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  1. Custom exhaust place up my way quoted £80 for a delete welded and £120 done with no welds an using removable sleeves so I can revert to standard on trade in. Did the reversable and love it. As you say its a shit load cheaper and gives it a much better sound.
  2. Heaton

    Idiot drivers.

    Lovig reading this. Last week i had a Mazda MX5, i kid you not, pull up next to me at lights before a short stretch of national limit dual carraigeway. I gently pulled away and we both went onto the dual and he then came out to the outside lane up my arse. Now this stretch of dual is only 1000 yards max with a roundabout at the end which I was to turn right on. He was still up my arse so I dropped the pedal for a double kickdown and he was gone. As I break and indicate to turn right around the roundabout, i check my mirror again and the MX5 is flying down, barely brakes and flies straight out past me on the inside lane. I hope he looked in his mirror as i was in histerics. A mazda school runner MX5 😂
  3. Yeah mine is leaking somewhere. Was filled to max marker on Monday. 3 days later is halfway between min and max. Great...
  4. Going to need to check mine. Had the warning light come on 3 times, all as i kicked down on the DSG but also whilst on a hill so wondering if the sensor if picking the level as low due to the slope and acceleration. Hope so 😫
  5. Cheers mate. Put mine to 75% and looks so much better than default with he side and main lights on 👍🏼
  6. Just booked myself into Pipe Dynamics up here in Fife to do me a reversible res delete. £140 for reversible as the sleeves need manufacturing which is cheaper than the OEM sleeves seemingly. £80 for welded if anyone around here is wondering. I know these guys do awesome work and the drone doesn't concern me as the custom cat back I had on my previous car was a lot louder internally anyway.
  7. Oops I scrolled the thread twice too. Cheers 😊
  8. Hi, How much for the bcs delete? Tried looking on the powervalve site but its shocking tbh lol. cheers.
  9. DBP is the only choice lol
  10. I have pro and i am in West Fife
  11. I gave mine a days worth of polishing with my DA after getting it and its into a pro tomorrow to finish the job and get it ceramic coated. As others have said, its a labour of love. I dont think time is really a major issue though if you are prepared to spend the hours on a full detail and good protection at least twice a year. Do that and maintenance washing and a proper carefull drying wont take long the rest of the time. In winter I only use citrus pre wash then snow foam and bilberry wheel cleaner and rinse it off as the roads are so bad. This is a quick and easy contactless wash that keeps it pretty clean and swirl free over the winter. (Ive had other pearl black cars before)
  12. All 4 of my Cadiz were refurbed by the dealer when i got it 4 weeks ago. The car is in for a polish and ceramic coating and getting put on the wheels too. Hopefully it will help keep then in good nick for a year or so.
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