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  1. Sounds like applied to much in cold conditions to me.
  2. Is there a Bilstein B12 kit for the Golf R, I have used this on other cars and it was a massive improvement
  3. Keyless rules haters! 🤪🤪
  4. Love the keyless option, never had it before and it works well without having constantly fish about in the pockets for the keys. Wouldn’t have spec'd it or considering it before, but really appreciate it now
  5. toplad


    These are a bit bulky, but are a good deterrent. It's difficult to defeat in testing, but so is this and doesn't take up much space. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/car-security/car-security/stoplock-pro-elite-steering-wheel-immobiliser?cm_mmc=Google+PLA-_-Car+Security-_-Car+Security-_-446669&istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istItemId=xlptmlxmma&istBid=tzir&_$ja=tsid:94971|cid:1537104415|agid:55458207741|tid:pla-294505072980|crid:291898457486|nw:g|rnd:5338774282883926065|dvc:m|adp:1o1|mt:|loc:9046325&gclid=Cj0KCQiAzePjBRCRARIsAGkrSm66a-59zZRIl7nnTzGA23QFeFWM8qgvI1GmlIJV2VsXlFFSSqXYi4waAuNnEALw_wcB
  6. Most don't want to go "next level" Sneaking into to your house is considered low risk to them, because most will leg it (and are very unlikely to get court if they do) , rather than get embroiled in a potentially lengthy scrap with a crazy householder which massively increases the chances of being court and its another level of criminality as aggravated burglary carries a much stiffer sentence. First and foremost these scumbags will do almost anything not to get court and its the upper most thing on there mind People's perceptions of these vermin are wrong usually, there mainly young scrots who weigh about 9 stone wet through and aren't fighters The disturbing video you've seen and hear about isn't the norm in most parts of the country Whether you want to take them on depends on yourself of course and the circumstances, if you're used to conflicts( i.e actually had a fight before in your life or fight training) , have a plan and some sort of decisive weapon it may be worth , if I encounter 4 twenty stone blokes with machetes then I'd think better of it and kindly reverse the car out for them, but 3 little pricks in trackies, different story Some like this https://youtu.be/oQlwmQqrmdg
  7. Life is full of inequality and unfair for many. Just how it is
  8. Many moons ago I used to buy my resin in a Leeds pub in an area called Chapel Town, but it's been closed down.
  9. So, should you put AWG stickers in the window or what? 😊
  10. Unfortunately the 'tinernet' is like that, a load of experts without any actual experience to back it up That is a shame, probably only a matter of time before it spreads and becomes the norm Have you installed additional blue light?
  11. I often wondered myself. What does it actually stand for?
  12. Actually overall investment is up since brexit https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-economy-investment-idUKKBN1KD1QY Foreign investment in UK edges up in first full year after Brexit | Reuters https://uk.reuters.com › article
  13. I live in Leeds, so not a quite area. It's just the number of violent thefts isn't high compared to sneak in type according to police near me, you know actually information based from a source who deals with crime day to day. People see incidents from different sources and over estimate the frequency, it happens a lot on the Internet for some reason. My son also plays football and one of the dads is in police ops, its a unit only interested in catching criminals involved in car crime, I considered the police myself when I was younger and we have had some interesting chats while watching our sons play football, based on what hes told me I'm not overly worried, especially as I've been in the situation twice already with attempted thefts, although am I tempting fate by posting this 😭😭 We have two of the most stealable cars ever too . A Audi S4 and a Golf R. So I think it's matter of time again tbh
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