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  1. Sounds interesting. Not so sure whether my Seat Mib2 High which I got made into a retrofit would oblige. I have the hot spot working. I see there is a Traffic Online toggle in VCDS coding turned to on, but have never looked for online traffic. Read about a 3 year license on Audi. Does that come into it ?. Us lesser mortals with Seats :).
  2. https://webspecial.volkswagen.de/vwinfotainment/int/en/index/downloads/maps-download#/ 1115 or 1120 for standard 175 for the pro Those are the November 2019 releases for 2019/20.
  3. That's because they import happy go lucky Facebook Poi's into it which don't have the two point method. Personally I always look up the point and switch onto Street View using the Android Map Cordinates N45,E25 app which shows Google and Openstreet maps, walk the street on Street View. That app also supports DMS and decimal coordinates. For outdoor activities I cross reference with Bing Maps SDK which contains the OS maps. All of which enables you to derive the exact place you want to arrive at. Then you dial that in on the On Map or if it's places I'm going to often I'll convert to a POI using the program discussed above and then into a destination. I like to arrive exactly at where I intend to be at. All other methods can be problematic if you don't do it yourself. The built in car Poi's are good on the fly. The Google ones are just as bad.
  4. Radas' program nicely fills the gap left by VW pulling that site. I was pleased to find the program and got Radas to sort it out for the Mib2 High, in fixing that he fixed the Mib 2.5 High side when at that stage it was a dark art and his own program wouldn't work on his new car. Win - Win. You have to use community solutions when VW starts pulling sites.
  5. A selling point of Here Maps is you do have the destination and the routing point separate whilst Google puts the two on top of each other. Google destinations aren't always accurately placed then it's a task to get them corrected since they have tight moderation which has advantages but also disadvantages. Rubbish POIs exist in both Google and Here Maps. The Here Maps ones get migrated from Facebook as I understand. The Google ones get taken from assorted sources including fantasy businesses and spamming using the Google engine. I ruthlessly delete those that don't exist locally. If they don't have a web page with that address they don't exist. On Google you then hit the moderation process at times with rubbish POIs. Correcting Here Maps via the link is a worthy thing to do via the link published above. There is a routing issue with the Mib2 Standard over the High (Media v Pro). Having both units you see how the Standard unit takes you on crazy single track roads taken as the "red" route whilst the High unit keeps you on the main roads. The issue perhaps is due to incorrect road speeds used in the preparation of the data for the standard unit which has been noted with the recent releases of the SD card based systems. I havent had access to the standard unit for long enough through releases to know whether it is recent or not. I could be scientific and downgrade to check.
  6. That's a good link ;). The users Poi's after uploading are stored in the unit not on the map card. Reading up to the link people were concerned about loosing them. You need to just bring up the speed camera icon again after doing the process. They are like the destinations held in the units memory and survive map updates. They also survive firmware updates.
  7. Discovery Pro whether Mib1 or 2 or 2.5 uses as SSD rather than a hard drive, the RNS before was hard drive. Juke box is useful on the SSD if you forget to put your music SD in. The spare capacity that is used by the Jukebox is not great by SD storage standard these days although there are constraints on how many track and directory entries you can have. Using FLAC you won't hit these limits on 128GB SD, MP3 you will, then you don't see what is in excess of the limit. The Navigation.com website tends to lag behind publishing the map updates. If you want to get the most up to date maps in the June / November publishing cycle they rest on the Skoda / VW servers. Seat is always late. The MAC issue is due to the files being locked down with encryption signatures so any random characters introduced but not random in MAC terms causes the unit to reject the upload. There are cleaning MAC apps / bits of software that can be used that's how MAC users do it directly without using Discovery Care. Given that product and the Navigation.com sites see the updates last best to get them direct from Skoda / VW websites :). The serial number is obviously key to the release to check whether you have the latest or not.
  8. In reverse order you are suppose to use Android Auto and Google products on the connected stuff. Thats just something they put in them to keep the youngsters happy, PCPers who can't pay for a proper sat nav. On bandwidth no. All it does is mark up the the respective VAG garage on the satnav based on the units firmware. So it's zouch on file storage. The 2018-10-01 date is when the files were frozen. 1st October 2018. Takes them that long to get them out. They were available mid November so wasn't long. True they update Discovery Care last which is why I don't use it !. Go direct to the downloads. There are however real problems with the Media files verses the Pro one. They are more shodly produced. Motorways without speed limits. Wrong speed limits on other roads. Routing is bad. Having both units I can now check out what people had been saying on boards, check this with the crowd source Here Maps database. The Discover Media product is second rate to the Pro one. Feeling happy I kept my car and had the unit adjusted so I didn't need Mapcare that in the Vag world they gave up with years ago. Partner had to get the car with the duff Media unit in it, was going to pass mine on. Seat now don't offer the Pro unit unless it's a Cupra. The media map updates appear to be put together from an inconsistent set of data. Trust me :). I havent got round to asking the people that put the map data together yet. Its suppose to be outsourced by VAG and it must be different from how the Pro data is put together that tallies more with Here Maps. What it says on the original SD card box is the clue.
  9. That's a Discover Media rather than Pro. The serial number is the most up to date but judging by the file size that's the original release where they distributed the update by zone. You can get the whole old European area of ECE1 by downloading the old way. Its the first one, it's also this direct link: http://vw-mapscdn.tdd.adacorcdn.com/DiscoverMedia2_EU_AS_1115_V10.7z Follow the old VW notes.
  10. I sorted out by reloading the map download for the release that the unit was originally configured against 2016/2017. I did find out some things about how the map release is anchored to the unit without Mapcare and the other elements of the download aren't. Eggnog, SpeechResVDE and Truffles. They can be updated but not NavDB e.g. the roads but the commercial POIs, address files etc can. Attempting to get up to speed on encryption now... :).
  11. Yes... you see the updated maps then pops up then error screen and that's it. If you get the destination in quick you get navigation in sound only. It still reads the traffic signs but isn't getting any navigation road speeds so that's flagged up on the MFD, so the error screen on the display as per the picture, the error on the MFD and just the speech directions. It was all working with the ECE 2016/17 maps till I did this.
  12. Defn a Seat since us Navigation Plus owners i.e. Discover Pro MIB2 in Seat guise are thin on the ground (Ateca). I'll add the offending screen I missed out. So speech navigation works fine but no maps with the complaint screen below. I did your select all but files to upload all four directories. The navigation data had an F on it other three had an Err on them which sort of sounds ominous but they imported fine with no errors least on the import. Mapcare not on the device, so it's messing up things, those installed codes above I expect tell a story for anybody who knows how to read them - I don't. I'd like to either get Mapcare on it or get it coded as a retrofit one unit and just import them via SWDL as you do or failing that upgraded to 2017/18. Mapcare takes them through the front door but enabling the backdoor without Mapcare led to this problem. Seat in the UK don't offer Mapcare as they do across the rest of Europe.... I have a copy of the 157 file off the net so there may be an off chance that it might import that... but I expected they are modded for non Mapcare units.
  13. It didn't work out I got this screen with the error. I think that it's the unit not having Mapcare on it that swdl doesn't work. Took pictures of the codes the unit has. So it upgraded to 2017-2018 then bombs out of the navigation to that screen. I'm going to try the 2016-2017 year it originally had. Is this an ODIS thing to fix ?. What should I be asking for. Any guidance much appreciated to get my navigation back...
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