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  1. Sorry to hear, Time to update security, locks and get together a plan if it happens again. Keep the dog with you Autowatch Ghost is good shout too
  2. Thanks for the help so far. The elbow is oem and the tightening the bolts have made a difference to amount of play
  3. The first, says intake manifold runner position sensor The second says, intake manifold runner control stuck open bank 1a Reading with a maxiscan, code reader. A tenners worth of kit
  4. Anyone help me out with this?
  5. Looking for a little help from the guru's I recently had a yellow engine light on the dash, checked with the reader and it's 2014 code and couple of others related to that. Googled and a few suggestions mention the intake, I am running a Forge carbon CAI and thought I'd swap the intake back to stock to see if it's the issue. Anyway I noticed the elbow on the turbo was loose during the swap over, the 2 bolts holding the elbow in place were loose and it was wiggling about a fair bit, I nipped them up, there's is still a bit of play in the elbow, but I could only see 2 bolts, is there only two and should it move a bit as normal? Installed the oem intake , cleared the codes, took it out for a spin and only the one code has come back now, the 2014, I'm just wondering if the loose elbow is the source of the trouble and can the codes be cleared with a cheapo code reader or do I genuinely have a issue? My car is warrantied, so not much of a big deal either way, but any advice is a appreciated
  6. But, it sounds really, really good and adds to the experience
  7. The boxa.net boys will be in uproar Daz! 😭😭😭😭👍
  8. I've done something similar on previous cars, after the initial excitement of the noise, it becomes tiresome and annoying to live with constantly with a DD Do you think if kept it catless and reinstalled the res, it would be OK to live with?
  9. I have one, bought for a good price. Very happy with the noise and doesn't hurt the performance. Gives a great growl. I would only buy one second hand, it's pretty expensive for zero or very little performance gain
  10. Is it your daily car. Just wondering what's like at normal driving
  11. toplad

    BMW M135i

    What year is this?
  12. One has just gone or failed to get the require numbers iirc I run a JB4 and have noticed slip on occasion, but nothing major. You can drive round it by not flooding the throttle, a lot to ask I know 😂😂
  13. He should get the same as a car driver, think a ban is a bit much to be honest. I think they should keep the penalties the same as the current ones, but develop a way catching more people, if these people thought they were going to get court, they'd change their habits
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