living in LA has told us about one he has on order it looks unbelievable value at like £45k over there ( he was going boxter 718 at more money) but this looks a massive improvement emotional wise. he’s stoked and when it hits if the UK it’ll be sold out in no time. odd Quirks aside this looks amazing for the package value. Stunning
  2. Sold My R.🤔😥 but covered 6 miles since lockdown in My Tiguan 184 TD 0.5miles once a week around the block as I’m shielding. no regens for the last 6 months doing only short runaround trips after Fortte DPF and injection/ pump cleaner this stuff is the best I’ve been converted for 25 years on it.🙂
  3. Hi bud thanks very much big respect to you on your APR R it’s awesome and I fully agree on all your observations. The R covers all bases and tuned they’re even better 😎😎 as you well know. best Quality to cost fast 4wd out there I’d say. Every other manufacturer are still scrambling around at this price point to produce a better product.🤔 hope you’re all well down there 👇👍
  4. Thanks bud I did really like the Cades as they were different and I like the detail edge which I did spec on My previous SUV (with matching dog) 😂
  5. They are both Cade burn 8x19 et48 9.5kg van rated and ran perfectly for near 20kmiles until sold to Dave above 👍 great taste Dave 😎
  6. My winter setup. As I like the Cadiz this was the closest looking I could find that filled the arches perfect with out spacers. AC Hockehein 9kg each 18”x8.5” et45 235/40 conti
  7. Love a thin strip of diamond cut on my black rims otherwise I would of loved gold/bronze 😎
  8. Thanks mate that’s very kind of you to say 👍 yes it was fun to source information on the modest mods I did on My R ( suspension aside) I drove a clubsport S to start with and loved the feel and responsive rewarding feedback over a stock Gti/ R but regard more the 4wd element in performance cars especially when negotiating our wet welsh weather when pressing on. so I set about changing the R to feel more CSS in feedback and it worked a treat and felt super composed what ever I threw it at.😊😊 praise indeed after driving the CSS. keep safe and well bud. kind regards Jon
  9. I ran KWV3 for near a year On a 7.5 R and they were excellent but they do go real low like -30mm plus. compliance was a plus considering being a coil over and overall the feel and handling was far superior to the stock suspension. sold them to a member hear who’s chuffed to bits with them. I had them fitted and set up by a KW dealer and glad I did as when we did the swap KW were fantastic with they’re customer service and warranty and went above and beyond to sort out the little niggles I had on refitting them. it pays to get the warranty which is 2 years if fitted by a dealer.
  10. Exactly 👍 One of My local Tyre fitting/suppliers were Taken a back when I answered his statement of “ we’ve a load of excellent winters just come in at £30 fitted for your size “ 🤔🤨 I wouldn’t have those fitted if they were free and My conti 5 on 5mm will do a better job thanks. They were half budget god knows who I’d never heard of , all at 3-4mm and they were selling like hot cakes. Major RTA waiting to happen as some unsespecting customers will think they have all the grip in the world now and ready for winter 🤨 Theyre leathal in the wrong situation especially come summer time when these customers are running them to the legal limit. but then again 90% of them couldn’t care less until there hedge bound backwards..these tyres should be destroyed in the country of origin but the good old Brits love um 😳
  11. Probably why we’re seeing a wave of half worn winter tyres coming through in the uk as regular part worn A grade.
  12. rubish 😂 She would love them with oak boards on top making a stylish coffee table or even smoked glass 🤔🤣
  13. An insulated microfiber bag would be excellent for cold garage &shed storage or bring them in the house coffee table style like a mate of mine has in his flat.😳😊
  14. No worries bud. The R is fantastic VFM in performance cars and hard to match for its all weather ability and do everything well nature. so pound for pounds it’s at the top of its game in VFM terms.👍
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