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  1. No white smoke to oil in coolant no coolant in oil temp sits at 90 and silica bag been removed
  2. Got a 14 plate r, heaters not blowing as hot as normal, loosing a bit of coolant once a week and the pressure in bottle is massive; slowly unscrew cap tons of air and then coolant just starts pouring out, if I run car and n idle with cap off with in a few minutes coolant boils up and pours out bottle, anyone any ideas
  3. Is the jb1/4 the only tuning boxes for our car that plugs into the fuel rail to measure the fuelling?
  4. Just wondering if any has bought wind deflectors from vw? Or whats the best ones to get
  5. Thats some difference haha absolutley minted mate
  6. Will be keeping my 7r till the 8r is out
  7. Love that colour! Goes well with black mate
  8. Lools stealthy as f**k love it
  9. That looks minted mate!!!!
  10. First estate ive seen with prets looks minted
  11. I prefer the Rs interior for sime reason not many do though
  12. I would go with the 7r aswell
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