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  1. I have mixed memories of mine, Incredibly flimsy panels which dented at the slightest whiff of contact from another door in the car park, paint which fell out off in a similar fashion. Great to take out and wring its neck on a Sunday morning and I had a lot of memorable drives in it, was stellar on the track too, until the gearbox over heated, but soon cooled down and was OK by the next session.
  2. Has Betty been out on the lash, looking very relaxed or courtmid groom
  3. Well done on seeing them off, its only a pity you didn't get to snap his arm on the way down the stairs. Where abouts in Bradford are you?
  4. toplad

    F** OOR

    Cool story bro!
  5. toplad

    F80 m3

    This is probably my next car. I'd be interested in hearing people's views who've gone from a Golf R to the F80 M3/4 too
  6. It's fine to mix tyres , as long as there the same on the same axle within reason. Its probably a bad idea to mix cup 2's on the back with some linglongs on the front
  7. toplad

    Boring F1

    Boring? Best race of the season so far
  8. I read this thread and decided to put some numbers to it At 70 on the A1, the db level is 65-68 At 80 on the same road the db level is 67-80 I have Michlinen PS4 on the front and Bridestones on the rear Not sure how this compares to other cars, but it doesn't seem particularly quiet to me
  9. I think there's probably some realisation that even though the car is 500bhp, it's still not the ultimate panacea to motoring nirvana. Just being quick isn't enough once you've got use to it
  10. Great write up. The R is a great road car, but out of the box on track it has the deficiencies you mention. Mainly tyre heat related and brakes Decent times though 👍
  11. Looks a great cruiser, the ideal partner for its new role Enjoy
  12. Dave, I was joking , just as I thought you were too. I took no offence or intended to cause any Should have put more smileys in P.S There's no badges for the Nomex underwear crew
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