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  1. toplad

    The Quick Question Topic - Part 2

    What is the inlet diameter of the Golf R 2014 year turbo 48 or 54mm?
  2. toplad

    What “ Senslble “ Mods To Do.

    That does look good, not to boy racer and subtle
  3. toplad

    Turbo Inlet Elbow Differences

    Badadd, Did you ever get round to installing an elbow? I have the same intake with a Forge hose, but would like to know the dimensions of the turbo inlet and hose size
  4. toplad

    tuned UK

    What are the handling difference with your setup. Has the quality firmed up?
  5. toplad

    Selling my R..What next?

    Dave, Its a constant dilemma Like other people who replied I have experience of the cars you're interested in. I've been lucky enough to have 6 Porsche's( 911, Cayman S and Boxster S) and 8 BMW Cars (M3's Z4M coupe and M3 CSL) and a TVR What do you intend to the use the car for? If it's a daily the M3 E92 is great car, but is very expensive to run, looking at 17-19 mpg around town and 20's on the motorway. Not a problem if your doing low miles, but is a proper pain doing greater than 10k a year and it wears a bit thin putting in over £100 a week in juice. The servicing is expensive even at a decent indie. The V8 M3 is a awesome drivers car, pointy front end and you get use to the RWD and gel with the car very quickly. I would not worry about losing the back end to be honest, the traction control system has different stages and looks after you, you can really drive like an idiot/no talent and still be fine. I recently acquired the Golf R and I am very pleased with it, but compared to a mid engine'd car like the Boxster, it feels very detached. The Golf R is faster than the Boxster (which I still have, its a 3.4 S 295 BHP version), but the feel, connection, balance and way the Porsche drives is much more engaging, even if you are ultimately going a tad slower in the dry and a lot slower in the wet/damp. The gearbox feels more precise, the steering has greater feel, brakes full of feel. It's a different experience to the Golf R. Which a very capable machine and superb value for money, (even more so tuned), but with M cars and Porsche you get a proper pedigree engine for example( V8, V6 or flat 6), not just something which does the job, is very efficient and easy to extract power from. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss a non turbo 911either, it's a common thing on forums to read this, but the 911 C2S was a fantastic car with a manual gearbox and I had some really great drives in the 355 BHP 911 and don't forget none of that power wasted due to great traction as the engine is over the rear wheels, even in the wet If I was you, I'd be looking at the M4, it's can be tuned fairly easily , is much more modern than the E92 with better mpg too, but still has that classic BMW feel when driving. You know that sharp front end, feeling of loading up the rear and hint of over steer on the exit which is hard to beat. If the ultimate pace is of the upper most importance I'd stick with the Golf, not much touches it for value for money,0-60 speed from the lights and down a bumpy B road
  6. toplad

    400bhp confirmed for Mk8 R

    400 bhp is very unlikely. 350 tops and more cash than the current ones. Don't forget the current S3 and R are the same car more or less, but the Audi has a premium interior and costs 10k more. Plenty of people still pick the S3 over the Golf despite it costing more. I prefer the drive of the Golf and the interior is very good too
  7. toplad

    Cost of Stage 1 & Uprated Clutch?

    I'm going to get a clutch upgrade too, anyone know of a similar price in Yorkshire? Just installed a Forge Carbon intake and have been bitten by the modding bug, loving the growl, sounds on par with the M3 CSL I used to have
  8. toplad

    Selling my Golf buyer wants to pay cash

    No problem with cash. Get it checked at the bank at the time of sale. I sold one car for cash and bought another the same weekend, so what is the point of paying it into the bank if you want to buy something within a few days, plus many banks are closed sat/Sun
  9. toplad

    Anyone using MST Turbo pipe

    Scott, Thanks, I didn't realise the TT pipehad the elbow incorporated into just one piece. I thought it was just the pipe. Now it makes sense
  10. toplad

    Anyone using MST Turbo pipe

    Scott, Perhaps, but it's just a hose and probably made from exactly the same materials as the one above . I find it hard to justify tbh. Especially when it's probably not going to make any difference unless I go stage one. I was also looking at this too https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F272984187416 Which is probably all you'll need unless you're trying to achieve 600bhp
  11. Scanning ebay for things to waste money on (again) I came across the MST Turbo pipe and elbow for £145. Seems like good value. Anyone have one of these fitted to the car?
  12. You're right, she is a stupid cow
  13. They have posted pictures of the victim's. I would like to see pictures of the attackers too.
  14. toplad


    Full winters if you live in Scotland, but it's pretty mild in moment most of the country so far
  15. toplad

    JB1 in VW Golf R MK7

    No. I'd be surprised if you need it with less than 400bhp