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  1. Excuses my lack of mod experience What are these?
  2. It's not normal behavior. In order I'd check, (assuming you're happy with the tyres) 1.Alignment, while it's on the ramp get the mechanic to check the bushes, suspension parts and wheels for damage. 2. Crash damage I suspect a full alignment will sort your problems out
  3. toplad

    Merc AMG A35

    This post is even worse than the first one......... 😴
  4. toplad

    Merc AMG A35

    God, what miserable reply Would you say the say the same if he'd bought a new Golf R? No one needs to spend more than 5k on a car really, but we do because we are car nuts and purchases like these are decisions of the heart not the head OP, enjoy your car and please post your thoughts and comparisons
  5. Just claim on the insurance, it will work out cheaper anyway.
  6. White spirit removes tar brilliantly Just make sure you wash it off properly with loads of water
  7. My manual goes 6.5k revs
  8. Well whatever it is, it's a pain. Normal turns in the car park, turn into 3 point turns usually. You do get used to it, but it catches me out sometimes
  9. Why did "Joe 90" think his Golf R was going to win and looked shocked when the Audi won, its basically the same car and was always going to be very close either way His face was priceless
  10. Mmm... Yes mine are oem. Think the distance may be a problem? What tyres you running? Mine and PS4 S front and Bridgestone rears
  11. I have a set of silver prets, Where abouts in the country are you? I'm in Yorkshire
  12. Depends on the age of the car If it's got 30k on it and only been serviced by Hellfords I'd run a mile. However if it's 70k and had a couple of specialist and main dealer I would not be concerned My experience of main dealers is pretty poor tbh, my BMW came back with a scratch on it and trim not refitted correctly. VW recently wanted £235 for just an oil service. My friendly mechanic {who trust) charge me 65 and I bought the oil
  13. Looking forward to reading the review
  14. That's another thing you've reminded me about, the pedal position isn't the best for heal and toe rev matching. My wife calls me 'boat feet' (so not small) and I just about heal and toe in Golf. There too far apart for it to feel natural. Jumping back into the Porsche and whole setup is what a proper manual should feel and act like. I know you shouldn't compare two, totally different cars but it really highlights the manual gearbox in the Golf as basic hatch with something good bits added to the mix. On a brighter note, me and a 718 GTS boxster both joined the motorway together, me following. He tried to pull away. The gap reminded constant... He add no extra performance over the Lightly tuned R
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