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    My Golf R is for sale Great car,see advert on the autotrader https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202006190307906?onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&year-to=2020&sort=relevance&postcode=ls125ua&model=GOLF&make=VOLKSWAGEN&radius=1&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1



  2. A pair of idiots, one talking shiit, both driving like cnuts
  3. Depending on my mood https://imgshare.io/image/GaZye
  4. My mate tossed me the keys to his M140i a few weeks back as I mentioned I was considering buying one. Impressions are as follows, Great engine, smoother and more musclar than the Golf R. Less unwanted vibration and noises and a notch up it terms of build. Interior felt bland, but more solid than the Golf, more sound deadening with more refinement overall Chassis felt stiff, front and rear. Rear Traction was poor, no more than half throttle with any sort of steering lock on, with no steering angle and full throttle the rear tyres are overwhelmined within a few seconds, in dry, but chilly conditions. I'd like to run one over a few summer months, then switch to the golf the other 10 months of the year 😂 On the right road and conditions I prefer the BMW, but 90% of the time I'd take the Golf. I absolutely annihilated him in the Golf when he trying to follow me over roads he knew and I didn't
  5. He's a boring bastard, he could talk a glass eye to sleep. Episode 121? If you're having trouble sleeping watch the proceeding 120 episodes
  6. Ghost is a good option I think it's wrong to assume they would come back and demand the keys. Most are the sneak in type and don't want to get involved in the owner.
  7. Excuses my lack of mod experience What are these?
  8. It's not normal behavior. In order I'd check, (assuming you're happy with the tyres) 1.Alignment, while it's on the ramp get the mechanic to check the bushes, suspension parts and wheels for damage. 2. Crash damage I suspect a full alignment will sort your problems out
  9. toplad

    Merc AMG A35

    This post is even worse than the first one......... 😴
  10. toplad

    Merc AMG A35

    God, what miserable reply Would you say the say the same if he'd bought a new Golf R? No one needs to spend more than 5k on a car really, but we do because we are car nuts and purchases like these are decisions of the heart not the head OP, enjoy your car and please post your thoughts and comparisons
  11. Just claim on the insurance, it will work out cheaper anyway.
  12. White spirit removes tar brilliantly Just make sure you wash it off properly with loads of water
  13. Well whatever it is, it's a pain. Normal turns in the car park, turn into 3 point turns usually. You do get used to it, but it catches me out sometimes
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